The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 335 - Are You Looking for Me?

Chapter 335 Are You Looking for Me?

Seeing Tie Muzhen’s dead body, all the warriors of the Moon-shooting Tribe approached and knelt on the ground, some even bursting into tears. As iron-blooded men, they were also affectionate. They were trusted the most by Tie Muzhen, but they couldn’t save the patriarch who protected them. In that moment, why couldn’t they cry for the death of the bravest patriarch of the Moon-shooting Tribe?

The Goddess of Martial Arts also looked sad.

Since Tie Muzhen was her friendly sworn brother.

Without Tie Muzhen, she might have been caught in the Musical House.

Of course, she knew Tie Muzhen loved her. But unfortunately, she fell in love with another man who was unforgettable to her.

Moreover, the Virgin Goddess of the Wolf Temple had to serve the wolf god for life alone, as it were.

That figure, near to her now, still seemed distant to her.

The survival fight on the prairie was so cruel that such tough heroes as Tie Muzhen would die one day.

On that icy snowfield, fate was quite miserable.

At the moment, Li Mu took out a piece of jade and said, “However, the situation is not the worst, as there is a chance that his soul can be contained in the jade for restoration. If there is a suitable method for his cultivation, he may be able to take another road. But unfortunately, it is too late for him to resurrect since his body has already become stiff.”

Tie Muzhen was a Natural Expert. In fact, his dead body could be preserved for a long time, but it was quite freezingly cold on the prairie, and he died of spider threads. The body was destroyed by the poison. So he couldn’t be saved.

He handed the jade to the Goddess of Martial Arts.

Li Mu had once used the soul-recalling Taoist skill to nurture the souls of the maids in the knife hut.

However, that world seemed not a proper place for ghosts’ cultivation, so there was no such thing.

But there was some hope.

The people of the Moon-shooting Tribe thanked Li Mu.

Especially when they saw Tie Muzhen’s soul appear on the jade, they were even more excited, although Tie Muzhen could not even carry a thing in such a state. Fortunately, Li Mu had taught him a method suitable for nurturing his soul, so he only needed to practice according to that method to condense his soul.

“Thank you.” said the Goddess of Martial Arts.

Li Mu shook his head.

They two had arrived late to solve the matter.

Otherwise, Tie Muzhen wouldn’t have died, and the Moon-shooting Tribe wouldn’t have paid such a huge cost.

“Hey?” Li Mu noticed the drop of the demon spider’s blood floating in the air.

He sensed the breath of an extraterrestrial creature from it.

The spiritual force, like a wire, drew the blood from there, and it was suspended in his palm. Then, Li Mu infiltrated a little spiritual power and immediately felt that there was a kind of violent and forceful breath which contained an extremely powerful energy.

Guo Yuqing was not interested in that blood drop, so Li Mu took it up.

Li Mu was very interested in everything related to extraterrestrial life.

That blood contained tyrannical energy and rules from outer space; it was more valuable than Star Stones. Li Mu only needed to refine that kind of violent power into pure energy for boundless usage.

All returned to the base of the Moon-shooting Tribe.

The battle was over.

Moments ago, the Lord of the Spider Shrine had led his army to kill the soldiers, the old and children in the base. Li Mu went to defeat all the enemies. At the time, the people of the Moon-shooting Tribe were cleaning the battlefield with grief.

After the battle, the cost was huge, as the population of the Moon-shooting Tribe was less than one-third of the past. There were cries and blood everywhere…

Whether humans or barbarians, both would suffer a lot from the war.

The news of the Spider Shrine Lord’s death was spread wildly.

The Moon-shooting Tribe began to pay homage to the dead.

Li Mu, who had defeated the army of the Spider Shrine, became the hero of the Moon-shooting Tribe, even if he wasn’t a grassland barbarian.

“The grassland people discriminate between love and hatred. From now on, Young Master is the most distinguished guest of the Moon-shooting Tribe,” the Goddess of Martial Arts said.

For a short stay, Li Mu began to place a number of Taoist arrays to prevent the possible attack of the Spider Shrine around the base—Of course, the probability was small, given that its lord had been killed, the military league formed through his force would soon collapse. Either way, the arrangement of the tactical deployments could at least prevent potential dangers. After all, at present, the Moon-shooting Tribe was already too weak.

That night, Li Mu said he would leave.

“I will go with you, since I know where the Wolf Temple is,” The Goddess of Martial Arts replied.

As one of the Virgin Goddesses of the Wolf Temple, whom had been baptized by the holy light of the Wolf Temple with the male virgins, she could sense, within certain distance, the location of the randomly settled Wolf Temple.

Li Mu thought for a moment, then nodded and said, “Thanks a lot.”



“Are you still following?”

Shangguan Yuting turned to look at the strange-eyed dog in surprise.

The god dog who dominated the tens of thousands of white-headed wolves, after meeting her, immediately abandoned its followers for her.

That strange dog seemed to have the ability to break through time and space.

Since it could teleport by breaking any blockage, even Jiang Qiubai was helpless about it.

Jiang Qiubai looked at that strange dog in confusion.

On that prairie, it was the first time that he had encountered an animal that could not be mastered.

He felt puzzled.

“What is it?”

Besides, the dog had already peed six times on his feet, which couldn’t be avoided.

What was the matter? As one of the world’s strongest sages, he was even troubled by a dog…

It was quite a shame.

“Where are we going?” asked Shangguan Yuting.

When Jiang Qiubai stared at the heavy snow, he said, “Return to the Wolf Temple.”

He did not intend to go back so early.

Every year when winter came, he would patrol the prairie and become the messenger of the Wolf Temple to solve many tough problems for the herdsmen.

That was the custom as well as a way to promote the belief of the wolf temple.

After all, it was very tiring for a person to run a holy temple.

However, it was snowing strongly.

The snow was so heavy that the prairie had become completely white and freezing upon the arrival of winter; yuan qi of heaven and earth changed unlike in previous years, so there had to be a problem. If it went on, spring might not come.

Hence, Jiang Qiubai had to return to the Wolf Temple to find out some reasons.

As for the clown in the spider temple, he was overjoyed, but should have no ability to change the yuan qi of the prairie.

Something else had to be happening.

In the snow, Jiang Qiubai held his hands behind his back.

The snow and ice would melt and the flowers bloomed when he passed. Shangguan Yuting was also in a kind of strange power field, as she could even cross mountains and rivers without the need to walk.

The strange-eyed dog also hopped in the snow for a while or looked at Jiang Qiubai; then it would rush near Shangguan Yuting and shake its tail when next to her. No matter how fast Jiang Qiubai walked, he couldn’t get rid of it.

In that way, they moved in the snow overnight.

Along the way, when encountering the herdsmen who were in trouble, or the tribes that were blocked by snow and ice, Jiang Qiubai would offer his help.

Jiang Qiubai, who entered the tribes, was like a friendly and helpful uncle, who helped deliver the dying ewes, treated the old priests, and paid homage to the dead…

Jiang Qiubai showed his other face, invisible to the outside world. As a supreme sage who was admired by numerous martial artists, that look showed him as an ordinary person.

Shangguan Yuting even thought Jiang Qiubai was as easy going as Li Mu.

She gradually felt that handsome blond-haired man looked like her brother Mu.

The snow did not stop.

On the third day, Jiang Qiubai stopped walking in the boundless snowfield.

“Here it is,” he said.

Shangguan Yuting looked curiously around.

There was nothing else except snow.

Was that the Wolf Temple?

As Jiang Qiubai pointed, in front of the void, there were layers of ripples and the void was unfolded like a canvas. Then, a kind of invisible force erased the snow on the canvas, and a black giant wolf of several kilometers high appeared behind the ripples.

Shangguan Yuting was shocked and almost screamed.

It looked as if the giant wolf had appeared to destroy the whole world in its roars at that moment.

This feeling was terrifying.

But, after all, since she cultivated the Xiantian Skill, her mental strength was steady. Then, after she became calm to observe it, she finally recognized that it was not a living ancient wolf, but a huge building resembling a giant wolf, which covered an area of hundreds of miles, and made of unknown materials into a lifelike shape. Even its black hair was clearly visible. Since it was isolated by a strange array, outsiders had to break the array to see it.

Was that the Wolf Temple?


Jiang Qiubai stepped out an was in front of the building mouth with Shangguan Yuting while performing some rules.

That was the entrance to the Wolf Temple.

The next moment, the formation was re-launched, and the huge wolf temple disappeared in the snowy grassland.

“I finally got rid of that dog.”

Jiang Qiubai smiled. After all, the isolation method of the wolf temple was an ancient profound skill. He just deliberately activated the array, and entered it with Shangguan Yuting, closing it immediately when that dog was enjoying its moment.

However, Shangguan Yuting looked at him with a strange look.

Jiang Qiubai was stunned and lowered his head.

“Woof woof…” The dog looked at him with curiosity as it leaned his head, stuck his tongue out, and squinted beside him with its big eyes, as if saying, ‘Were you looking for me?’

Jiang Qiubai was speechless.

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