The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 336 - Two of the Top Sages

Chapter 336 Two of the Top Sages

It could even break the isolation array surrounding the Wolf Temple.

Jiang Qiubai was really shocked that time.

The origin of the Wolf Temple was mysterious, as it dated back to a far-reaching era and was regarded as one of the best places in the world. Hence, unless he allowed it, even if the other 8 top sages went there, they would be unable to intrude into the wolf temple. But that dog, like a ghost, silently got over all the obstacles… which even a ghost couldn’t overcome.

He looked down at the strange-eyed dog.

He looked at it carefully.

However, he could only see an idiot-like smile on its face, especially when Jiang Qiubai looked at it; it tilted its head and twisted its face like a fool.

“Is it pretending to be a fool for a higher aim?”

“It is really stupid.”

Jiang Qiubai felt upset.

He, the lord of the Wolf Temple who had always fooled others, had never been deceived like that.

But he also thought that he could not catch the dog. Hence, he gave up handling it.

“Let’s go.”

He stepped into the huge wolf mouth.

Shangguan Yuting followed him.

She saw that the strange dog jumped to the door and lifted up its hind leg to pee there, then it hopped behind them. However, when Jiang Qiubai saw that scene, he was furious, but he couldn’t get rid of it. He let could only let that pass, while she could not help but burst into laughter.

The entrance to the Wolf Temple was as long and narrow as a real wolf’s mouth. On both sides there were staggeringly giant white columns that were gradually thicker and longer, similar to a wolf’s fangs, leading to the depths of the wolf temple.

Its builders must have made many efforts on it, and might adore wolves to an extreme extent, since it was constructed in the shape of a real giant wolf.

Stepping down, they seemed to enter the center of a mountain.

There was a round passage.

The wave-like texture on the stone walls of the passage was delicate.

Jiang Qiubai walked slowly.

He was familiar with everything there.

On the other hand, Shangguan Yuting looked around with curiosity.

As her memory was enhanced due to the Xiantian Skill, she secretly remembered the way, and sometimes left some marks along the road that only she and Li Mu could understand, because she knew that Li Mu would definitely go there to save her. Being so, it would be much easier for Li Mu to find her by using those marks.

Jiang Qiubai did not stop her actions when noticing that.

In fact, on the way, a lot of signals left by Shangguan Yuting were found by him.

He understood her mind, but didn’t reveal it.

Along the way, the footsteps became clearer in the passage and reverberated.

The dog ran around and left its own marks, totally like a doughty dog.

Shangguan Yuting finally couldn’t help but ask, “Are you the only human in the Wolf Temple?”

The clean passage was void of any people, the light dark and dim, and the air was as still as stagnant water. Even the echoes of their footsteps were filled with a sense of loneliness. That temple was as quiet as a grave.

“Of course, the Wolf Temple is a residence for gods, so only gods can enter,” Jiang Qiubai said proudly.

He was quite self-satisfied.

Shangguan Yuting said, “Being so, why did you bring me here? I’m not a god.” The little white fox was in her arms.

Jiang Qiubai stopped and smiled. He said, “You will soon become a god.” As he spoke, he pointed to the little white fox, saying, “The same goes for it.” Since entering the wolf temple, the little white fox became uneasy, as if it was in fear and expecting something. Since it was moody, Shangguan Yuting had to forcefully hold it.

At that time, the dog ran towards them from the distance.

He seemed to understand their words, as he looked at Jiang Qiubai with one blue and one red eye, waving its tail. Obviously, it was asking, “What about me?”

Jiang Qiubai’s mouth twitched a bit, but he didn’t speak, instead, he turned and went on walking.

“What do I f**king know about you?”

He hated that dog, but there was no way to get rid of it.

That feeling of powerlessness was felt once many years ago.

Shangguan Yuting laughed.

Along the way, she gradually lessened her hostility toward Jiang Qiubai.

“For many years, have you been here alone? Don’t you feel lonely?” Shangguan Yuting asked again, as she thought of her days in the Holy House when she lived there by her lonesome, without friends and relatives, while under fear and insecurity. However, the wolf temple was even more terrible.

“Yes, but no one is qualified to accompany me here.” Jiang Qiubai said peacefully as he walked, “A man once lived here, but he left the place for a woman.”

Before the voice died away, he suddenly stopped walking.

Shangguan Yuting also stopped moving.

She mistakenly thought that Jiang Qiubai recalled his sorrowful past.

However, his handsome face soon showed calmness. Immediately, he frowned, and he said to himself, “It is interesting. Unexpectedly, there is an uninvited guest after I came back from a long journey…”

At that moment, Shangguan Yuting felt that the blond-haired man suddenly changed in terms of his temperament.

He was gentle before.

But he had become cold at the moment.

“Let’s go.” Jiang Qiubai moved forward.

A kind of invisible breath circulated and protected Shangguan Yuting.

After a while, they reached a large open space.

The passages there were interconnected like a labyrinth, and there was a piece of elliptical dark red rock in the center, whose surface was covered with a root-like texture in various degrees of thickness. The texture’s color was deeper than the rock itself and seemed to be made naturally or by the best Zongshi Master.

Seeing the dark red rock, Shangguan Yuting couldn’t help but feel it was strange.

She felt that the rock was alive.

Jiang Qiubai stepped forward to the dark red rock, then reached out and pressed toward it.

But as soon as his hand was pressed on the rock, he suddenly noticed something and slowly retracted his hand. Then, he smiled coldly and said, “It turns out that Master Xi Lang from the Grand River Sect came here. As one of the top nine masters in the world, he even behaves as a thief does… Do the holy clans from the north like to beave in such a low manner?”

The voice disappeared.

On the dark red stone, a strange layer of liquid suddenly appeared. Then, it moved out of the rock and turned into a human shaped brilliance. In the air, it said, “You finally found me… It is a pity.” A shark-like cold sound came with a horrifying atmosphere.

Jiang Qiubai looked at the ripple brilliance, and sneered. “The Grand River Sect spends so many years making Master Xi Lang one of the top nine sages, struggling to maintain its position as a Holy Clan. But you don’t cherish it. You dare and come to the Wolf Temple to seek death.”

The human-shaped vertical brilliance laughed. “Haha, we are equals. What you said is in question.”

Jiang Qiubai said, “If you were on the southernmost ocean, you may be qualified to say these words, but on the prairie and in the wolf temple, aren’t you as weak as a little fish? How terrible can you make the situation?”

The Wolf Temple was his territory.

There, he was almost invincible under the void-broken realm.

At that time, another voice rose, “In the Wolf Temple, he naturally can’t fight against you alone, so I am here too.”

A sword light seemed to be generated from the void, twinkling in that huge and dimly lit space, like the moonlight cast on a turbulent river. A stream of strange Sword Intent permeated the whole space.

Jiang Qiubai nodded and said, “Is it Floating Shimmer Swordsmanship? Gu Bansheng is also here. Well, the leaders of the two southernmost Holy Clans, as well as the two of the top nine masters of the world, come to our Wolf Temple. Huh, huh, this is interesting. Grand River Sect has been in bad terms with the Diancang Faction, but now you two sects are cooperating. Well, it really surprises me.”

There were nine holy clans in the world, including the Guanshan Pasture in Western Qin, Qingcheng Mountain in Northern Song, Wendao Academy in Southern Chu, Wolf Temple in the grassland, the Huazang Temple in the Buddhist Field, the Temple of Devils from the demon race, the Magic Sun Temple in the northwestern Sand Nation, and both the Diancang Faction and the Grand River Sect in the south, in which there were mainly the ethnic minorities.

Those two holy clans were rarely involved in the affairs relating the three empires and the prairie territory. They mainly competed for resources and believers in the far south. After all, as two male tigers wouldn’t live in one mountain, they had vied with each other for thousands of years.

Currently, the leader of the Diancang Faction, Evil Sword and Demon, Gu Bansheng, even cooperated with Master Xi Lang.

Such news, once spread out, was enough to shock the entire continent.

“Enemies can be allies for the sake of interests,” Master Xi Lang said in an emotional rhythm.

And that flickering sword light suddenly was turned into a roughly twenty-five year-old scholar dressed in white, standing in the void, white-faced and black-bearded. He looked a bit evil. It turned out that Pohe was Gu Bansheng, Evil-sword Demon and leader of the Diancang Faction.

He smiled a little and said, “I heard that Everlasting Heaven opens once every 50 years for one to reach the outer zone. It can be opened once every 100 years for one to reach the central area. If it opens once in the first millennium, one can go straight into the galaxy and perceive the void-breaking mystery. White wolf god, it is better for you to share the pleasure. It is the millennium time to open Everlasting Heaven, and only the Wolf Temple could get the entrance to it. Hence, why not we three cooperate to step into its deepest sacred area to appreciate the mysteries of the immortals in the universe. Isn’t it fantastic?”

Jiang Qiubai also smiled and briefly answered, “Anyone who intrudes into the wolf temple will die.”

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