The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Mr. Li Escapes?

The Silver Dragon young man sneered, he interrupted then said cruelly and coldly, “I don’t want to listen to you this nobody, and I just want to tell you that everyone in this world has to pay for what he has done and said no matter who he is. Now let me cut your arm and it’s reasonable… Come and get his right arm removed.”

Hearing this, the young man with beards paled, he struggled and retreated, then he said, “You’re… going too far, I’m just a…”

Two disciples from the Sky Dragon Faction took out sharp swords and went towards the beard young man.

“Remember that it is Qin Yong who will cut your arm today, he’s the great disciple of left protection ‘Sky Dragon Sword’ from the Sky Dragon Faction,” the Silver Dragon young man said word by word, “and you are welcome to revenge if you’re reluctant.”

All the people who were watching paled.

That was so cruel.

He just casually said that he was more optimistic about Huya Faction, which was not even a bad comment about the Sky Dragon Faction at all, and the faction was going to have his arms cut off… The Sky Dragon Faction was so tyrannical.

But no one dared to stand up and say a fair word.

Those Jianghu guys who used to talk so happily with this bearded man all escaped far away and didn’t dare to persuade.

The tea-stall shopkeeper was a local honest grandpa in Taibai County; he had been managing this stall for more than 20 years on this street and was very kind-hearted, which was known by the neighbors. As he saw the bearded young man in despair, he couldn’t help recalling his only son, who was killed by the Shennong Faction. He stood up to stop him in spite of his wife’s stopping as he couldn’t bear it in his heart, and then he said with a smile, “Hello, Mr. Qin, please listen to me, this young guy is not on purpose and he’s not too careful when he spoke, please forgive him since you’ve injured him, he will never dare to be so careless in the future…”

Those two Sky Dragon Faction disciples stopped and looked at Qin Yong.

Qin Yong gazed at the tea-stall shopkeeper and asked with a smile, “So, grandpa, you’re…”

“I’m only a citizen in this county and have been managing this tea stall for more than 20 years; I’m not a Wulin master… Mr. Qin, please forgive him when you still have the time,” the tea-stall granddad smiled kindly, stopped and bowed to say.


A loud slap in the face.

The old man flew away. He hit on the wall hard and fell down. In the end, he just lay motionlessly beside the messed-up tea stall. A pool of red blood under him soon leached out and formed a small blood pool.

How could an old man withstand the slap of a martial art master?

No one expected Qin Yong to suddenly turn so cruel while he acted so gentle the second before.

“No… Dear…” His wife was dazed for a while, and then wailed mournfully in despair. She rushed out to the old man, turned him over and burst into fearful and hopeless tears as she found his face out of shape and that the blood was oozing out from his mouth and nose.

The Silver Dragon young man took out a handkerchief, wiped his hand and said lightly, “It’s one of your business, old man. You just act recklessly and blindly.”

At this moment, the bearded young man came to himself. He felt so shocked and angry when he saw the tea-stall vendor got involved because of himself. The young man’s blood was boiling with righteous indignation. Then he struggled to stand up despite his injury and raged. “Damn, you have no conscience… I’m going to kill you.” He ejected like a bomb and moved toward Qin Yong like a flash of lightning.

But he was only an amateur and not powerful enough.

Finally, one of his arms was chopped off by a master from the Sky Dragon Faction. He bled like a pig and fainted beside of the tea stall.

The smell of blood filled the air.

The people around paled.

Qin Yong glanced, smiled with a slight triumph, and said, “This is your fate when you’re against the Sky Dragon Faction, you must remember this.” As he said so, he guided the disciples and left.

And those neighbors came to help the tea-stall aunt now.

“Mrs. Son, don’t cry, Mr. Song is still alive, go and send him to the doctor. He can be saved.”

“Yes, yes, go and send him to the county Medical Center now, doctors there are excellent and the poor can get free medical treatment as Li Qingtian ordered.”

“This young guy is so poor; he must die if no one helps him to stop the blood. Let’s get him there together.”

After all, those citizens were all simple and kind-hearted; they removed the panel from the door and carried up the granddad as well as the bearded young man to the County Government-run Medical Center.

More than 20 meters away, a few young people in white swordsmen’s clothes showed indignation on their faces as they saw the whole process at the entrance of a restaurant.

“Master, why didn’t you let us help and give them a lesson since the people from the Sky Dragon Faction were so arrogant just now?”

“Exactly, do you think we’re afraid of those little kids from the Sky Dragon Faction since we are from the Taibai Sword Faction?”

Those young swordsmen were filled with righteous indignation.

An old man in a snow-white robe was sitting at a square table inside the restaurant.

He had hair grey, long and drooping eyebrows with calm face. He was carrying an ancient sword with a pine scabbard behind and grabbing pignut from the plate in the front one by one with chopsticks carefully, then he said lightly without turning his head back, “We went out this time for business, not to participate in the disputes of Jianghu.”

There was another man who was as old as him sitting opposite. He was wearing a cotton jacket like a rich ministry councilor, which was not attractive. But if there was someone from the upper-class people here, he might be amazed. If he watched carefully since this man was Zhou Zhenhai of Zhou’s family, the former clan elder who had disappeared for a long time.

No one expected that this clan elder from Zhou’s family might be back to the county again when he was almost a wanted criminal in such a big environment.

“That’s right, many people may think Taibai Sword Faction and Huya Faction have allied and the Taibai Sword Faction may be involved in this Jianghu affair soon if you fight, then at that time, you’ll be accountable to the precept officials. In fact, Mr. Zhou did this all for you.” Zhou Zhenhai smiled and explained to those young disciples from the Taibai Sword Faction who were filled with righteous indignation.

He speculated that he was old, sophisticated, and knew a lot about this world. He was more considerate than those young guys. Moreover, he was the clan younger brother of Zhou Zhenyue, the low-level presbyter from the Taibai Sword Faction. That was why he talked in an exaggerated tone.

But he never expected those energetic young disciples never listened to him.

“So what? Does it make any difference if we’re involved? We’re the Jianghu faction as the Taibai Sword Faction, and we’re never afraid of them.”

“Absolutely, how can such little factions like Sky Dragon Faction and Huya Faction be comparable to us? They shouldn’t make troubles here and we need to teach them a lesson so that they can understand Taibai Sword Faction is the only boss in Chang’an.”

“Well, don’t try to explain our Jianghu faction affairs with your merchant mindset.”

Those young disciples didn’t dare to disobey Zhou Zhenyue’s order, but they didn’t show respect for his feelings and sneered and discussed, which made Zhou Zhenhai embarrassed and angry, and he was just helpless.

The young Taibai swordsmen were not so friendly towards Zhou Zhenhai.

The main reason was because they heard the evil deeds when Zhou’s family members victimized the village people and acted in a tyrannous manner only less than half one day after they arrived in the city, they also heard the praises as the young county magistrate Li Mu was impartial, honest and considerate to his people, which was totally different from what Zhou Zhenhai commented in the Taibai Sword Faction since he complained Li Mu was extremely cruel and merciless.

They might all leave if it was not because of the elder Zhou Zhenyue’s prestige, and they would never stay to revenge for Zhou’s family.

“Well, Brother…” Zhou Zhenhai was feeling a little embarrassed.

Zhou Zhenyue, who was carrying an ancient pine sheath sword finished the dish of peanut, he looked up slowly, glanced at the direction of the county government on the top of the mountain and said, “Take it easy, let’s wait for the weather.”

Qin Yong, a Silver Dragon level master from the Sky Dragon Faction, his injuring a local citizen and chopping the young man’ arm spread soon.

And this matter was a vane.

Many people were waiting to see how the Huya Faction would react after this matter and how the disappeared young county magistrate might response. Not to mention Huya Faction, the young county magistrate might react when he heard this since he was such an impulsive young man who loved the people and protected the people.

However, there seemed to be no move from the county government one day later.

Though the government-run Medical Center had accepted the tea-stall granddad who suffered from the calamity without arrogance and treated the broken-armed young man, and there also came some reliable news showing that this matter had been reported to the Taibai county magistrate, there seemed to be no feedback from the county government all the while, nor any symbolic condemnation on the Sky Dragon Faction. They kept deathly silent.

As per the Taibai county magistrate who was mainly concerned, he completely disappeared.

Was he a coward?

Those Jianghu fellows reached such a conclusion.

Then those Jianghu guys who just entered Taibai County had a scruple about the government power before became more and more arrogant, then some citizens were harassed and some rich families were robbed, and there were even rapists too, which made those citizens deeply afflicted.

On the third day, many citizens selected the representatives who were elder and virtuous and there were hundreds of people requesting together to the government, hoping the government to come and restrict these lawless martial art guys. However, the result was that those representatives didn’t see Li Mu and they went back disappointedly.

The signs indicated that the brave panjandrum who killed the Shennong Faction one month ago seemed to be really discouraged; he hid behind the yard and didn’t dare to appear.

Rumor even had that this young county magistrate took this opportunity and escaped already at the first time when it was chaos in the county with such quick change since he was fearful that he knew he was not the opponent of this “Bloody-moon Evil Master”.

All kinds of rumors had provoked much discussion and flew everywhere.

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