The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 343 - Invincible

Chapter 343 Invincible

The wolf and the beast similar to it coexist.

Li Mu knew this point.

That’s because, on earth, there’s an idiom that the two act in collusion with each other, which describes the relationship between the two kinds of beasts. Besides, many negative idioms with a similar usage are derived from it.

Li Mu just cursed in his heart.

Probably three or four breaths earlier, when he saw Guo Yuqing step out with a different look on his face, break through the space, and directly disappear at the end of the passage, he knew that Jiang Qiubai was probably in danger. Therefore, his brother became so anxious, and Li Mu finally verified what he had guessed about the secret relationship between the two people.

Despite this, when he followed them and saw the Nine Heavens and the scene under the Nine Heavens, he also felt astonished.

It turned out that Jiang Qiubai was a demon and was the beast that was infamous on earth.

So, there was the problem.

Now that his junior fellow apprentice, Jiang Qiubai, was the other beast, who was the wolf?

Li Mu looked at Guo Yuqing, who was held in Jiang Qiubai’s arms.

He had already sensed something.

The knife light flashed and a large arc was drawn.

Li Mu, Qiu Yin, and the Goddess of Martial Arts landed beside Guo Yuqing.

“Senior fellow, you still… return to the prairie, hehe…” Jiang Qiubai’s voice was low, but it revealed his arrogance and excitement.

His goal was finally realized.

The key to the Grave of the Immortal King was nothing more than an excuse. He just wanted his senior fellow to return to the prairie once again.

“Don’t talk. I will send you into the Everlasting Heaven to cure you with the day-and-night spring.” Guo Yuqing held him in his arms with unprecedented anxiety.

Jiang Qiubai said, “It’s too late… You once swore that once you were on the grassland again, you would smash yourself, abandon your Cultivation Method, and burn your soul. I… I have already taken it for you… We… are in nature connected. I will bear the result. Senior fellow, you… you can go back to the grassland as you wish…”

Li Mu was shocked.

His brother even made such serious oaths.

If he resolutely accompanied Li Mu to the prairie… Li Mu was moved.

Who could be a brother?


Qiu Yin and the Goddess of Martial Arts were also shocked.

There was even such a story behind it.

At this time—


In the cracking sounds, the golden wall was finally broken by the black evil wolf, just like it was broken glass. This extraterritorial demon finally got out.


He roared, surrounded by the black blood-like mist, with his evil breath spreading around. As it stepped through the void, bloody pool-like footprints were deeply left behind, and his scarlet evil eyes rested on Li Mu and the others.

“You all are my food.”

He opened his large mouth to devour them.

The terrifying power of this demon rushed toward them like mighty waves. At that moment, Li Mu felt like he was a little baby facing a flood, incapable of resisting, since it was quite horrible. The Goddess of Martial Arts and Qiu Yin also felt the same, totally unable to resist.

Guo Yuqing suddenly looked up.

The anger in his eyes was burning.

Some kind of suppression in his body was broken, then dozens of golden runes shot out and were broken in the air. Then, a kind of incredible force began to be activated by him, after which, layers of fine and thick white wolf fur grew out on his arms, neck, and face. Facing this black wolf, Guo Yuqing also showed his snow-white fangs and roared.

All the momentum of the evil wolf was collapsed at this moment.

“Is he transforming into a beast?”

Li Mu was shocked.

Guo Yuqing’s strength was beyond his expectation.

His power seemed to have been sealed and suppressed before. Now, he burst the restraints… At this moment, a mighty breath could be felt from Guo Yuqing, apparently superior to that from before.

“Is this the real strength of my brother?”

For a moment, Li Mu felt that he had someone to rely on.

The black evil wolf, at this moment, obviously felt threatened and pressured.

He was hesitant, so he stopped moving and lowered his head in the void. He knelt slightly into a defensive posture, his fur stood on end like steel thorns, and the blood mist circulated wildly, as if it were to be turned into a mass of devil fire. He stared closely at Guo Yuqing.

“Die.” Guo Yuqing directly moved.

As soon as he raised his hand, he turned it over into a fist and the invisible force of law flowed.

All the golden light that rushed out of the gate of the Nine Heavens was held by him, and then it was condensed into a giant machete, which separated the air and white clouds with one slash. The blade was pointed at the black wolf.

As the wolf roared, a stream of destructive black light collided with the blade.


An indescribably terrible energy-fluctuation spread out.

The formidable black light disappeared quietly, while the golden light was still overwhelming. As the knife light flashed, the black wolf was directly smashed into two segments.

“Whoo… whoo!” The black evil wolf painfully and angrily bellowed, but with the bloody mist flowing, the two parts of its body instantly became intact again in a smaller size. It stared at Guo Yuqing in horror and spoke for the first time: “Inferior creature, this is not a power you should have.”

Guo Yuqing said, “This is not a place you should come.”

He reached out and once again gathered countless golden lights out of the door of the Nine Heavens, which turned into numerous nets and directly trapped the wolf, which was to escape.

“Humble man… How can you… have this kind of power…” The black wolf struggled angrily, bursting out a kind of strange and horrible force, trying to break free from it.

However, the golden net was shrinking, and great power seemed to be embued in every thread of it, which directly stabbed into its fleshy body with a harsh, iron-burning sound. As the black smoke rose, the giant wolf screamed, continually struggling, biting with its teeth and claws, but failed to break free from it.

“This kind of power is used to guard against you devil spirits.”

From Guo Yuqing’s voice, a kind of sacred power could be felt. He clenched his fist to control the intangible force, and directly tightened the golden net, which cut like a steel knife into its body. In an instant, it was smashed to pieces.

“Ah, I will be back… This world has changed. The outer-space power can be used… I will be back!”

The black and red mist dissipated, while its voice reverberated in the sky.

“Do you think you are the wolf that will be defeated but never die?” Li Mu said scornfully.

In the void, a black and red brilliance flashed.

A palm-sized, black-and-red, wolf-shaped statue fell down.

“What?” When Li Mu saw this statue, he waved his hand and caught it directly.

He recalled that he once got such a similar statue before. At the time, he just thought it was strange and interesting. Now it seemed… to be able to summon a key or such things as locations from the outer space.

“Brother, be careful. This thing was evil. Once tempted by it, you will very likely be possessed by the devil mind and become a walking corpse.” Guo Yuqing retracted the golden net, which turned into golden light and returned to the Nine Heavens, as peacefully as if nothing had happened. He looked at Li Mu with great concern, and warned him again and again.

Li Mu said confidently, “Haha, don’t worry. This kind of thing fears me the most.”

Since he cultivated the Xiantian Skill, his spiritual power was the purest, which could help him resist any kind of temptation. That was why he was so confident.

At this time, Gu Bansheng’s soul, which was turned into the black and white spirit sword, quietly slipped toward the rampage.

“Where to go?” Guo Yuqing glanced at it in an overbearing manner.

Soon, the black and white spirit sword flew back cowardly.

Guo Yuqing held the hilt in his hand, and a bundle of golden brilliance wrapped around the sword, leaving almost invisible patterns on it. One could feel that with these golden lines, the spirit sword’s breath became weaker, no longer as horrible as before when it could even threaten the giant wolf.

“Who wants it?” Guo Yuqing said, “This sword can be compared to a supreme Taoist instrument.”

Li Mu shook his head and said, “I use a knife.”

Qiu Yin also smiled and said, “Me too.”

Guo Yuqing then directly handed the sword to the Goddess of Martial Arts as compensation for his brother’s death.

At this moment, the rumbling sounds arose again.

The middle door of the Nine Heavens began to close.

“Time is up. Enter the Everlasting Heaven with me… The opportunity is rare.” Guo Yuqing changed his expression as he held Jiang Qiubai and strode toward the door.

He had sealed Jiang Qiubai’s breath with a secret skill. Now he had to hurry to the day-and-night spring in the Everlasting Heaven to save him. Otherwise, Jiang Qiubai might never be saved.

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