The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 345 - Crescent and Three Stars Cave

Chapter 345 Crescent and Three Stars Cave

The top nine Holy Clans were just a bit superior in this low-level Martial Arts Star, lagging far behind the real ancient sect in the universe. Hence, their secret methods might not be so profound. However, among the Cultivation Methods taught by the old faker, there was no way to cultivate the internal organs. Li Mu didn’t know whether it was because the faker didn’t want to give it to him or really didn’t have it.

In short, Li Mu felt hesitant for a while.

Over the next few days, although he felt his natural qi was to burst out at any time, he still suppressed it forcibly, trying not to reach the Celestial Being Realm and continuing to think about the problem.

Then, Li Mu wandered aimlessly into the grand mountains.

Within a few hundred miles, the grand mountains were tens of thousands of meters high, surrounded by mist and like the weird rock in various shapes. They reminded Li Mu of the dangerous peaks of China’s Huashan, which were even steeper than Huashan Mountain, with mirror-like deep cliffs and strange rocks soaring into the sky.

On the top of a strange peak, Li Mu picked some wild fruits and ate them while observing the geomacy and atmosphere of this mountain subconsciously.

Suddenly, there were strange sounds of apes in the distance.

Li Mu turned around and saw hundreds of mountain apes jumping on the distant cliffs.

These mountain apes were large, with the smallest one being more than two meters in length. Although they were muscular, they were flexible, since they could jump rapidly and easily across a gap so wide that many masters of the Great Master Realm couldn’t cross it. On the mirror-like cliffs, they seemed to move like it was flat ground.

“The apes in the Everlasting Heaven are so strong… What.. is that?”

Li Mu laughed and then noticed something.

He saw an ape leader wearing a small robe… It was his!

Da*n, the thieves were these mountain apes.

Li Mu stopped eating and jumped down from the rock directly, moving toward them on his flying knife. “Shameless thief, stop!”

He vowed to take back his clothes.

He had to get them back.

At the same time, the mountain apes also discovered Li Mu.

Especially when the golden-haired ape leader heard the roars and turned to look at Li Mu, it not only became scared, but bellowed excitedly and made faces at Li Mu provocatively. Then it rushed out like lightning, as if it were flying away.

The mountain apes behind it were also smart, squeaking and jumping like men with wings across the cliffs. They were moving so fast that even the birds couldn’t catch up with them.

“Hey, can you escape after I use the Broadsword-commanding Skill?”

Li Mu laughed.

“Stupid primate monkey.

“I will let you know what speed is.”

He chased them.

Li Mu did not rush forward as quick as possible, but kept a distance for careful observation.

This was a group of dominant creatures in the mountains, naturally skilled at climbing with sturdy bodies. Besides, from their weird calls, they were smart because they would stop on the rocks sometimes to grimace at Li Mu, or play jokes by raising their butts.

Li Mu couldn’t bear it.

The knife light flashed.

Li Mu suddenly sped up and dived directly toward the mountain apes.

Suddenly, something strange happened.

The mountain apes ahead disappeared unexpectedly like a few plumes of smoke, and along Li Mu’s path, a slanting stone peak suddenly appeared and he directly collided with it.

Stone debris went flying.

When he came out of the mountain, he became dizzy.

When he struck the balance between himself and the knife, he saw that on the stone peaks about 300 to 400 meters away, the mountain apes were laughing at him, especially that leader, who looked proud and even stuck up his middle finger at Li Mu …

They were quite clever.

Li Mu became really angry.

Later, four flying knives appeared in the shimmering light, stirring up layers of void ripples and moving toward the stone peak in a flash.

Of course, he just tried to scare them.

Li Mu thought that these apes were a little bit interesting.


The stone mountain was chopped at directly, and stones came falling down.

The figures of the mountain apes were obscured in the dust and disappeared.

Li Mu used his spiritual force to sense them, only to find that none of the mountain apes rolled down from the mountain. It seemed that they all disappeared at that moment.

After the view cleared up, all of these mountain apes were on another mountain a hundred meters away.

“How is that possible? So fast!”

Li Mu was surprised.

His Broadsword-commanding Skill was known for its quick speed, enabling his flying knives to move like light. Although he didn’t use all of its force, they should not be able to make any reaction. Before his knife cut the peak, they even could move 100 meters away… This could only be done by masters of the Celestial Being Realm.

Li Mu stopped chasing.

He opened his Third Eye directly, with invisible holy light bursting out.

Then, he was shocked again.

That was because there were not so many apes on that stone peak.

Only one ape was sitting on the stone peak, ridiculing him. The other mountain apes were shadows.

“Is this… illusion method?”

Li Mu was a little confused.

He found that those mountain apes were too life-like, whose breath was perfect. No illusion method could be deployed for this effect. Li Mu believed that even people in the Celestial Being Realm or Sage Realm might not perceive it. Without the Third Eye, he might have been deceived.

The ape was the leading, golden-colored, giant one, more than three meters high, full of muscles and thick and golden-haired. Li Mu’s clothes were almost burst by it. It roared on the mountain peak like an actor, and even made some gestures in the air… not knowing that Li Mu had perceived all these movements.

Its acting skills were superb.

Li Mu was shocked.

He further found that there were about a hundred golden monkey-hairs floating around it.

If he closed the Third Eye, the living mountain apes would appear again, and their locations would be exactly those of the golden hairs.

That was to say… these seemingly intellectual apes were all made of the golden monkey-hairs.

No wonder these mountain apes suddenly disappeared before when being chased.

They simply didn’t exist.

Li Mu was more and more surprised.

Wouldn’t it be Sun Wukong, who could turn his fur into thousands of monkeys?

He didn’t expect that after entering the Everlasting Heaven, he should encounter such a naughty ape at first.

He shook his head and urged his Broadsword-commanding Skill. Then, 12 flying knives went flying out forcefully and returned in a flash.

Soon after, the hundreds of apes on the distant stone peak disappeared, and all the golden hairs were cut up and fell to the ground.

The golden ape that was performing had no time to respond, but roared for a while. When seeing that its derivatives had disappeared, it looked around with bewilderment and then looked at Li Mu in surprise, widening its mouth.

Then, the ape screamed, turned, and ran.

He moved fast, jumping between the peaks like golden lightning.

But how could it move faster than Li Mu?

As soon as the sword flashed, Li Mu caught up with it.

“Ah…” It screamed, and as he smacked on a rock, a piece of huge rock appeared to block Li Mu.

However, because of his previous experience, Li Mu was already prepared for such an occasion. The rock was quietly cut up by his knife.

The golden mountain ape screamed, pulled out a handful of hair, and blew it. Suddenly hundreds of mountain apes appeared, all of them exactly like him, and they were even also as anxious as it was. They were screaming and escaping in all directions…

However, Li Mu immediately used his knife to cut up all the hairs, and these apes then disappeared.

Li Mu made faces at this golden mountain ape.

Now, the ape knew that it was fighting against a powerful person, so it stopped using its tricks. Instead, it screamed and fled quickly.

Li Mu wanted to tease it, so he chased after it with laughter.

In the end, the ape, out of breath, came to a sky-rocketing peak and swooped down.

When Li Mu chased again, he found it disappearing into a cave.

He landed at the entrance of the cave and saw a stone monument with a fair texture, about three feet high and more than eight feet wide, with several ancient characters written on it—

“Spiritual Fangcun Mountain, Crescent and Three Stars Cave”


Li Mu was shocked.

These ancient characters were not only from Earth, but also had a profound origin.

In the mythical novel Journey to the West, Sun Wuking drifted across the sea under hardships to seek his master for the purpose of cultivating the method of being an immortal, and finally became an apprentice of the ancestor Bodhi, from whom it learned the methods of 72 changes and of instant movement. This fairy cave that appeared in the Journey to the West was Crescent and Three Stars Cave.

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