The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Brother Duan Shuiliu

The most intuitive and visible effect was that it could clean up all the muscles and bones at the greatest degree, and there was another layer of delicate grey grease stains coming out as the internal impurities were removed again. As for the tenacity of the muscles, bones, blood vessels and skins, it was improved naturally.

Li Mu could feel clearly that he had better master his own body. With continuous activating, he could control his body more perfectly with the connected two styles.

This kind of master was not a reaction in the general category, or the master in the aspects such as fists, general power, arms, and legs. Instead, it had a certain level of control on the muscle, skin, pores, and bones, etc. For example, he only needed to concentrate, and then he could completely close the pore on any piece of his skin.

It meant that Li Mu might control the muscles of the wound and close them when he got injured during a fight, so that he might maximize the preservation of physical strength and prevented too much blood loss.

Even the Wulin masters couldn’t absolutely be able to get this kind of control.

Absolutely, the “Xiantian Skill” and “Zhenwu Boxing” were beyond the peak of this planet’s martial art. The old faker used to address this as an immortal’s skill. That was true since the degree of physical transformation and the implied power of martial arts were so mythical for the warriors on this planet.

As Li Mu mastered the power of these two Cultivation Methods, he signed with surprise.

The old faker was really so amazing.

After two more hours later, Li Mu finally finished this exercise.

He knew this was the end of the qualitative change during his exercise this time.

He had to experience fighting, read more martial art secrets, martial art Cultivation Methods, and continue to increase his knowledge as well as to broaden horizons so as to step further.

Or else, it was really impossible to do whatever he liked individually even though he mastered two immortal-level Cultivation Methods.

Li Mu stood up and walked toward the door of the exercise room.


As he passed the curio shelves, Li Mu glanced by accident and found one book above.

“The Way of Changing looks by Transforming Muscles and Bones?”

This was the Cultivation Method which Li Mu was very interested in, but it was quite a pity when he couldn’t practice since he had to activate with internal qi.

But at this moment, Li Mu suddenly realized that did it mean whether he could find another way to practice this Cultivation Method through controlling the muscles since he had already mastered the mystery of controlling his muscles and bones through “Rocking-sky Hammer” and “Sky Hammer”?

As the thought so, suddenly he didn’t hurry to end this practice, instead, he picked up this book, turned back and began to study carefully.

“Well, what shall I do?”

Feng Yuanxing was pacing back and forth like ants on a hot pot in the county hall.

And those two young attendants were also there, looking helpless.

There was only one last day left before the fight with Huya Faction and Sky Dragon Faction in the city and it was such a mess in Taibai County. There were more and more people from those two factions gathering and many fighting incidents happened too. As a result, so many citizens left with their families to avoid to be impacted. However, there were still some robbers and horse bandits outside the city and some citizens died soon after they left the county.

The people found it hard to live on.

Feng Yuanxing tried hard to maintain the situation but the result was not good.

The main reason was that Li Mu, a county magistrate, didn’t show up these days and many people thought he had escaped already. With all the rumors, the official prestige of Taibai County had been greatly reduced with no deterrence and the officials were ignored by those Jianghu guys already. And it was useless even though Feng Yuanxing tried hard to talk with the deputies of those two factions but was driven away in the end.

Feng Yuanxing got some information: Besides the big fight in the city of those two factions of Huya Faction and Sky Dragon Faction, there were some small factions who were ready to take this chance to do something in the city, especially some bandit gangs who took advantage of the chaos to launch a robbery.

It made Feng Yuanxing really mentally and physically exhausted.

There was not enough military strength in Taibai County facing such an unprecedentedly complex situation. Dozens of massagers had been sent out for help to Chang’an Government; however, there was no feedback at all. It was unknown when the reinforcements came and obviously, they couldn’t count on them.

This situation made Feng Yuanxing, who was so happy to be an official, felt the pressure to be a boss for the first time. It also made him realize that high-ranking County dignity was not necessarily freer and more relaxed than their officials. When he led the team, he was under greater pressure.

Feng Yuanxing was so worried and his hair turned grey.

Moreover, the recent rumors in the city had it that Li Mu escaped. Feng Yuanxing was not sure whether the county magistrate really escaped since he had disappeared for such a long time.

He was so agitated.

Ming Yue put his hands on the chin and said with impatience as he was totally unconcerned, “Well, don’t keep running back and forth here, flatterer, you make me dizzy.”

“I’m too nervous.” Feng Yuanxing replied with anger.

He accepted this adorkable Ming Yue as he called him a flatterer unconsciously.

“Qing Feng, what about inviting our master again in the exercise room? Tell him to finish the practice and control the situation?” Feng Yuanxing implored and glanced at the young attendant Qing Feng. These days, Qing Feng planed like an adult, which made Feng Yuanxing, a craft man, feel impressed and treated this precocious little guy as his peers.

Hearing this, Qing Feng smiled ruefully, rubbed his temple as usual and said, “I’ve requested many times, and he’s different from the past when he practices this time. He’s completely immersed in it and he didn’t answer my knock.” Actually, this guy was also annoyed. Though he was wise and precocious, he was only a child and couldn’t control the situation. Even a clever woman couldn’t cook a meal without rice.

“What can we do now? There must be blood flowing like stream tomorrow in Taibai County if he doesn’t come out for it,” Feng Yuanxing said anxiously.

Before he finished the words.

One voice sounded. “What is the blood flowing like stream?”

And one figure went out from the side door.

This man was wearing the priest frock that Feng Yuanxing and other two people were familiar with. He was tall, muscular with resolute face. He grew clear and dashing eyebrows, Grecian nose, wide mouth and a body proportion which was perfect to the extreme, showing an extremely valiant sense of masculinity as a rare first-class handsome figure. He seemed to wear that halo that could people bow in front of him.

“Who are you? Why did you come out from the back door? Where’s the master?”

The adorkable Ming Yue reacted first. She jumped up suddenly with great surprise, then lowered her throat and asked just like when a beast was in danger.

Feng Yuanxing and Qing Feng reacted till now.

Who was this man really? Why did they never see him before and why did he enter the hall from the back, was it possible that he was… an assassin?

That handsome tall man smiled in a strange way and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not your enemy.”

“So, who you are? Tell me now.” Ming Yue’s hair stood straight and she roared in a low voice just like a wild cat that was going to attack.

“Well… I’m…” The handsome tall man squinted and replied. “I’m Li Mu’s brother… Yes, his brother. Aha, my name is Duan Shuiliu. Aha, and Duan Shuiliu is me.” It seemed as if he recalled something funny and laughed alone.

He was really strange.

Feng Yuanxing measured carefully and said, “Your Excellency, please prove.”

“Well, you are such a flatterer and so careful…” Duan Shuiliu frowned and replied. “Well, what about this? Let me call Li Mu and he can prove.” Then he turned back, walked toward the back court and disappeared like the lightning before the other three people had a chance to stop him as they only saw the flash.

“Wow? How did he know you were a flatterer?” The adorkable Ming Yue collected herself, and then she turned back to look at Feng Yuanxing and asked, “You know each other?” She really had an unusual focus.

Feng Yuanxing shook his head decisively. “No, we’ve never met before.”

“Why are you still standing there? Go and catch him now in case he’s a thief!” The adorkable Ming Yue shouted loudly.

“What thief?” A familiar voice was heard.

Li Mu appeared on the side door and went inside slowly.


“Your honor, you finally… finish and get out?”

Those three people were so excited at the sight of Li Mu.

Li Mu smiled, he nodded and replied. “Yes, I’ve finished the practice and changed my clothes after a bath… Well, where’s my brother Duan Shuiliu? I’ve seen him just now, where’s he gone?”

“He went inside again.” The little dumb ass looked so excited as if she enjoyed gossip so much, then she came up and said, “Young Master, your brother Duan Shuiliu is really handsome, where did he come from? Did he get married?”

Li Mu was really speechless. He raised his hand and flicked her head, then looked at Feng Yuanxing and asked, “Any situation update in the city during my practice period?”

As he asked, Feng Yuanxing burst into tears.

So, you finally cared about the city now?

Feng Yuanxing poured out everything in the county recently as if to pour beans out of a bamboo tube. He told Li Mu about the arrogant and domineering Jianghu guys just like a pupil when he reported all to his headmaster.


Li Mu got thoroughly angry before he heard it out.

Those Jianghu guys were really a group of excrescences.

They were just really challenging the marshal.

Abhorrently, these idiots even rumored that he had escaped… Although he really had planned to leave, how could those foolish aliens guess so accurately? That was unforgivable.

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