The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 368 - The Weakness

Chapter 368 The Weakness

All the people from the Yue Mountain Faction were cheering.

Everyone felt like it was a dream, feeling a new lease of life from the narrow escape from death.

To be honest, when the All-side Starlight Deployment was broken, everyone was ready for a death fight, including Xu Sheng, Xu Yue, and others, who didn’t expect to survive.

The disciples all pulled out their swords and roared.

However, at this moment, Li Mu appeared and put a light into the vanishing array. Then a miracle occurred.

It had been over a thousand years since the true power that belonged to the All-side Starlight Deployment had appeared.

In front of such a formation, the enemies were smashed.

The elders, Guardian of Rules, Xu Sheng, and Xu Yue were tearing up with excitement.

A thousand years.

The grand scene that only existed in the records of the history books had reappeared.

The splendid starlight made it seem as if the starry universe had turned into a cover above the main peak—beautiful, mysterious, powerful, and inviolable.

The ordinary disciples were also shocked by this beautiful scene.

In particular, when they saw that the enemies who came to attack were instantly turned into powder, and those who attacked in the distance by powerful means were blasted by the rebounding force, they became conscious that this beautiful and shocking star mask was not only for defense, but also had the power of attack.

The Yue Mountain Faction was protected.

There were cheers from the main halls, the entrances, and the drill grounds.

Li Mu returned to the main hall.

“Fixed?” Xu Sheng couldn’t wait to ask, “How long can it support this time?”

He was afraid that the revived formation could only last for less than a few days like before.

Xu Yue and other masters also looked at Li Mu anxiously.

Li Mu replied, “Haha, rest assured. It can independently draw on the power of the stars. Over the past millennium, although the formation has been broken, it did not stop drawing the energy. In the core, tremendous power been accumulated. It can surely last for 100 years even activated at full force.”



“So is the formation fully restored?”


The seniors were overjoyed, and even Xu Sheng was delighted.

Qiu Yin also breathed a sigh of relief, saying, “So, is the Yue Mountain Faction saved?”

Li Mu said, “Even the Nine Superbs can’t break it.”

There was another cheer.

Xu Yue was excited. “Our Yue Mountain Faction finally… This is also a blessing out of a misfortune. Brother Li, you are our benefactor. In the future, if you have any need, we will offer a hand at the risk of our lives.”


“Haha, I have said that as long as he can resurrect this array, I will even willingly be killed by him.”

“We will pay back such kindness.”

The seniors were extremely grateful to Li Mu.

At this moment, a roar came from the distance.

“Li Mu, come out.” Yingshan Snow-eagle spoke for the first time.

Everyone looked outside.

Li Mu smiled slightly, and flew up into the air on the knife. Inside the shield, he said, “What do you want to say?”

Yingshan Snow-eagle took a deep breath and replied, “Do you dare to step out and fight me?”

Li Mu said frankly, “I can’t defeat you, so I won’t come out.”

Yingshan Snow-eagle: “…”

He planned to lure Li Mu out of the array with his words and then kill him at all costs… but had failed.

Then he gave up.

“Did you activate it?” he asked from another angle.

Li Mu grinned. “By accident.”

Yingshan Snow-eagle: “…”

He felt that he was played by him since Li Mu answered out of common sense.

“The Yue Mountain Faction is the remnant of the Great Moon Empire. You know that the Great Moon dynasty was built by an extraterritorial demon that slaughtered and enslaved the people. Our sages spent a lot of effort to overturn this empire and founded the state. Over the years, the remnants have been trying to restore it. Once they really succeed, the entire land will be plunged into disasters. The Yue Mountain Faction is such an evil sect that everyone wants to destroy. You are Lord Taibai and are known for a kind heart. Why should you associate with these evil people?” Yingshan Snow-eagle said these words for the first time. “If you feel regret and help me capture the Yue Mountain Faction, you will do the right things and the royal family will reward you.”

He advised Li Mu in earnest.

Li Mu laughed and said, “My Chinese teacher told me that, in general, only when others can’t defeat you will they try to reason with you.”

Yingshan Snow-eagle: “…”

There was no way to go on.

“You have to think about the consequences of doing this…” Yingshan Snow-eagle remembered that the last time he had taken the initiative to talk to others was 300 years ago.

Li Mu interrupted directly and said, “My Chinese teacher also said that when the other person’s reasoning did not work, they will start threatening. This is actually an implication of weakness.”

Yingshan Snow-eagle: “…”

Yuwen Laoshi?

There were not many strong people with a surname of Yuwen in this world. Who was this person?

“I will definitely kill him.”

Li Mu said again, “Don’t talk so much. Anyway, I won’t come out, nor will I listen to you… So, if you have the ability, come in and hit me.”

Yingshan Snow-eagle: “…”

He took a deep breath and said, “Oh, even if you don’t come out, I have ways to force you out on your own initiative. I guess you should have friends and relatives in Taibai County or in Chang’an City. When I catch them one by one and bring them here and torture them on the whale ship, will you still hide in this shield?”

Li Mu was stunned.

Yingshan Snow-eagle sneered and turned back.

“Send someone to find them. Take anyone who knows Li Mu here. Huh, isn’t it said that he is very caring? I’d like to see this scene,” Yingshan Snow-eagle ordered from his seat.

“I’ll send someone to do it,” the crown prince responded and immediately issued a series of orders.


Back in front of the main hall, Li Mu looked depressed.

He was quite experienced.

This old man was really insidious, who had immediately found Li Mu’s weakness.

Li Mu didn’t worry about the people in Taibai County, as Liu Xuanyuan was there and the Dragon-assembling Pattern was protecting them. Despite being less exquisite than the All-side Starlight Deployment, it was not worse than it thanks to the power of the nature of geomancy. Hence, even Emperor’s Broadsword could not break into Taibai County.

But in Chang’an City…

Li Mu sighed, a little worried about some acquaintances.

“Brother, don’t worry. In a few days, I should arrive.” Qiu Yin comforted Li Mu and said, “I have sent a sign for help before.”

Li Mu’s eyes brightened.

If Guo Yuqing could get there in time, he could definitely defeat Yingshan Snow-eagle then all the troubles would be solved.

After hearing the conversation between the two, they comforted Li Mu.

“Emperor’s Broadsword is as despicable as ever before. He used to do whatever he could to achieve his purpose.” Xu Sheng sighed.

Then the situation became a stalemate.

Although the imperial army of Western Qin did not dare to attack this array again, the Yue Mountain Faction could not counterattack. The imperial army sieged the sect a few kilometers away from the main peak and also placed the binding star-patterned arrays, out of which the masters of the Celestial Being Realm couldn’t break.

The Yue Mountain Faction, full of confidence, began to rectify the gate.

Li Mu gave Xu Sheng and Qiu Yin some of the magical herbs he got from Everlasting Heaven to help them restore energy and distributed some to Xu Yue to rescue the disciples who were injured before in the war.

He stood at the gate of the main hall and had some thoughts.

Given that the Yue Mountain Faction was being guarded by the All-side Starlight Deployment, it was almost invincible and could be regarded as a base, and the other base was Taibai County. The two places were hundreds of thousands of kilometers apart, but if they could be connected…

A word popped into Li Mu’s mind.

Transmitting Array.

He once helped Goddess of Martial Arts, Tie Muzhen, and others to escape from Chang’an City by means of the Transmitting Array.

But it was like making a phone call, which required a phone on both sides. At that time, Li Mu had placed a formation outside the city, so they could be sent out.

If the transmission array method was to be used to link the Yue Mountain Faction with Taibai County, it was necessary to establish “base stations” in both places.

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