The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 390 - He Is Annoying

Chapter 390 He Is Annoying

Li Mu!

A Sage!

The two were equivalent.

Some people might still doubt Li Mu’s status as a Sage when he captured the Fire Devil, Deputy Head of the Guanshan Pasture. But with Yingshan Snow-eagle, the Emperor’s Broadsword, killed at the foot of the Yue Mountain, nobody on the Divine Land dared to question Li Mu’s strength.

After all, Yingshan Snow-eagle had slaughtered many Sages himself. But he had been killed by Li Mu.

Huang Youlong, the Enigmatic Divine Dragon, ranked the top five among the experts in the Northern Song. He had been a Semi-Sage for ages. Over the years, he had been making steady progress. But to kill a Sage? That seemed out of his league.

Huang Youlong felt his cheeks were burning.

Because he was truly scared by that name.

As the words he just said flashed back in his mind, he was completely ashamed.

Huang Youlong sneaked a peek at Lord Jin, who was standing next to him.

Yet, to his shock, Lord Jin looked quite normal. His expression showed neither the slightest trace of surprise nor a single bit of panic.

Huang Youlong was appalled.

“Well, does Lord Jin have some trump card that is potent enough to tackle a Sage?”


“Even the current Mount Qingcheng has no such trump card, right?”

But a few seconds later, Huang Youlong caught Li Mu’s half-hearted smile, and it suddenly dawned on him that Li Mu was merely talking to him. Through a secret technique, Li Mu’s words had been cut out so that no one else heard his name… The technique Li Mu employed had even fooled a Semi-Sage like him?

“Li Mu is a Sage for sure.”

At that thought, terrifying waves of consternation pounded Huang Youlong’s heart.

He had made sure that he was not the match of Li Mu.

When Huang Youlong caught sight of the faint smile on the face of that young man in white again, the Semi-Sage’s heart trembled. A chill burst from the end of his spine and squirted to his skull as if to rip off his scalp. The tide of trepidation was too overwhelming.

“My apology for the interruption.” Huang Youlong respectfully cupped his hands at Li Mu.

After that, he whipped around and spoke to the other 35 Heads of the Heavenly 36 Waterside Citadels, “We’ll hit the road.”

He was going to leave!

Lord Jin’s face hardened at once. He snarled, “Head Huang, what do you mean by that?”

The other Heads also shot astounded looks at the most notoriously waterside bandit in the Northern Song. They were all confused, wondering why the bandit was suddenly in awe and so eager to take his leave after that boy in white gave a smile… What was all that about?

“Big bro, you…” A bewildered Head of the Citadels asked, “Is it appropriate for us to leave now?”

“If you don’t want to die, come with me,” bellowed Huang Youlong, his face stern.

Afterward, he heaved with a sigh, paid obeisance to Lord Jin and said, “Your Highness, I cannot possibly pay back the grace you granted me. But today’s event is nothing us Heavenly 36 Waterside Citadels can meddle in. Please excuse us, and take care. Never act on impulse without due consideration.” That was the last warning he could give Lord Jin.

With that, Huang Youlong, the Enigmatic Divine Dragon, wasted no time to take off along with the other 35 Heads and the experts they brought there, as though a disaster would befall them if they dawdled longer. In a trice, he and his men disappeared from sight on the horizon.

The atmosphere immediately became awkward.

Lord Jin was no idiot.

He certainly caught the overtones in Huang Youlong’s farewell.

“Does that young man in white have some intimidating background?”

However, the big wedding was held in front of half of the high-ranking people in the Northern Song. In his plan, the ceremony was indispensable. If it wrapped up in a hurry, even though he could bear being laughed at for a while, his entire plan would be sabotaged. In that case, the day of his dominating the Northern Song would be too far to see. That he could not bear.

When Huang Youlong requested the young man to report the name of his master, the boy muttered something that drove Huang Youlong away in haste. Judging by Huang Youlong’s reaction, the master of that young man must be really daunting, who ought to be one of the Nine Superbs in the World.

Even if so, what could he do? Lord Jin himself had the patronage from Mount Qingcheng, one of the top nine Holy Clans. Anyway, the teenager might not be entitled to act on behalf of his clan. No matter what happened, Lord Jin had resolved to marry Countess Huanzhu. Even if a certain Holy Clan sent punitive forces to him in the future, he could always negotiate with them and make some compensation under the table.

There was no problem in the world that could not be fixed by some extra benefits, was there?

Nonetheless, at that moment, Lord Jin could by no means lower his chin.

Almost in just one second, he made up his mind.

Then, he did that nearly undiscernible gesture again.

The formation constituted by 10,000 picked soldiers of the Glory Army released their qi all together. The steeled evil qi began to rise, which soon shielded the main podium. The leaders and outstanding members of the assorted sects also rapidly surrounded the stage. Under Lord Jin’s instruction, Du Lvji, the Dominating Spear, Head of the Iron Spear Sect, and the other leaders were slowly edging toward Wang Shiyu, ready to hold her hostage.

Then, even if the young man in white had unimaginable powers, he would be held back from taking action for fear of injuring the girl.

Du Lvji gritted his teeth and reached out to take Wang Shiyu’s arms in a hammerlock.

He had also registered that the young man in white had scared Huang Youlong away. The guy that the Heavenly 36 Waterside Citadels dared not mess with certainly was not someone his Iron Spear Sect could pick on. It was just that though Lord Jin might not really do anything to the Heavenly 36 Waterside Citadels, Lord Jin’s army would definitely flatten his Iron Spear Sect the next day if he walked out as Huang Youlong did.

Du Lvji did have two skills that he took pride in.

The first was his use of the iron spear.

The second was his iron claws and steel wrists.

The two peerless skills had contributed big time to his fame.

His “iron claws” had helped him crush many spiritual instruments. They were extremely powerful. Despite that, as his fingers touched Wang Shiyu’s wrist, he did not feel the soft and smooth skin of the beauty as he had imagined. Instead… an indescribable force flooded into his arm, numbing his fingers.

In total shock, he lowered his head and took a look. Next, he was rooted to the spot, horrorstruck.

It turned out that the wrist he was grabbing was not that of Countess Huanzhu but that young man in white.

Curiously, the young man in white who was a kilometer away suddenly emerged on the main podium next to Wang Shiyu like a ghost.


“How did he make it?”

Du Lvji was as shocked as he had run into a devil in broad daylight.

“Are you having fun?” The short-haired teenager in white gazed at him. With a grin, he flicked his wrist.


A shot of fire skimmed over Du Lvji’s steel wrists and iron claws, which crumpled in an instant as if they were made of mud.

At the same time, he sensed that a stream of overwhelming, blistering force was crawling across his palms, wrists, up to his arms and trunk. As the track of the force extended, the bones beneath cracked into duets. No matter how hard he tried to activate his Celestial Being internal qi to fight back that force, his body parts continued falling into pieces.

“Aargh…” Du Lvji cried, frantically backing away. Without caring to maintain his image, he called out, “Young hero, please spare me! I… will never dare to do it again.” He felt that he was already overshadowed by death, and the real horror would soon befall.

“Go stay in the mountains for a century. Do we have a deal?” Li Mu asked.

Du Lvji nodded feverishly. “Yes, yes, yes, we do…”

The next moment, the crimson fire that had crept onto his right shoulder suddenly vanished.

Du Lvji certainly could no longer use his right arm again, but at least he was still breathing.

He gasped, trying to catch his breath. Cold sweat fell down his forehead like raindrops. His vest was soaked in perspiration. Wearing an expression of the incredulity after surviving a disaster, he said, “Hero, thank you for your mercy… Members of the Iron Spear Sect, follow me out.”

With that, the Iron Spear Sect left as well.

Lord Jin and the rest of his force retreated as fast as they could. They quickly distanced themselves from Li Mu, fixing him with appalled looks.

The Lord Jin’s guards and the experts from the Landscape Gang, the First-rate Hall, and the other factions all flanked Lord Jin, though they had lost the nerve to launch more strikes.

Neither the military formation formed by tens of thousands of soldiers nor the team of several hundred experts from the assorted factions could stop the young man in white!

Some people saw what just happened. A moment ago, they noted that the teenager lowered his shoulders and did a somersault-like movement. A second later, he already crossed all the defensive deployment and impediments and landed on the stage.

What kind of cultivation was that?

That was unstoppable!

Then, how could they fight him?

Just as Du Lvji, Head of the Iron Spear Sect, was given a chance to live and left the place, everyone on the scene, including Lord Jin, figured out one thing—the reason why Huang Youlong, the Enigmatic Divine Dragon, took off a while ago was not for fear of the master backing the young man up but the young man himself.

That made all the differences in the world.

“You… Who are you? Why do you choose to go against me?” demanded Lord Jin in a trembling voice.

He came to realize that the judgment he had drawn before might be a huge mistake.

Li Mu smiled. “Oh, Boundless Master, I am Zhang Sanfeng from Mount Wudang.

Lord Jin was dazed by that answer.

The leaders of the First-rate Hall, the Landscape Gang, the Wind and Thunder Hall, the Heaven Heart Chamber and the rest of guests, nobles, and envoys of the other rebellious lords were all dumbstruck as well.

“Mount Wudang?

“Zhang Sanfeng?

“What kind of place is that? What kind of man is him?

“Why haven’t I heard of the place or the name before?

“Is it the names that scared Huang Youlong the Enigmatic Divine Dragon away?

“Does Huang Youlong know that place?”

Questions popped into their minds one after another. But none of them could be answered.

“Haha…” Wang Shiyu could not help giggling. “If you are Zhang Sanfeng, I am Wang Chongyang!” She already grasped the gist of the joke.

Li Mu rolled his eyes with resignation and said, “Hey, be serious. I’m bluffing now.”

Wang Shiyu was speechless.

She felt thoroughly relaxed and elated.

Because she knew that from that moment on, she would not be alone on that planet.

She was also aware that Li Mu was being ridiculous on purpose, for he just hoped to appease her tension and make her laugh.

She felt so well with him around again.

Wang Shiyu stretched out a hand and gently grabbed Li Mu’s hand. In case she was just dreaming and everything would disappear when she woke up, she needed the warmth in Li Mu’s palm to convince her that everything was real.

Lord Jin forced a deep inhalation.

The ambitious lord compelled himself to oppress the shock he felt and remarked tentatively, “I apologize for my rudeness earlier. That was because I had no idea that Countess Huanzhu is an acquaintance of Taoist Zhang. But as you are a Taoist, how come you decided to intervene in the mundane issues? I reckon…”

“He is so annoying.” Wang Shiyu grumbled.

Li Mu said, “Annoying? That’s easy to fix. I’ll make him disappear.”

As his words faded—

The figure in white flashed.

It blurred and then grew clear again.

Afterward, Li Mu once again appeared by the side of Wang Shiyu.

The rest only felt their eyes were dazzled for a fraction of a second, totally clueless about what just happened.

“Ah, ahhh…”

Lord Jin’s face was filled with horror. His eyeballs froze, and his hands abruptly clapped over his neck.

Then, a wisp of faint Broadsword Intent spread out.

Lord Jin’s head was ripped off from his neck. The cut was neat, smooth as a mirror. Without shedding a droplet of blood, the head flopped onto the ground.

But before the head touched the ground, with a small boom, weird energy fluctuations rose, and a ball of fiery fire shot out of the mouth and nostrils of Lord Jin’s head as well as the cut on his neck. In a fraction of a second, the head and body of the ambitious lord turned into a ball of splendid flames and then went out in the air.

Lord Jin was dead!

A dead silence fell among the crowds.

Even the falling of a needle could be heard.

Watching the whole thing with their own eyes, the experts, Heads, guards protecting Lord Jin were thunderstruck and completely stupefied.

Although Lord Jin had few brilliant personal combating records, he was, after all, a master in the Celestial Being Realm.

But in the face of the young man in white named Zhang Sanfeng, Lord Jin had no wriggle room to struggle. He was beheaded in an instant like an ant.

The young man in white just beheaded the leading Celestial Being in the presence of 200,000 soldiers, which to him seemed as easy as falling off a log.

There was certainly no need to say more about how horrible that Zhang Sanfeng from Mount Wudang was.

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