The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 402 - The Invincible Broadsword

Chapter 402 The Invincible Broadsword

Fine threads of Broadsword Qi began to spread out from Li Mu. Though their moving direction seemed to be random, in fact, they were sealing and cutting the space they came into contact with. Soon, those layers of broadsword qi tightly shrouded the devil issuing black smoke.

“Who are you?”

The devil strived to shake the qi off. In the cracks between his bugling, rock-like muscles, scarlet, shining magma were flowing, producing bizarre Taoist seals. Those seals circulated his body along with the flow of the magma, cladding him a suit of seal-made armor.

Li Mu, still, gave no reply.

He activated the Night Fighting with Eight Sides out of the Wind-Cloud Six Moves with his Broadsword Intent and let it evolve into different forms to besiege the devil issuing black smoke. After that, he whipped around and darted to the demonized Liang Zhi. Fast as the lightning, Li Mu performed a punch. He opted for the Zhenwu Boxing!


The air cracked, as though the void was caving in.

The demonized Liang Zhi held up his arms to cover his face. But an incredibly overwhelming force swept over. With a crack, his demonized arms exploded, while he was sent flying backward.

“How come?” The demonized Liang Zhi was horrorstruck. He could not believe what just happened.

His body had been enhanced by the Spring of the Bloody Moons inside his eyes. He believed his body was already indestructible, not even a Sage could harm him. However, his body burst open after taking that little beggar’s one punch, didn’t it?

Then, Li Mu stood still, raised a hand and sent another punch against the forehead of that girl who conjured up the illusion of the white lotus behind her.

At that scene, some experts of the Beggar Gang who were rooting for Li Mu went dumbstruck.

“What’s going on?”

“Isn’t that little beggar attacking the Extra-terrestrial Devils? Why is he targeting the new Grand Master?”

What was more absurd was that Ming Yue, the new Grand Master, appeared to have been frightened out of her wits. Rooted on her spot, she looked up, staring unblinkingly at the little beggar.

“Grand Master…” In a distance, Lu Changfu was almost scared to death at that scene.

He could not believe that little beggar was the friend of Countess Huanzhu that he brought here as a guest. He had assumed that Li Mu was a son of a certain noble family or something like that. But to his astonishment, the guest turned out to be such a horrible superb master, and he already launched a strike at the new Grand Master. Could he be a planted agent of the Bloody-moon faction? That was unlikely. Because he just attacked the devil issuing black smoke and Liang Zhi… What on earth was going on?

The experts of the Beggar Gang who had been struggling in the fight all noticed that their brand new Grand Master was rooted to the spot like a fool. They watched the fist that had blown the demonized Liang Zhi to the sky plummeting at the forehead of the new Grand Master and wished to help her. But it was too late for anyone to stop it.

At that sight, even the devil issuing black smoke who had just freed himself from the Night Fighting with Eight Sides felt his brain stop working.

Yet, just as the fist was one inch away from Ming Yue’s forehead, a finger stuck out. With a clear snap, a finger-flick landed right on Ming Yue’s head.

Li Mu yelled, “You don’t even have the courtesy to run away and go home after being kidnapped.”

Ming Yue’s fair and exquisite face was written with exasperation. She rubbed her forehead crossly and moaned, “It hurts…” Then, tears poured down her cheeks despite herself. She flung open her arms and raced into Li Mu’s embrace, tightly encircling Li Mu’s waist with her arms, as though she was afraid that Li Mu would disappear when she loosened her grip.

“Young Master, Ming Yue misses you so much!” She cried with a little sobbing.

As the insensitive, dorky girl had expressed her emotion so blatantly, it was doubtless that she had gotten attached.

Li Mu also felt his eyes usually moist. He gently stroked the girl’s head and said softly, “I’ve come to you, haven’t I? Qing Feng has come, too. It’s been more than a year since we met last time. But you dorky kid has now gained staggering cultivation. I had planned to find that old beggar called Zuo Luyi and beat him up, and then kill his yellow dog to make a dogmeat hotpot. But now that he has become your master, I’ll let this go and cut him some slack.”

“It’s okay with me. Young Master, you can go beat that old thing to death…” Ming Yue wept.

Li Yuntao: “…”

Since he came to that world, he had met a few people who had his best interest at heart but did not expect anything in return. Qing Feng and Ming Yue were definitely among those people. The two were the first Li Mu came across after landing on that planet. To him, Qing Feng and Ming Yue were his little brother and sister. On that day, Li Mu found that kinship was more heartfelt than any other relationship.

His missing little sister was finally back.

In a distance, in the delusive deployment Yuan Hou created, Wang Shiyu gazed at Li Mu and Ming Yue with a complex look.

“The little girl who looks almost as perfect as a china doll is surely Li Mu’s girlfriend. Her cultivation is so high, and her Spiritual Qi is so abundant. She and Li Mu do look like a lovely couple.”

When the thrill of their first encounter in that world faded, gradually, Wang Shiyu felt a sense of distance between Li Mu and her. Even though she was around him, she felt they belonged to two different worlds.

Li Mu had become as powerful as an immortal, but she was still a powerless girl who could only admire him. Even if Li Mu did find a way for her to practice martial arts, when would she ever catch up to Li Mu? She was even unlikely to keep paces with that little girl in Li Mu’s arms, wasn’t she?

Yuan Hou was still focused on operating the delusive deployment so that neither the experts of the Beggar Gang nor those of the Bloody-moon faction could discover their presence.

Having practiced the completed Ultimate Yin and Yang Cultivation Method, the ape’s strength increased by leaps and bounds, as if that Cultivation Method was devised specially for him. By then, it had mastered 12 camouflage methods and some marvelous skills, such as conjured up an army with beans and operating delusive deployments. As Yuan Hou had set up a delusive deployment around them, no one could feel them or approach them.

At that moment, Qing Feng was wearing a faint smile. He was immersed in heartfelt joy.

After that near-death experience, his spiritual force kept growing at an amazing speed. Adding that Li Mu had taught him the Xiantian Skill, so far, he had developed his own Mud-pill Palace and accomplished his sea of spiritual force. Although reuniting with Ming Yue made him quite exultant, he successfully contained his emotion by putting on a tranquil face.

However, the members of the Beggar Gang, including the two grand elders and Lu Changfu, were all dumbfounded.

“What the hell?

Our brand new Grand Master is perhaps about to be lured away from us?”

“Zuo Luyi is surely unreliable! The Grand Master candidate he recommended has rushed into a man’s arms in front of everyone! In this case, I’m afraid there will soon be a Supreme Master in our Beggar Gang.”

“Who on earth is that short-haired beggar anyway?”

Those experts of the Beggar Gang were all stunned.


A column of fire from the Great Way turned into a sinister spirit and charged at Li Mu from his behind.

A sneak attack!

“Watch out…” Guo Bu’er the Miraculous Fist shouted the warning as he was running his Cultivation Method to cure his injuries in a distance.

Li Mu did not bother to look over his shoulder. With a stir of his mind, the layered Broadsword Intent behind him shot out. As a jet of light zoomed out, the sinister spirit was cut in half.

Next, the sinister spirit’s body turned into the rain of poisonous sparkles. As if a meteorite was about to crush against that planet, the sparkles bombarded at Li Mu all together.

“You go and take care of Qing Feng. Leave the rest to me.” Li Mu loosened his fist, throwing Ming Yue to Yuan Hou. Then, he turned around and caught sight of every single poisonous sparkle while his spiritual force spread out and his Broadsword Intent rose again.

Jets of intangible broadsword light shot skyward and punctured every poisonous sparkle that was shooting to the ground. Like a pin against an awl, the jets of broadsword light caught all the poisonous sparkles, not letting a single of them slip away.

Having gained the epiphany of the first chapter of the Book of Tao and Te in the Tao Te Hall of the Daoyin Temple, Li Mu’s comprehension of the Broadsword Intent had attained initial success. So, when he cast it on the battlefield, the effect was like God’s work.

When the innumerable sparkles were shattered, the fragments gathered at one place and once again materialized into the colossal body of that devil issuing black smoke. The towering devil got to his feet, looked down upon the ground, and bellowed, “Little beggar, who the hell you are? The Beggar Gang can’t have recruited such a superb master like you!”

He had performed many extra-terrestrial Taoist magic arts in one breath, which were more than enough to crush any Sage in that world. He had not cast those skills when fighting the two grand elders of the Beggar Gang. But to his shock, when he employed those skills against Li Mu, none of them worked. That deepened his trepidation.

On the other side, the demonized Liang Zhi let out a long howl.

Blood-red light was rotating around his arms. That was the light spilled from the Blood-moon Spring in his eyes. It looked like blood-red snakes were wrapping themselves around his arms. In a trice, his broken arms healed. Then, as a long streak of blood-red light shot through the void, Liang Zhi dashed toward Li Mu.

But Li Mu laughed heartily, not saying a word.

He also leaped to the sky. As he raised a hand, his palm sent out blinding light, as though he had been holding a sun in his hand. Later, numerous jets of broadsword light burst out. Hundreds of thousands of threads of broadsword light formed a net and dropped upon the entire Beggar Island!

The Broadsword Intent materialized into Broadsword Qi, which could hack the enemies within 1,500 kilometers.

When the Broadsword Qi took a tangible shape, its power would weaken, but the range of its blow would expand. Thus, in an instant, Li Mu’s Broadsword Qi covered almost the whole Beggar Island.

Being scanned by the threads of broadsword light, countless experts of the Bloody-moon Faction, and the beasts, water monsters they manipulated suddenly froze on their spots. Those experts of the Bloody-moon Faction who were struggling in the fierce battle instantly became as still as wood stakes, which gave their Beggar Gang opponents quite a turn.

Next, the Broadsword Intent broke out.

Trickles of blood appeared on the skin of those experts, monsters, and beasts of the Bloody-moon Faction. Then, their bodies were cut into varied sized chunks before crumbling onto the ground and melt into pools of minced meat…

Those people and animals were in a weird state, for they could not feel pain even when their limbs were cut off, just like a cricket. Even though their bodies had fallen into pieces like that, some water beasts were still alive. They were wriggling frantically, but they could no longer attack anyone.

The view was too shocking, too absurd.

With only one strike, nearly the whole force of the Bloody-moon faction was wiped out. That was as miraculous as God’s manifestation.

Having recovered from the shock, those of the Beggar Gang who were suffering a crushing defeat burst into an explosion of cheers. They all felt blessed as survivors of the disaster. Li Yuntao, who had been rescued by Lu Changfu, was extremely excited, so were his savior and the two grand elders…

Such a Dao-using skill was almost God’s work. It was unimaginable, unbelievable.

Nowadays, there were also several Sages famous for their broadsword skills, but none of them had mastered such a magical broadsword art. It was too amazing, almost like a magical power that did not belong to that world.

The devil issuing black smoke and the demonized Liang Zhi closed in on Li Mu from both sides.

“You humble little bug. How dare you sabotage the great plan of our Blood Sea!”

The devil issuing black smoke gnawed his teeth.

He was in the vanguard of a large extra-terrestrial force called Blood Sea. He had overcome all kinds of hardship to land on that planet. He was determined to do something great on that planet for his faction. The attack against the Beggar Gang on that night was just the beginning. However, someone had obstructed him, causing all his previous efforts to go wasted.

“Who are you on earth?” The demonized Liang Zhi snarled. Blood erupted from his eyes like spring. “Are you also a practitioner in the galaxy who has come to this world?”

Li Mu smiled. “Boundless Master. I am Taoist Zhang Sanfeng. I pay my respects to you two alien benefactors…”

However, before he had finished that sentence, the devil issuing black smoke blurted, “You are Li Mu?” “That Li Mu from Taibai County?”

Li Mu was petrified to hear that.

“What’s the matter?”

Why didn’t he play by the rules? What I just told him is a fake name. But he recognized me all the same?”

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