The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 403 - A Big Surprise

Chapter 403 A Big Surprise

“Not Zhang Sanfeng, but Li Mu.”

On Mount Xuankong, Dao Ling sneered after hearing Xuan Chengzi’s obituary.

“I also think so, but it’s really surprising that Li Mu has some relationship with Countess Huanzhu.” Xuan Chengzi looked confused and said, “I wasn’t aware that the two people knew each other.”

Although Mount Qingcheng suffered a heavy loss because of Dao Chongyang’s death and internal strife, that school was still well-informed. Naturally, they knew Li Mu very well since he was such a famous figure, including his appearance, cultivation, temperament, and other details. Moreover, Li Mu’s short hair was always distinctive.

Not all people were idiots. Li Mu didn’t change his face; he only told others a fake name. He may not be found just for a while. “

“It doesn’t matter how they know each other. The trouble is that Li Mu obviously supports Countess Huanzhu.” Dao Ling looked about forty years old, with a clear face and a long black beard, showing a kind of elegance. His practicing Taoist methods enabled him to be close to nature and to look like a fairy. By appearance, it was difficult for others to imagine him initiating the internal strife of the Qingcheng School and usurping the leadership.

Xuan Chengzi said, “Lord Jin is dead, so we have to revise our plan. Unfortunately, everything was originally planned. If Lord Jin can be the king, all things in Taiyi Palace will belong to us.”

Dao Ling said, “Things are scheduled by humans and done by God. What we need to do is just to reflect, instead of regretting.”

Xuan Chengzi said, “I’ve learn from it, but I have already taken remedial measures. Some of Lord Jin’s people have already being affected by the Heaven Black Curse which can be activated at any time… However, no one expected that Li Mu would appear in Northern Song. At this moment, he might have already arrived in Lin’an.”

“Li Mu first saved Dao Zhen in the Green Hornet Gorge, and then killed Lord Jin. I’m afraid that he is scheming something. Has he come to attack our Qingcheng School? Since he appeared in Jianghu, he has always done things unexpectedly. Wu must take care,” Dao Zhen said with some concern, “What is happening in Mount Ox Head right now?”

Xuan Chengzi went out and came back a moment later, with a startled expression on his face, saying, “Master, the Daoyin Temple has disappeared. The place where the original temple was originally located was covered with trees, but now there is only one rusted iron bell.”

He was shocked by the news.

How could a Taoist temple with a history of thousands of years be gone without a trace, without being destroyed or moved? That was strange.

However, when Dao Ling heard of it, there was no trace of surprise on his face. Instead, he said, “Well, it’s almost time, but was the Taoist meaning on the Black Bull Stele understood by brother Dao Qin or by Li Mu?”

He addressed the master of the Daoyin Temple as Dao Qin, junior fellow apprentice, because the two were both Dao Chongyang’s disciples.

Those were some secrets then, not known to many people.

“It should be Li Mu. After he rescued Countess Huanzhu, he returned to Mount Oxhead,” Xuan Chengzi said, “Although he didn’t know the so-called Black Bull Stele, he could deduce things from it, since it was strange that such a thing happened right when Li Mu appeared there.”

Dao Ling nodded and said, “Since the Dao Yin Temple closed, Dao Qin and other people might soon come to Mount Xuankong. In that year, master was followed by many people with various talents, except Dao Qin who was nothing but diligent. Master once said that in fact, that kind of person was the most terrifying, who practiced hard every day.”

Then he said, “These days, I will retreat to practice the Heaven Qi-practicing Meridians to step into the third level, so everything on Mount Xuankong will be left in your charge. You also need to prepare for the advent of the immortal master. If I fail during the training, do not disturb me no matter what happens. Do you understand?”

After hearing that, Xuan Chengzi, who wasn’t much interested in ruling Mount Xuankong, frowned. He said “If senior fellow Dao Qin comes here, what should I do?”

Dao Ling smiled slightly. “Kill him.”

Just then, he was recalling their fellowship. But at the time, he was indifferent.

Friendship was friendship, but choice meant choice.

“Those who took different paths from mine will be killed, while only those sharing the same thoughts with me could live.”

“Understood.” Xuan Chengzi turned and went out.

The gate of the Stone Hall turned with a rumbling sound and closed slowly.

Dao Ling looked at Xuan Chengzi’s figure and disappeared into the gradual closing of the door gap. There was a hint of satisfaction on his face. Although he was an introductory disciple he only accepted in recent years, it was the one he was most satisfied with. The key The thing was, Xuan Chengzi was unconcerned about status and power of that mundane world. The only thought in his heart was martial arts, and he focused on martial arts, so that the Tao spirit stayed dim and he could see himself.

The door was completely closed.

Then, Dao Ling closed his eyes and started to perform cultivation methods for closed training.

Around his body, there was a fascinating flow of Taoist air, and within the breath, the strange Taoist patterns flickered, and the Taoist Principles circulated. That wasn’t the highest secret cultivation method of the Qingcheng school, nor did it belong to that world.

It was the one from the extraterrestrial space.

Thousands of miles away from Mount Qingcheng.

An ancient Taoist temple was hidden there.

“Fellow Dao Lan, you really won’t go with us to Mount Xuankong to help Master? We are responsible for it.” Dao Qin sincerely said to an untidy middle-aged Taoist priest.

He wore a tattered and greasy robe and straw shoes. As the wind blew, his legs were exposed. He held a fat white chopped chicken in his hands, gobbling; the corners of his mouth were oily. He didn’t look like a monk at all.

After hearing that, he said peacefully, “It’s not our business to have fights. It’s too violent and bloody to destroy others. It’s better for all of us to bask in the sun and recite meridians. After a few hundred years, Dao Ling will die, or, after a few thousand years, we may die ahead of him. Anyway, man will die…”

“Master was killed by someone,” Dao Zhen said.

As Dao Chongyang’s last disciple, he had never seen Dan Lan before. When he entered, many brothers such as Dao Qin and Dao Lan had already gone down the mountain to set their own sects.

After meeting with Dao Qin, he learned that there was such a strange fellow.

“Theoretically, this is impossible. How could that cunning and old guy be killed? But looking at your expressions, I find this thing turns out to be true… Well, when did Dao Ling dared plan to kill him?” Dao Lan said.

Hearing that, Dao Zhen looked a bit angry. “He even called the dead master ‘old guy’? Besides, he seems not to care about him.” If he weren’t his senior fellow, he would have reproached him.

Dao Qin quickly pulled Dao Zhen.

As a junior fellow, he was unsure about something, but Dao Qin knew that the relationship between Dan Lan and Master was special.

As things stood, other disciples might deeply respect Master and treat him as a life-long idol; only Dao Lan seemed to be a friend to Master, apparently sharing an equal status.

Master had intended to entrust the Qingcheng School to Dao Lan, but after knowing that, Dao Lan was so scared that he thought Master was bringing harm, since he would prevent him from living a free life. He used to claim that he aimed to be the one who drank the strongest wine, ate the best dishes, rode the best horse, used the best sword, and slept with the most beautiful woman. Therefore, he soon left and returned ten years later. That handsome fellow had become a lazier man, who didn’t care about anything, not even cultivation. Master had to give up on him and tried to find another successor.

No one knew what had happened in the last ten years when Dao Lan disappeared. But Dao Qin could be sure that something must have happened. Therefore, Dao Lan, who used to be spirited, became really lazy.

“Junior fellow apprentice, I heard that the flat peaches in the back of Mount Xuankong were about to mature,” Dao Qin suddenly said.

Dao Lan’s eyes suddenly brightened. “Really?”

Dao Qin nodded seriously.

Dao Lan said, “You are honest and wouldn’t lie to me. They must be mature. Hahahaha, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to Mount Xuankong and kill Dao Ling to avenge our Master… By the way, the peach trees bear a few fruits. Did you know, senior fellow apprentice?”

Dao Zhen: “…”

He suddenly felt that it might have been a mistake to turn to that fellow for help.

Thinking of that hidden Taoist temple, there was no one except Dao Lan, with the building collapsed and weeds spreading. Besides that, it was named “A Taoist Temple for only Sleeping and Eating.” Dao Zhen felt more and more that he had found the wrong person.

As for the flat peaches on the back of the mountain, what were those?

He didn’t seem to have heard of them.

But it was certain that Dao Lan exposed his real purpose as he suddenly looked generous and eager… He wasn’t going to help Master, but to steal peaches?

Was Master not as good as peaches?

“Li Mu?”

“Lord Taibai of Western Qin!”

“Young Sagse.”

Exhalation emerged from the beggar island like tides.

As the masters of the Beggar Gang looked at the young man with short hair and beggar clothes, they looked all shocked. Such a famous figure even appeared in the Beggar Gang.

The two elders, Miraculous Fist and Shadowless Roamer, also looked at Li Mu with shock.

The name of Lord Taibai was known to all warriors.

Lu Changfu was confused… “He even led Lord Taibai here?” That… was a big surprise.

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