The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 405 - Get Back

Chapter 405 Get Back

“Our holy prince is a genius in the universe. It is quite fitting for him to kill you,” Liang Zhi, with his head held in Li Mu’s hands, suddenly threatened.


“Not dead.”

Li Mu was surprised.

He used that head as a water and fire hammer to fight against the black-flame demon just then, so there were no cries from that head. Li Mu originally thought that he would certainly die as his body had been incinerated by the Emperors’ Fire, but he could even speak.

“General.” Li Mu shook the head, then threw it out, leaving the island just like a shooting star.

“Wah!” Husky ran after it like a flash of lightning.

Previously on the earth, Li Mu and Husky often played that ball-chasing game. It was the dog’s biological instinct that made it involuntarily chase it. The space-crossing skill was activated halfway. While running, the dog was wondering why it was chasing.

“You’re so rude. When our holy prince arrives here, he will definitely punish you severely.” That flaming ball roared and then stopped speaking.

Li Mu ignored him and sealed it in a jade with Taoist methods for interrogation. He had to figure out how the extraterrestrial demon got to that world, and the powers in the extraterrestrial universe.

That was why he finally left the black flame demon alive.

He landed slowly on the ground.

Ming Yue, carrying Qing Feng, went to him and said excitedly, “Young Master, you’re powerful enough to defeat Zuo Luyi…” She was still vengeful.

When others heard that name, they suddenly looked at each other. The new gang leader was really different, who quickly supported the outsiders.

Moreover, when noticing she was carrying Qing Feng on her back, they felt more pressured.

Yuan Hou approached with Wang Shiyu.

They were followed by Lu Changfu and some of the others.

Lu Changfu looked at Li Mu with some doubts. That night, the gang had almost been uprooted. Fortunately, he inadvertently took a helper. He refused Wang Shiyu before, but fortunately agreed in the end. Otherwise, the Beggar Gang might have disappeared from Northern Song.

“Thank you for helping me.”

“We will not forget this.”

The two elders, Sun Changfeng and Guo Bu’er, gray-haired and wounded yet excited, went to salute Li Mu respectfully.

Powerhouses were teachers of martial arts.

In the previous wars, Li Mu had displayed his amazing and shocking strength. Both of them were the real laymen among the audience during that fight.

At the moment, it was a mess on Beggar Island.

The rocky beach was in ruins, and the ground collapsed. Three-quarters of the surrounding mountains had also been destroyed. Many tactical deployments and traps set there had been destroyed in the aftermath. A new face was emerging.

“Grand Master.”

“Grand Master.”

The powerhouses went and saluted Ming Yue.

At the moment, no matter how casual they felt it was, they had to accept Ming Yue as their leader.

Moreover, after the battle, many masters of the gang thought they had benefited from all that happened anyway. First of all, not only was Ming Yue strong, who surpassed the previous Divine Beggars, but also her supporter, Li Mu, was more powerful.

“Don’t be so respectful. Up.” Ming Yue waved her hand casually and said, “Some words for you. I will take this post for a while, but I don’t care about things. Don’t bother me.”

Guo Bu’er and Sun Changfeng: “…”

Others: “…”


She meant to be a worry-free leader. Although she couldn’t rule such a big gang, they still felt distressed about her words.

Li Mu laughed.

He had some sympathy for them who even chose such a crazy and immature girl to be in charge… Well, the high-level members would go crazy before long.

The first gang in Northern Song.

Ming Yue was blessed.

“You, you, you… yes, yes, you. Li what?” Ming Yue looked at Li Yuntao and said, “You’ll be in charge of affairs, ’cause you’re very popular.”

Everyone looked at Li Yuntao.

Li Yuntao, a burly man, laughed bitterly when he heard those words, saying, “I don’t dare to refute your order, but now, I don’t possess any cultivation. How could I bear such a great mission…?”

“You can re-cultivate yourself. After all, I reached my current cultivation in one year,” Ming Yue said disdainfully.

Li Yuntao: “…”

But at the same time, he, slightly upset, was quite encouraged by that. Yes, he could re-cultivate himself, for fear of being overlooked by such a little girl. Although he wasn’t as talented as the leader, he could do it in a few years.

“Understood. I’m willing to help the leader.” Li Yuntao saluted.

At first glance, Li Mu was also willing to help Ming Yue, so he took out a purple-jade dragon-king ginseng from the Everlasting Heaven and passed it, saying, “It may help you.”

The masters were attracted by it at a glance.

That was a magical treasure medicine.

With that, Li Yuntao might be able to recover soon and could expect to go higher… That gift was too precious.

Li Yuntao who usually behaved in a bold and rude manner, also said in surprise, “This is… too expensive. Sage Li, I…”

In front of Li Mu, he also felt the pressure.

Li Mu said, “Mingyue is my loved one. Now that you serve her, you naturally deserve this gift. Besides, this girl is immature. In the future, besides the battles, I’m afraid that other matters will demand your care. This gift is not valuable. You just need to take care of everything in return.”

Before the voice died away.

“Wah… delicious.” A shadow flashed. As Li Mu felt his hands empty, he saw that the dog with Liang Zhi’s head in its mouth, suddenly returned and swallowed the ginseng before Li Mu realized it.


Li Mu was deeply shocked.

He didn’t even react.

“Pet, this purple radish is delicious. Is there any more?” Husky squatted on the ground and tilted its head, with the purple-gold juice dripping from the corner of its mouth, which exuded a kind of strong medicinal fragrance. It then said, “This hair ball is back. Can’t I have more rewards?”

It thought that the ginseng was a reward.

On one side, Li Yuntao and others were all stunned… That dog was a bit wicked.

Li Mu clutched his head, and thought for a while. He then kicked off the head directly.

“Wah!” Husky turned subconsciously into a bolt of lightning and chased after it.

It enjoyed catching it.

It then disappeared again.

At that time, everyone was once again shocked by the chasing speed of the dog.

Then, Li Mu took out a coarser ginseng and silently handed it to Li Yuntao, saying, “Quickly, or it will be snatched by that dog again.”

Li Yuntao didn’t do anything; he only felt shocked. He numbly accepted and chewed it.

He was also worried that the dog would come back to grab it.

He never thought he would scramble and compete for things against a dog.

There were masters all around him; all of them were stunned.

They looked at Li Mu with shock. He was really rich, for he could casually give ginsengs to others. Did Li Mu really use such a medicine to feed the dog?

The next step was simple.

Li Mu, Wang Shiyu and the others left the island.

The reconstruction of Beggar Island and the following matters would be in the charge of Li Yuntao and the two elders. Ming Yue, the mediocre leader, had no intention to deal with them. Therefore, she, with Li Mu and the others simply left.

There was also an episode in that place. As soon as Li Mu and the others walked out of the lake, they encountered the royal army. Obviously, the previous battle on Beggar Island made the royal court uneasy. Currently, the island was under siege and the paratroopers were under pressure.

Wang Shiyu went out to identify herself before she was allowed to pass.

Only until the royal army contacted the Beggar Gang did the tension disappear.

Li Mu and the others returned to the palace.

Two hours later, Husky returned panting; it was holding Liang Zhi’s head, with his hair wet. Li Mu kicked it too far away.

“Don’t throw me… gosh…” Liang Zhi directly vomited. Apparently, he was so dizzy that he spat out some bloody flames.

In his eyes, red blood flowed.

Li Mu had found that Liang Zhi’s life and energy were derived from that pair of eyes, and he was afraid of Husky instinctively.

“Arrange a secret chamber for my closed training,” Li Mu said to Wang Shiyu, “In addition, ask someone to check the position and safety of Tianyi Palace first. I have to check it. You may start your cultivation in Tianyi Palace.”

Wang Shiyu said excitedly, “Don’t worry. Give it to me.”

It was reasonable for Li Mu to say such words, because in the Tianyi Palace, there might be a heritage from Laozi, who was from earth. There might be cultivation methods suitable for Wang Shiyu.

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