The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 409 - Deadly Pursuit

Chapter 409 Deadly Pursuit

Li Mu abruptly rose to his feet and strode to the entrance of the hall.

He opened the Third Eye and caught sight of a streak of silver light shooting in the direction of Lord Virtuous the Eighth’s residence. The light contained the steeling force of the Great Way, as though it would snatch away that chunk of space. The killing intent in that light was also inconceivable.

“Who is coming?”

A vortex of thunder and lightning quickly appeared in Li Mu’s Third Eye. Then, a flash of purple lightning zoomed out and crushed right with that jet of silver light.

Up in the void, the force of the Divine Way swirled feverishly.

“Ah? Which fellow is there?” An icy voice rang in Li Mu’s ear as the silver light spun. The tone sounded quite startled.

But Li Mu did not answer.

The vortex of the purple lightning reappeared in the Third Eye, slowly rotating like a galaxy. Next, another bolt of purple thunder and lightning darted out.

“Thunder and lightning magic art? Are you a fellow from the Thunder Hall? You guys have also landed on this planet? I am Yue Guoxiang, from the Tianyi Palace. Please pardon me for my mistake.” That icy voice speedily retreated before heading in the northwest.

Li Mu snorted. The vortex of thunder and lightning in the Third Eye spun even faster. Due to the mighty power of thunder and lightning, the air and light around Li Mu were distorted. Standing next to him, Lord Virtuous the Eighth and the others felt their heart banging hard against their ribs in fear. They all hurriedly backed off.

“It is impolite not to reciprocate.” Li Mu yelled.

A flash of purple lightning burst out of the Third Eye like a divine dragon. It quickly caught up with that jet of silver light streaking in the northwest and smashed into it. The silver light exploded in the sky, issuing blinding beams of light as though another sun just rose from the horizon.

“Aargh! I won’t forget what you’ve done to me today. Sometime later, I’ll come and exchange notes with you!”

In a shrilling howl of pain, that icy, spiteful voice carried over.

Then, that dazzling silver light gradually dispersed.

“How come he is still alive?”

Li Mu slowly closed the Third Eye between his brows as the purple thunder and lightning vanished.

It was the first time he had used the Eye of Purple Thunder and Lightning against an opponent since he mastered that skill. If being hit by his blow, even a practitioner at the same level as Yingshan Snow-eagle, the Emperor’s Broadsword should be mutilated and on the verge of dying. The new skill was, after all, a real immortals’ art. But to Li Mu’s utter disbelief, that man issuing silver light was merely lightly injured.

Li Mu was certain that the man glowing silver was a real alien.

He did not belong to that world. He had just come to the planet from outer space.

Yue Guoxiang, from Tianyi Palace?

He deliberately bore that name in mind.

“Sage Li, what that…” Lord Virtuous the Eighth and the others edged nervously toward Li Mu. They were still shaken from the previous scene. The power shooting at the residence carried a destructive aura. If it had not been for Li Mu’s intervention, perhaps the entire place would be torn into bits.

“I reckon that streak of silver light has something to do with the inexplicable missing of large populations Your Highness just mentioned…” Li Mu suggested.

“Ah?” Lord Virtuous the Eighth was staggered. “That’s the strong demon stirring up trouble?”

Li Mu observed Lord Virtuous the Eighth’s face and saw no trace of deception.

In fact, as Li Mu’s spiritual force has penetrated to the third tier of the Xiantian Skill, even a Sage could not hide his true thoughts from his spiritual force if his mind was not perfectly peaceful. Obviously, Lord Virtuous the Eighth truly did not know that.

“I’ll soon be back.”

With a stir of his mind, Li Mu turned into a jet of light and headed for the northwest to pursue the silver light.

That silver light was clearly intercepting all the creatures near the lord’s residence. He was grinding all the living souls in the vicinity like grinding flour. The killing intent it carried could not be denser. That man was absolutely up to no good.

Plus, as he was an alien from outer space, Li Mu felt more eager to have a fight against him.

He would not flinch if he had to kill that demon.

In a second, Li Mu crossed several kilometers.

Tracing the aura of that silver light, he soon saw a complex built with white stones ahead.

That silver figure suddenly disappeared into a white palace that occupied several hundred acres of land. On all sides of the white palace stationed the imperial army. On the other side of the white walls, strands of the invisible Divine Way aura were drifting and whirling. And the walls of the palace and the nearby buildings were all giving off the aura of some tactical deployment of the Divine Way.

“The imperial army is here. Is that silver figure one of the royals of the Northern Song?”

Li Mu overlooked the palace from a hundred meters above. Being wrapped by flowing Taoist patterns, he was completely invisible to the people on the earth.


Tianyi Palace?”

All of a sudden, Li Mu laid eyes on the characters engraved in the plaque hanging at the front gate of the most magnificent white hall at the center of the complex. It read Tianyi Palace. That reminded him of what Wang Shiyu once told him—the before-the-era relics of the Tao Te Hall in Daoyin Temple on Mount Oxhead had been stored in Tianyi Palace, Lin’an, and the Tianyi Palace was also the new homeland of the Northern Song’s royal family.

“Now that I’ve accomplished the immortals’ boxing method, and my Natural Invisible Body-Broken Sword Intent has also made great progress, and I’ve newly gained the Eye of the Purple Thunder and Lightning, there is no place that I can’t go in the vast world, is there?”

Li Mu smiled, then, headed directly for the white complex.

In just one stride, he came to the white palace wall.

Horrible repelling force and annihilating power continuously drifted out from the magic figures of the Divine Way embedded in the walls. Through the surface of the walls, Li Mu saw innumerable fine threads of silver magic figures entwined between the stone bricks, wriggling beneath the surface of the wall like worms.

A crack emerged between Li Mu’s brows as the Third Eye was turned on. With a quick glance, he located the core of the magic tactical deployment. Then, as his mind stirred, a jet of Broadsword Intent flashed, leaving a tiny crack in the tactical deployment. After that, he stepped into that crack with a composed look.

Li Mu did all that without the nearby imperial army noticing.

The second he went through the wall, the view before him altered. Clouds and mist were everywhere. White clouds surrounded the assorted buildings, as though it was a palace in heaven. The place was vast but deserted.

The snow-white clouds concealed potent killing intent.

Li Mu released his spiritual force, which covered the place in a trice like a flood. Meanwhile, he switched on the Third Eye and marched fearlessly in the direction of the hall at the center.

In the main hall…

The silver-haired and silver-eyed man gave a creepy smile.

“Humph! How reckless! He dares to trespass on the marked Tianyi Palace on his own. Once the tactical deployment is triggered, you will no longer be in one piece. Even though you are a disciple of the Thunder Hall, the second strongest faction in the Brilliance Immortal Galaxy, you should not blame me for being ruthless to you.”

The silver-haired man looked rather menacing.

The Tianyi Palace in Lin’an was a coordinate point marked on that planet by the Tianyi Palace, a mighty faction in the universe, a thousand years ago. It was kind of its base in that world. Taking advantage of the home field, the Tianyi Palace had planted and activated the Tianyi Jade Killing Deployment within a hundred acres, turning the entire place into a killing region.

But soon, his expression altered drastically.

Because, to his horror, he saw a short-haired, white-clothed juvenile basking in orange flames, like a phoenix reborn from fire. With each step he took, he left a huge burning footprint on the ground, which blazed the land. The orange fire carried unparalleled energy. And even the killing intent of the Tianyi Jade Killing Deployment could not penetrate the flames.

“What’s going on?”

The silver-haired man could not digest what he had seen.

“The skill that young man displayed a while ago is the Thunder Hall’s thunder art. Given the profound power in his strike, he clearly has obtained the orthodox teaching of the Thunder Hall. But now, he is immersed in fire. That orange flame makes my heart shudder even though he is still in a distance. How come he is like the immortal god of the Blazing Phoenix Clan… Who on earth is that young man? How could he master the arts of both the Thunder Hall and Blazing Phoenix Clan?”

He hastily activated the various formidable tricks in the Tianyi Jade Killing Deployment. The white mist outside transformed into all kinds of beasts, spiritual animals, evil monsters, and throngs of demons, and charged at the short-haired boy.

But that body kept marching forward, as though he was sliding among clouds.

On his way, jets of intangible Broadsword Qi were always ahead of him, cutting all the conjured beasts and monsters in half without effort. The destructive power in the Broadsword Intent obstructed the beasts and monsters to stay in shape, so they all dissolved into the air.

Within a ten-meter radius of the juvenile was the protective zone of the intangible Broadsword Intent. Anything entering that zone was destroyed by a quick slash of the Broadsword Intent.

That boy’s defensive technique was almost unbeatable.

The silver-haired man goggled at the sight, totally petrified.

“What is happening?

That Broadsword Intent contains the power of the Genuine Martial Sect. It seems to be an orthodox art of the Genuine Martial Sect, the Holy Clan in the immortals’ realm!”

“Bullsh*t! How could a man have joined in the Three Immortal Clans—Thunder Hall, the Blazing Phoenix Clan, as well as the Genuine Martial Sect— all at once?”

The silver-haired man found his view of the world had just been subverted.

“No way! A man like him can’t have remained as a nobody, even in the vast universe… Could he have possibly hunted down all the successors of the three clans that had descended on this planet and stolen their Cultivation Methods?”

Spasms of terror hit the silver-haired man.

“Is this young man a Galaxy Hunter?”

He thought of the legends about Galaxy Hunters he had heard of. Those hunters were extremely frightening. They were a bunch of lunatics, killers, and assassins. They hunted all the worth-living people, beasts, and the other creatures. They grew stronger after each hunting. They blossomed in fighting and killing. Through plundering the resources and Cultivation Methods of the opponents, they enriched their power. Although all the sects and clans in the universe were trying to take them out, those Galaxy Hunters, like the weed, had never been rooted out. Their madness had made them exceptionally intimidating.

He saw the quality of a Galaxy Hunter on that short-haired, white-clothed young man. That alone scared him.

“Crap! The Tianyi Jade Killing Deployment is very old now. Its power is less than one-thousandth of its original. This kind of deployment won’t contain him. And I’ve already lost most of my strength after forcing my landing on this planet. In this case, if he barges into the hall, I sure have no chance to live. His strength is just too horrible!”

A hint of unyieldingness and utmost vile were reflected in the man’s eyes.

The treasures were right in that palace. But he had to flee because someone was after him. He had swallowed hundreds of thousands of people in Lin’an to replenish the essence and blood lost during his forcible landing. Still, it was not enough.

“I’ve got to start a massacre now. I shall swallow the creatures on this planet to regain my strength before I come back to snatch the treasures. Anyway, before the time is due, that Galaxy Hunter can’t take those treasures, either.”

Having made up his mind, the silver-haired man took out a small flag glowing silver from his treasure pocket and flung it on himself. A streak of silver light glinted, and he vanished right on the spot, for he had been teleported to another place.

At that precise moment, Li Mu barged in. But he was one step late.

“This is weird. It’s the aura of a Transmitting Array. He’s been transmitted away?”

Sure enough, it was not easy to chase after an expert from outer space because he must have carried assorted magic instruments with him.

Then, Li Mu began to search the entire Tianyi Palace.

He had come to the Tianyi Palace for the treasures Lao Zi had left there in the first place.

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