The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Starting with his Dao

Duan Shuiliu turned around.

He took a few steps, suddenly remembered something, and then turned around and looked at one villager from Qingfeng Citadel who said that the hearts of people of Taibai County were delicious, saying: “Are the hearts of people delicious?”

“I…I…” That villager had a fierce look with a body like a tower, but now he was so scared that his teeth were trembling and couldn’t finish a complete sentence.

“Have you ever eaten?” The master Duan Shuiliu asked again.

“Yes…Yes…Yes…I’ve done that, but I was forced, I…” He looked as if he was going to cry.


A light from Dao flashed.

Duan Shuiliu brandished his Dao for the fourth time.

Then he dropped that knife at random, and with a sound of clank, that knife fell into the knife sheath in the hands of one guard.

“Next time, make sure that there are no more fish that leak out of the net.” Duan Shuiliu looked at the secretary Feng Yuanxing, saying.

Although Feng Yuanxing knew that Duan Shuiliu was like a sworn brother to Li Mu, he was still terrified, so he nodded his head constantly and said, “Yes. Yes. Yes, sir. I will remember.”

“Let’s go. To the next location.”

Duan Shuiliu turned around and walked out of Huishui Street.

Feng Yuanxing, the secretary, followed up Duan Shuiliu with dozens of his loyal servants, and an about hundreds of elite soldiers and guards who were left put on the iron shackles that had been prepared for a long time to those people from Qingfeng Citadel and escorted them to the prison of Taibai County.

People from Qingfeng Citadel. Arrested.

After a while.

The Red Whale Faction was blocked by Duan Shuiliu in Xiaoxi Street.

After the secretary, Feng Yuanxing declared their crime, Lu Sheng, the Grand Master of Red Whale Faction with his with four Zhanglao Masters were cut to death by Duan Shuiliu within two chops. All died.

Its fifty-one helpers were detained.

Half an hour later.

At the County South Street District.

Feng Yuanxing sentenced.

Duan Shuiliu cut off Bai Yunfei, the leader of Flying-horse Faction in one chop, and although his sixteen helpers insisted on fighting, they were cut to death by Duan Shuiliu within six chops, so they were all dead.

After a while.

Zhang Fei, the leader of the forest outlaws, was cut into half by Duan Shuiliu, and his famous weapon, the 250 kilograms Lutetium gold Tang phoenix wings, was also cut into two pieces.

The news of Wulin heroes being cut had been spreading.

The atmosphere of the entire Taibai County had become horrible and noisy.

“Han Fei, the rapist, was cut off.”

“No way, Han Fei claimed to be invincible in terms of Lightness Skill…”

“Duan Shuiliu’s Dao is faster…”

“What kind of Dao is that? I have never seen such a Dao method before.”

“The leader of Earth-Breaking Faction had asked Duan Shuiliu before he died, but he did not get an answer.”

“Really? The leader of Earth-Breaking Faction was also beheaded? No way. He claimed his pair of Earth-Breaking Axe could kill ten thousand people, and he was already a first-class master of the Joint-thoughts level. How come he died…? How many moves did he resist?”

“How many? Of course one chop. One chop made him dead.”

“News came that the first elder master of Flying-tiger was also killed by Duan Shuiliu in one chop. One chop of beheading…”

“My God. That fellow, who claimed to be the Master Duan Shuiliu, is too crazy. Only in less than half a day, he has killed many masters of Northwest Wulin World. Is he really going to be an enemy of the whole Wulin World?”

“Yes, he’s a killer, a devil. He killed people without blinking his eyes. We Northwest Wulin World will be really ashamed if we let him kill like this.”

“Haha. It’s really absurd. When the Zhuhao Faction, Qingfeng Citadel, and Earth-Breaking Faction can represent the Northwest Road World? They are just some clowns who have challenged the county magistrate of Taibai County to make trouble here. People who were killed had defied every law and regulation these days. They committed a lot of crime in the county and were really villains.”

“Absolutely. The governmental files read by Taibai County secretary clearly stated that those who were killed had committed serious crimes, and Duan Shuiliu executed them according to the law, which shows the authoritativeness of empire laws and regulations. Even the Guanshan Pasture of the Holy Clan will not punish Duan Shuiliu for that.”

“But, anyhow, he has killed too many people, which makes us really uncomfortable.”

“Oh, anyway, I think those who were killed by Duan Shuiliu were not innocent at all.”

“I heard that Duan Shuiliu and the County Magistrate of Taibai County Li Mu are from the same clan, but who knows what kind of clan has trained such two ruthless people? In this way, it is enough to prove that Li Mu, the County Magistrate of Taibai County, is not a person who has not been from any clans. Can it be true that he is an heir trained by a large clan?”

All kinds of comments were spreading crazily in Taibai County.

Jianghu people in Taibai County had two different distinctive opinions on Duan Shuiliu, who came out of nowhere. Some people hated Duan Shuiliu very much and they thought Duan Shuiliu was a killing maniac, while others thought highly of him and they thought that he was a knight-errant who upheld justice.

These days, Taibai County was full of people from Jianghu.

But the reason why Jianghu was Jianghu was in virtue of its inclusiveness: there were bad people, and also good people. Not everyone was blind and could not see some so-called Jianghu guys had a bad influence on the people of Taibai County. Many people felt really relieved about Duan Shuiliu’s behaviors, especially those ordinary people whose ancestors had lived in Taibai County for generations, they finally see some hope to live a normal and safe life.

According to the statistics of some attentive people, in the past six hours, Duan Shuiliu had killed 57 famous martial arts masters of the Northwest Wulin World, which contained 41 second-rate masters of Joint-force level and 16 first-rate masters of Joint-thoughts level.

57 people were killed by Duan Shuiliu within half a day. That kind of record was simply terrifying.

What was more frightening was that none of the 57 masters could stop the first chop of Duan Shuiliu.

No one could force that mysterious Dao master who came out of nowhere to wield a second chop.

Someone gave Duan Shuiliu a nickname, called “One Chop Sent You to Death”.

Only one chop. Make you die. Start your journey of death.

Someone gave Duan Shuiliu another nickname, called “One Chop Ended Your Life”.

When he got the long Dao in his hand, he would deal with the matter, whether it was right or wrong, gratitude or resentment, in one chop.

He would tell right or wrong in the light of a Dao and decided your life or death in his blade.

And there were even some people who gave the nickname to Feng Yuanxing, the county magistrate’s secretary, “King Feng of Hell”.

Because as long as he claimed a death penalty to some people then they would get no change to survive. Could that make him the King of Hell?

If the King of Hell let you die at 11 pm, then there was no chance for you to live at 1 am. That thick governmental files in the hands of Feng Yuanxing were like the legendary Life and Death Book that could decide living creatures’ life span. If anyone’s name had occurred in that file, then he or she would definitely die. It was really shocking that a small file could decide many famous forest outlaws’ and martial arts masters’ life or death.

At the County North District.

On the main street.

After another flash of the Dao, another first-ranking martial arts master of Joint-thoughts level lost his life when confronting Duan Shuiliu.

People around were really shocked with their eyes wide-opened, and they breathed deeply, but still, their astonishment was beyond words.

Because that first-class master of the Joint-thoughts level was the one who could have the ability to force Duan Shuiliu to wield a second chop speculated by those Wulin people in Taibai County before that happened–

He was the first master of Sagittarius Faction, Nan Wenzheng with the nickname of “Lightning-chasing Sword”.

That Nan Wenzheng was born in a family of martial arts. His sword skill was really mysterious, and with a sharp attack and a mountain-like defense, his offense and defense were well-cooperated. It could be said that he got stable power like a Mount Tai in the aspect of solo combat, and he had entered the Joint-thoughts level since twenty years ago and thus had strong internal Qi. In the past three years, he had only lost to the Sky Dragon Faction once, so Nan Wenzheng could be said to be a very outstanding martial arts master in Wulin World.

Unexpectedly, such a celebrity master was also “killed in one chop to the road of death”.

On the street, it was quiet.


Here came the sound of the long Dao into a sheath.

“Really boring. There was not even one person who could catch my one chop. How could such a group of garbage called themselves great masters?” Duan Shuiliu returned the knife to the sheath, shook his head in disappointment and boredom, saying, “I’m so disappointed. I have no interest to cut them. Let’s call it a day.”

Feng Yuanxing heard what Duan Shuiliu just said and nodded his head to show approval.

Although there were still some people who had not been punished according to the governmental files, some of the real villains were basically been killed—except the most powerful Huya Faction and Sky Dragon Faction, in which some of its members who had not got their punishment. Still, they could say that they had made great achievements on that day.

To tell the truth, Feng Yuanxing dared not dream of making such achievements before he came out with Duan Shuiliu.

It was really a miracle that a young man, who nobody knew where he came from, suddenly killed so many arrogant and noisy Wulin people and other Wulin people were already terrified of hearing the name of Duan Shuiliu after his killing deeds: he could use an ordinary soldier standard broadsword to kill one man in one simple chop.

Duan Shuiliu strode back to the county government.

There was no one who dared to stay in front of Duan Shuiliu without awe in his way back or just to look at him directly and those Jianghu people were avoiding running across him or just looking at Duan Shuiliu’s eyes directly. Even the most arrogant martial arts masters or those who had become his enemies because of his killing were looking at him with respect.

Feng Yuanxing followed in Duan Shuiliu’s footsteps cautiously.

Feng Yuanxing suddenly got a clear feeling in his heart.

In the era of decline and doom, the deterrent influence of the imperial government decrees was gradually worse than before, and the past series of Jianghu riots in Taibai County had proved that. So the martial arts power could take control of governmental affairs, such as the county magistrate annihilated Shennong Faction and Duan Shuiliu killed those Jianghu people, all of those showed the importance of strong martial arts power.

Although it was widely acknowledged that personal martial arts power could not be compared with the real imperial empire machine, but some personal power had overwhelmed the law in some limbo.

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