The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 412 - Having Waited for One Thousand Years

Chapter 412 Having Waited for One Thousand Years

After watching the clips of memories, Li Mu immediately knew where the bad feelings that bothered him those days had come from.

It was all because of the large factions in the Brilliance Immortal Galaxy!

Those great forces in the universe were all vying to land on that planet and lay their hands on the treasures in the Tomb of the God of Sin. It was conceivable that soon a large number of extraterrestrial practitioners would arrive in that world at all costs.

It would be a disaster.

Judging by the behavior of the devil called Black Smoke, the demonized Liang Zhi, and Yue Guoxiang, it was easy to see what kind of attitude those extraterrestrial practitioners held toward the creatures in that world—they viewed those people as stupid animals and could kill them without feeling guilty. They even fed on the living creatures in that world, sucking in their blood to replenish the cultivation they had lost during the landing.

Taking the blood of other living creatures was indeed vile sorcery.

Perhaps the Brilliance Immortal Galaxy was no place of honor and justice at all.

But what bewildered Li Mu was why the marvelous treasures that could rule the Brilliance Immortal Galaxy turned out to be preserved on such a poor and remote planet. He surmised that there must be some juicy story about the Tomb of the God of Sin.

It was just that as a mere low-level disciple of the Blood Sea, Black Smoke knew little about it. So, his memories did not afford Li Mu any useful clues.

Nevertheless, Li Mu learned another news from his memories.

The Saint of the Blood Sea was descending, and it was likely that he had landed safely.

That was the second extraterrestrial practitioner who chose to land on that planet in person after Yue Guoxiang, a member of the Tianyi Palace. Those devils who had manipulated Huang Shengyi and lured the second prince only send their consciousness to that world instead of truly going there.

All their consciousness could do was nothing more than enticing the experts in that world to surrender to the black arts.

But once they landed in person, it meant there would be brutal massacres.

Li Mu did the calculation in his mind only to find that if more than 100 extraterrestrial practitioners landed in that world, perhaps the living creatures on that planet combined would still be insufficient to feed those devils.

Therefore, when the extraterrestrial practitioners started to land in droves, the world would enter the stage of the heavens producing killing intent.

Yue Guoxiang was just a disciple from the fifth or sixth generation of the Tianyi Palace. But he already dared to do whatever he wanted without scruples after coming to that planet. In that case, once stronger alien devils arrived… Li Mu reckoned he needed further breakthrough in his cultivation to increase his trump cards.

“Well, could there be any other information hidden in the memory clips of that demonized Liang Zhi?”

Li Mu was struck by the idea of refining Liang Zhi’s head to look into his memories. However, the erratic Huskie called General took that head away and disappeared… Even though it had become the first dog who had ever completed space travel, its character was not altered a bit.

Resigned to the reality, Li Mu continued to do the closed-door training so as to learn how to use the Broadsword Pellet against enemies.

The Broadsword Pellet Qing Feng invented could be said to have opened a new way of thinking for Li Mu.

“Respects to Your Honor.”

Six men wearing bright yellow robes and square crowns bowed in the darkness. All of them were issuing a powerful aura. Among them, even the lowest-level one was a Sage.

“Well, your practice on the Tianyi Self-viewing Chapter is fairly excellent. You’ve all entered the sixth tier and will soon enter the eleventh tier of the qi refining stage. Taking one more step, you will all be in the twelfth tier and standing at the peak. Good job. Very good job.” Yue Guoxiang’s voice rang in the darkness.

“That’s all attributed to the training the prestigious Tianyi Palace gave us.”

The six men in bright yellow robes replied simultaneously.

Apart from bearing the same marks of a certain Cultivation Method, they were also wrapped in the same kind of aura that only the true upper class could have. Their every movement was filled with noble elegance and awe-inspiring dignity, which were subtly stifled at the moment.

“This time, the Palace has granted each of you a treasure called Tianyi Snatch. It is the magic object that can snatch the power of heaven and earth to assist your practice. Within one hundred days, you will all enter the twelfth tier of the qi refining stage.” Yue Guoxiang announced.

At his words, the breathing of the six men in bright yellow robes quickened.

Though their cultivation had enabled them to dominate the world, they could not help getting intrigued at the news. The twelfth tier of the qi refining stage equaled the Void-breaking Realm, which meant they could go beyond that planet and travel to outer space. So, how could they not be thrilled?

Yue Guoxiang raised a hand.

Next second, six pale gold balls flew down to the six men. Each of the balls was sending forth the aura of immortals. With just one glance, a hallucination of flying directly to the highest heaven rose in front of everyone’s eyes, while a huge amount of vigor spilled out from the balls.

The six men in bright yellow robes each took a Tianyi Snatch.

“Swallow it, and refine it in your Mud-pill Palace.” Yue Guoxiang instructed.

However, the six figures all hesitated.

Yue Guoxiang’s face, which was hidden in the shadows, revealed a fleeting trace of ferocity.

“I didn’t intend to use your help at the outset of the mission. But a couple of days ago, I got in trouble. This planet’s Good Fate Holder has appeared. His name is Li Mu. Since I’ve lost too much strength during the landing and almost gotten killed by him, I need you to investigate that Li Mu for me. Find out his background. The more detailed the better…” Yue Guoxiang said, not hesitating to confess his dilemma.

“That’s simple. We are eager to relieve Your Honor of your worries. How about the six of us team up and kill that Li Mu? He is only a young talent anyway. His cultivation is at the peak of the Sage Realm tops.” One of the six men in bright yellow robes remarked. He sounded quite confident and domineering, as though he was bold enough to conquer the entire world.

“It’s never easy to kill a Good Fate Holder. Even if you six teamed up and killed him, you would suffer a lot as well. He is protected by the fate of this planet. He is the guy God blesses. That is what I just figured out. All I’m asking you to do is send your men to collect all kinds of information about him and report to me, like what are his weaknesses, who is closest to him. That’s all. I believe it is not hard to achieve to you guys, for you had the experience of running an empire.” Yue Guoxiang clarified. “And you all should make use of the Tianyi Snatch and hurry off to practice. Soon the Tomb of the God of Sin will open. When that time comes, more experts will land on this planet. You’ve got to help me acquire the secret treasures in that tomb. Once we succeed, the conditions of you joining in our Tianyi Palace will be ripe.”

The Beggar Gang was proven very trustworthy indeed.

A reply came back in the afternoon of the next day.

The battle in the ten cities and nine counties in the border area of the Western Qin was about to end. Emperor Qin Ming himself had come to the border area and led his army severely injure the crown prince, Yu Hualong, and destroy the force of the Great Moon Empire. Having been re-established for less than a year, the rising empire was already yesterday’s story, which was on the verge of collapsing.

Li Mu was astounded upon hearing that news.

Back then, he had left a piece of enchanted jade to Yu Hualong and distinctly told him that if the Great Moon Empire was ever in danger, Yu Hualong could ask for his help at any time. Now, even though the Great Moon Empire was in a dire situation, Yu Hualong still had not activated the jade. Why hadn’t he?

Considering that the crown prince had not activated the jade so far, Li Mu just assumed Yu Hualong was doing okay there.

Yet, as the news came out a day ago, it was impossible to deduce whether the Great Moon Empire was still hanging in there. But as Emperor Qin Ming was such an unbeatable superb master, Li Mu was afraid that he had already wiped the opponent force out. After all, the Pope of the Magic Sun Temple who used to rank among the Nine Superbs was also killed by Emperor Qin Ming.

In that world, the current Emperor Qin Ming was almost synonymous with the word invincibility.

Without hesitation, Li Mu delegated his duties to the others and left Lin’an in secret.

Riding the white crane, he rushed in the direction of the border area of the Western Qin.

Menacing shouting were reverberating in the sky.

The smoke of war was wafting. The air was filled with the smell of blood.

On the battlefield with a radius of tens of miles, corpses and broken limbs were everywhere. Fires were blazing. Cracks had appeared in the land. Mountains had collapsed. No trace of a living creature could be seen.

Endless army of the Western Qin flooded in from all sides, tightly enclosing the Longcheng Pass.

The flags bearing the black nine-headed bird pattern were fluttering in the wind. The forest of large flags was swishing in the smoke and fire, like a black dragon striving to shake off the shackles. That added more daunting killing intent to the sight.

Ten Flying Whale Shuttles had surrounded the air space over the entire Longcheng Pass. Like sharks lurking in the depths of the sea, they were ready to launch a deadly blow at the prey below.

Clearly, Longcheng Pass had become the last territory of the Great Moon Empire.

The city gate closed shut. Yu Hualong, the crown prince of the Great Moon Empire, who was supported by his personal guards, gazed at the endless enemies outside the city walls with a complex look and heaved with a sigh inwardly.

After many years’ plotting, he managed to restore his empire and erected the flag of the Great Moon Empire on the land despite all the difficulties last year. He had been looking forward to recovering all the lost lands for the empire, and expected to see his master, who had stepped into the vast universe, made an impressive comeback.

After all, a year had already passed.

He reckoned his master ought to have found the way to redemption by the time and already be on the way back.

If he didn’t erect the flag and light the node on the Path, his master might not be able to find the way back, would he?

However, his master had not returned yet.

Every night, when Yu Hualong looked at the forlorn dark sky littered with a few twinkling stars, he could not help wondering what kind of secret it had that enticed so many brilliant men to fly toward it but never came back.

It had been a thousand years.

Given his master’s astonishing cultivation, didn’t he already blaze a path for Earth in the vast universe?

A thousand years had flown by.

His senior fellow apprentices had all gone. But why hadn’t his master come back?

“I kill one person with every ten steps. I leave no trace even I traveled thousands of miles. I walked away when my mission is completed. My name and esteem are known to few.”

When the song of the Cyan Lotus Sword rang, no one could stop his master, could they?

If so, why hadn’t he come back?

A hint of bitterness climbed onto Yu Hualong’s face.

“After a thousand years, the flag of the Great Moon Empire is still going to fall off, isn’t it?

“I can’t take that!”

The soldiers around Yu Hualong were all gazing at him with respectful and impassioned looks.

After the fights in the past year, less than one-tenth of the 100,000 soldiers of the rebellious Heaven Inspire Army and the experts of the ancient factions built by the old Great Moon Empire survived. Yet, no one got cold feet. No one felt despair.

Because if they did not become rebels, they would still be treated as the sinned, the untouchables, or even dogs and pigs under the governance of the Western Qin,

As far as the 100,000 soldiers in the Heaven Inspire Army were concerned, when they were subjected to the command of Li Yuanba, the Domineeringly Demonic Halberd, they were in the vanguard, or say the cannon fodder battalion, only that compared to normal vanguard, their equipment was better, their value was larger, and their combat ability was greater. Even so, they were still a cut below others, and could only stay at the bottom level in the Heaven Inspire Army.

That was because most of them were descendants of the royal family of the Great Moon Empire that was overthrown a thousand years ago. Generations after generations, they had been treated as sinners, slaves, and cattle.

The suffering they endured was a tragic epic that was too enormous to record.

Only in the past year had they felt what it was like being treated as an equal.

Although that kind of life lasted for just one year, it was worth their lives to guard it.

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