The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 415 - Fighting against the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (1)

Chapter 415 Fighting against the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (1)


Emperor Qin Ming looked astonished.

“Heavenly Devil Sword!”

Layers of black mist flowed around him, as if he were like a devil that was dancing wildly, with his overbearing and gloomy voice roaring. Then, they turned into a black dragon, and in front of him, formed into layers of a phantom of the black emperor sword…


Cyan lights and shadows.

They, like a heated snow-stabbing sword, pierced the phantom of the seemingly invincible heavenly sword directly.


Emperor Qin Ming was shocked.

The cyan sword stabbed toward his throat with unparalleled killing intent.

In a hurry, he retreated.

He could only retreat.

The power of this sword was far beyond his imagination.

The cyan sword light spread like a waterfall and approached the disintegrated Flying Whale Shuttle, on which, the ministers retreated one after another under the protection of the guards. Some loyal ministers and guards roared and rushed up to protect the emperor, but they were immediately turned into dust by the cyan sword light!

No one had expected that the trapped Prince of the Great Moon Empire could erupt such a terrifying and destructive power.

Sword light flashed.

The cyan blade pierced into Emperor Qin Ming’s left shoulder.

A drop of blood was falling.

As Emperor Qin Ming grabbed the blade, his anger spewed out of his cold eyes while he said, “Since I finished the first layer of Heaven Devil Skills, you are the first one to hurt me… I will imprison your soul in the demon prison, and sacrifice it for a thousand years!”

Zhang San and Mu Qing didn’t expect that the Crown Prince had really blocked the chasing army.

The remnants of the Great Moon Army quickly broke out of the mountains and marched quickly according to the pre-determined escape route. The army was defeated but it had not collapsed. Everything was in order. Before breaking out of the encirclement, the Crown Prince arranged the most reasonable route.

Zhang San looked back sometimes.

But Mu Qing did not dare to look back.

After all, that figure didn’t catch up with them.

At this moment, in front of them, a kind of mighty and horrible power, like a surging ocean, suddenly swept toward them, as the Qi of Heaven and Earth was collapsed like an avalanche. The horrible power made everyone in the army have an illusion that they were as small as leaves before the stormy ocean even though they were far away!

Another terrifying expert arrived.

Could it be the ambush of the Western Qin Dynasty?

Some of the soldiers’ faces were filled with grief and despair, and their morale to fight to the death was burning wildly in their eyes.

“Is that the army of the Great Moon Empire? Where is your Crown Prince?”

A voice was heard.

When the crowd came to their senses, they saw a handsome young man in white robes and short hair standing in the air with a tired look. He looked down at the army below in a hasty manner.

Since Zhang San and Mu Qing had only heard Li Mu’s name, but hadn’t seen him before, they couldn’t recognize him at first. Therefore, Zhang San looked alert and asked, “Who are you?”

The young man in white said, “Taibai Li Mu, please pay your respects to the Crown Prince of the Great Moon Empire.”

“Li Mu?”

Some soldiers and experts of the Great Moon Empire came to their senses and looked desperate.

Everyone in the world knew that the Great Sage, Li Mu, who was Lord Taibai of the Western Qin dynasty. Why did he appear here? What was his aim? Could it be that he had been ordered by Emperor Qin Ming to intercept and kill the remaining army of the Great Moon? Was there no hope of escape for them?

Only Zhang San and Mu Qing, who knew the secret, were immediately overjoyed.

“Does His Honor, Li Mu, finally here come?”

“Our Crown Prince, on the Drifting Cloud Peak that was thousands of miles away, stopped Emperor Qin Ming…” Zhang San quickly told Li Mu what had happened, and looked at Li Mu with complicated eyes.

“I’ll go to pick him up.” When Li Mu heard this, he knew that things were not going well.

However, Mu Qing suddenly said, “Your Honor, you can’t go.”

“Why not?” Li Mu had already set off, but when he heard the words, he looked at the blind old man in surprise.

“The prince doesn’t want you to go there… To keep you alive to make a comeback,” Mu Qing said with a solemn look. “Only you, Your Excellency, are qualified to inherit the kindling of the Great Moon Empire. If you also…”

“Emperor Qin Ming can’t kill me.”

When Li Mu heard that, he instantly understood why the situation had deteriorated to such a degree, but he did not receive Yu Hualong’s message—this Crown Prince did not expect to have Li Mu come to rescue him at all. He was afraid that he would get caught in this whirlpool.

“You go to the Yue Mountain Sect according to the original plan, and I will go to pick up the Crown Prince.”

Li Mu’s figure turned into a rainbow and he headed of into the distance.

When Zhang San and Mu Qing wanted to stop him, it was too late.

“The Crown Prince didn’t ask for help, but he still came.”

“Yes, Li Mu and the others are the same kind of people as our Crown Prince. They are all heroes.”

“Hero? The word ‘hero’ is used too many times, but there are a few people who can really be qualified to be one.”

“Don’t they deserve it?”

“No, they deserve it. If they can’t do it, no one can.”

Li Mu even ignored the white crane. He did not hesitate to activate his natural qi and moved forward with the Broadsword-commanding Skill. In an instant, he arrived at the Drifting Cloud Peak that Zhang San had mentioned. He felt the remaining fierce fighting atmosphere in the air, and wisps of cyan sword light in the sky were still present, which were made by Yu Hualong’s Cultivation Method.

However, the battle was over.

The Western Qin army was handling the mess.

Yu Chuanlong and Emperor Qin Ming were gone.

Li Mu fell down, grabbed a general who was commanding the sergeants to clean up the battlefield, and said, “Where is Yu Hualong?”

This general was a new noble of the Eagle Sect in the Western Qin army. Having been grabbed by someone, he was extremely unhappy and subconsciously said, “How dare you…” But before he could finish his words, he saw the person in front of him and suddenly began to sweat. He was scared and said in a trembling voice, “L-lord, the Crown Prince of the Great Moon Empire has been killed by the king, and was hung over the Longcheng Pass. The king is at the Longcheng Pass now…”

He knew Li Mu.

Now, Li Mu was very famous in the Western Qin, second only to Emperor Qin Ming.

Killing the prince, the Crown Prince, and the Emperor’s Broadsword…

Who was not afraid of his killing reputation?

Emperor Qin Ming ordered him to surrender and plead guilty. As a result, the imperial envoy didn’t even enter Taibai Gate and could only announce the decree at the foot of the mountain. Chang’an Mansion’s army had besieged Taibai Mountain for so many days and nothing happened. Taibai City had now become a country.

It was all because of Li Mu’s fame.

Was he not afraid of such a God of Massacre?

“What?” When Li Mu heard that, he felt confused.

He had come in a hurry, but it was still too late.

When Li Mu let go of the officer’s hand, he suddenly felt regret and resentful. The man who was determined to safeguard the code of the Path for the Earth still didn’t survive, but no matter what, he had to take his body back from the top of the city wall so it would not be abused.

After all, he was also a person from Earth.

Li Mu turned into a stream of light and headed toward the Longcheng Pass.

The officer was so scared that he stood numbly and suddenly reacted, shouting angrily, “Quickly, report to the city—Li Mu is back…”

A signal immediately rose up from the bottom of Drifting Cloud Peak.

The guards of Longcheng Pass, who were thousands of miles away, suddenly looked astonished.

“What’s going on? In the direction of the battlefield… Are the remnants of the Great Moon army coming back?” Li Yuanba stood at the gate of the main hall of the Duke’s Mansion in the city, frowning slightly.

At this time, Li Mu had already appeared at the foot of the Longcheng Pass.

He looked up.

There was a metal rack suspended in midair above the enemy’s tower in front of the city gate, with two specially-made divine iron spikes hanging down and piercing through Yu Hualong’s shoulder blades in the air more than 20 meters away. Blood flowed down the spikes. Below the rack, there was a floating star-shaped runic metal bowl that contained all the blood that had fallen.

Li Mu stood in the air in front of the gate.

The last time they met, the young man with a shy face was stripped naked and hung in front of hundreds of thousands of people in the Western Qin army when he sat down to talk. Obviously, this was because Qin Ming had deliberately humiliated Yu Chuanlong in such a cruel manner.

Yu Hualong was an expert of the Saint Realm. Even if he were dead, his body was like divine iron, shining with faint lights.

Moreover, layers of faint green mist circled around the corpse, with a faint lotus fragrance floating in the air, as if there was an invisible lotus blooming in the void.

In Li Mu’s heart, sorrow was surging.

When he rejected Yu Chuanlong’s invitation to support the Great Moon Empire, he didn’t realize that he had already had a sense of belonging to the country. After all, it was a country established by the sages of the Earth. After all, Yu Chuanlong was also a real Earth person.

The invisible Broadsword Intent was struck out.


The specially-made divine iron thorn was cut off.

Li Mu held Yu Hualong in his arms.

“Brother, I’m sorry. I’m late,” Li Mu said quietly.

At this time, a guard finally discovered Li Mu’s arrival.

“Enemy attack… Hurry up. Send a signal.”

Countless experts from the Western Qin Army flew over from all directions. They reacted extremely quickly and surrounded Li Mu directly in the air. They drew their swords and spears out of their sheaths, as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

Li Mu did not pay attention to them.

He was using his Taoist magic arts to explore some extremely strange phenomenon in Yu Hualong’s corpse.

Although an expert of the Saint Realm had become extremely sturdy, he would die like an extinguishing lamp, with some changes to his corpse, including some minor injuries and dying activity. However, at this time, the corpse was surrounded by a faint lotus fragrance, and there was even a faint sound of the sword in his body, which protected his blood from being condensed in a very strange lively state.

“Not dead?”

But Li Mu could see that his soul had totally dissipated, with only a corpse remaining.

“What kind of state is this?”

Li Mu was a little uncertain.

At this moment—

“Catch him.”

As the gatekeeper shouted, countless masters of the Western Qin Army rushed up in midair.

Killing intent burst out and instantly shattered the peace in the air.

“Get away!” Li Mu shouted.

His voice was as loud as thunder, and waves of sound swept out in an instant.

The experts of the Western Qin Army who rushed over only felt a sharp pain in their ears, as if they had been hit by a hammer. Their natural qi was out of their control and their bodies felt too soft to fly. Blood gushed from their mouths and noses, and they all fell from the sky like dumplings.


The guard was shocked.

He didn’t recognize Li Mu before, so he thought that it was a traitor of the Great Moon Empire who came to rob the body. However, he didn’t expect that he could so formidable as to scare hundreds of Natural Experts with a shout… What kind of strength was this?

Before he could react, Li Mu had already grabbed his neck and said, “Where are the people in the city?” He just glanced around with his spiritual force and found that there was only a large army at the Longcheng Pass currently.

“Emperor… ordered… to kill all… all of them on the 10-mile slope off the city…” the guard said with fear.

Hearing his words, Li Mu felt dizzy.

“He killed all of them?”

In this way, Caicai and her granddaughter, as well as Wu Beichen and the others, were…

Emperor Qin Ming!!!

Li Mu twisted his wrist and broke the guard’s neck with a crack. Then he looked at Long Chengjun and shouted, “Emperor Qin Ming, Li Mu is here! Come out for your death!”

He was going to challenge Emperor Qin Ming.

At this moment, it was right here.

There was no need to wait.

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