The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 416 - Fighting against the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (2)

Chapter 416 Fighting against the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty (2)

Li Mu’s voice, like thunder from heaven, echoed in the sky above the Longcheng Pass.

The West Qin Army stationed in the city was completely alarmed in an instant.

At the gate of the Duke’s Mansion, Li Yuanba suddenly changed his look and said, “Come to guard the Duke’s Mansion.” He ordered his Regal Guards to protect the entire Duke’s Mansion, and the army in the city gathered toward the Duke’s Mansion like a hurricane.

At the same time, there were also 10 Black Devil Guards for Emperor Qin Ming guarding the surrounding area of the mansion.

As the black mist enveloped them with Devil Qi, the ink-colored mist that floated in the air transformed into large demon seal runes in a casually condensing manner. They were barely visible and flickered as they linked the entire Duke’s Mansion together and enveloped it, which apparently seemed to be a type of Great Way formation.

Emperor Qin Ming, the most powerful man in the world, did not show up.

Outside the city, Li Mu shouted three times in a row, but he didn’t see Emperor Qin Ming.

“Isn’t he in the city?”

He was suspicious.

But upon thinking of what the general who cleaned the battlefield said before, he knew that Emperor Qin Ming was at Longcheng Pass.

As soon as Li Mu opened his Third Eye, he immediately saw that in the center of the city, a wisp of a dark-black, dragon-like air column was rushing into the sky like a tornado column hanging down from the Ninth Heaven with terrible pressure. Black Devil Qi almost covered the whole city. Moreover, the Western Qin Army seemed to be facing a formidable enemy. Obviously, Emperor Qin Ming was in the city, but he did not show up.


He didn’t think so.

There was no way that a person like Emperor Qin Ming would be afraid of him.

Could it be that there was something else that Emperor Qin Ming had to settle?

Li Mu strode toward the city.


Some generals of the Western Qin Army and experts of the Imperial Executive Group rushed out of the city gate and looked at Li Mu with fear and hatred in their eyes.

The feelings of the Western Qin people for Li Mu had become very complicated now. As the youngest Great Sage in the world, he had once been the pride of the military of the Western Qin dynasty. However, he killed the princes and the Crown Prince, which made the soldiers of the Western Qin Empire hostile toward Li Mu.

To many people, when Emperor Qin Ming ordered to punish him, Li Mu not only didn’t appreciate it but also came to kill him for the sake of the traitor of the Great Moon Empire. It was obvious that he was going to kill the emperor.

Such behavior was equivalent to treason.

“Sage Li, think twice before you act.”

“Li Mu, as a subject of the Great Qin dynasty, how can you directly call out His Majesty’s name?”

“He’s a traitor. Everyone has the right to kill him.”

Some high-ranking military officers and masters in the army shouted fiercely.

The crowd rushed in from all directions.

“Anyone who stands in my way will die.”

Li Mu put clothes on Yu Zhanlong, carried him on his back, and strode toward the gate. He could only see the main mansion.

“Li Mu, you…”

A high-ranking general in bright armor glared at him, but before he could finish his words, a knife light flashed and he was cut into dozens of pieces. Before he fell on the ground, his severed limbs were directly sent flying out.

A wave of invisible Broadsword Intent had already broken through layers upon layers of encirclement toward the mansion.

The earth was cracked everywhere the Broadsword Intent had passed.

The Natural Expert, Celestial Beings, and even Half-Saints in the army couldn’t resist this attack even if they used all sorts of means. The ground was plowed open with a huge kilometer-long crack, as if the earth had been cut by a divine knife.

Half of the Longcheng Pass’s main city was split into two parts by the Broadsword Intent.

The high-ranking military officers and sergeants of the Western Qin Army, as well as the experts of various sects and the Imperial Executive Group, were also scared by the Broadsword Intent, despite the fact that Li Mu had only used one move…

The Broadsword Intent slowly moved forward and spread out on the ground.

The crack in the ground pointed straight to the mansion.

After the crack, Li Mu followed in the air, neither too fast nor too slow, just like a killing god.

“Protect the Emperor!”

“Protect His Majesty.”

“Fight against this traitor.”

All kinds of voices came from all directions, some angry, some frightened, and some just bluffing, but within about 30 meters around Li Mu, the Broadsword Intent was flowing, and the Natural Invisible Body-Broken Sword Intent was like a powerful tide. Arrows, crossbows, and all kinds of combat power shot from a distance, and as soon as they approached him, they were like stones entering a big millstone, instantly ground into powder.

The Broadsword Intent was bursting out, and it was difficult to be stopped in all ways.

Like a demon god, he slowly pushed the crack in the ground toward the Duke’s Mansion.

“Li Mu, do you really dare to do such a rebellious thing?” Li Yuanba stood in front of the gate of the Duke’s Mansion, holding a blood-red double-bladed halberd in his hand, surrounded by flames and wearing divine armor. He was full of domineering power and stared at Li Mu while speaking in a fierce voice.

The military god of the Western Qin Empire had his heroic spirit.

Li Mu did not stop, but slowly stepped forward, looked at him, and said, “Is it you who led the army to kill the people of the city on the 10-mile slope outside the city?”

Although Li Mu spoke in a calm tone, Li Yuanba felt a chill. With the majesty that had been accumulated in the army for decades and the bearing of the military god, even in the face of the desperate situation of thousands of troops, he had never frowned, but was suddenly defeated by this question.

He had killed numerous people.

The number of souls killed by him was at least several million.

However, this time, he felt guilty about ordering to kill people in the Longcheng Pass, and after being asked by Li Mu, the trace of guilt was immediately like a vast sea that broke the dam, drowning him, and even made him have an impulse to bow his head.

But, he was, after all, the military god who had killed millions, so he forced himself to calm down and say, “I will accept the orders of the king. I will act according to the order. I can’t just do anything I want.”

Li Mu stood still, nodded, and said, “Okay, then you shall die.”

The invisible Broadsword Intent broke through the void.

Li Yuanba felt a chill all over his body, as if he was targeted by the Primordial Fierce Tiger. An unprecedented crisis swept over him. The halberd in his hand showed a spiritual sense in the killing, as if it felt the danger as well, and shook madly. He waved the magic weapon that had brought him great fame and prestige. Before his cultivation broke out, he heard a sound and loosened his hands…

The divine weapon from the Northern Western Qin Empire, the Domineeringly Demonic Halberd, was broken.

With his sharp weapon split into two down the middle, he held it in both hands.

Unprecedented fatigue, like a tide, rushed in wildly.

Li Yuanba felt black in front of his eyes, without even the strength to stand.


“Your Excellency!”


In a trance, the surrounding personal guards, subordinates, and trusted generals rushed over and then he felt dizzy.

“I’ll go with you for the rest of my life.”

He wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t. The fame he had gained from battles and his sense of existence in this world finally ended in the fight.

Li Yuanba slowly fell down.

His body was split into two, just like the halberd in his hand.

The military god of the Western Qin Empire died.

The soldiers of the Western Qin Dynasty around looked sad. For a moment, as if their backbone had been removed, something in their hearts suddenly collapsed.


“Kill him.”

“Avenge the Commander.”

The guards rushed up frantically.

As Li Mu looked calm, the Broadsword Intent swept out. Severed limbs and arms were flying all over the sky, and blood splashed on the ground. Once the field of Broadsword Intent swept out, the surrounding experts of the sect, as well as the army, fell down one after another.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and blood for blood.

“Emperor Qin Ming, are you still not coming out?”

Li Mu’s eyes were cold, and countless threads of Broadsword Intent condensed and made the shape of the knife. Like a heavenly knife falling from the sky, it cut toward the Duke’s Mansion from the middle.

10 rays of ink-colored clouds and air currents turned into flowing rays of light and enveloped the Duke’s Mansion.

“What? Extraterrestrial magic power?”

At first glance, Li Mu could tell that the power of the tactical deployment was not from means of this world. And it was expected that when Emperor Qin Ming fought against the Yue Mountain Faction that day, he had only shown an illusory image, however the power he displayed was not from this world, but from outer space.

“Third Eye… open.”

At once, Li Mu used his Third Eye to break through the barrier and saw that there were 10 Great Saint-level guards all over with black armor, who stood in all directions of the Duke’s Mansion, and whose Devil Qi surged and created a formation to protect the Duke’s Mansion.

“Emperors’ Fire… kill!”

He took out the Broadsword Pellet, and then, 10 long knives directly roared out, each of which was stained with the power of Emperors’ Fire. The light of the knife was bright and flickering, and then it came back in a flash beside Li Mu.

The ink-colored demon qi around the Duke’s Mansion dissipated.

The Black Armored Demon Guards who stood in all directions broke into pieces and broke into black armor.

“Coward, get out here.”

10 long sabers were instantly activated, and the Emperors’ Fire was activated to break through the barrier, leaving 10 ripples in the air. The flying knives had already cut directly toward the center of the Duke’s Mansion, cutting through the void space.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Violent explosions could be heard from within.


A stream of Demon Qi exploded.

Visible black clouds burst out, and layers of black lead shockwaves instantly crushed the entire Duke’s Mansion into a fine powder. Unparalleled black fog swept over, and the entire Longcheng Pass was instantly shrouded in the strange and terrible black fog.

Li Mu’s pupils suddenly contracted.

There was a sound of something breaking through the air.

The 10 flying knives flew back and left the control of his Broadsword-commanding Skill.

With a thought in his mind, Li Mu strengthened his spiritual force and calmed the knives down. Then, the flying knives drew an arc in the black mist, unloaded the power, and became suspended beside him.

“Li Mu, now that you can’t wait to die, I’ll send you to hell.”

A tall figure slowly walked out of the black fog.

Emperor Qin Ming finally appeared.

“If I hadn’t resolved the Sword Intent in my body, I would have crushed you like a worm. Do you think I’m afraid of you?” Emperor Qin Ming’s figure gradually became clear in the black mist. His face was gloomy and there was a trace of the emperor’s anger.

Li Mu slowly placed Yu Hualong’s body aside, and with a thought of his mind, the Sword Intent drew the prison formation on the ground and protected him inside.

He turned around and walked toward Emperor Qin Ming step by step.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Let’s go.” Li Mu’s killing intent was more intense than ever.

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