The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 418 - Invincible Fist

Chapter 418 Invincible Fist

Emperor Qin Ming’s face showed a hint of ridicule.

“A group of ant nonentities just coming back for death,” he looked at Li Mu and said. “I know that you also have some extraterrestrial immortal magic arts, but ants that eat fairy dew are also ants. How can they turn into dragons? Can your so-called cultivation methods and Taoist magic arts compare with my Heavenly Devil Tactics?”

He was extremely confident.

The Divine Way had already collapsed, and the external force had arrived successively. In this part of the world, there were already gods and demons, but so what? In the Immortal Star region, the Heavenly Devil Sect was the strongest. Could any of the Immortal magic arts and Taoist magic arts be compared to its power?

Everything was under his control.

The gods and demons from the outer skies would be wiped out by him sooner or later.

Li Mu didn’t say a word at all, but directly raised his hand and threw a punch.

The air in front of him suddenly collapsed, as if a part of the void had been exploded by this punch. A translucent fist print, like a star falling from the sky, violently split the sky, rolled up the broken airflow, and punched toward Emperor Qin Ming like a hurricane.

It was a terrifying fist technique.

It was a very brilliant fist technique.

Emperor Qin Ming nodded and made a comment. “Yes, this punch is a little interesting, but it can’t hurt me.”

With a wave of the Imperial Sword in his hand, a black sword radiance surged out, and with a flash, cut off the saber fist print.

Li Mu took a step forward and punched again.

This punch was twice as powerful as the previous one.

Emperor Qin Ming was a little surprised. “Haha, interesting… But it’s not enough, it’s still too weak.” He struck again, and the sword light was like a black snake. In a flash, it broke Li Mu’s second punch.

Li Mu did the same. He took a step forward and punched again.

“Huh?” Emperor Qin Ming frowned, then shook his head and said, “The overlapping of fist force? Interesting significance… But if there is no previous force, how can your later force be multiplied? Heavenly Devil Tactics, Dark Dragon Bite!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the black ink-colored Skyscraping Devil turned on the Imperial Sword in his hand and entwined the sword edge like a black flood dragon.

Emperor Qin Ming slashed out with his sword, and an ink-colored evil dragon came out of the sword. It opened its mouth to devour the fist strength of Li Mu’s third punch.

The first two strikes were aimed at slashing, so the remaining force of the fist force was still existent.

This sword, with the secret devil skill, devoured the fist strength and defused it.

However, Li Mu took the fourth step and punched again.

His fist force doubled again, eight times stronger than the first punch.

The fist print was transparent and bright, as if it was carved out of colored glaze and jade, which was vivid. There was Heavenly Fire caused by friction, and the air turbulence was reduced, which was because the speed of the fist print was so fast that all other physical reactions could not keep up with its speed and strength!

“How could that be?” Emperor Qin Ming was finally shocked.

“What kind of fist technique was that?”

The overlapping technique of strength was also included in the Heavenly Devil Tactics, which was also quite brilliant.

However, it was impossible for any Taoist magic arts to be used without a basis. The multiplying power in the Heavenly Devil Tactics was achieved by accumulating a great deal of force, and when the sword struck out, the strength would multiply with the later force, which was also a very brilliant cultivation method and secret skill in the river of stars.

But Li Mu’s punching skill, whose earlier strength had been swallowed by the Black Dragon Bite, absolutely lacked the basis. But what was the reason?

Emperor Qin Ming continued to draw his sword.

The Heavenly Devil Qi whistled and roared in all directions as it went on its way up to the sword. It was dense, layer upon layer, as he adopted a defensive stance.

The power of this punch was so strong and violent that the Dark Dragon Bite Punch could no longer defend against it.


The power of the fist burst out.

Emperor Qin Ming retreated.

He stood still, with the Skyscraping Devil Qi swirling around him. Although he tried to stabilize his body, the space behind him collapsed and the rules were in chaos. As his feet were like a strong plow, causing two dark and bottomless pits on the ground, he retreated more than a hundred meters before he managed to stabilize his body. His qi had already begun to become unstable.

“You…” Emperor Qin Ming raised his head in shock and anger.

Then, his pupils suddenly contracted.

In his sight, Li Mu’s fifth punch was already in front of him.

“So fast.

“Was his strength multiplied on the basis of the fourth punch?

“Why did it turn out this way?

“Could it be able to be superimposed without limitation?”

He felt a burst of horror.

“What kind of punching skill is this?” Emperor Qin Ming roared, “I’m invincible with the Heavenly Devil Dharmakaya.”

The ink-colored devil qi in the entire Longcheng Pass city frantically poured into his body and sank into it, so his figure grew wildly again, more than 500 meters high. He seemed to be a top-level Skyscraping Devil, with hundreds of battle-like Heavenly Devil Sigils flowing around him.

Li Mu didn’t answer, but activated the power of his fist.


Sky and earth shook.

Emperor Qin Ming’s huge Heavenly Devil Dharmakaya was shattered by this punch.

Hundreds of Heavenly Devil Sigils shattered, as did the ink-colored Heavenly Devil Qi. The huge body collapsed like a decayed clay sculpture, and the true body of Emperor Qin Ming was exposed.

But at this time, Li Mu did not say a word, but stepped forward. With one step, he crossed a hundred meters and punched out for the sixth time.

The power of this punch became more and more violent, but it was not as powerful as the violent fists from before, which seemed to have returned to its original state. A layer of airflow vortex swirled around the fist, like a whirlwind.

Emperor Qin Ming’s face was full of horror.

From the beginning to the end, there was only one move in this kind of fist technique, which was performed over and over again, but the terrible point was that the power of each punch was twice as strong as the previous one.

When the power of Li Mu’s first punch was enough to kill the Great Sage, the horror of this kind of punch was beyond imagination. After all, the first punch was too horrible, so when he performed the sixth punch, the power had reached an extremely horrible level. Even Emperor Qin Ming felt that it seemed to come from the threat of death.

“The Skyscraping Devil comes. Condense the Dharmakaya again… Ah.” Emperor Qin Ming tried to condense the Heavenly Devil Dharmakaya again, but before he could finish his words, his stomach was punched directly by Li Mu.

He was hit to fly backward and it bent his body like a shrimp. The supreme emperor was like an ordinary person now. Blood flowed from the corners of his mouth and his eyes were filled with shock, anger, unwillingness, and disbelief.

He couldn’t imagine that he would be hit flying by a punch in this way.

“Is this a fist form that belongs to this world?”

It was even a fist technique that surpassed the power of the Martial Arts in the Immortal Star District.

“How, how was such a fist method handled by Li Mu?”

Emperor Qin Ming realized that he might have made a mistake, and it was a terrible one. The origin of Li Mu’s knowledge was superior to the Immortal Star area.

But how could it be possible? The shackles of the Divine Way in this world had just broken down, and the candidates of the Immortal Clan in the Immortal Star Area had just arrived here. How could Li Mu get more superior martial arts from outside that area?

“Ah, ah, ah…” he roared, “Li Mu, what kind of punching skill is this? What kind of punching skill is this?”

“The fist method to send you to hell.” Li Mu moved as fast as a flowing light. His seventh punch, as powerful as thunder, directly attacked the chin of Emperor Qin Ming.

Emperor Qin Ming was knocked flying again.

His head was lifted up high, and his jaw was shattered into pieces in an instant. The Heavenly Devil could not withstand such a terrible force. Then, his head was directly attached to his back by the tremendous force inertia, and his cervical vertebra bones were broken countless times.

“It’s impossible…” Emperor Qin Ming could not believe what he had heard.

Broken bones and flesh quickly were healed.

The reason why the Heavenly Devil Sect was the first Immortal Sect in the Immortal Star Area was because of the miraculous power of the Heavenly Devil Tactics. It was not only because of its power, but also because of its body-refining ability, which could refine one’s body into an incomparably tenacious state.

“You can’t kill me. It’s not your strength. How many more punches can you make?” Emperor Qin Ming retreated in the void and wanted to stay away from the danger.

He firmly believed that there had to be some price or time limit for Li Mu to make such a fist because this was not the strength of a two-step Celestial Being, and any power beyond a realm was limited.

However, in the next moment, Li Mu’s eighth punch directly hit his chest and abdomen. The terrible power instantly blew up his Skyscraping Devil body, with his lower body exploded, his flesh and blood scattered, and his white bones flying…

“Your power is too weak, and your vision is too shallow,” Li Mu said. “I can always utilize such a punching skill.”

As he spoke, he threw a ninth punch.

When Emperor Qin Ming’s figure was about to regather, he was once again blown up.

The 10th punch!

The 11th!

Emperor Qin Ming’s body was beaten again and again.

A black ball of demonic qi circulated out of his maimed body.

That was Yu Hualong’s soul sealed by the Magic Seal against Heavenly Devils.

Li Mu suddenly had an idea, as he lowered his shoulder, called out Somersault Cloud, and appeared in front of him in an instant, grabbing the seal in his hand.

Emperor Qin Ming had prepared for this, so he seized the chance to flee.

He knew that he could no longer fight against Li Mu today, so he deliberately released the soul to distract Li Mu. Then, he immediately got out of the range of the fist force and performed the Heavenly Devil Submerging Skill to escape.

Today’s defeat was a great shame to him.

Since he accomplished the primary level of the Heavenly Devil’s Practice, he had made a shocking feat. As the emperor, he launched continuously invincible attacks. He thought that there were no more opponents in this world, even including those from the Immortal Clan, who had come at all costs. He was looking down on this world to see through it.


“Li Mu!”

This bastard actually forced him to this extent.

“You will certainly die the next time we meet!” Emperor Qin Ming shouted without turning his head. He was too unwilling to accept the defeat, so he, who was proud, had to say something impressive.

In the Heavenly Devil Tactics, there were 36 kinds of assassination methods. If he couldn’t defeat Li Mu’s punching skill with these skills, he would attack him secretly. For the Skyscraping Devil, this wasn’t something shameful. Li Mu was just a two-step Celestial Being, so it was very easy to kill Li Mu if he didn’t give him the chance to perform the punching skill and multiply the power of the punches.

“There’s no other chance.”

Li Mu’s voice resounded in the ears of Emperor Qin Ming.

A fist pierced through his back, exposing his chest.

The 12th fist, instead of exploding, pierced through.

The power of the fist technique had advanced to an unimaginable realm. On the contrary, the powerful fist seemed not violent, as if it had hit through a piece of tofu, and pierced through Emperor Qin Ming’s body.

“You…” Emperor Qin Ming’s pupils were filled with terror.

“The Heavenly Devil Submerging Skill was caught up to.”

“Go to hell.” Li Mu’s fist burst out.

No skills could be compared to Somersault Cloud in terms of speed.

In an instant, Emperor Qin Ming’s body turned into a mass of powder and drifted away, with bones gone, and even the spirit was destroyed by the fist strength. Wisps of ink devil qi dissipated slowly.

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