The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 425 - Argue Irrationally

Chapter 425 Argue Irrationally


Qi Huai’s neck was directly twisted off.

He looked at Li Mu in disbelief.

In Li Mu’s calm eyes, Qi Huai saw his panic-stricken face.

At that moment, Qi Huai didn’t even know how Li Mu made his move. Without a trace, Li Mu’s fist casually smashed his magical poem power.

That was a poem blessed by the Taoist Arcane.

Was this the power to kill Emperor Qin Ming?

Qi Huai was extremely shocked.

And almost at the same time, he uttered hard the last voice from his mouth of his severed head.

In an instant, the ancient thread-bound book was activated, and a strange blue force surged out of it, wrapping around Qi Huai. Unexpectedly, it shook Li Mu’s arm away and took Qi Huai to retreat 20 meters away from him.

Qi Huai grabbed his head with one hand, twisted it slightly like kneading clay, and pinched his head back onto his neck again. “Crack, crack!” The broken bones returned to normal with a crisp sound.

However, his face was full of horror.

The blue light that wrapped around him was one of the pages of the ancient thread-bound book, which fell from his body and burned to ashes before falling to the ground.

Li Mu slowly withdrew his fist and was slightly surprised.

This book was a little interesting.

However, this could not be used to save Qi Huai.

Li Mu held the little baby girl, Li Anzhi, with his left hand and did not withdraw his killing intent. He activated the Broadsword Pellet and 12 flying knives went flying out with the power of Emperors’ Fire ruthlessly. As the knife light flashed, Qi Huai was enveloped by endless knife intent.

For the past few days, all the martial arts people who came to Longcheng Pass could be killed without exception.

Qi Huai’s face changed dramatically.

At this moment, his imposing manner was completely overwhelmed, and he was already in a state of fear. Under the flying knives, he had no strength to resist.

“Master, save me,” he shouted.

At this moment, a ghost-like figure appeared beside Qi Huai in an instant, who took over the book and opened it with a crash. He then said quickly, “The dark light is floating and the light of the sky is hidden. We can’t see where we come from.”

From the book, a ball of splendor flowed out and wrapped around the two of them. In an instant, they were out of the bind of the flying knives and quickly retreated hundreds of meters away.

A handsome middle-aged scholar appeared beside Qi Huai.

It was the middle-aged scholar who had come to the Longcheng Pass with Bai Mochou and others.

“Why are you so cruel and merciless, Sage Li? Why do you have to kill all of them?” The middle-aged scholar looked calm and dignified with a strong scholar’s aura, but it was hard to hide his own arrogance.

He had the same temperament as Qi Huai.

Just now, he showed his strength far beyond Qi Huai’s cultivation. At this time, when he faced Li Mu, he also spoke very toughly. The Sage’s power spread out, and it was not from an ordinary Sage.

At the sight of this, the martial arts masters were all delighted.

They had already recognized the identity of this person.

With a jolt of Li Mu’s mind, the 12 flying knives returned to his side and floated behind him like a peacock opening its tail, which was blooming with a chilling light and made people feel scared.

Li Mu sneered, “The man of Nine Superbs? Five of them are dead. Guanshan Master and the Taoist sect have perished together. The pope of the Magic Sun Temple died at the hands of Emperor Qin Ming. Wave-making Master and Evil Sword Demon died in the Wolf Temple. Of the remaining four, the master of the Wolf Temple, the little demon of Temple of Devils, and the little Buddha of the Huazang Temple are all not in line with your temperament. Are you Wei Wubing, the Mad Scholar of Wendao Academy?”

As soon as he said that, all the people around exclaimed.


“Wave-making Master and Evil Sword Demon are both dead?”

“Aren’t they doing closed-door training in the far south?”

“How does Li Mu know that such a thing has happened?”

This was a shocking piece of news.

However, in the next moment, the martial arts experts did not have time to think about anything else, most of whom looked happy.

The Nine Superbs were the current martial arts legends. Even though they enjoyed decreasing fame because the pope of Magic Sun Temple was killed by Emperor Qin Ming, they still had a great reputation, who were considered as others’ backbones.

At least when something bad happened, they would handle it.

Wei Wubing was this kind of powerful man.

On the other hand, Zhang San, Mu Qing, and the others were slightly shocked.

Why did such a person also come?

The Nine Superbs should be unworldly sublime beings, Sages who controlled the destiny of the world and ignored everything. Why did such a person come to attack by taking advantage of Li Mu’s weak situation?

What kind of world was this?

The middle-aged scholar smiled and said, “That’s right. I am Wei Wubing. Sage Li, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Li Mu shook his head and said, “It’s unreasonable for you to come here at this time.”

Wei Wubing said, “I’m here to beg for mercy for the lives of the world. I must come here.”

Li Mu smiled.

Here was another one who pretended to be powerful.

At this time, Li Anzhi, who was in his arms, woke up. Li Mu was not in a hurry to fight, but he coaxed the little girl slightly and asked casually, “What are you asking for?”

“Please pity the people of this world, Sage Li. Don’t kill them anymore,” Wei Wubing bowed deeply and said sincerely. “Sage Li has killed the Crown Prince of the Western Qin Dynasty and the Human Emperor one after another, causing the empire of the Western Qin Dynasty to fall into chaos, and there are many rebels everywhere. You know, it’s a century-old catastrophe for a hero like you to claim a war. Sage Li’s reputation is based on deaths. Why?”

“Dean Wei, you’re wrong.” Mu Qing, who was standing by the side, couldn’t help saying, “Emperor Qin Ming was brutal and tyrannical. With one order, millions of innocent people were killed. Such a brutal and tyrannical person does not deserve to be the Human Sovereign. My lord killed him to save the world from danger.”

Wei Wubing looked at Mu Qing and the remaining soldiers of the Great Moon Empire with a grave expression. He yelled at them sternly, “It’s your evil ghosts that caused chaos in the Western Qin Empire! Emperor Qin Ming took the responsibility as an emperor to lead the army to attack. That’s why such a massacre took place. You have to find reasons from yourselves.”

“You…” Zhang San was trembling with anger.

The Sage of the Nine Superbs spoke in such an unreasonable manner.

“Hahaha…” teased by Li Mu, as the baby laughed again. Her big clear eyes stared at Li Mu, babbling and not knowing what to say, but there was a stream of Spiritual Qi flowing.

“Oh, so it’s just a simple task for you to ask for my permission?” Li Mu asked again without raising his head.

Wei Wubing smiled and said, “The Divine Way has collapsed in this part of the world, and the outer forces have arrived one after another. Emperor Qin Ming has relied on them to support him to kill the Sun Faction Pope, but you, Sage Li, have killed him. You must have mastered some kind of life-and-death technique, right?”

The corners of Li Mu’s mouth curved upward. With a faint smile on his face, he said, “So what?”

“Hand it over and let all the martial artists in the world use it as a reference.” Qi Huai could not help sneering with a look of surprise and anger.

“Don’t be rude.” Wei Wubing scolded Qi Huai and then said to Li Mu with a smile, “Sage Li cares about the world. Since he has such a secret art, it’s better to be honest with him. Only in this way can the warriors on Divine Land be qualified to fight against the outer forces and resist the disaster together. Isn’t that so?”

Li Mu sneered in his heart as he listened to the words of these two.

“Isn’t Madman Wei’s aim so clear?” Zhang San couldn’t help saying, “Why didn’t you contribute your own Tomes of Arcane to let all the warriors in the world perceive it?”

Wei Wubing said calmly, “Though profound, it doesn’t have the power to fight against someone from the outer world. Furthermore, this book is the result of the wisdom of the predecessors of our Wendao Academy. It can’t be easily disclosed.”

Zhang San sneered and said, “Then my lord’s secret skill can be easily leaked, can’t it?”

Wei Wubing said with a smile, “Sage Li rose from a little guy to a martial arts giant within a year, which shows that this secret technique is gained by coincidence, not from a teacher. Since it is an accident, why not make it public? Within a year, it has enabled him to be a Sage, which must be a fast-learned art. If everyone learns it, they will be able to fight against the outside world.”

Zhang San, Mu Qing, and the other people of the Great Moon Empire were so angry that they couldn’t say a word.

What kind of absurd theoretical words were these?

In other words, he just wanted to obtain the secret of the master. It was disgusting to make up such a hypocritical excuse.

Li Mu held Li Anzhi back with his left arm, slowly raised his head, looked at the dean of the Wendao Academy, and said, “What if I don’t hand it over?”

Wei Wubing’s face was full of regret as he said righteously, “If Sage Li continues to be stubborn, then I’ll have to make my move.”

Li Mu mocked him, “Attack me? Who gave you the courage?”

Wei Wubing obviously didn’t know who Liang Jingru was, but he still said calmly, “Normally, our academy wouldn’t dare to make trouble. But now, you are seriously injured after killing Emperor Ming. How much strength do you still have left?”

While he was speaking, the book behind his head floated up and shot out a silver light. It was extremely soft and did not have any lethality.

When the silver light shone on Li Mu’s body, his injuries were instantly exposed, which were covered by dense cracks, like a cracked riverbed. Even his bones were cracked, which was extremely horrible. Obviously, he was seriously injured.

They were scars left by Li Mu when he forced the 12 punches of the “Endless Waves” to kill Emperor Qin Ming.

Those bloody marks seemed to be very terrible, but in fact, it was just a piece of cake for Li Mu to recover. Because he had been haunted by something in recent days, his body looked withered, and he did not use his Cultivation Method to treat them.

But to others, they were all shocked.

“Is Li Mu really injured?”

“And it’s so serious?”

The hundreds of experts of martial arts suddenly calmed down. They looked at Li Mu with less awe and fear. Instead, they became sinister, like hungry wolves.

Qi Huai was also overjoyed.

Li Mu smiled faintly, and with a flash of brilliance on the surface of his body, the silver light of the ancient book in the thread lost its effect and could not reach his body anymore.

Wei Wubing smiled and said confidently, “Maybe Sage Li, after killing the disciples of the Northern Brilliance Sect, Lord Ming Shan in a flash, and my disappointing disciple Qi Huai, has used up all your remaining strength? Do you want to intimidate others by using this method, so that they would mistakenly think that you’ve recovered from your injuries and have combat strength? Unfortunately, it is not useful. I’m saving face for Sage Li and asking you for the last time, Li Mu, are you willing to hand over the secret art you’re using?”

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