The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 426 - Control the Life

Chapter 426 Control the Life

When he said that, Wei Wubing suddenly became extremely tough and looked down at Li Mu.

Zhang San and the other officers were all trembling with anger.

Was he the so-called expert of the Nine Superbs?

There was no difference between him and a bandit.

Xu Wan’er, Lu Shengnan, and the others didn’t expect that the middle-aged scholar who saved them would be so shameless. They couldn’t help cursing, but Bai Mochou stopped them.

“Zheng’er, don’t talk. Look carefully and think carefully. This is the Jianghu.” Bai Mochou secretly said, “Remember, the royal court is more dangerous and despicable than the Jianghu.”

Qin Zheng nodded.

All of this was different from what his elder sister had taught him.

From the bottom of his heart, he was on Li Mu’s side, even though Li Mu had killed his nominal father.

The little fox Daji and Long’er stood on either side of Bai Mochou.

The expressions of the two little guys were different.

Daji’s eyes were full of worry. Unknowingly, her teeth had opened slightly, and an evil atmosphere swirled around her, ready to save “Daddy Li”. However, Long’er wore a gloating smile at the corner of her mouth, and there was a very strange expression on her charming little face.

Qin Zhen, the Princess Royal, had a complicated look on her face.

She was the Princess Royal of the Great Qin Dynasty. Generally speaking, if Li Mu killed a royal member of the Great Qin Dynasty alone, she should hate him, but she couldn’t hate him. She had known Li Mu for a long time. She once had held a misunderstanding for a long time, and didn’t really have much contact with Li Mu. She was standing on the side of Li Mu with reason.

Because today, she knew what kind of family the Western Qin royal family was.

The family affection had long been obliterated in those people’s hearts.

She began to worry about Li Mu.

On the other hand, those experts from the aristocratic sects were overjoyed, who had been overwhelmed by Li Mu’s imposing manner before. Now the situation had reversed, so they became energetic again.

If Li Mu was killed by Wei Wubing, they might still be able to get some profits.

On the other side, Qi Huai’s face was full of maliciousness. He sneered and said, “Li Mu, this is your last chance. Don’t miss the chance and make the wrong choice. Not only will you die, but all the traitors will have to die.”

The leader of Guanshan family, Guan Shanyue, took the opportunity to say, “Yes, Dean Wei is kind, but if you don’t appreciate his favors, maybe today you will be killed here. Our Guanshan family will not just be an onlooker.”

“Haha, that’s right.”

“He’s hurt so badly, but still so aggressive. I was almost scared by him before. In my opinion, we don’t even need Dean Wei’s help. Let’s fight side by side and kill him.”

“There’s no need to talk about the rules of the Jianghu with such a murderous devil. If we join forces, we’ll exhaust him in a war of attrition.”

“Let’s get rid of the devil and defend justice today.”

The masters and experts of the major ancient sects and well-known factions once again charged toward the Lord’s Manor, who were like a pack of emaciated wolves surrounding a lion that was exhausted.

“Protect His Honor.”

Zhang San, Mu Qing, and others rushed to the front and heavily guarded Li Mu.

Every superior, military officer, and soldier of the Great Moon Empire swore angrily that they would protect Li Mu at all costs, even if they were to die today.

The atmosphere was tense.

A smile suddenly appeared on Li Mu’s face.

“Why are you so nervous?” He waved his hand and said, “Brothers, please leave first.”

Qi Huai directly laughed and said, “Haha, you ants can’t protect Li Mu. Li Mu, killing devil, at this time, you are still so stubborn, then you will die…”

Before his voice died away—


A knife light flashed.

Li Mu’s figure moved in an instant and incredibly appeared in front of him. He took out a knife from the Broadsword Pellet with his right hand and cut Qi Huan’s head casually like cutting a melon, which was directly cut off.

It was as if he was picking a melon.

Before Wei Wubing could react, Li Mu had already returned to his original spot.

The long saber returned to the Broadsword Pellet.

Li Mu bent his right arm to hold the little baby girl, while holding Qi Huai’s head with his left hand. The dripping blood flowed on the stone steps of the main mansion.

In one hand was a newborn baby, and in the other hand, a bloody head.

A life in one hand, and a death in the other.

He controlled life and death.

At this moment, Li Mu seemed to be a god who really mastered the life-and-death skill.

“Master, Master… save me,” Qi Huai screamed. Obviously, he was not completely dead. After all, he was second in the martial arts of the Southern Chu dynasty, who had been famous for a long time and had made great achievements. He was still able to struggle.

However, this voice was like thunder from the Ninth Heaven that struck them, which made them tremble, panic, and scared.

Qi Huai, the second most powerful person in the martial arts field of the Southern Chu dynasty, was also the second strongest person among all the people present, except for Wei Wubing. However, his head was taken off by Li Mu, who was ” seriously injured”, as if he had taken off an unripe watermelon.

Even Wei Wubing was unable to react and rescue this proud disciple.

The Patriarch of the Guanshan family, Guan Shanyue, shrank his neck and was about to retreat. He found that he had just exclaimed too early and was extremely anxious.

However, there was a flash of blade light.

His body fell to the ground soundlessly in parts, with blood flowing out.

“Master…” Behind him, the experts of the Guanshan family exclaimed angrily. Then they saw saber radiance flashing all over the place. In a flash, dozens of people fell to the ground like straw under a farmer’s sickle.

Fresh blood was flowing out from the dismembered corpses.

Moreover, the blood seemed to flow forever. Not only the dozens of experts of the Guanshan family, but also the bodies of the Northern Brilliance Sect and Lord Ming Shan, who had been killed before, were still spurting out blood like fountains. In a flash, the blood on the ground gathered into a river.

The holy blood turned into mortal blood.

A drop of holy blood could turn into ordinary blood like a stream.

Because of the cultivation of the Sage who absorbed the energy of the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, his blood contained a tremendous power of vitality and blood vigor. When it turned into ordinary blood, it could bleed thousands of miles and turn into a vast ocean.

“When 10 cities and nine lands are faced with the difficulties of the military, the wilderness is thousands of miles away and the earth is burning red. It is necessary to withstand the holy blood to bring new vitality to this land.” Li Mu glanced at the people of the major ancient sects and said calmly, “Today, with the help of the holy blood, the spiritual qi of our Great Moon Empire will be restored. It is also the best use of these things, so you can die in peace.”

After that, the saber light burst out and the saber intent spread out layer by layer.

Today, he was going to kill all the people who came to Longcheng Pass.

These people, each of whom was like a weed in the wheat field, needed to be pulled out and could be killed.

Wei Wubing’s expression changed drastically.

He knew that his estimation was a little wrong. Li Mu’s injury must not have been as serious as he imagined, but he could not let Li Mu kill the masters of these aristocratic sects. Although these people were not important, they were, after all, combat forces.

“The immense sea has swallowed a thousand feet of ice, and the gloomy clouds have been condensed for tens of thousands of miles!”

He directly opened the book and recited the poem quickly, triggering the mysterious power in this book. In an instant, countless ice swords and snow knives flew out of it and swept toward Li Mu.

“Li Mu, under such a situation, how dare you do so? You’re really a devil.” Wei Wubing’s figure flashed at the same time and charged forward. His palms turned into white jade, and tens of millions of palm shadows attacked Li Mu.

“You’re biting off more than you can chew.”

Li Mu sneered and threw Qi Huai’s head aside to meet Wei Wubing, who was charging at him. Then, he threw a punch at him.

The fist print was as powerful as a dragon.

The fist force was like a pillar.

“Puff!” The palm prints all over the sky shattered. Wei Wubing’s face was filled with shock. He felt as though a terrifying force was crushing him, and his muscles and body were about to crack. He also felt a sweet taste in his throat and spat out a mouthful of blood, then he was hit flying backward.


“Dean Wei…”

Among the miserable cries, the experts of all the major sects and aristocratic families saw this scene and felt that the sky was falling down. Wei Wubing was blown away by Li Mu’s punch and couldn’t take it in one move. “Is this so extreme?”

That was one of the nine legends of martial arts in the world.

Then they turned around and fled as if they were on the brink of the end of the world. The shadow of death shrouded them in an instant, leaving no chance for them to escape.

They hated themselves.

They wanted more legs, regretted being there, and even hated those people who released the news that Li Mu was seriously injured…

“Please spare my life, Sage Li.”

“We’re wrong.”

“We shouldn’t have been incited by Wei Wubing…”

“Please spare us. We are willing to join the Great Moon Empire and surrender.”

In the midst of cries, all were begging for mercy.

Li Mu’s face was cold, and he was not softhearted at all. “Today, none of you can escape… Rise.” With his voice, a strange change appeared.

Light flowed from all four sides of the city wall of the Longcheng Pass. Huge Taoist runes flew out from the ground one after another and instantly supported the city wall. An orange light-screen layer flowed like a water pattern, turning into a big curtain, covering the entire pass.

Several Ancient Sect Semi-Sages who had escaped earliest crashed onto the light screen so heavily that they spat out blood and flew back.

However, in the previous confrontation with these people, Li Mu had secretly used Taoist magic arts to activate the power of the earth vein underground of the Longcheng Pass. With the help of the broken tactical deployment here, he had arranged a giant Nine Dragons Heavenly-trapping Formation to block the entire pass.

Today, he was going to kill all the evil-minded people, leaving no one alive.

“Li Mu, heaven has the virtue of cherishing life…” Wei Wubing bellowed. His aura circulated and instantly healed his injuries. As he held the Divine Book in his arms, his aura instantly skyrocketed to its peak. A kind of powerful pressure circulated around him as he said, “Do you really have to kill all of them? Why not be merciful if we’re going to meet again?”

Li Mu did not want to say anything else.


He punched again.

“Ah…” Wei Wubing was sent flying by another punch. Half of his body exploded and blood flowed out of the void. His bones were shattered everywhere, and he was simply unable to withstand a single blow. The difference in their strength was too great.

The people from the Ancient Sect and the well-known family were all in despair.

“Isn’t Li Mu injured?”

“How can he be so powerful?”

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