The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 428 - Sweeping Away and Destroying

Chapter 428 Sweeping Away and Destroying

Li Mu himself did not expect that the Three-step Celestial Being Realm could be cultivated so unintentionally. Was this so-called insight?

Among the five elements, the spleen contained the intent. The world was an illusion; the nature a belief; the emptiness a desire; when one’s desire was empty, one’s will was fixed.

In the past few days, Li Mu’s worry that he had encountered was a distraction, a kind of entanglement that seemed insignificant to outsiders. When he finally figured it out, he began to kill, set his mind, and understood all the thoughts. Then, the five qi in the internal organs of the Celestial Being were instantly cultivated.

The will was the Central Yellow Emperor’s soil spirit.

Li Mu had already read the “Emperor’s Cultivation of Essence” of the “Five Emperors’ Immortality Scriptures” and understood its meaning, but he fell into a bottleneck and couldn’t practice it successfully. He thought it was because the qi of the Fire Emperor and Emperor Qing couldn’t be cultivated, but in fact, it was because his mind hadn’t been firm yet.

When Li Mu finally recognized this world and his identity as the master of this world, he could get the recognition of this land. If he had thought of himself as a passenger, he would never be able to practice the power of the Central Yellow Emperor’s earth qi in this world.

At this moment, Li Mu felt comfortable all over his body. All the old wounds and internal injuries disappeared, and he instantly reached his best condition. Endless power came from the earth. He had a feeling that as long as he stepped on the ground, he would be invincible forever.

Of course, this was just an illusion after his strength and cultivation had been improved.

The promotion of his realm this time was really a coincidence.

“You…” Wei Wubing looked at Li Mu in disbelief and said, “That’s impossible. You’ve just entered the Three-step Celestial Being Realm. You…”

His brain was buzzing as if it had been struck by lightning.

“Li Mu, who is in the Third-step Celestial Being Realm, has smashed the invincible man under the Breaking realm with one punch.”

“Is it reasonable?”

Meanwhile, the experts of other well-known sects also seemed like they had seen a ghost. As they looked at Li Mu, they felt cold in their hearts.

They didn’t need to think about why Li Mu had just entered the Three-step Celestial Being Realm. What they needed to consider was that Wei Wubing, who was so strong, had already been beaten up like a watermelon by Li Mu. Who else could fight against Li Mu?

The answer was no one.

On the other hand, Zhang San, Mu Qing, and the others were cheering wildly in their hearts. The army discipline of the Great Moon Army was still strict at this time, so they couldn’t shout at will, but they all showed happy expressions on their faces.

The outcome had been decided.

“I lost.” Wei Wubing let out a long sigh.

He straightened his expression, made a deep bow, and said, “Li Mu, I was defeated by you, so I have nothing to say. From now on, our Wendao Academy will definitely not interfere in the affairs of the Great Moon Empire. The death of Qi Huai will not be investigated. However, the Tomes of Arcane is the most precious treasure of our Academy. Please return it to me. I can admit that from now on, you will be the strongest man in the world.”

“You might have made a mistake.” Li Mu looked at him as if he was looking at a fool and said, “Who wants you to admit that I am the best in the world? Hmm?”

Wei Wubing looked embarrassed and said, “Wherever there is a need to forgive, there is no need for Sage Li to be so aggressive.”

Li Mu said, “Now you’re here to talk about this with me. Didn’t you just say that you wanted to kill me, seize my treasure, and have me leave my last words?”

Wei Wubing made an obeisance and said seriously, “That was just done out of irritation. There’s no need for Sage Li to care about these words of anger. The reason why I’m here this time is just to verify my knowledge with Sage Li.”

His words made everyone around laugh with anger.

“Are all the Sages of the Human Clan so shameless?” Long’er’s face showed a contemptuous expression.

“Daddy Li won’t do that,” the little fox, Daji, retorted.

Qin Zheng looked at this scene and was thinking. He recalled what his master, Bai Mochou, had taught him.

Wei Wubing was one of the Nine Superbs in the world, a saint of the Southern Chu Empire and born in the Academy. He was the headmaster of the best academy in the world and was known as the most knowledgeable person in the world. However, his performance today was so unbearable.

So, what to do? How to judge?

The little prince was thinking about it. He felt that it had a great impact on him.

At the same time, he quietly moved closer to Long’er. For some unknown reason, he always felt that there was a special energy attracting him coming from this unknown demon, which made him unable to help wanting to get close to it.

Long’er noticed that there was a coldness on her beautiful little face. With a snort, the little prince did not dare to move.

“I just like to be caught in choices. Didn’t you say that Demon King Li will seek revenge for the smallest grievance? Haha, it is not wrong at all,” Li Mu said, “and I have another merit, which is that I will do what I say. If I say I will kill all of you, I will do so, and I will never let go of my promise.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Mu’s spiritual force spread out like a tide.

Layers of meridians appeared on the ground, and the hard ground suddenly became soft like sand. Hands of gravel appeared one by one and caught hold the feet of the masters in an instant. The lines flickered and directly sealed their cultivation.



“What happened?”

In the exclamations, everyone found that the hands of gravel and rocks on the ground, like made of divine iron, were on their legs. In an instant, all their cultivation had disappeared, and they couldn’t bring out any strength, making them even weaker than ordinary people.

Fear flooded them like a tide.

“Kill them,” Li Mu said coldly.

Zhang San, Mu Qing, and the other generals of the Great Moon Empire immediately drew out their swords and stepped forward. Over the past few days, many of their brothers were killed by these lawless so-called experts. They had endured countless insults and humiliations, and all of them were in a rage.

Now, it was time for revenge.

The knife light flashed.

On the spot, several masters and guardians were chopped to the ground, and blood was flowing out. Because their cultivation was constrained, they could not fight back at all.

Blood spread all over the place, stimulating everyone’s nerves.

“No, no, no. Let’s have a talk…”

“I didn’t kill your people. I revealed it. It’s him, the master of the Ling Hai Sect. He killed two warriors of the Great Moon Empire…”

Some of the martial arts experts were scared out of their wits.

They had never thought that they would end up like this. It was so terrible that they would be hacked to death by those they didn’t care about in daily life.

Several full Celestial Beings and Half-Saints who had taken the body-cultivating path were the most miserable, who were hacked numerous times by the angry Great Moon Empire soldiers as if they were cutting trees. They were badly mutilated and screaming. In the end, they were dismembered by swords.

There was a series of begging for mercy, screaming, and cursing sounds.

However, none of them were soft-hearted.

They were a group of people who deserved to be cut to pieces, each of whom was despicable and hypocritical, and whose sins not only included the massacres in Longcheng Pass, but also those in their lives. They had done countless similar despicable things.

In the end, masters and experts from all the ancient sects who had come to Longcheng Pass were all cut to death on the spot.

Blood flowed like a river.

The holy blood dissolved into the earth, and a large amount of blood seeped into the ground.

The so-called sages and Celestial Beings, who were so proud and dignified, were all grimacing after death, as if they were monkeys who had been killed.

Wei Wubing shivered all over. “Distinguished Li, do you have to kill all of them? Can you give them a way out?”

Li Mu didn’t say anything, but answered him with his expression.

“Don’t force me.” Wei Wubing slowly retreated and suddenly pointed in the direction of Bai Mochou and the others. He sneered and said, “If I’m right, this is Hua Xiangrong, the love of Sage Li. If you don’t want her to die, let me go. I can get rid of the poison in her body, otherwise…”

When he met Shangguan Yuting and others outside the city, he had already guessed the identities of the girls, and he tried to threaten Li Mu with their lives.

Li Mu frowned slightly.

He had already seen Shangguan Yuting and the others, but the timing was not right and he didn’t say anything. He didn’t expect Wei Wubing to have such a skill, who was really cunning.

At this time, Bai Mochou sneered. He raised his palm, and his five fingers, which were as tender and white as freshly stripped shallots, moved. A patch of gray mist flowed among his fingers, as if it were a magic trick performed by a master.

Wei Wubing’s face instantly turned pale.

That was the “Heart-corroding Venomous Vermin” that he had planted in the women’s bodies, which was a kind of special venom that was carefully cultivated and came from the devil tribe in the far south. In order to obtain the poison, he once turned into an incarnation and cut off dozens of tribes of the Five-clan Tribes to obtain it, which could be used to plot against Li Mu and was prepared by someone else among Nine Superbs. When he injected it into the women’s bodies, he originally thought it was a big waste, but unexpectedly…

“How did you do that?” Wei Wubing looked at Bai Mochou. In his knowledge, this woman’s name was Hua Xiangrong, a delicate prostitute from the Musical House.

“This kind of trash, in my era, is just a child’s toy.” Bai Mochou scornfully said, “Do you think you did it without being noticed? Haha.”

Wei Wubing yelled loudly and turned to flee.

In an instant, he had run hundreds of miles away.

Li Mu shook his head.

The 108-hilt Emperors’ Fire throwing knife hacked out from the Broadsword Pellet like flowing lights and approached him soon. It slashed Wei Wubing, who had lost all his battle intent and courage and his strength had been greatly diminished, into the air to pieces.

His Divine Soul was also destroyed by the Broadsword Intent of the Emperor Fire.

Wei Wubing’s body landed on the ground and became huge. He lost his Spiritual Qi and his muscles became fossilized, turning into a mountain range. Blood seeped into the earth, nourished the soil, turned saint blood into earth, and overflowed with Spiritual Qi. It was conceivable that in the next few hundred years, this area would be full of vitality and a vast expanse of fertile land.

At the same time, two figures were watching from a distance outside the pass, who were trembling with fear with pale looks on their faces.

“Why doesn’t Li Mu die?”

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