The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Dao-Drawing Chopping

“I don’t mean you. I mean all of you are rubbish.”

That was Li Mu’s favorite golden sentence when he was on the earth.

One of Li Mu’s favorite movies was Stephen Chow’s film “Love on Delivery”, and Li Mu was a genuine fan of Stephen Chow. In that movie, the arrogant Japanese Karate Big Brother Duan Shuiliu was a very unique character, and he was good at making jokes when he was doing something cruel and serious, so Li Mu simply named himself another Duan Shuiliu.

He just thought it was really funny.

However, Li Mu was very satisfied with the effect of being Duan Shuiliu.

Now the whole Wulin people in Taibai County had gotten a definite news, that is, Li Mu was not fighting by himself, and he had a big brother with the extremely excellent Dao-using methods, and those series of information indicated Li Mu was not fighting alone, but he had a strong clan or faction behind him to support him, so it was not so hard to imagine such a clan or faction that could train powerful Li Mu and Duan Shuiliu could not be infamous. Therefore, those who wanted to teach Li Mu a lesson had to weigh the pros and cons.

“Haha, I am a genius. I can turn into so many people. I can be whoever I want to be endlessly. I can incarnate as different people, so I am able to create a whole clan just by myself. Then I can frighten those local people on this planet. Hahaha!”

Li Mu laughed really loudly.

The emergence of The Way of Changing looks by Transforming Muscles and Bones was really timely.

“Speaking of it, I really want to thank that noble Li Bing, the youngest son of Chang’an magistrate of a prefecture. Haha, now I am like the NPC that can kill any BOSS. That pretentious Li Bing came here in such a long distance had only got a lesson taught by me, but it is really a timely help for me to get the opportunity to fight with them and take their martial arts practice books. Haha!”

Li Mu tried to move his eyes and eyebrows when looking at the mirror.

He was trying to control his facial muscles.

The only defect of The Way of Changing looks by Transforming Muscles and Bones, or the flaw caused by Li Mu’s control over his own muscles and bones, was that he could only be transformed into another person for about eight hours, then he would regain his original appearance after a long time’s muscle rigidity and bones displacement.

And that transformation could only change the general shape and some facial features, but could not change some details, such as hair, skin features, or birthmarks, etc., so if people carefully observed him, flaws could be found.

However, that was enough.

Li Mu really wanted to give Li Bing, who was in the prison now, a delicious drumstick.

Li Mu turned back to his original appearance, sat cross-legged on the cattail in the training room, closed his eyes, and began to recall the process of his fighting with those Jianghu masters today.

In the eyes of outsiders, Duan Shuiliu, who transformed by Li Mu, almost successfully killed every Jianghu hero by one chop at a time. It seemed that there was no difference in all the processes, but in fact, Li Mu sensed, facing different martial arts masters with different levels, his feelings and gains were totally different.

Those gains, similar to perception, must be digested and integrated as soon as possible in order to be truly translated into his own combat power.

Otherwise, as time went on, he would forget it no matter how profound those insights were.

Li Mu sat quietly, deducing all the battles of today in his mind.

It was proved by those facts that actual combat was always one of the best ways for a warrior to improve himself.

In his lasting self-practicing, Li Mu integrated many nine-grade martial arts secret tactics and created his own “Wind-Cloud Six Moves”. Among them, the most skilled and successful were “Dao-Drawing Chopping” and “Lightning Chopping”. In today’s battle, from beginning to end, he only used one move, which was the “Lightning Chopping”, so he had reached an unprecedented level in terms of using that tactic.

In other words, Li Mu’s understanding of the world’s martial arts had improved qualitatively.

Before that, he only knew theories.

But now, he could understand the actual combat.

Countless great men on earth had told us that it would be very powerful if people could combine theories into practices.

Li Mu sat in the same place for two hours, then he suddenly stood up, went up quickly to fetch that long-handled podao on the weapon rack, and eventually posed a position of putting up that Dao to stand.

He was gaining momentum.

The next moment, in the void, a dreamy flash of Dao occurred.

That Dao was out of the sheath.

Dao-Drawing Chopping!

The power of that move was no less than that of Lightning Chopping.

On the earth, there was scary swordsmanship in Japanese called Laido, which was about the integration of human and sword before the sword was drawn and that preparing move was like the reservoir in the accumulation of mountain torrents. At that time, that swordsman was in a state of no flaws, and the enemy could not attack him or her. After the moment of the total unity of the swordsman’s spirit and inner qi, their fighting power had reached the peak, then he or she burst out like the flood breaking through the reservoir dam, and all of the force was concentrated in that single sword, and then he or she could almost destroy any opponent with that kind of power.

Laido was one of the top esoteric martial arts in Japan.

Li Mu’s Dao-Drawing Chopping was born out of 36 Gale-like Blade Methods, and then adopted some strong points of other ninth-ranked swordsmanship tactics, which was similar to the Laido, however, Li Mu’s Dao-Drawing Chopping was more powerful than those strong Japanese swordsmen on the earth.

After a move of Dao-Drawing Chopping, Li Mu stopped to think carefully and ponder. He carefully speculated and deduced to further improve.

Then Li Mu chopped again with his podao.

Lightning Chopping.

For the next hour, Li Mu kept practicing those two moves.

As for the remaining four moves of Wind-Cloud Six Moves, Li Mu simply gave up his intention to deduce them for the time being, because he found that he might not be able to do this with his current martial arts understanding, and he already exhausted all his martial arts knowledge to create Dao-Drawing Chopping and Lightning Chopping. If he forced himself to deduce those remaining four moves, he would probably not be able to deduce something that did not have the equal power of the first two moves.

It was deep night outside.

Li Mu stopped practicing Dao methods.

He came to the mirror in the training room again and ran The Way of Changing looks by Transforming Muscles and Bones to change his facial muscles and skeleton constantly. This process was like pinching a rubber man little by little, and eventually, Li Mu had transformed into another person completely.

This time, Li Mu had changed into a serious, tall old man.

“That’s it. Haha, I will be the senior master of my imaginary faction.”

Li Mu smiled.

It was time for him to prepare.

He turned around to wear another black warrior robe that was prepared in advance. He had worn a headband and a black square towel on his head and covered with a black matte soft armor on his body. Then he took out the silver bow that had been secretly collected and dyed it black with ink and placed all the 20 wolf-tooth arrows matching the bow in the kettle, all wrapped up in black cloth and tied behind him.

After thinking a while, Li Bing took the long-handled podao with him and fetched something like steel wires, hook locks and phosphorus bombs from Li Bing in case of emergency. After those preparations, Li Mu got out from the secret door of the training room.

The former county magistrate spent a lot of time to build the back office. The weapons including those 18 kinds of blades were all made of fine steel, which was really precious. Even the training room was equipped with a secret door, and it took Li Mu several days to find those. When he walked out of the secret door of the training room, he came to the outside of the back yard of the county office.

Taibai County was built on a hillside, with gentle hillside on the sunny slope and steep slopes on the shade side.

The county office was situated on the top of the highest mountain in Taibai County, overlooking the whole city. Outside the back wall of the county office’s backyard, there were dense weeds and forests. Walking along the dense forests for about 1000 meters, Li Mu reached the shady slope, which was a cliff abyss surrounded by fog all day long. He once heard that there was a spring from a river gushing out in the middle of the cliff and roaring down the cliff, forming nine waterfalls, which was really magnificent.

Li Mu’s figure was flashing, and he used the Sky Hammer, the second move of Zhenwu Boxing, to run the lightness skill, then he instantly disappeared into the jungle outside the backyard of the county office like a smoke.

After crossing the dense forest, he could see the cliff abyss was in front of him.

Those two moons were in the high sky with cold light coming out, which was beautiful.

Li Mu nearly did not hesitate at all and jumped down the cliff.

Of course, he did not commit suicide but took a shortcut down the hill to intercept the possible attack of Qingfeng Citadel and completely extinguished the disaster before they came to Taibai County. The reason why he took the shortcut was that he went out as an incarnation so naturally, he could not let others know.

Jumping off this cliff, Li Mu could go all the way to the bottom of the mountain, which was the fastest way.

With the lightness skill of Zhenwu Boxing, Li Mu drifted slowly down like a feather at a very slow speed. Occasionally, he grabbed the rattan and rested on the cliff, or inserted directly into the cliff with his palms to hang and rest. After several times of resting, he had dropped nearly three or four hundred meters.

The roar of the waterfall in his ears became clearer and clearer.

It suddenly occurred to Li Mu that he had apparently reached to the legendary location of the Nine-dragons Spring Fall.

Several days ago, little monster Qing Feng crammed a lot of astronomical, geographical and personnel knowledge to Li Mu, so Li Mu could still recall the information about that fall. However, no matter how vivid the description was, it was much clear and shocking to see the spectacular Nine-dragons Fall in his own eyes.

It was really hard to imagine such a spring fall could erupt in that rock cliff.

That water was so majestic that it seemed like a sea-eye burst. Besides, the sound of that fall was like thunder, which was extremely amazing.

Li Mu felt amazed in his mind.

He thought it was because the waterfall was too far from the top of the cliff, so he didn’t hear the sound of the waterfall falling like thunder when he was in the backyard of the county office.

“The world was full of Spiritual Qi, and also the geography of mountains and rivers could not be measured by the physical dimension of the earth. I really wonder what kind of secret river or water is hidden in the mountain walls. I will definitely get closer to observe the waterfall carefully when I get time. Maybe, I can find another Water Curtain Cave just like in the novel Journey to the West.”


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