The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 51

Chapter 51 A Huge Monster

Everyone had two sides.

When Li Mu was in the killing mood, he would think what he did was right, but when looking at the corpses everywhere, he could not help but begin to reflect on whether he was killing people in the name of justice.

After all, he was an ordinary junior high school student from the earth—at least a month or two ago he was, although he had killed people, it still took some time for him to change his attitudes towards that.

Under the moonlight, Li Mu stood there, quiet and motionless, like a rock or a stump.

After a long time, he calmed himself down.

He came under the stone peak.

Wu Biao, the One Cut that Sends Man to Death, his crushed meat fell on the rocks and trees.

Objectively speaking, Wu Biao was much stronger than Li Mu in terms of Dao-using methods and actual combating power.

If Wu Biao could try his best to fight against Li Mu, he would never be defeated in such a short time. Even if Li Mu could defeat him by his speed and strength in the end, he would win very hard, and there was no way for Li Mu to defeat Wu Biao in terms of Dao-using methods.

Unfortunately, Li Mu’s abnormal physical healing power, as well as a few casual extraterrestrial nonsenses, made Wu Biao completely lose his fighting power and only want to escape, which caused his rush death.

How important was the role of fighting spirit and courage?

For Li Mu, that was also a profound lesson.

“It’s time to go back.”

Li Mu looked at the direction of Taibai County.

“These Bloody Cavalry troops were well equipped. I will let county guards clean up the battlefield.”

…The night was long and the moon was bright.

A figure, like a bolt of black lightning, shuttled between mountains.

It was Li Mu who returned back to Taibai County.

This time, he sniped troops Qingfeng Citadel and had a great harvest, so he was in a good mood.

Soon, Li Mu arrived at the abyss of the cliff behind Taibai County.

The lake of Nine-dragons was still sparkling.

At that time, the two months had gone west, and the light between the sky and the earth was dimmer than the moment when Li Mu went for the fight. Thus, the color of the lake was darker, which was more like a pool of ink, and therefore, it was more mysterious and profound. All of that kind of wild environment made people around palpitated.

Coming to that pool again, Li Mu felt the palpitation again.

It seemed that there was something terrible monster in the dark peeping at him.

“Crap, is there any monster that is lurking in this pool?”

Li Mu felt somewhat scared.

He stopped staying and immediately came down to the cliff.

The water mist above was blurred.

He carried that Bloody Giant Dao weighing nearly 500 kilograms and ejected up to thirty or forty meters, circling like a giant eagle.

After several ups and downs, Li Mu reached an altitude of 300 to 400 meters.

He gradually began to feel the sound of the falling of waterfall overhead very loud.

He could see that Nine-dragons Fall.

Li Mu adjusted his direction, leaped again and landed next to the Nine-dragons Fall.

His clothes had been wetted by the mist around.

Looking in that direction, Li Mu could clearly see that a huge water column of tens of meters thick was coming out of the cliff over ten meters away, just like a silver dragon coming out of the cliff.

That was the smallest one on the edge of the Nine-dragons Fall.

But it was shocking enough. At least in the era of the earth, Li Mu had never seen such a magnificent waterfall.

“Flying waters descend straight three thousand feet. Till I think the Milky Way has tumbled from the ninth height of Heaven.”

Li Mu couldn’t help praising it.

He ran Qi within his eyes and looked behind the back of that waterfall.

Through the crevice of the water curtain, Li Mu could see faintly that there existed a cave-like tunnel, but it was so deep and dark, and he could not know where it went, which gave him a feeling of mystery and danger seeing that deep and gloomy path, and it seemed that there was an unknown existence in it.

“In the novel Journey to the West, Sun Wukong found the water curtain cave behind the fall of Mountain of Flowers and Fruits. Would there be such a cave like the fairyland in that novel behind the Nine-dragons Fall?”

Li Mu couldn’t help thinking and indulging in a train of thoughts.

He had an impulse to go through the waterfall curtain and explore that cave behind it.

But Li Mu found out there was less than an hour before daybreak, so he must rush back to the county government, otherwise, his identity would inevitably be exposed. Besides, there was still a mess of things in the county to be dealt with by him, and the most important issue would be the big fight between Sky Dragon Faction and Huya Faction.

“Anyway, the Nine-dragons Fall has been here all the time. Even if I want to explore, I don’t have to be rush for this moment. I can wait until my strength has improved a little, and it will not be too late if I can have more preparation.”

Li Mu was no longer hesitant after thinking about that.

He used the lightness skill and continued to fly over the cliff.

In a blink of an eye, Li Mu had disappeared into the moonlight.

The cliff seemed to be calm again.

Nine-dragons Fall: Nine huge water pillars rushed out of the mountain walls, making a thunderous roar, falling into lakes and pools nearly a kilometer below, demonstrating the great power of nature’s creation, which could not be made by human beings.

After a while.

The last ray of moonlight between sky and earth shone on lakes and pools.

Suddenly, a shadow of several kilometers long emerged from the water.

What was that?

It seemed to be a hell dragon from the abyss of hell.

It rolled up and the calm of the lake was broken in an instant.

The lake boiled as if it had been boiled.

This incredible behemoth rushed out of the water, and most of its body was beneath the water, but it was already several kilometers long, showing its unparalleled and chaotic violence in the world.

Within a few kilometers of the surrounding, even the insects did not dare to chirp.

Everything was so quiet.

It opened its mouth and swallowed the last glimpse of the moon in a very strange way of breathing.

Its two eyes opened as if two cold and heartless bloody moons hung in the void.

The pools and lakes thousands of miles around it were surrounded by that bloody mist as if they were dyed by that blood water, which was like a strange field, kind of like dark prisons in the hell.

In the early morning, the first dawn shone in the restless Taibai County.

After returning to the county office, Li Mu immediately came back to his practice room and couldn’t wait to read the book of Netherworld Dao-using Methods.

That was the first martial arts book that surpassed ninth-ranking after he came to this planet. It was of great significance to him because he wished to see more advanced martial arts tactics and philosophies of the planet.

The breakfast prepared by little Qing Feng was placed well outside the practice room.

Feng Yuanxing, the secretary, came to the county government office before dawn.

He looked tired and pretty anxious. His eyes were bloodshot and his lips were dry and cracked.

In fact, he barely closed his eyes last night. With all the soldiers and people who could fight in the city, he patrolled on the city wall back and forth. Because he was afraid that those mountain villains from Qingfeng Citadel would invade the city and bring a disaster including slaughtering and arson to the whole Taibai county.

“Your honor, has he… finished and gone out?”

Feng Yuanxing asked in a hurry as soon as he entered the door.

That adorkable little Ming Yue, who was slowly drinking porridge, raised one of her hand and said hello, laughing and saying, “Yo, flatterer, you’re here. I heard you spent a night patrolling on the wall with our guards last night? Was that true? How come you, a courtier, are so conscientious and responsible?”

Feng Yuanxing was unable either to laugh or to cry.

These days he had become accustomed to this little girl’s mean way of speaking.

“My master has not finished his practice yet.” Qing Feng grinned bitterly and rubbed his temples, which was his habitual action, and he asked, “Mr. Feng, haven’t those mountain villains from Qingfeng Citadel appeared? Can there be other situations?”

Feng Yuanxing shook his head and looked puzzled, saying, “It’s very strange. Wu Biao, the killer, hasn’t appeared yet. In the early morning, I sent several bold soldiers and guards to explore dozens of miles outside the city, but there was no trace of any mountain villains.”

Qing Feng rubbed his temples again and said, “So… was it really my young master’s clan that sent some people to handle it? But I haven’t heard my young master has participated in any clan or faction.”

To tell the truth, although Li Mu had given them his a firm and solemn promise that his clan would send some masters to solve the disaster of Qingfeng Citadel, Feng Yuanxing was in a half-and-half state of belief and doubt, while the little boy Qing Feng did not believe Li Mu at all.

He had been following Li Mu for several years, but he had never heard Li Mu had participated in any clan or faction.

Feng Yuanxing looked worried and said, “We can send scouts to investigate the Qingfeng Citadel, and put them aside for the time being, but after two hours, the big fight between Sky Dragon Faction and Huya Faction will start. They have already built a fighting ring at the ruins of the Shennong Faction headquarter. The fight will begin immediately. Although Brother Duan Shuiliu frightened some people yesterday, there are still a lot of Jianghu people who come to that ruin. I’m afraid those two factions may expand their killing if they are in the high killing mood, and then our people in the whole county would suffer.”

“Oh, flatterer, now I have a completely new appraisal of you. You actually are worried about our county and our people, so you are a loyal official under the mask of a treacherous man.” Again, little adorkable Ming Yue laughed at Feng Yuanxing inappropriately, at the same time, she finished all the breakfast at the table by herself in an actual quick speed which seemed to be slow.

Just then, a sound came from the side door of the back office.

“You dumb ass, you actually are the most treacherous man in our county government office.”

Li Mu came in refreshingly and raised one of his hands to flick the head of that adorkable little Ming Yue.

Little Mingyue then changed a bitter look and pouted, and it seemed an oil bottle could be hung on her mouth.

“When will the big fight between those two factions start?” Li Mu looked at Feng Yuanxing and asked.

“Two hours,” Feng Yuanxing said quickly.

Li Mu stretched out lazily and asked people to prepare breakfast. He specifically urged them to add a few extra kilograms of meat.

Then he lazily said, “Oh, there are still two hours. It is still early. You can send people outside to observe and maintain order in secret and forbid civilians in the city to join that activity. As for the so-called Jianghu people. Just let them go. The more, the better, haha…”

The last “haha” of Li Mu made people around him feel chilling on their backs.

Somehow, after listening to that “haha” from his county magistrate, Feng Yuanxing suddenly became less nervous and anxious.

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