The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 54

Chapter 54 The History of the Holy Clan

The woman smiled and leaned tenderly on the man.

“In those years, the big Jebe was so famous all over the world and he showed great intelligence on martial art in less than twenty years, he had excellent archery and killed so archer masters with the ‘Magic Moon Shoot’ from the grassland and regarded as one of the four greatest archer masters in China. He enjoyed equal popularity with Han Yu from the Guanshan Pasture and had ever led 800 wild wolves from the ‘Wolf Temple’, which was invincible among the clans of the grassland and he enjoyed such great prestige and they called it ‘the goose fell from the bow and the clouds grew behind’. However, this famous guy degenerated and had adultery with Zhi Yuanliu who was the goddess from the ‘Wendao College’ as one of the nine Holy Clans. Then, he fell in love with her, and they were unmarried and pregnant and had a daughter, then, they eloped. It made ‘Wolf Temple’ and ‘Wendao College’ really embarrassed and they began to want him, but these must-die people escaped without any traces though they fought hard.”

It was a dust-laden history for several years but like a story when told by this pure barefoot woman.

The yin and yang-faced man looked as if he were thinking of something.

But soon he shook his head and said, “No, that’s not correct, it must be the archery like that if it really is the big Jebe, but the big Jebe and Zhi Yuanliu should hide rather than showing up since they tried hard to escape. The question is why he appeared and fought here then killed Wu Biao since he was without any ill feeling with him. That makes no sense since the two Holy Clans will get them soon to arrest them once they are blown and they wouldn’t be so lucky any longer.”

The pure barefoot woman smiled and replied, “My cousin and I had the same thought like you before, but he and you might not think so when you checked carefully on the arrow hole on the mountain wall.”

“The arrow holes?” The yin and yang-faced man winced, and then looked at the arrow mark which was as big as a big pit on the stone wall more than 100 meters away.

His left face was black and his right face was white, but the pupils of his black left face were like a mass of snow after some pupil operation while the pupils of his white right face were like a mass of thick ink, and there was a glimmer of light shooting out of his eyes.

Several seconds later.

A pair of pupils of the man restored to the normal state, and then he said incredibly, “There is fragmented essence of the moon power deeply in the arrow hole, no doubt that this is from the ‘Magic Moon Shoot’, and I never expected that it was by the big Jebe… Well, you are careful, I almost missed a big thing, ha ha ha.”

In the end, he couldn’t help laughing.

There was no way that he couldn’t laugh.

According to more secret legends, there was a treasure on the couple who fled. It was the legacy of the great demon from the outside world, which even made the nine Holy Clans would slaver after.

It was not as simple as it seemed why they were chased at that time.

Half of the reason was due to their elopement and mostly his treasure.

“It’s more than that. Well, cousin, if you check carefully, you may find the moonlight essence power scattered rather than gathered, and it is tangible but not charming. How can it be like this since that big Jebe is such a powerful man? What does this indicate?” the pure barefoot woman said with a wink.

“Maybe it was done by his successor? Or…” The yin and yang- faced man was uncertain and looked anxious.

“Well, my cousin, you should think hard since you are such a powerful man, and that’s why you are still a guard.” the pure barefoot woman shook her head hopelessly and said, “How did the successor come since the big Jebe escaped and hid away from the world?”

“How’s that?” The yin and yang-faced man was in a trance, and then he said with a bitter smile, “How can I be so smart like my cousin? It’s not necessary for me to think it over again and again since you’re such a clever and nimble Raylife accompanying me…”

The woman gave him a disdainful look and showed tender affection for him.

“At that time, the Jebe and Zhi Yuanliu had been chased for several years, they traveled around and got a serious injury. Personally, they couldn’t activate the ‘Magic Moon Shoot’ fully when he was not in good condition since he was seriously injured, and that’s why he left the mark like that in the battle. There’re many other reasons that we don’t know why he sniped Wu Biao at the cost of exposing himself, but there’s one thing certain that the big Jebe and his wife must be inside or outside Taibai County and our chance is coming.”

“So I believe we can find them surely when we search them outside and inside Taibai County now, and we will not only get the rewards from both of the Holy Clans but also have the chance to get the legend treasure once we get them…”

The yin and yang-faced man looked excited.

But the pure woman shook her head and said, “No, let’s inform the factions and tell them to send people.”

“What? Why do we give this good chance to others since we’ve always wanted it?” The yin and yang-faced man didn’t agree.

The pure woman raised his finger and pointed to the man, said with alluring laughter, “My dear brother, it’s a good opportunity indeed, but we cannot afford to get it. This couple is terrible enough and even the two great Holy Clans cannot kill them after several years. Don’t forget that Zhi Yuanliu is the former great man from Holy Clan and we shouldn’t underestimate him though the big Jebe is seriously injured and lost some power.”

The man froze, he nodded and said, “That’s also true.”

He was such a proud man, but in his heart, he had to admit that this couple was so great and terrible since they had ever made great trouble in China at that time.

As such an influential man, he couldn’t be defeated even though he lost his advantages or power over others.

However, he still felt reluctant to report such valuable clues to the factions.

The pure woman understood him so well, she smiled and said, “You have to sacrifice so that you can get sometimes. We can’t afford to eat it and give it to others, so that they may share with us some when they feel comfortable.”

Looking at the Taibai County guards who were as busy as aunts below the Han fork, the man nodded and finally agreed to the woman’s plan.

“It’s OK… I’m supposed to duke it out with Bai Rushuang this time, but I’ve never expected such a good opportunity. Well, my dear cousin, just go to the Taibai County with me when the information is released,” then, he added and said, “Bai Rushuang must be in the Taibai County now, I have to meet him still, as the successors from the Qing Sha Clan and Sirius Clan, we need to know who the real winner is.”

“All right, let me accompany you now.” The pure barefoot woman leaned in the man’s arms and nodded with a smile.

“Wow, this is so great!”

Little Ming Yue’s mouth was full of oil, and he stretched out satisfactorily.

After dispatching three roast suckling pigs, two roasted lamb legs, and a large bowl of fish soup, she patted on her round belly and left the dining table reluctantly, slipped into the next bench and lay down like a mollusk.

Li Mu looked at the little girl with an uncertain look.

He was quite sure now there must be something wrong on this little girl.

How could such a little child eat so much food since she was only less than 10 years old?

After the big fight last night, Li Mu consumed so much Qi and blood and he even got wounded by Wu Biao with knife. Though he recovered quickly on the cut, he consumed more energy than ordinary people. He was so starving and had to come out from the exercise room for food, but he couldn’t eat so much like this little girl even he was so hungry like this.

“I don’t know why I’m always feeling so hungry, and I want to eat everything I can see…” This little Lolita felt Li Mu’s look and wiped the grease stains on her mouth with embarrassment.

After that, she shouted exaggeratedly, “Ouch, my stomach hurts… It seems that I have a bad stomach… Bye-bye.”

She dashed away quickly.

Li Mu was speechless.

What should he do?

Would he go bankrupt if this little kid kept eating like this?

It disturbed him a lot when he thought about this.

Why were the aborigines on this planet so abnormal?

“When will the big fight between those two factions start?” Li Mu looked at Feng Yuanxing and asked.

He was accustomed to the timing method by hour on the earth and not very sensitive to the way the world was timed. Generally, one hour in the world was equivalent to two hours on earth, and a stick of incense time was about fifteen minutes.

“One hour left,” Feng Yuanxing said.

Li Mu nodded.

Half hour was just about one hour as it was timed on the earth.

It was still so early.

“I need to go back for a rest first.”

Li Mu turned back, went to the back court and entered the exercise room again.

Feng Yuanxing and the little attendant Qing Feng hesitated with a forced smile when they spoke.

“Can you be more considerate, Your Honor?”

“This was the big fight between the two factions with the famous martial art masters, which is so destructive, and what if the battle expands once the fight becomes fierce since those Jianghu guys are all outlaws and already gathering in the county?”

In the practice room.

Li Mu had reviewed the “Netherworld Dao-using Methods” again.

His mind was firmly impressed by the ways, the myth, the way of forcing, the change of the way of styles, and the time to cut with the Dao-using methods.

He was not anxious to practice.

Instead, he was practicing the three styles of the Commencing Pile Gong of the “Zhenwu Boxing”, the “Rocking-sky Hammer” as well as the “Sky Hammer”.

To explain with the simplest example, the “Zhenwu Boxing” was actually a bit like yoga on the earth, and of course, the change of movement and the power of muscles were more complicated and profound than yoga. Every time when Li Mu practiced and performed, he would feel that there were endless new forces in his body, which were integrated into all the limbs and bones of his body.

This was some kind of fantastic experience.

He could feel clearly that his power was really increasing just like a trickle of water into a lake.

And the meat that he ate before was being digested at fast speed.

A sense of emptiness occurred.

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