The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 55

Chapter 55 The Fight between the Two Factions Started

Li Mu was feeling carefully and made the final confirmation that it was just this food that produced the new power.

“The people on the earth always say that enough food will make you strong, it is simple but reasonable… The power is from the food and that must be one of the basic theories for practice.”

Li Mu stopped moving and was lost in thought.

He had a strong power of understanding and could draw inferences about other cases from one instance.

This kind of understanding needed to be testified by time and practice to know it was right or wrong.

For those martial art masters who mastered the internal qi, the ordinary food might provide power while the so-called Spiritual Qi in the world was also a kind of “food” for power. It was just the special practicing methods that made them obtain the power from the “food” so that they got power over ordinary people.

After practicing the “Zhenwu Boxing” piling gong for six times and the first two methods, Li Mu was feeling body pain and muscle soreness.

This was because the body’s load had reached its limit.

He was sitting cross-legged and began to start the “Xiantian Skill”.

The “Zhenwu Boxing” and the “Xiantian Skill” were the bases of all of Li Mu’s power.

He was always so serious on those two Cultivation Methods when he was practicing.

The air flow in the exercise room changed as he was breathing.

Two three-feet-long white air columns, like small white snakes, were shrinking and throbbing in Li Mu’s nasal cavity.

There was a wisp of silver light appearing on Li Mu’s body, which seemed to be glowing while each hair became crystal. Several months after Li Mu had arrived on this planet, his hair was growing very fast and it almost reached the shoulder.

His muscles seemed to have become transparent and blood vessels might be seen indistinctly.

Li Mu was shrouded in a mysterious mental aura.

After a while, Li Mu opened the eyes slowly and he stopped practicing.

The brilliance and the mental aura scattered.

He stood up and felt so comfortable all over.

Especially his mind, which was feeling so clear and bright that he had been before.

“Why do I feel as if I’d taken the legendary Life No. 1 and enhanced my intelligence…?” Li Mu really had an illusion, as if he had become smarter.

He recalled the fighting experience last night and found a deeper understanding that he ignored before.

Especially the process of fighting about the Dao-using methods with “One Cut that Sends Man to Death” Wu Biao, it reappeared constantly in his mind. Then, he immediately understood and found so many flaws about the aspects such as opportunity, progress, and force using when he was practicing the “Dao-Drawing Chopping”.

And Li Mu re-simulated the result soon.

He was absolutely confident enough when he was fighting with Wu Biao again in the same condition with the same styles, he could be on equal with him rather than being beaten down at once or having his chest open by Wu Biao.

It was even stranger that everything became suddenly enlightening when he recalled the style changes and the force using meaning of the “Netherworld Dao-using Methods”, he had a sense of seeing through all the myths at a glance and having practiced many times.

“Will the ‘Xiantian Skill’ be helpful to open up the wisdom of human martial arts?”

Li Mu was amazed greatly.

It seemed the “Xiantian Skill” had certain ability to develop the human brain if he had to explain it by the theory from the earth?

As he was still amazed there, he found more great gains through the previous martial art books including the self-created “Wind-Cloud Six Moves” when he was sorting in his mind. There was even space for further improvement for the preliminary molding of the “Dao-Drawing Chopping” and the “Lightning Chopping” of the Wind-Cloud Six Moves.

However, he didn’t feel suddenly enlightened as he turned to think about the physical chemistry theory knowledge and mathematical problems that he learned on the earth, instead, he was still feeling puzzled and difficult rather than easily solving them after the intelligence was enhanced.

“So, it improved the comprehensive ability of the martial art theories?”

Li Mu thought of something.

He interpreted this mental enlightenment as an improvement of the ability of martial art enlightenment.

A moment later, he opened the door of the exercise room.

The little attendant Qing Feng and the secretary Feng Yuanxing were standing at the gate anxiously.

“Why? What are you doing here?”

“Your Honor, the fight between the Sky Dragon Faction and the Huya Faction has been on for quite a while.”

“Ah! That’s so early, you told me it would start after one hour, right?”

“Hello, young master, it’s been three hours since you finished breakfast.”

“That’s so early!”


“Where is Ming Yue?”

“She snuck out… she must be watching the fight on the field.”

“Come on, kill him!”

A crisp girl’s voice, though not loud, still attracted the attention of many people in the noisy crowd around the platform.

It was a girl, who looked less than ten years old, crying.

The little girl was wearing children’s clothes with two black and shiny braids tied behind her head. She had white and delicate skin. Her dark eyes looked like two pieces of black jade which made her look beautiful and lovely, but her face looked like a fanatical gambler and it was really difficult to connect her with her age on her appearance.

“Come on, kill him!”

“Aha, good hit…”

This little girl was too short, and she was blocked by the crowd in front of her and couldn’t see the battle clearly on the arena. So she had to jump again and again in the crowd so that she could see the battle as she jumped every time, which looked like a little rabbit on doping.

It was the sixth round of all the twenty ones between the Sky Dragon Faction and the Huya Faction.

The two factions won half.

And it was the seventh round at this time.

“Wind and Thunder Knife” Cao Xiang, the Tang Master of the Sky Dragon Faction was fighting with “Three Deadly Shots” He Bing, a guard from the Huya Faction. It was fierce and wonderful. Sometimes, there were showy styles which made the people from the Jianghu surrounded by the arena applaud one after another.

But the first ten rounds were generally only appetizers of all the twenty fights, and the fighters were not the real core masters from the factions. For example, “Iron Hand Holding up the Sky” Tie Zhendong and “Sky Dragon Sword” Dong Fangjian were only watching there and not in the fight.

Many people understood that the real fierce battle would occur in the last ten rounds, or exactly in the last five rounds.

“Come on, kill him!”

The little girl was still hopping like a rabbit, screaming happily at the top of her lungs.

At this time, “Wind and Thunder Knife” from the Sky Dragon Faction took the advantage and suppressed his opponent fiercely, and those disciples from all cheered up. While the people from the Huya Faction curbed their anger and thought this little girl might be from the Sky Dragon Faction since she was shouting so hard.

However, there was no one caring for such a little girl at this time.

Soon, “Wind and Thunder Knife” Cao Xiang displayed his deadly trick and cut three fingers of “Three Deadly Shots” He Bing.

The people from the Sky Dragon Faction all jumped for joy.

Those disciples from the Huya Faction were indignant.

It was not a long wait before the eighth round started.

But this time, it was “Snowflake Sword” Gong Rui who represented the Huya Faction that crushed thoroughly “Blaze Hand” Nie Qinglin who represented the Sky Dragon Faction.

“Come on, kill him!”

That mysterious little girl was still cheering and jumping loudly.

At this moment, many people realized it.

No, which side was she on?

Why did this little girl say “good kill and kill him” when the fighter from the Sky Dragon Faction was overpowering his opponent? And she also cried like this when the fighter from the “Huya Faction” did so. This little girl was actually fanning the flames since she didn’t belong to the Sky Dragon Faction nor the Huya Faction, right?

So, at this moment, people on both sides began to glare at the little girl angrily.

“Who are you, tomboy…?” One disciple from the Sky Dragon Faction who got fed up rolled up his sleeves and was about to beat this girl.

A companion next to him pulled him back quickly.

“Calm down, don’t forget that the monks, young ladies, children and the old… they seem not to be strong, but actually are very powerful in the Jianghu. I’m afraid this little girl was taken by someone on purpose, and that’s why she’s so arrogant. Don’t fight with her, let’s keep watching…” the companion whispered to him.

The Sky Dragon Faction disciple gave up with anger.

Suddenly, a cheer and exclamation broke out in the crowd.

The eighth round ended and “Snowflake Sword” Gong Rui won. The people exclaimed for the person standing on the arena who represented the Huya Faction, and it turned out to be “Golden Snake Magic Whip” Li Zheng.

Different from the people of “Wind and Thunder Knife” Cao Xiang, “Three Deadly Shots” He Bing, “Golden Snake Magic Whip” Li Zheng was a senior master famous for decades in the Northwest Wulin World, and he was a Northwest Wulin World legend who really practiced hard as an honorary presbyter from the Huya Faction. He was a master with Joint-thoughts level and could be named as a first-class master in China.

Unexpectedly, such a mighty character appeared in the ninth round on the stage.

The atmosphere on the site reached its climax at this moment.

“May I know who that is from the Sky Dragon Faction?”

“Golden Snake Magic Whip” Li Zheng shook the golden gold soft whip in his hand, and the barb as thin as a wrist spread out on the stage like a giant golden python ten meters long.

So many Wulin World masters died because of this golden spiked snake whip.

On the side of the Sky Dragon Faction, the high-level personnel next to the watch platform also lost countenance.

“Aha, let me be first. I’d always wanted to kill this little snake…” A loud laugh came and a figure flew out from the watch platform on Sky Dragon Faction side. He was as fast as the lightning and landed on the arena.

“I’m ‘Cold Mountain Sword’ Qiu Zihan, and I’m coming to kill you.”

As the sword sheathed, the cold spread and a layer of white frost diffused on the arena.

It was a young man about less than 30 years old holding the sword, and he had white skin and looked arrogant.

His nickname was “Cold Mountain Sword” and he was one of the famous Quick Blades in the Northwest Wulin World.

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