The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 56

Chapter 56 The Old Beggar

“Cold Mountain Sword” Qiu Zihan, the speaker of the Sky Dragon Faction “Sky Dragon Sword” Dong Fangjian as well as “Cloud-dragon Sword” Mu Yunlong and “Mind-clearing Sword” Gao Shengpeng from the Sky Dragon Faction who appeared on the watch platform were sworn brothers. And “Sky Dragon Sword” was the elder brother while the other three ones came from thousands miles away to cheer for him.

Seeing “Golden Snake Magic Whip” Li Zheng coming for the challenge, there was no one from the Sky Dragon Faction coming out for the fight since they were fearful about this senior master. As a result, Qiu Zihan stepped forward bravely and resolved the embarrassment.

“Well, why don’t you retreat since you are so young? You are so impulsive and why are you coming for death since you’ve enough time to live?” Li Zheng was running the internal qi and smiled coldly.

He shook the wrists and injected internal qi.

The original stiff golden snake barb whip seemed to be alive and twisted like a live snake on the ground of the stage. The short sword of a golden snake on the whip sticking out its tongue was there as if it were a real one since there was a series of strange sizzles.

It would be tantamount to acquiescing in the result of life or death, just like signing the life and death contract once stepping on the platform of such battle.

“You are old and weak, you’re almost dying and why do you still compete with young men, don’t you think it will ruin your reputation?” Qiu Zihan was retaliating and said.

It was a way for the Wulin masters to use language to arouse the opponent’s mind and distract their energies to let them feel frustrated in every attempt when confronting each other.

Qiu Zihan was much younger than Li Zheng, but he didn’t have inferior experience of fighting.

Each master of fame from the Wulin World had the experiences of life and death.

The battle between the two sides would soon break out.

Different from the previous “sideshows”, as those two first-class masters with Joint-thoughts levels were fighting, it caused internal qi surging and air waves spreading in the air, while the audience felt suffocating waves coming. They even couldn’t feel free to breathe as if there were a giant stone on their chests when they were too close to them.

There was even a wretched man who was hit by the wind and aftereffect from the sword since he was too close. He cried out and some of his bones on the chest were broken, leaving a layer of frost on the clothes that made him fly upside down five or six meters as if he were poisoned.

At this moment, all the people swept back and formed a blank area within ten meters around the arena.

Only the little sightless girl still stood under the stage. She was full of energy and feeling excited.

“Come on, kill him!”

“Kill him!”

This little girl waved her little fists and was shouting at the top of her voice.

It was unknown who she was cheering for.

All of a sudden, those who had not noticed her before discovered her.

Who was this crackpot?

Many Wulin masters had this question.

Even the core high-levels from the watch platforms on both sides of the arena also noticed this little girl.

One Tang Master from the Huya Faction frowned. He called out one disciple and talked to him in a low voice.

The disciple went down of the watch platform. He called out several more disciples, crowded out the crowd and came toward the little girl.

But before they came to her, one young man went out of the crowd suddenly and stopped those Huya Faction disciples. He smiled and said, “Sorry, this little girl is my daughter, she has some brain problem and sorry for my absence when she gets here…”

The disciples stared at him up and down.

This was a young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He was not quite handsome but had an unforgettable temperament. There was no internal qi wave on him and obviously, he was not a Wulin master though he looked calm and kept smiling.

“This is your daughter?” the disciple frowned and asked.

“Yes, this child is a neurotic and often talks nonsense,” the young man replied.

“Since she is a neurosis, take care of her mouth and don’t talk nonsense. Otherwise, she will never know how she dies.” One disciple looked cold and threatened, “Take her away, or I can’t guarantee whether she will live till afternoon.”

The young man nodded, and he turned around and walked toward the little girl.

When he came up, he reached out, patted the little girl on the shoulder, and said, “Are you coming for death here, little dumb ass?”

“Why are you here, young master?” The little girl was naturally a violent adorkable little girl Ming Yue. She turned back and said with excitement, “Three has been three killed and five injured, aha, that’s so funny, it’s just like a monkey show…”

Naturally, the young man was Li Mu.

He glanced at the arena and said, “That’s not funny, they were only chickens in the fight.”

Before he finished the words.

Surrounded by the tide of sound, there was a roar of cheers, exclamations, screams, and roars.

It turned out that there were winners and losers on the arena after the fierce battle between the two masters. The golden barb snake whip was entangling “Cold Mountain Sword” Qiu Zihan like a python, and the barb was stabbing in the body and the blood spurted out. That was a dangerous situation.

“Aha, Qiu Zihan will be down.”

“‘Cold Mountain Sword’ is just nothing, it cannot withstand a single blow in front of his senior Mr. Li.”

Those disciples from the Huya Faction all exclaimed excitedly at the sight of this.

This was the first contest between the senior masters from the two factions, and it would be significant for the winner. Especially the young master like “Cold Mountain Sword” Qiu Zihan, who might be a great discouragement for the Sky Dragon Faction. It was like one of the arms of “Sky Dragon Sword” Dong Fangjian was cut off once he died.

On the watch platform.

The Huya Faction speaker “Iron Hand Holding up the Sky” Tie Zhendong and the people around him all looked happy.

While Dong Fangjian and Mu Renlong as well as others were nervous and stood up.

“Brother…” “Mind-clearing Sword” Gao Shengpeng couldn’t control himself and wanted to help.

On the other side, “Iron Judge” Sun Xing, as an assistant master from the Huya Faction, stood up with a thump on the table and sneered, “Why? Do you want to break the rule since we’ve already made this arena of life and death?”

Dong Fangjian, Mu Renlong, and others all pounded the table and stood up.

Tie Zhendong was unwilling to admit himself outdid. He shouted loudly like an angry lion, “It’s you Sky Dragon Faction that agreed to this rule and why cannot you stand losing now? Do you want to eat your words and break the Jianghu rules?”

Dong Fangjian’s momentum was reduced.

In Wulin World, people with bad rules often became targets of attack.

But as a sworn brother, he would never only watch his brother die.

The atmosphere suddenly became very tense.

Little Ming Yue twitched her mouth and said, “What’s that? That’s so boring, is that the so-called master? ‘Cold Mountain Sword’ is a charlatan and I thought he would kill all with his sword, but it turned out that he was finally killed by an old whip man.”

Though this little guy was crying at random that someone was to be killed without certain stance, actually she supported “Cold Mountain Sword” Qiu Zihan, anyway, they were both young.

Li Mu shook his head and said, “Watch carefully, ‘Cold Mountain Sword’ didn’t lose yet…”

“‘Cold Mountain Sword’ didn’t lose.” Another voice sounded, which was almost at the same time when Li Mu spoke.

Li Mu and little Ming Yue looked back at the same time.

It was unknown when an old beggar with a big yellow and white dog arrived behind them.

This old beggar was holding a chicken buttock in his hands and eating it with oil all over his mouth. A peculiar fragrance spilled out of the roasted chicken buttock while the big, fat yellow-and-white dog was chewing a few chicken bones and enjoying them. He looked calm and ignored the noisy surroundings.

The old beggar looked up and grinned as he felt them. He lost one upper incisor.

“Is that you speaking just now?” Little Ming Yue sniffed and she was attracted by the fragrant chicken buttock.

A gastronome was always so attracted easily.

The old beggar nodded as he was eating. “Yes, it’s me the old man…”

Little Ming Yue was drooling and staring at the fragrant chicken buttocks. She was wondering why it was so fragrant. Then, she had an idea and asked, “How can you see that?”

“I guess so.”

“But what if you guess it wrong?”

“Well, kid, what do you mean?”

“I mean, let’s make a bet, and give me the rest chicken buttock if you guess it wrong, OK?”

“Aha ha ha, you’re so smart… but no.” The old beggar refused point blank.

Ming Yue gnashed the teeth in anger and growled in her throat. She had an impulse to grab it directly.

Li Mu looked at the old beggar with a little curiosity, but he did not speak anything at last.

There were so many strange people from the Jianghu. Thanks to the rumors, the masters who were quite mysterious at his whereabouts were mysteriously beautified, just like being filtered. But when you really met them, you would find that they were very ordinary- And these theories are told by the old faker.

However, what Li Mu saw in this old beggar was more of a fake mysterious affectation.

The intuition gained by practicing the “Xiantian Skill” told Li Mu that the old beggar was not a great master.

He could feel the wave of internal qi from the old beggar, which was not strong. The old beggar had more vigorous blood and qi than ordinary people, which was barely at the Joint-thoughts level. This could be told that he was a first-class Jianghu master, and it was not strange when he could find “Cold Mountain Sword” Qiu Zihan didn’t lose.

The old strange man crossed the crowd and appeared in the blank area under the arena. He was active and accosting, which made Li Mu feel that this man was deliberately coming to chat up. But Li Mu did not want to have too much contact with him before knowing the purpose of him.

Since it might be so easy to get caught up in topics and thoughts that the other person prepared when he did so.

Soon, there was a sound of hubbub and ebullition around the arena.

There was cold air circulating all over “Cold Mountain Sword” Qiu Zihan, and a wisp of white mist in the air and the ice crystal snowflakes were dancing on the arena. Layers of ice crystals covered the entire arena and froze the golden barb long whip. They were spreading along the whip toward Li Zheng’s arms.

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