The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 57

Chapter 57 It Was High Time to Show up

Li Zheng changed his look and he wanted to withdraw his long whip, but it was too late.

In the end, the two men were actually both being defeated and wounded.

Qiu Zihan’s body was smashed like a griddle by Li Zheng’s Golden Snake Whip, while Li Zheng was wounded by that cold Qi and suffering from that cold poison, and thus lose the strength to fight.

Both of the two masters were carried down from the ring.

Sky Dragon Faction and Huya Faction were quarreling again with each other about who actually had won.

They were so noisy as if in the food market.

Thee supporters of the two sides under the fighting ring were debating fiercely and another fighting was about to break out. Interestingly, the top leaders from both factions on the stage who had watched the battle were also arguing badly, but finally, they both reluctantly agreed to be a tie.

Then, the next battle on the ring was about to begin.

It was Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen, from Huya Faction versus Mu Renlong, the Cloud-dragon Sword, a supporter from Sky Dragon Faction.

The battle was fierce.

Their internal qi was so strong that the wind caused by their fighting was blowing strongly.

Within twenty meters around the fighting ring, there were only Li Mu, Ming Yue, the old beggar, and his yellow and white fat dog.

However, other Wulin masters were afraid of being hurt by the after winds of their battle and all hiding at a safe distance.

That fighting was very fierce.

Perhaps because of the previous battles, both of them got really furious, so both Wu Renlong, the Cloud-dragon Sword, and Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen, were doing their utmost and using their special skills to kill each other and thus did not retain any power.

Both of them were first-class masters who were in the Joint-thoughts level, so their bodies were surrounded by a layer of internal qi when they were fighting fiercely.

All the martial arts masters who were watching the battle around were intoxicated with what they had seen.

“It is good!”



“That move of Cloud-dragon Paw Flipping is simply exquisite.”

“Punching someone hard with his three-inch pen; Killing someone via destroying one’s acupoints and meridians, which made the King of Hell laugh… Master sun with his Judge of Iron pen is amazingly terrifying.”

Some people were sighing loudly.

That was the most common reason why Jianghu people enjoyed participating in such events.

Watching masters’ fighting was partly due to the accumulation of proofs of future bragging, and partly to broaden one’s horizons to learn something.

Among those people who had applauded loudly, there were many of them who were really crazy about fighting and some of them who could not help shouting when seeing those fascinating fighting.

And those who deliberately cited from the classics or ancient works were not necessarily true masters who were good at observing, but might be “masters who could only do the empty talks”, that was to say, they deliberately used a seemingly inadvertent way to show others their knowledge and wisdom to gain fame and people’s approval.

Wulin was actually a vanity fair.

However, Judge of Iron Pen and Cloud-dragon Sword were both top-ranking masters on the Northwest Wulin World for a long time after all. In the eyes of many Wulin heroes, they were indeed excellent fighters, and exclamations and sighs were burst out one after another.

Only Li Mu, the expression on his face was becoming more and more strange.

“Is there any mistake? They are the famous masters?”

Li Mu, the county magistrate, felt really strange.

Because whether the Three Appearances of Cloud-dragon of the Cloud-dragon Sword Mu Renlong, or Thirty-Six Ways of Hurricane-and-Rain-like Acupoint Pointing of the Judge of Iron Pen Sun Xin, from Li Mu’s point of view, he just thought, firstly, they were as soft and weak as slow moves, and secondly, there were so many flaws when they were changing their moves while fighting… They were not so powerful like what those martial arts masters were bragging around and thus did not meet Li Mu’s expectations.

When Li Mu came to the watching area near the fighting ring, half of his purpose was to study and observe.

He wanted to see how strong the masters were, who were from big clans and really famous for decades on the Northwest Wulin World.

In the beginning, Li Mu still had great expectations.

Li Mu hoped to see more changes and rationales of martial arts from the fights among those masters.

What he lacked most now were those things.

But the more he looked, the more disappointed he was.

The so-called masters, such as Cloud-dragon Sword Mu Renlong and Judge of Iron Pen Sun Xin, seemed to be really powerful when fighting with each other on the fighting ring, but Li Mu thought he could defeat him with one of his hands, no, one of his fingers.

In the eyes of Li Mu, their fight was just like a children’s game.

That was really a very strange feeling.

Because in Li Mu’s mind, as for those Wulin masters, not to mention Wu Biao, the One Cut that Sends Man to Death, even the four King Kongs of the former Shennong Faction and that noble young man Li Bing were powerful than those two masters in Joint-thoughts level who were fighting on the fighting ring right now.

Why would he feel in that way?

Li Mu felt very strange.

“Kill him!”

Little Ming Yue jumped up again like a rabbit, and she continued to shout those unchanged and provocative words, which were really clear around the fighting ring.

The disciples Huya Faction, who had just returned to the battle-watching platform, had changed their looks.

What happened?

Why hadn’t the young man taken that neurosis girl away?

Didn’t they want to live?

A disciple surged with anger, turned around and pulled out the long knife at his waist, and went down to the area near the ring with a murderous look.

He approached Li Mu and Ming Yue, pointing at them angrily and saying, “You’re still making trouble here. Are you trying to die? Damn it. It seems that if I don’t teach you a little lesson, you won’t know…”

Li Mu held the knife tips, laughed, interrupted him directly and said, “Get out of my way, you’re blocking me from watching the play.”

“You…” That disciple saw Li Mu was not afraid at all, and he dared to fight back, so he got really furious and gave power to his wrists, and he wanted to directly cut off the palms of that reckless Li Mu.

Who knew that long knife was immovable in Li Mu’s hand no matter how the disciple gave power to his knife.

At that time, in the outskirts of the Shennong Faction site suddenly came the sound of drums.

The thumping and clear drum sounds were very clear around the noisy battlefield that everyone could hear it.

Those masters who were watching were very confused.

Li Mu loosened that knife blade and stretched out lazily, saying, “Well, their preparation is very fast… Anyway, this fight is like monkeys are playing. It’s not so interesting. I’d rather rob their secret books and then practice them by myself.”

He changed his mind.

But at the same time—


The radiance of the knife was just like electricity.

A blade of a knife was cutting towards Li Mu’s neck.

It was that disciple of Huya Faction who was already angry and could not calm himself down. After seeing Li Mu had loosened his long knife, he could not think and choose to cut Li Mu, and he really wanted to cut Li Mu’s head off directly.

“Watch out…” The old beggar opened his mouth.

But he had stopped shouting before he had finished that sentence.

Because Li Mu had pinched the blade of the knife between his fingers again.

That disciple struggled hard and flushed with shame. He tried to run the internal qi in his body, but he could not move at all.

“You are really…” Li Mu shook his head, saying, “If you don’t reach the Yellow River, you won’t give up. If you don’t see the coffin, you won’t cry.”

After that, Li Mu slapped that man casually.


That disciple, who was also a great master in Huya Faction, was patted away like a broken sack flying in the sky, and coincidently, he fell between the Cloud-dragon Sword and the Judge of Iron pen, who were fighting fiercely on the fighting ring.


Those two masters immediately separated from each other.

The battle stopped abruptly.


“What happened?”

Instantly, there was an uproar around.

The onlookers who were all immersed in excitement were awakened from the climax.

On the viewing platform, the core and top masters of Sky Dragon Faction and Huya Faction were all shocked and stood up.

Under the fighting ring, the old beggar opened his mouth and looked at Li Mu in shock.

Little Ming Yue turned around, looked at Li Mu and complained discontentedly, “I haven’t seen enough, Young Master.”

“Why watching? I’m bored to death.” Li Mu raised one of his hands and flicked the little adorkable Ming Yue, saying, “After I steal all these people’s martial arts practicing secrets, then you are free to practice them. Whatever you like…”

The old beggar next to Li Mu opened his mouth wider when he heard such a conversation.

Even the big yellow-and-white dog, who had chewed chicken bones calmly, looked at Li Mu with a shocked look.

“Who are you? How dare you make trouble on the fighting ring?”

Tie Zhendong, the gray-haired old man with a yellow beard, stood up, stared at Li Mu with his sword-like eyes, and shouted angrily.

What happened just now was abrupt, but the masters on the viewing platform finally responded.

“Where did the bastard come from? How dare he make troubles here?”

“Get him.”

“Hack him to death.”

Angry disciples of those two factions were roaring.

The martial arts masters and heroes who were surrounding all looked at Li Mu.

Some people had noticed this young man standing in the blank area under the fighting ring before, and thought that he was a bold person who deliberately showed off. They didn’t expect that he was so reckless that he dared to make trouble on such an occasion. Where was he from?

The disciples of the two factions, who had drawn their swords out of sheaths, surrounded Li Mu.

It seemed very dangerous.

“Young people, you have caused big trouble.” The old beggar opened his mouth to warn.

Li Mu stretched out lazily and looked back at the old beggar. He smiled and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m more powerful than all of them.”

The old beggar squeezed his eyes and moved aside, saying, “I’m not afraid. Is it possible for you to stay away from me? Otherwise, they all thought I knew you?”

“Damn it, this old thing.”

Li Mu didn’t realize that the old beggar was so bad and totally did not do him a favor.

“Don’t be afraid, Master. Since we are friends, I will protect you today and I will see who dares to hurt you a little.” Li Mu glanced at those masters who had surrounded him and deliberately shouted.

“Damn it, you little naughty thing.”

The old beggar did not expect that Li Mu could be so shameless, and he deliberately let others think that they were very close. This time yellow mud was smeared in the crotch, and people would think it was shit even it was not.

Little adorkable Ming Yue stared at the old beggar and chuckled at her discomfiture.

Li Mu grabbed Ming Yue’s arm and rolled her like a discus. After a round of laps, he threw her away.

“Ah? Wow…” Ming Yue responded in mid-air, screaming, and eventually, she passed over hundreds of people, was thrown out of the field, lightly landed on a willow branch.

“You wild girl. Don’t bother me. Just stay there, and don’t run around.”

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