The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Let Me Make a Brief Introduction

Li Mu shouted.

At the same time, here came the sound of footsteps.

Behind the walls around them and from the streets, nearly a thousand armed soldiers, government guards, and civil guards showed up. Archers lined up to encircle the whole Shennong Faction ruins.

All of the armed forces of Taibai County had appeared there.

Standing in front of the soldiers were Feng Yuanxing, the secretary, Ma Junwu, the Dutou Official of guards, and little boy Qing Feng, and all of them were standing below the willow branches near that little adorkable Ming Yue.

Some Jianghu people had changed their looks.

How did the officials get involved in the Wulin disputes?

Of course, some people showed a scornful look on their faces.

There were not so many soldiers who wanted to surround so many martial arts masters. Were you kidding?

Li Mu lazily stretched out and slowly walked over, stepping along the ladder on the side of the fighting ring, and slowly stepped onto the ring.

“Let me make a brief introduction. I am Li Mu, the county magistrate of Taibai County.”

Li Mu, facing countless eyes around him, embraced his chest with one hand and made a very gentleman’s earth meeting gesture. He grinned, and his snow-white teeth reflected white light in the sunshine, like a row of sharp daggers.

There was another sound of uproar in the crowd.

Li Mu, the head of Taibai County, finally appeared?

How could it be such a young man?

What was he doing?

Li Mu looked around and was very satisfied with the reaction of everyone.

In such a spectacular occasion, witnessed by so many shocked and terrified people, he appeared… Haha, that was the actual treatment of the leading role in such way.

“Oh, so you are the county magistrate, Mr. Li. I’m really sorry if I’ve offended you, but I don’t know why you make such big trouble. What do you mean by that?”

Tie Zhendong, the Iron Hand Holding up the Sky and the leader of Huya Faction, had made obeisance and said he was sorry, but he did not actually show respect on that old face.

To be honest, Tie Zhendong, a famous master of Northwest Wulin World in that mainland for decades, had not taken a humble county magistrate seriously.

Li Mu smiled and said, “What I mean is very simple. You have gathered illegally in Taibai County without my permission and picked a quarrel and made trouble… According to the law of the Empire, it is necessary for you to give a clear explanation.”

There was a burst of laughter all around before Li Mu had finished his sentence.

Many Jianghu people had laughed.

Tie Zhendong also showed a slight disdainful smile that was not deliberately concealed on his face, and he said, “I don’t know what you want me to explain? Your honor.”

“It’s very easy.” Li Mu seemed to have not found his sarcasm, and the smile on his face was even brighter. He just said, “It’s very simple. First of all, please calm down in our prison, explain clearly what you have done, and accept the punishment according to the Imperial Criminal Law. I am a fair man, and I will never do anything that intentionally suppresses you.”

Before Li Mu had finished his words, there burst another loud laughter around the fighting ring.

Some people looked at Li Mu as if he was an idiot.

Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen, who was standing on the fighting ring, couldn’t help laughing, saying, “For twenty years in the Northwest Wulin World, no one has ever said such a thing to me. Even if you’re superior, the magistrate of a prefecture of Chang’an, would not ask me to go to prison to calm down… Boy, you are the first one to do that. Aren’t you out of your mind? What’s your reason for wanting me to go to prison?”

Li Mu was not angry, and he just said, “The reason is the imperial law. After all, I’m a reasonable person in this county, and I will never act in a random way without a basis.”

There came another sound of laughter below.

Too naive.

That was their first evaluation of Li Mu.

Could the government control everything?

That might be true a long time ago.

Jianghu heroes were watching for fun.

“Empire Law?” Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen, shook his head with a playful look on his face. “That’s not a strong reason.”

“Oh?” Li Mu seemingly asked solemnly, “What else is missing?”

Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen, looked around.

He looked at the nearly a thousand soldiers who were surrounding them as if he was watching clay chickens and pottery dogs.

Finally, Sun Xin took back his eyes and looked at Li Mu’s face. He became more compassionate and abusive, saying, “No matter how powerful the law is, it needs someone to enforce it. And it needs enough strength to enforce the law. It’s not enough for you to enforce the law just depending on those weak soldiers. What you lack is a strength.”

Over the years, the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty had bad governance, so it became less powerful. As for the Supervisory Department, which was specially set up to restrain Jianghu people, was also engaged in a series of internal fights, so Jianghu masters within the Empire became more and more arrogant. Especially in the last decade or so, many Jianghu people had always challenged the empire.

From more and more Jianghu people’s point of view, the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty, which had frequent internal friction, seemed to have no such strength.

“Oh, you may have misunderstood,” Li Mu said sincerely.

“What do I misunderstand?” Sun Xin showed disdain and arrogant look.

He wanted to know what kind of rhetoric could be used by this young county to give himself an out.

Li Mu said, “The guards of the county government are not for fighting, but for doing odds and ends.”

“Doing odds and ends?” Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen, seemed to be surprised.

Li Mu nodded naturally and said, “Yeah, yeah, because this is enough to enforce the law. “He shook his right fist and said,” Master Sun, is this fist as big as a marmite enough to enforce the imperial law?”

“Are you joking me around?” Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen, showed an ice-cold look.

He felt that young county magistrate was mad, and was pestering him endlessly.

Li Mu laughed again.


Everyone only saw a shadow in front of them.

Li Mu’s figure suddenly blurred.


Here came a very strange muffled sound.

Then there came the sound of another two crisp tinkles.

That iron pen of the Judge of Iron Pen Sun Xin, the famous martial arts master who had defeated and killed countless Wulin masters for over the past decades, fell to the ground powerlessly.

He himself bent over, stooped like a dog with a broken back, and could not stand upright at all.

Li Mu was standing in front of him.

Li Mu then slowly retrieved one of his fists from the belly of that senior martial arts master.

The power of that punch made the Judge of Iron Pen Sun Xin lose all the power of resistance.

His face was waxy yellow with cold sweat dripping down. He stooped and unconsciously made the sound like a wild animal, besides, he almost spat out his gall bladder. His internal Joint-thoughts level qi was completely dispersed, and he was unable to gather it, so he just lost all the strength.

Li Mu took back one of his fists.

Sun Xin, who could not stand without the support of his Judge of Iron Pen, slowly fell like a piece of rotten wood.

“You see, I did not joke you around.” Li Mu looked down at Sun Xin.

However, at that time, Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen, did not even have the strength to speak.

He looked at the young man’s childish face and a fierce and frightening storm was sweeping in his heart, which was unbearable for him.

The punch just was too fast.

How fast was it?

At that time, although he was in a state of 100% alert and defense he only grasped a blurred figure and could not make any response at the moment. Even in his mind, he had already felt he was punched before he wanted to say the word “bad”.

The power that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas completely destroyed all the internal qi in his body and took away all his strength.

In the last moment, before he had fainted, Sun Xin squinted at the viewing platform on one side and saw his old friend Tie Zhendong’s blurred figure. He thought maybe this time, he and his faction really did something wrong and provoked people who should not be provoked.

The entire fighting ring was deadly quiet.

People who were watching were still confused and shocking.

Even those people who always had a fast reaction did not react to what happened at that time.

The contrast between that idea and that scene came too fast and too abrupt so that everyone was really shocked and confused.

Li Mu did not pay attention to that.

He tipped a little on his toes.

With great power, Li Mu threw that fainted Judge of Iron Pen Sun Xin tens of meters away, and he landed on the outside area that was controlled by government guards.

The punch did not kill Sun Xin.

Today, Li Mu had reached a higher level in terms of the mastery and skills of strength. He could defeat his opponents with one punch without killing them.

Feng Yuanxing, the secretary, who had received Li Mu’s order before they went there, did not hesitate at all, and he immediately ordered several bold soldiers to rush up and shackle the long-famous Wulin master in Northwest Wulin World for decades and dragged him down like a dead dog.

The process was completed very quickly and many people did not have time to react.

No one responded until Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen, was dragged away like a dead dog.

“Looking for death? Leave him to me.”

Great Tablet Smashing Hand Yue Yang, a master of Huya Faction, was a close friend of Sun Xin, the Judge of Iron Pen. So, he got really anxious and thus immediately reacted when he saw his friend was being towed away. He jumped up in the air like a giant eagle and flew towards the county guards’ camp. In the middle of the sky, his palms were like a knife, and he was about to pat the backs of the two guards who were dragging Sun Xin.

The power of his pat could cut mountains into pieces. Therefore, once Yue Yang touched those two soldiers, all their bones and muscles would be immediately broken and they would die directly.

Obviously, Yue Yang was not only trying to get Sun Xin back but also to kill the soldiers to show his power.

In the eyes of Li Mu, there was a sign of anger.

He stood on the fighting ring and did not move. Then he began to operate the Lifting Pole Style of Zhenwu Boxing and suddenly gave power in the air and punched towards Yue Yang from a long distance.


A transparent column of gas which was visible to the naked eye came out.

“Looking for death…”Yue Yang, the Great Tablet Smashing Hand, sensed that immediately.

He was in the air, and then he forcibly twisted his body and fought back with a backhand punch.

A khaki-colored internal qi palm print was directly shown in the air after that.

That was the power of the Great Tablet Smashing Hand.

He was honored as the Great Tablet Smashing Hand because his power was from that pair of palms, and he could break mountains and stones with his hands. Especially the power of famous Great Tablet Smashing Hand, it was really powerful. His strength was so strong that even a piece of pig iron could be patted with two palm prints. Therefore, he thought he would defeat Li Mu.


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