The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Too Weak

The next moment, everyone was clear about who had won or lost.

The power of Great Tablet Smashing (Hand), which was more than a meter long, had not touched the transparent fist spirit column, were instantly dissipated like sand in the wind.

Yue Yang only felt that a huge force was coming towards him, and that power had shocked his palms, then his pair of palm exploded, and cracked bones and flesh were dispersing in the air. He just lost his hands in that way. Yue Yang himself was like being drowned in the raging waves and then lost his consciousness.

Such a scene made people who were watching felt the Great Tablet Smashing Hand Yue Yang was punched hard in the air by Li Mu who was away from him, and his power from the Great Tablet Smashing Hand was scattered and he was stunned and became fainted in the middle of the sky.

Here came the sound of a splash.

Yue Yang also fell into the control area of the county soldiers and was shackled and handcuffed.

“Hundred-steps-away Punch?”

Someone exclaimed.

A punch in the air made the power of Yue Yang’s Great Tablet Smashing Hand dispersed, and he directly defeated Yue Yang by just one punch. This punch method was the same as the legendary Hundred-steps-away Punch, which was in the level of Zongshi Master.

Did that young county magistrate master the Zongshi-Master-level combat skills?

Or was he himself a Zongshi Master?

There was an uproar around the fighting ring.

Everyone was really shocked.

Even the Iron Hand Holding up the Sky Tie Zhendong, the Sky Dragon Sword Dong Fangjian had changed their looks, and how dare they look down on Li Mu?

They began to realize that this time, it seemed that they really made big troubles.

According to the information they had mastered, the reason why the Bloody-moon Evil Master challenged the county magistrate of Taibai County was that the death of Zheng Longxing, the Dianshi janitor, which caused Bloody-moon faction to lose a well-trained official disciple. And its grand master Bloody-moon Evil Master, who always wanted to turn its faction into a royal clan, was about to kill the county magistrate of Taibai County with the help of the traditional rules of the mainland and without damaging the official system of the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty. That Bloody-moon Evil Master aimed at killing the Taibai County county magistrate to show his power, not to fight with him because of his personal martial arts strength.

Whether Tie Zhendong or Dongfang Jian, they all boasted of being well informed.

They analyzed many times and drew the conclusion that the County Magistrate of Taibai County did not have the strength to fight against Bloody-moon Evil Master.

Therefore, they dared to be so arrogant in Taibai County.

In fact, according to the imperial law, such clan-level covenant fights must be approved by the local administrators of the Empire if they had to fight in the county. That was to say, they should have applied to the Taibai County county magistrate for fighting in that County, and at least they should have told the county magistrate.

It was because they thought Li Mu was a wuss that they had not considered that matter.

They even deliberately did that to step on Imperial County government to highlight their factions’ individual strength.

But now, what should they do?

Things seemed to be a bit out of control.

The face of Tie Zhendong, the Iron Hand Holding up the Sky, turned red.

He knew he was going to bow his head this time.

Tie Zhendong made an obeisance towards Li Mu to salute him, saying, “Mr. Li, your honor, I did not expect you were hiding your personal strength. This time, it was our Huya Faction that did something wrong. I apologize to you. Also, Huya Faction is willing to compensate for what we have done to the county government. Please do not be too hard on us this time. Please release Master Sun Xin and Master Yue Yang.”

That was an obscure way to say they were sorry.

Li Mu clapped his hands and looked at him with a strange look, saying, “Apologize? Oh, are you apologizing to me? ”

Tie Zhendong knew that Li Mu was deliberately using those words to humiliate and insult him.

In fact, he had been extremely angry in his mind.

These years, he was so powerful and influential in the Northwest Wulin World, and he had never been insulted like that, but in the end, he had controlled his temper, nodding and saying, “If Mr. Li thinks in that way, it is just okay.”

“Oh, you are really apologizing.” Li Mu nodded, saying, “I thought you Jianghu masters and heroes never thought you were wrong… However, I did not accept such insincere verbal apology. If a verbal apology is useful, why do we still need policemen… still need empire soldiers and guards?”

After that, Li Mu did not wait for Tie Zhendong to say anything. He turned around and looked directly at Feng Yuanxing, the secretary, saying, “Witnessed by so many people, the Great Tablet Smashing Hand Yue Yang, in front of me, attacked the imperial guards, which equals to treason. Put the iron hook through his scapulae and guard prisoner strictly.”

“Yes, sir.”

Feng Yuanxing shouted to say yes.


The Great Tablet Smashing Hand Yue Yang’s scapulae were directly pierced by iron hooks and locked up.

“Ah…” Yue Yang woke up with pain and his eyes were full of anger

That was a special hook, which was used to imprison martial arts masters. Once their scapulae were pierced, their internal qi running circle would be interrupted, and they would not be able to gather internal qi. No matter how powerful was a master, he or she could not run the internal qi any longer. With the help of shackles and handcuffs, it would be impossible for any Wulin master to escape.

In the Journey to the West, one of the four Masterpieces of China on earth, after Monkey King Sun Wukong was captured by heaven guards, his scapulae were also pierced, and in that way, Monkey King Sun Wukong could not change his figures and thus his magic power could not be exerted, which was similar to the way of imprisoning martial arts masters on that planet.

However, this kind of hook was extremely harmful to the body and could cause great pain.

Those who were not extremely vicious would not be punished so severely.

The Great Tablet Smashing Hand Yue Yang was too arrogant. In front of Li Mu, he not only wanted to save the Judge of Iron Pen Sun Xin but also killed the county guards, which directly angered Li Mu and made all county officials and guards furious. He deserved that.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please agree with my previous proposal.” He seemed to be really sincere, pointing to Feng Yuanxing and others in the distance, and then he said, “Please follow my order, and don’t bother my loyal and brave imperial guards of the county anymore. After all, they still have to safeguard the security of the county. They don’t have time to accompany you scums, who are fooling around here after eating so much food… Well, if you agree with me, please stand in line. No hurry. Put on the shackles, and go to prison without making any troubles. If you do that, you will not suffer any physical pain.”

After Li Mu finished that remarks, his attitude and temperament suddenly changed.

He was no longer as modest as he had been before. Instead, he was like a tiger or eagle who was watching its territory, and he was so aggressive and made a showy display of his ability.

As Li Mu was saying, the county warriors and guards pulled out several large iron boxes with the sound of tinkling. Hundreds of fine iron shackles made by county craftsmen working day and night were thrown on the ground heavily.

The fine iron shackles reflected the terrifying dark light in the sunshine. They jingled and clashed with each other. Hearing what Li Mu just said, those martial arts masters who were present felt a chill.

Nobody expected such things would happen.

“If we disagree?” The Cloud-dragon Sword Mu Renlong, still standing on the fighting ring, sneered.

After all, he was a young man who was always arrogant in Wulin, and never be threatened like that.


Everyone only felt a vague figure in front of them and then came a muffled sound.

The Cloud-dragon Sword Mu Renlong was slapped away by Li Mu directly, and he fell tens of meters away like a dead dog and landed exactly in front of the pile of the fine iron shackles.

Known as one of the four fast swords of the Northwest Wulin World, he was patted far away like a dog with a broken spine before he got the time to use his swordsmanship which made himself so proud. He struggled and could not resist.

Two guards came over, put shackles and handcuffs on his feet and hands, and took him away.

“If you don’t agree, then I have to work hard to do it myself.” Li Mu waved his hand, saying, “After all, everything has to depend on the sun to grow and people depend on themselves to be pretentious.”

On the battlefield, it was so quiet that the sound of needles fell to the ground could be heard.

Every martial arts master had a feeling of absurdity like a dream.

They never thought that there were such people in the world, not to mention that an unrestrained carnival that originally belonged to them suddenly was turned into a disaster, and everyone there had to pay the price for the troubles made by them in that small county.

“Mr. Li, you are too aggressive.” The Iron Hand Holding up the Sky Tie Zhendong showed a gloomy look.

In a twinkling of an eye, the two top masters of his side were caught, while Dong Fangjian of Sky Dragon Faction only lost a Cloud-dragon Sword Mu Renlong.

“It seems that you are not willing to cooperate.”

Li Mu smiled and then began to punch him directly.

His body flashed away.

Everyone just felt a flash in front of them. In the next moment, Li Mu had appeared on the viewing platform of Huya Faction and approached Tie Zhendong within one meter away from him.

“You…” Tie Zhendong yelled, instinctively punched out.

Li Mu did not look at him and just punched back.


At the moment of their fists contacted, Tie Zhendong flew out.

The Iron Hand Holding up the Sky was famous for decades in Northwest Wulin World, and his posture of flying out was not much better than that of other people.

He struggled to his feet in front of those iron shackles and just wanted to say something. However, he spat out blood arrow and the sound of bones cracking like pop beans were burst was coming from his body when he was about to say something. Countless bones of his two iron hands that could cut gold and jade were broken, and nobody knew how long it would take to recover.

And his strong internal qi was completely dispersed by Li Mu’s punch. His body was soft so he could not stand up stably.

“Just take them for me.”

Li Mu shouted.

Suddenly, the eyes of all the Tang Masters and other masters of Huya Faction turned red.

“Let Master Tie go.”

“Just fight with him.”

The crowd rushed towards the guards like a tide.

Li Mu had already been prepared. Like a wisp of smoke, Li Mu used the lightness skill and instantly arrived in front of Tie Zhendong, who was being held in custody.

He stepped out and stamped violently toward the ground.

That terrifying power was directly transmitted to the ground ahead.

The incredible horrible thing happened.

With Li Mu as the center, the fan-shaped soil in front of him shook up and rolled out like a wave.




The disciples and masters of the Huya Faction who rushed over were shocked by the force from the ground, and their bones and muscles were shaken soft as if they were drunk. They were lying on all sides and was shot by rocks in the earth, so most of them got a bloody nose and a swollen face. They fell to the ground and could not climb up.

Only a few Tang Masters were flying in mid-air and had rushed over.

Li Mu slapped one by one, and all of them fainted on the spot.

“Too weak.”

He made such an evaluation.

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