The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Such a Coincidence

Most of the elites of Huya Faction lost their fighting power under the patting power of Li Mu.

How long did it take?

With a very strange look, Li Mu looked down at his palms, then looked at the Iron Hand Holding up the Sky Tie Zhendong, who had been locked with his scapulae being pierced, and said, “Do you really have a strong impact on Northwest Wulin World for decades? How can you be so weak?”

“You… are pushing me too far.”

Tie Zhendong was shivering all over, spitting out a mouthful of black blood, and then passed out.

“Em, I did not mean it…”

Li Mu did not expect the old master would take his words seriously.

He looked at the viewing platform of the Sky Dragon Faction.

Top leaders of Sky Dragon Faction, such as the Sky Dragon Sword Dongfang Jian, saw Li Mu’s looking at them, instantly changed their looks, and began to panic.

“I am a close friend of the magistrate of a prefecture of Chang’an Mr. Li Gang…” Dongfang Jian instinctively uttered that, but before he had finished speaking, his face became flushed and shameful, for it indicated he admitted he could not defeat Li Mu.

Li Mu laughed, saying, “I damn know the President of the United States, but does that help?”

He was like a lightning bolt, and instantly crossed the distance of nearly 100 meters and appeared on the viewing platform of Sky Dragon Faction.

His speed was as fast as a ghost.

“Why are you so ruthless… Mr. Li, please never do something extreme towards anyone since you may eventually meet them again.”

Dongfang Jian was terrified.

Here came the sound of the long sword, and the long sword came out of the sheath.

He placed a dense net of swords in front of him, and thousands of sword shadows were sprinkled. While attacking Li Mu to defend himself, he pulled himself back like an electric shock.

Dongfang Jian ranked first among the four fast swords masters of Northwest Wulin World, and his swordsmanship was indeed remarkable. That sword shadow was very airtight, like a wall of bronze or iron, and that shadow was very cold, making a gust of wind, which could cut gold or jade. That wind was swirling and blowing in the void, which made the people around chill.

“Don’t be sentimental. I don’t want to meet you again in the future.”

Li Mu plunged his palms into the heavy sword shadow without hesitation.

Shadow of the swords disappeared instantly.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Li Mu accurately pinched Dongfang Jian’s sword in the thousands of sword shadows.

Take the sword empty-handed.

There was actually no special skill in that.

Li Mu was absolutely stronger than the most powerful martial arts masters in Joint-thoughts level, so his reaction speed, eyesight, palm strength and so on, far exceeded his opponents. Therefore, from other people’s point of view, the overlapping sword shadows were as fast as lightning, but Li Mu just thought they were like doing slow movements, and there was no threat at all.

He shook one of his wrists.

That well-known sword on the Northwestern Wulin World gave off invisible tremors.

Dongfang Jian screamed with one of his wrists cracked and his five fingers bleeding. He couldn’t hold the sword which he loved for his life anymore.

“Master Li, please show mercy on me… I am the nephew of Mr. Li, the magistrate of a prefecture of Chang’an, and I…” Dongfang Jian roared in a hurry.

He was really terrified.

Today, if Li Mu knocked him unconsciously and captured him to the county government jail, his reputation would be ruined, and he would surely become a joke in Northwest Wulin World.

That humiliation was worse than killing him.

Li Mu heard his words and finally chose to stop.

“Do you really know Mr. Li Gang, the magistrate of a prefecture of Chang’an?” he asked.

With a sigh of relief, Dongfang Jian nodded and said, “I am not lying. I really know Mr. Li, the magistrate of a prefecture of Chang’an.”

Li Mu frowned and said, “How can it happen?”

Dongfang Jian became really happy, saying, “Your honor, you also know Mr. Li?”

Li Mu suddenly looked up, laughed and said, “I mean… it is such a coincidence. I just don’t know Mr. Li, the magistrate of a prefecture of Chang’an.”

Dongfang Jian almost spat out another mouth of blood.

Damn, what the coincidence was that?

He was teased.

“Kill him!”

“Stop him!”

Great masters of Sky Dragon Faction rushed over.

“Big brother, you go quickly…” Mind-clearing Sword Gao Shengpeng shouted at Dongfang Jian and then rushed madly towards Li Mu.

“Protect Master Dongfang.”

“Better die than surrender. Sky-dragon rule all.”

“Just fight with him.”

The masters of the Sky Dragon Faction were filled with righteous indignation and were like going to their death like a hero.

That scene was like that Li Mu, the fierce and evil demon king, was slaughtering the good.

“Damn, you’re just a bunch of villains. How dare you act as guarding your master with great loyalty. Did you choose the wrong play?”

Li Mu felt very uncomfortable.

He strode up to teach them a lesson.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He hit them away with one slap each time.

Whether they were disciples, Tang Masters or heroes in Joint-thoughts level like the Mind-clearing Sword Gao Shengpeng, in front of Li Mu, they were all like toy dolls. They were all slapped away and then fell in front of the black iron shackles, struggling endlessly and resisting powerlessly.

In a twinkling of an eye, all the top masters of the Sky Dragon Faction were all defeated, and they were all patted to the ground.

The rest of the ordinary disciples of the Sky Dragon Faction, who were of average strength, gazed at each other in speechless despair. Although they held swords in their hands, they dared not rush up again with their soft legs.

Siege was an eternal means of defeating the strong by the weak.

But that means was only effective for the general master.

For a monster like Li Mu, no matter how many people rushed up, they would end up with being defeated.

To put it more bluntly, the morale and fighting spirit of the martial arts masters were dissipated by the Li Mu’s constant slapping. Even the wildest and most intractable masters had controlled their temper.

Too strong.

Li Mu was strong enough to go beyond the upper limit of the Joint-thoughts level.

From beginning to end, they were all defeated.

Even the Iron Hand Holding up the Sky Tie Zhendong and the Sky Dragon Sword Dongfang Jian, the two strongest martial arts masters in Joint-thoughts level were defeated in one move by Li Mu.

The whole process was like a father beating his son.

The strength gap between the two sides was way too wide.

No one could imagine that the head of Taibai County, who had been rumored to run away before and had caused so much discussion, was so strong to that extent.

Before, everyone felt that the head of Taibai County, who was challenged by the Boody-moon Evil Master, was doomed to be a dead man.

Now, some people had begun to wonder whether the Boody-moon Evil Master was the opponent of Li Mu, the head of Taibai County.

Judging from today, Li Mu was too powerful like a freak.

And what was more terrible was that his strength was a kind of invisible strength.

Had Li Mu used any magical martial arts during the fight?


Had he used some powerful weapons?

Another no.

Had he used any conspiracies and plots?

Still no.

From beginning to end, Li Mu was slapping them one by one, and he slapped those leading masters who should have been really powerful in the Northwest Wulin World one slap by one slap, which was like a father beating his son, and he slapped all of them to the ground.

They did not understand.

They just could not understand how the head of Taibai County had done all of those.

He was like a monster.

“Aha ha ha…”

Li Mu, like Cao Cao, a white-faced traitor in Peking Opera, laughed three times.

It was a pity that no one next to him asked that question raised by a supporting role in cross talk, “Why did you laugh, your honor?” So, that was a waste of expression.

Li Mu touched his nose and looked at Dongfang Jian, whose legs were already soft, saying, “You want to put the shackles by yourself, or want me to help you?”

“You…” The teeth of Dongfang Jian was trembling. “From then on, where you, the head of Taibai County go, my Sky Dragon Faction will retreat about thirty miles to show our respect. Please raise your hand high in mercy!”

“Raise my hand high in mercy?” Li Mu nodded and said, “OK.”

Then Li Mu really raised one of his hands high and slapped it down, knocking Dongfang Jian out.

The whole army of the Sky Dragon Faction was destroyed.

“You asked for it. This time, my hand was raised high enough.”

Li Mu shrugged his shoulders.

The chief culprits like Dongfang Jian were definitely not to be released easily.

This time, the big fight between those two factions was deliberately caused by that Sky Dragon Sword. No matter what his reason was, he deliberately made trouble in Taibai County, which equaled to digging his own grave. Li Mu, who was anxious about searching Wulin secret books, would absolutely take such an opportunity.

“Haha, I’m so damn strong.”

Li Mu couldn’t help thinking in his mind.

Then, Li Mu happily took the sheath from Dongfang Jian, who had lost consciousness due to the loss of internal qi after beaten by him, and then put that sword into the sheath, and weighed it casually. While doing that, he saw two words “Zhengyang” on its hilt, and he thought that should be the reason why that sword was called Zhengyang Sword.

Well, another loot.

It was a pity that the sword was sharp and tough enough, but it was too light.

As for Li Mu’s current skills to handle the strength, he could only handle those very heavy things easily, but could not produce powerful strength with those very light things, so that Zhengyang Sword was not suitable for him.

Moreover, Li Mu preferred Dao-using methods.

Besides, Dao was the gallbladder among all the weapons, and it was very fierce and direct, so there was a saying that “Dao was as tough as a ferocious tiger”.

He enjoyed that direct, fierce, rough and bloody way of fighting.

It might have something to do with his personality.

There were some sayings about the sword, such as “the king of hundreds of weapons”, and “the sword of the beauty”, so Li Mu did not like this kind of weapon which emphasized aesthetics and changes.

That Zhengyang Sword was taken away by Li Mu was like a bright pearl was thrown into darkness.

“Well, later at the back office, I can build a collection museum where I can collect the famous weapons of martial arts masters. That hobby will be so superb to show off.”

It suddenly occurred to Li Mu.

And it was because of that idea, in the future, there would be many martial arts masters who were crying in the sunshine.

There would be countless martial arts masters and heroes who regarded the head of Taibai County Li Mu as a tiger, a demon, a snake or a scorpion in general, and they just wanted to avoid meeting him. And in the next 20 years, at any martial arts event in the mainland, as long as someone said, “Li Mu is coming,” all martial arts masters would scatter like birds and animals, fearing that their weapons would be taken away by that collection demon.

There was no need to mention that now because it happened in the future.

“My order: catch all of them for me.”

After Li Mu had defeated all the masters from those two factions, he had a new understanding and judgment of his own strength, so at that time, he was fully satisfied and contented and became really unbridled and arrogant, and he laughed like a villain king.


“Just escape.”

“Is he able to catch us all?”

“Get back to report.”

“Your honor, we are just watching, and we don’t belong to those two factions.”

“We are just passing by…”

That place suddenly became very noisy.

Someone was begging for mercy.

Someone was arguing.

However, some people wanted to take a chance, and they just thought as long as everyone ran away like a swarm of bees, it would be absolutely impossible for the head of Taibai County to stop everyone. As for the county guards and soldiers, they were like rice buckets, and could not stop them, the great martial arts masters who could fly.

Then, people were moving quickly.

There were many people who chose to run away.

Dozens of people ran away at different speeds and in different directions, and in the help of Lightness Skill, they were fleeing quickly like sparrows whose nest was blown up.

Li Mu had already prepared for that.

He stretched one of his palms and said, “Fetch my bow.”

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