The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 66

Chapter 66 The Incrimination

“Is he going to pull out her tendons, strip her skin and bleed her?”

Li Mu almost burst into laughter as he heard so though he was burning with anxiety.

What a feud it was.

And, was there really a demon in this world?

Why was Ming Yue regarded as a demon?

But as Li Mu recalled those strange things these days such as her astonishing appetite and scud-like speed, and… he didn’t feel surprised that this adorkable Lolita was called as a demon.

But she must be a good demon if she was called so.

“Who the blind Taoist really is and why are you so short-sighted… Well, it’s true since you are really so. Why are you so arrogant and make me embarrassed in my place since I’m an alien here?”

Li Mu rushed out of the prison.

Time was pressing, so, he didn’t care that his acts were astounding. Then he grabbed Ma Junwu on the back, and performed Lightness Skill that made him move like the electricity. He took Ma Junwu with him, jumping on the ancient trees and the roofs at top speed.

Ma Junwu only felt that the wind was blowing in his ears and his vision was blurred.

When the strong wind came, he opened his mouth subconsciously, which was filled with cool air…

Ma Junwu was a little muddled.

Man’s speed could be so fast.

This was really flying in the air.

What was happening now was beyond Ma Junwu’s common sense.

But it seemed not so difficult to explain this when it happened on the County Magistrate.

Now, Ma Junwu was a fanatical admirer of Li Mu.

“Well, what is that?”

A little boy wearing a bright yellow dragon-print robe with an oval-shaped beautiful jade on his forehead on a six-floors fine-carved building full of orchids in the county was originally writing and drawing, and suddenly he widened his eyes with surprise.

Because he saw a light.

That was a white bright light.

The light flickered.

This white lightning was extremely glaring in the dark blue sky. It came from a distance. Every time it flickered, it crossed a distance of nearly 100 meters at top speed.

And the white lightning was near not soon.

“What? It actually… seems to be… a human?”

The little boy saw it clearly and opened his mouth in surprise.

He rubbed his eyes.

How could it be?

How could a martial art master be as fast as this? What kind of Lightness Skill was that?

Was that the Lightness Skill of a mythical level?

How could such a master be found in this small Taibai County?

“Come on… Sister, there’s a master running wild on a moonlit night.”

The little boy called out loudly.

But as he turned back, he found unexpectedly that his sister and Mr. Wang had already been behind him and they were also watching the distant white lightning.

“Is that him? The young county magistrate…”

Mr. Wang’s eyes were sparkling.

An unexpected look appeared on his face after he saw it clearly.

And the one standing next to him was a young woman.

The woman was wearing a light yellow Palace dress, and there were blue bird patterns on the hemline and bust of her dress. She had bright and elegant eyebrows, fair skin, fine appearance, and calm look. Though she kept silent, she showed graceful and magnificent manner with majesty and indifference.

She looked away immediately after a glance at the light.

“You can only be yourself when you’re not confused by external things. A restless heart can be as unstable as running water and calmness can be as hard as to shake mountains… Zheng’er, have you finished today’s work?” The woman’s voice was gentle, soft and sweet but also full of dignity.

The little boy seemed to be less than ten years old and looked almost the same with this woman. He was quick-witted and naughty but obviously awed by the young woman. As he heard so, he bowed his head and said, “It’s almost finished, sister.”

“Ok, finish it within half an hour, then practice the Ming Yu Skill, I will let Qing’er supervise and urge you.”

As the woman finished her words, she turned back and left.

The little boy put out his tongue with a bitter face.

He rubbed his hair in disorder with a sad face and sighed deeply like an adult. He continued to bend over the table and write and draw something on a piece of snow-white silk paper.

Mr. Wang, who was wearing a scholar’s hood and had a clear face, shook his head slightly and turned to follow the woman.

On the sixth floor.

In the aisle.

Mr. Wang opened his mouth and said with a smile, “Your Highness, do I need to send someone to inform the county government office for preparation since you’ll have to live in Taibai County for some days during this private visit?”

“Not necessary.”

Without turning back, the woman denied the proposal directly.

“According to the people, there were so many things happening in this county recently, and I’ve sent someone to investigate the Taibai County Magistrate today when I just arrived. The magistrate is an eccentric talent and may be helpful to you.” Mr. Wang was not going to give up and said straightforward.

That’s what he meant in his first sentence before.

But it was just a little obscure.

“Mr. Wang, I can understand you, but we’re coming back for worshiping ancestors and we don’t want to get involved in the Wulin matter,” the graceful and steady woman said in a quiet voice.

“I know, I know…” Mr. Wang smiled and replied. “But it should not hinder the recruitment of talents. As you can see just now, this young county magistrate is powerful enough with amazing Lightness Skill, he must be a genius and if we use him properly…”

He was trying to persuade the woman.

Her Highness had been under too much pressure in recent years, and so many like-minded friends of her were lost. That person made her feel disappointed since he was so cold. During the Spring Hunting, her Highness fell into extreme despair because of that person.

This time her Highness came to Taibai County with light packs nominally to worship the good soul that had been deceased for ten years, but actually, she was doing this to divert herself and to avoid herself to be involved in the secret vortex of politics in Qin City.

This choice seemed to be making a quick retreat before a crisis.

But could she really retreat?

As a planner and an old man who had witnessed the history of Qin City for thirty years, he didn’t think so.

Of course, his greatest purpose in accompanying her Highness this time was to help her regain her confidence and to let her see clearly how the world treated those who had retreated.

Actually, he had been doing some preparation work on the second day when her Highness had decided to come to this small county to stay away from trouble, and he knew well what had happened in the whole Taibai County for the past three months.

These preparations were originally for security reasons.

So it was a windfall for Mr. Wang to find this magistrate of Taibai County.

His intuition told him that this young county magistrate was worth recruiting.

But as a qualified and loyal planner, it was impossible for him to put his ideas into action without the approval from the highness, and that was why he did his best to convince her.

But just now, when he saw this young county magistrate march at high speed like lightning in the dark sky, he had enhanced his evaluation on Li Mu.

This appalling Lightness Skill must be useful in the future, not to mention other things.

The woman stopped.

She turned back.

She looked at Mr. Wang and said, “Stop… I don’t like him.”

Mr. Wang was stunned.

Then the woman added, “I don’t like the person who is greedy or has extorted something from others, and I will not make the same mistake twice.”

As the woman finished her words, she turned back and left.

“Don’t mention this person in front of me anymore afterwards.”

The voice of this beautiful woman reverberated in the corridor of the sixth floor of the attic.

Her figure disappeared.

This woman, who had ever stirred up a storm in Qin City, was a martial art master.

A real master!

Mr. Wang forced a smile.

“What happened during the Spring Hunting has such an impact on her Highness. About the death of that person… Well.” Mr. Wang didn’t know what to say.

He sorted out all the information of Taibai County Magistrate, Li Mu, including what had happened one hour ago by himself and delivered it to the woman, and obviously, something happened in the darkroom of the prison aroused some bad memories of her and also made her have some prejudices against the magistrate.

This was the so-called… fate.

It was all due to the young county magistrate’s bad luck.

Mr. Wang shook his head.

He didn’t think about this matter anymore.

It was just an impulsive idea for him to recommend Li Mu.

Since it did not work, he had no need to force it. Anyway, a little county magistrate was just a small spray among the waves and wouldn’t change anything since there were eight governments, seventy-two cities and hundreds of administrative counties in the big Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty.

He had more things to deal with.

“Someone broke through the government office?”

Zhou Zhenhai was greatly surprised.

The four Taibai Sword Faction disciples with him all felt surprised as him.

They arrived near the county government office before it was getting dark, and they were preparing for an ambush and waiting for Li Mu to be back.

But the master Zhou Zhenyue, who came together with them several days ago, didn’t come that day.

Because Zhou Zhenhai and these four Taibai Sword Faction disciples were acting without authorization.

After holding back for a long time, Zhou Zhenhai, who was eager to revenge, was unable to restrain and decided to fight alone after he failed to ask his elder brother, Zhou Zhenyue, to kill Li Mu. That night, he finally successfully incited four disciples of Taibai Sword Faction to act with him at certain cost through some means.

These five people never expected that it was not Li Mu but a strange blind Taoist, who broke into the county government office, that they had waited for after they discussed so many plans and ambushed for a long time.

This blind Taoist had bizarre power.

It seemed as if he could play black art since he had completely crushed the guards stationed in the county government. He exhaled, blew down the county government office gate, hit the ground with bamboo poles, and entered the county government office.

Was he a super master of Zongshi Master level?

The four Taibai Sword Faction disciples turned to look at Zhou Zhenhai.

Now, what should they do?

Should they rush into the government office in disarray and loot to vent their spleen, or they should just wait there to ambush? Anyway, they would probably trap Li Mu successfully as Li Mu might come back the first time when he got the news that the county government office was broken through.

“Mr. Zhou, what shall we do now?”

One Taibai Sword Faction disciple turned to look at Zhou Zhenhai.

“Let’s rush in first; this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…” Zhou Zhenhai said firmly without hesitation.

As he said so, he rushed towards the government office which was in disorder at first.

The other four Taibai Sword Faction disciples followed him subconsciously.

It was never expected that an unexpected change had taken place the moment they entered the wall gap broken by the previous blind Taoist.

A sudden strange fragrance filled the air among the four people.

It was too late when these four Taibai Sword Faction disciples felt feeble and felt that the things were going bad.


One sharp knife came out of the chest of one of the Taibai Sword Faction disciples.

“You..” This disciple spat out blood and tried hard to turn back but found incredibly that it was exactly Zhou Zhenhai, the head of the Zhou family who promised to give him many benefits, that attacked him.

“Why…” This disciple was full of confusion and unwillingness before death.

Zhou Zhenhai sneered and killed all the four Taibai Sword Faction disciples with four strikes.

“Well, Li Mu, how will you explain to the Taibai Sword Faction since these four Taibai Sword Faction disciples died in your county government office…” Zhou Zhenhai wiped the blood on his saber and was set at ease when he was sure that the four people died completely after he slashed the disciples several times again.

This was the incrimination.

An incrimination which was not so smart.

But according to Zhou Zhenhai’s understanding on those Taibai Sword Faction swordsman who were supercilious, arrogant and imperious as well as stereotyped, these simple methods might get the desired effect too.

It was true that the four Taibai Sword Faction disciples died in the county government office.

And the Taibai Sword Faction would never forgive Li Mu as long as this fact existed.

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