The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 67

Chapter 67 The Taoist Who Could Play Witchcraft

“My son, did your spirit in heaven witness that your father began to revenge for you, the first step was successful… Li Mu, you are going to die miserably.”

Zhou Zhenhai was roaring in his heart.

Then he grinned and was excited, taking this chance to turn and left.

The cold wind in the night blew over Zhou Zhenhai’s twisted face who was running fast.

As the Deputy county magistrate of Taibai County, his son, Zhou Wu, had been killed by Li Mu.

The Zhou family, who had worked hard for many years and became influenced in Taibai County, was destroyed in an instant.

Zhou Zhenhai didn’t stop thinking about revenge all the time.

This time, he egged his elder brother Zhou Zhenyue to come to Taibai County in order to revenge with the power of Taibai Sword Faction.

But during these days, Zhou Zhenhai became more and more desperate.

Li Mu was too strong.

Especially after experiencing the two conferences of the Shennong Faction, Zhou Zhenhai realized that it was quite impossible for him to revenge alone and that Zhou Zhenyue seemed not to care about the revenge that much. He had been wondering why Zhou Zhenyue was still delaying revenging to that day.

But Zhou Zhenhai couldn’t wait anymore.

Because he saw Li Mu’s growth.

This enemy was growing stronger at an incredible speed.

Others might not realize this change, but Zhou Zhenhai could feel it deeply.

Since it was not your relatives that knew you so much but your enemy in this world.

He could never wait the day to revenge if he just let his enemy grow stronger like that.

Therefore, he had managed to use dangerous way and had instigated some Taibai Sword Faction disciples secretly at a certain cost and came to ambush Li Mu.

But Zhou Zhenhai had never expected to succeed through such so-called ambush at the very beginning.

And he was quite clear that these four Taibai Sword Faction disciples who were too pride and stupid were no match for Li Mu.

He only wanted to create an opportunity so that Li Mu might kill several Taibai Sword Faction disciples.

In this way, the Taibai Sword Faction might be enraged by the disciples’ death, and Zhou Zhenhai could use their power to kill Li Mu.

He never expected that he would encounter with the blind Taoist, who broke through the Taibai County government office.

Zhou Zhenhai, who was cunning, realized that the opportunity was coming.

This was definitely a heaven-sent chance.

Without hesitation, he took several Taibai Sword Faction disciples into the government office and used some knockout drops to get them dizzy before killing them.

It was just ok when these disciples died in Taibai County government office.

Zhou Zhenhai knew so well about Taibai Sword Faction disciples whose minds were as straight as the swords. These people were simple-minded with bad tempers, impulsive, and used to cover their mistakes. As a result, Li Mu must be their first object to attack once they found the disciples died in the county government office.

“Li Mu, wait and see, you will die soon.”

Zhou Zhenhai disappeared into the dense forest of the mountain city under the cover of night.

Li Mu arrived at the office finally.

The gate of the county government office was collapsed, the doors were broken, the walls were damaged, and the bricks and tiles were messy while the air was filled with smoke and dust…

It looked as if it had gone through a demolition.

Some of the wounded guards moaned there.

Li Mu stepped in.

Ma Junwu followed him faintly.

Obviously, the battle ended.

One guard who looked like a Dutou Official came to kneel before Li Mu and said with embarrassment, “Sorry, your honor, it’s all our fault and we failed to block that Taoist guy, please punish…”

Li Mu waved his hand and stopped him before saying, “Let’s not talk about that. How about the casualties of our brothers?”

As he said so, not only Ma Junwu and this Dutou Official, but also those who were injured and lying down on the ground felt very warm.

They just thought that the county magistrate might punish them since they failed to guard the office this time.

“It seemed that the Taoist didn’t want to kill, all of us got injured but none of us was killed…” the Dutou Official said.

Li Mu nodded, and he was about to say something while he smelled a smell of blood.

He flashed and went to the collapsed wall.

Four bodies in ordinary clothes lay upright in the blood pool surrounded by broken walls with cuts on their bodies. Their blood had dried out, their body turned cold, and they died completely.

Ma Junwu and the Dutou Official followed Li Mu and lost countenance as they saw this.

“Well…that’s impossible. I’ve just checked again and our brothers are all here… how can it be?” The Dutou Official felt a little muddled.

“Could it be that those are our brothers who were off duty but came to support us as they heard something?” Ma Junwu asked.

“Well…” The Dutou Official was a little uncertain.

Those guards in the government were working by turns.

He was the Dutou Official on duty tonight, and he knew his guards but didn’t know all the guards.

“Collect their bodies first and check which team they belonged to.” Li Mu instructed.

He was burning with anger.

Last time when Zhang Ru was killed by the Shennong Faction, he took down this faction.

It was unforgivable since there was such a Taoist who had killed four guards.

“Where’s Qing Feng?” Li Mu shouted loudly, looked around and began to worry.

Had this evildoer little attendant been taken away with Ming Yue?

“Young Master, I… I’m here…”

A weak voice came from beneath the collapsed wall.

Others might not hear it, but Li Mu had a keen listening ability. He heard and recognized the little attendant’s voice and found that he seemed to be trapped under the wall and couldn’t get out.


Was he killed by the collapse?

All kinds of bad ideas came out from Li Mu’s mind.

He came under the toppled wall quickly and pushed the bricks and tiles away carefully.

The little attendant, Qing Feng, went out from below like a loach.

“Young Master, Ming Yue was taken away by that crow and it flew towards the back of the office… She’s in danger, come on, go and help her…” As Qing Feng came out, he pointed at the direction of the back of the office anxiously.

Li Mu looked up and down at this little evildoer carefully.

Fortunately, he was not injured.

He was just covered in the triangle between the wall and its foot when it fell. His body was small, and he could hide in that corner. As a result, he didn’t get any injury except that he was covered with dust all over.

“You stay here, let me go and save her.”

As Li Mu said so, he was about to run towards the back of the office.

Qing Feng held his hand and said, “Take this, Young Master.” Then he handed Li Mu a small round palm-sized hollow metal ball. It was silver with exquisite workmanship, in which there was a buzzing sound.

“What’s this?”

Li Mu took it and looked at it. He found there were more than a dozen strange golden flying insects locked inside the hollow metal ball. The insects seemed to be rather irritable since they were flying in disorder inside like headless flies.

“The Fragrance-Greedy Flying Ants are the local animals in Taibai Mountain, they like the ‘Snake Fragrance’ so much and can find it dozens of miles away. I’ve applied some ‘Snake Fragrance’ on Ming Yue and they can help you find where Ming Yue is…” Qing Feng said in a hurry.


“When did you get this?”

“Why didn’t I know this?”

Li Mu took a deep look at this little evildoer.

This little fellow was as crafty as an old fox.

Having no time to ask other things, Li Mu held the small silver hollow metal ball, turned into lightning, and flew in the direction of the back of the office.

“Be careful, Young Master, that blind Taoist can play black art, and that’s so terrible…”

Then came the voice of little Qing Feng shouting at the top of his voice.

“I know.”

Li Mu waved his hands.

After several ups and downs.

Li Mu crossed the back of the office and came to the front of the dense forest outside the wall.

No trace was found, and no footprint clues were got on the ground.

Obviously, Li Mu was not good at tracking.

Without hesitation, he switched off the silver metal ball and let one “Fragrance-Greedy Flying Ant” out.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The insect looked like a big golden flying ant with wings, and it was buzzing and so irritable as if it was getting crazy. It flapped its wings and flew towards the deep forest outside the back of the office.

It was as fast as a golden light.

Li Mu used Lightness Skill and followed behind it immediately.

He could only catch up with it under the cloudy night of the two moons after his horror vision and speed were enhanced by the “Xiantian Skill”.

If it was someone else, even as a top-ranking Wulin master with best Joint-thoughts level, he might lose this “Fragrance-Greedy Flying Ant” in a few breaths.

Several seconds later.

The “Fragrance-Greedy Flying Ant” crossed the dense forest and headed down into the cliff abyss behind.

Without hesitation, Li Mu followed it directly.

“Can the blind Taoist also reach deep below the cliff abyss?”

Li Mu was more vigilant.

The Taoist must be a real martial art master since he could get down the cliff abyss.

And it was more difficult for the blind Taoist to do that since he was carrying Ming Yue with him.

Absolutely, the Taoist must be a master among masters as he could do like this.

Li Mu didn’t take it seriously when Ma Junwu and little Qing Feng said that the Taoist could play back arts, but now he was afraid that this blind Taoist was really strange and there’s something weird about him.

Li Mu became serious now.

Soon, there was a roar of waterfalls below.

He had already arrived at the Nine-dragons Fall.

The “Fragrance-Greedy Flying Ant” was flying too fast that it crashed into the waterfall and was swept away by the current and disappeared immediately.

Li Mu had to release the second “Fragrance-Greedy Flying Ant” from the silver metal ball.


This flying ant flew downwards like a shooting arrow but avoided the terrible waterfall perfectly.

Li Mu was immediately behind it.

Soon, he reached the bottom of the cliff and abyss.

There was just a gap among the clouds in the sky at this moment.

The cool and bright moonlight poured down from the cloud gaps like a silver sword which pierced through the void between heaven and earth.

Waterfalls, pools, and lakes were sparkling in the moonlight, which seemed to be covered with small bits of silver.

Li Mu landed by the river side.

He saw a giant crow with its wings over two meters long hover on the big dark lake quietly, and it looked like a ghost from the netherworld.

There was a rock up in the middle of the lake.

The top of the rock was as smooth as a mirror and looked like a black stone platform ten meters in diameter.

One Taoist holding a bamboo pole was standing on this black stone platform.

He was wearing a black robe with a Sun-Moon Taoist cap, awn boots and a wooden sword wrapped with red rope on his back. He was bathing in the moonlight, thin and stiff, without eyeballs in his hollow eyes, and he was standing quietly as if he was waiting for something.

The adorkable little Lolita Ming Yue was tied to her hands and feet, and her mouth was blocked. She was lying on the rock and struggling.

He finally found her.

Li Mu breathed a sigh of relief.

Ming Yue was not hurt temporarily, and she was safe.

“Here you are.”

The Taoist’s ears moved slightly, and he turned back while his hollow eyes looked just like two twisted black holes. Then he “looked” at the direction of Li Mu and spoke up.

His voice was hoarse like two pieces of rust rubbing against each other.

“Are you waiting for me?” Li Mu was stunned and stared at him.

“You’re faster than I have imagined.” The blind Taoist turned back.

Moonlight fell behind the blind Taoist.

He was just inside the bright moonbeam between heaven and earth but looked thin and clear as if he was wearing the moonlight. His face hid in the shadow of his figure, and it was unutterable weird.

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