The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Demon of a Man

“Who are you?”

Li Mu was running his strength in the body: his muscles were stretched up; his blood and Qi were accelerating, and his spine was trembling, which made a low but deep sound. In a word, he was like a big dragon about to rise in the sky.

He was in his strongest state.

Because Li Mu himself felt an invisible threat from that blind Taoist.

That Taoist stood like a bamboo pole under the moonlight. His robe was swaying in the night wind. He was so thin that it seemed a gust of wind could blow him down, however, to some extent, he was like a prehistoric beast hidden in the dark whose true face was concealed and was giving off a dangerous signal.

If it hadn’t been for the sense of danger, Li Mu had already slapped that person because he was that kind of people, and there was no way for him to say so much nonsense.

“I?” That Taoist said in a hoarse voice. “A poor person who is homeless.”

“Damn it.”

“Are masters all psychopaths who are mentally ill?”

“Can you stop being so pretentious and talk like a normal human being?”

Li Mu criticized him secretly and asked. “Why did you catch my little servant?”

“You don’t know?” The Taoist grinned, and he seemed particularly frightful with the stiff expression on his face, and his hollow black whirlpool-like eyes. # “This little girl is a demon.”

“Demon?” “What demon?” Li Mu asked.

Just took this opportunity to find out the true identity of little Ming Yue.

Anyway, Li Mu also felt that Ming Yue was abnormal.

“You don’t seem surprised at all?” Although blind, the Taoist could clearly grasp any smiling expression on Li Mu’s face and asked him. “You already know, don’t you?”

Li Mu shook his head, saying. “I just think this girl has a really good appetite, which is really weird and kind of scary, but I don’t know what demon she is.”

“Oh.” The Taoist heard Li Mu’s words and seemed to think something.

He looked down as if he were thinking about something and then he seemed to talk to himself, saying. “It seemed he was telling the truth.”

After thinking, the blind Taoist raised his head and said. “Since you don’t know, you are not guilty. You don’t know the truth and you don’t have the smell of a demon. So just go, I won’t kill you.”


Li Mu certainly would not leave.

“I have been chasing you all the way, and I am not here to see you show off and then leave.”

Li Mu smiled and said. “Taoist, you haven’t told me what kind of demon Ming Yue is.”

The blind Taoist became suddenly quiet and then said slowly. “I haven’t seen it through yet.”

“Hey… Are you kidding me, Taoist?” Li Mu squinted his eyes.

“I never joke.” The blind Taoist got a stiff look like dead wood.

“Since you can’t see it through, what if Ming Yue is not a demon?” Li Mu said again.

“Although I can’t see it through, the smell of a demon is very strong, and the sky is full of its smell. It is rare to see such a strong smell of a demon, so I will never mistake it.” The blind Taoist said with great certainty.

Li Mu said again. “Do you make a living by killing demons, Taoist?”

“I have vowed to kill all the demons in the world.” The blind Taoist nodded solemnly.

“How much can you earn by killing a demon?” Li Mu asked again.

“Not for money.” Taoist answered. “I act for Heaven to perform righteous acts.”

Li Mu was speechless.

Act for Heaven to perform righteous acts?

So, he was a damn Taoist with high moral principles?

But why were you, a Taoist monk, always so pretentious?

Li Mu criticized him secretly, but still kept smiling, asking. “You’re going to kill demons whether they are good or bad?”

The blind Taoist sneered, saying. “How can there be good demons in this world?”

“Since people are divided into good and bad, why can’t the demon?” Li Mu asked.

“How can demons compare with people?” That blind Taoist began to be a little angry.

Li Mu remembered the golden sentence of Monk Tang in the movie A Chinese Odyssey, who was like a noisy fly, laughed loudly, saying. “Human beings are born by their mothers, while demons are born by their mothers. Since all of them are born by their mothers, they are equal, so why they can’t be compared with people?”

The blind Taoist was stunned.

He obviously did not think that Li Mu would say such a thing.

In a tone of disappointment and anger, he said angrily. “How absurd… Young man, you are a genius among human beings. I will not give you a hard time since you don’t know your little servant is a demon, however, don’t test my patience with such perverse reasoning and heresy.”

Li Mu said. “Why? If I say a few more words, do you want to kill me, Taoist?”

“I don’t kill people.” The blind Taoist said coldly. “But if a person has the same thought with demons, and makes no attempt to correct his own mistakes, then he will be a demon of a man. I can kill him.”


Li Mu almost spat out a mouthful of salt soda water.

The word “Demon of a Man” was explained in that way on that planet.

That damn Taoist was really uneducated.

Li Mu no longer spoke.

He began to undress.

Under the moonlight, Li Mu took off his robe without haste, then took off his trousers. Finally, he took off his boots and left only one underpants on his whole body. Then he folded the clothes neatly, placed them next to a rock and pressed them with stone.

“What are you doing?” The blind Taoist was extremely confused.

Was the head of Taibai County a madman?

Even if the blind Taoist had a wide range of knowledge, he was a little confused at that time.

Li Mu smiled.

“You’re damn blind. I’m undressing… Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot. You’re really blind.”

That was a mockery, and Li Mu wanted the Taoist to hate him.

However, the blind Taoist did not jump as violently as Li Mu imagined, but asked more strangely. “Why do you take off your clothes?”

Damn it, was that damn Taoist so good-tempered?

Li Mu declared the first attempt to provoke his opponent was a failure.

He had to follow the original plan to skip and jump to move his body, and honestly said. “It’s much more comfortable to fight naked, besides, I’m a little strong, so I’m afraid that I will ruin this dress when I fight. You should know I haven’t worn this new dress for two hours yet. What a pity if it is ruined.”

What Li Mu had said was true.

Although it sounded a bit perverted when a big man fought naked, there was nothing to worry about at night when his opponent was blind.

Li Mu knew himself very well.

If he really burst out with a horrible force, he would shatter most of his clothes in an instant. He couldn’t bare his butt every time he fought, so he might as well take off his clothes in advance. After the fight, he still had clothes to wear.

“Do you really want to risk your life and fight for this demon?” The blind Taoist frowned and said.

Li Mu rubbed his wrists and said. “Don’t be so confident, Taoist. After we fight, it’s not certain who will risk his life.”

He walked step by step toward the lake and said. “Finally, I still have a question to ask you.”

“What is the problem?” Said the blind Taoist.

“What is your mother’s surname?” Asked Li Mu.


The blind Taoist was stunned.


A bolt of flesh-colored lightning flashed through the air.

At the moment when the sound of the explosion came, Li Mu had crossed the distance of 100-meter water and hit the blind Taoist with a punch.

How scary Li Mu was when he burst out with such speed and power.

The surface of the water was plowed by the high-speed wave, which made a 100-meter-long scratch. Li Mu shot out a transparent light column visible to the naked eye in the air in an instant with his fists as if it were an invisible god-used sword, which separated the sky from the earth.

The blind Taoist standing on the black reef was instantly bombarded into a mass of powder.

What was even more horrifying was that the remaining strength of that punch crossed a kilometer away and bombarded a stone peak across the lake, directly cut off the small stone peak with a diameter of more than 10 meters.

However, there was a sudden warning in Li Mu’s mind.

Because it seemed that Li Mu had punched into the cotton, which let him realize instantly he actually did not hit the target, and everything he had captured by his eyes was an illusion.

He was in mid-air and there was no place for him to stand, but he magically disappeared in the distance after a sudden twinkle as if he were inserted wings.

Almost at the same time, a black light shattered the afterimage left in the place after Li Mu’s high-speed movement.

That was a feather.

A feather of black ravens.

Li Mu’s figure continually jumped and flickered in the void, leaving countless afterimages.

That kind of scene was like the incarnation of the body, and countless Li Mu appeared in the night sky.

That kind of high-speed movement was like a teleport, which completely broke the physics rules in the world.

But the black lights flashed through the air silently and hit and smashed those afterimages accurately.

Finally, dozens of images of Li Mu in the air disappeared like smoke.

At a height of more than 20 meters, the black raven was floating still in the air.

The figure of the blind Taoist appeared on the back of the raven as if the immortal arrived and stood quietly.

108 raven’s feathers appeared around the man and the bird.

Every black feather was four fingers wide and half a meter long. Its color was pitch black, and it got the quality like iron. Under the moonlight, it shone like a black sword, buzzing and vibrating like a black flying sword. As long as the blind Taoist thought, it could be turned into a black sword rain and smash all enemies.

“Damn it, it’s really sorcery.”

Li Mu had appeared on the black reef platform in the center of the lake.

He did not expect that blind Taoist’s moves were so weird.

Nor did he realize that the black raven had such power like a fairy bird.

Such a combination was very difficult to deal with.

At least the reaction speed of the blind Taoist just now was too fast. Li Mu had broken the lake and the stone pinnacle by his sudden punch but did not cause any trouble to the blind Taoist. Instead, Li Mu almost suffered from his opponent’s counterattack.

“Oh-oh-oh…” Ming Yue was lying at the feet of Li Mu, struggling.

Li Mu’s fingers were like a knife and cut the ropes backhand.

All the ropes on little adorkable Ming Yue were broken neatly.

The little fellow jumped up immediately, broke free of the rope at once, took out the rag stuffed in her mouth, made a deep breath of fresh air, jumped on her feet, and said. “Young Master, that old thing talks nonsense. I’m not a demon. Just smash him.”

Li Mu said. “Shut up… Don’t let me be distracted, be quiet.”

If Li Mu could smash the damn Taoist, he would have already done that. Would he wait for Ming Yue, the adorkable girl, to say that?

“Well, please tell me, Young Master, why are you taking off your clothes and running naked?” Ming Yue asked curiously.

Damn it, the adorkable girl’s IQ was hard to measure like normal people, and her attention could be distracted instantaneously without any logic and meaning and regardless of occasions.

Li Mu regretted to untie the ropes of Ming Yue.

He had an impulse to tie the adorkable little girl and stuffed her mouth with a rag again.

Nevertheless, Li Mu could not really do that in the mid-air when a bird and a man was casting covetous eyes on him.

He didn’t dare to be too distracted.

“Young man, I will warn you the last time. Leave this demon, and I can let you go.” Standing on the raven’s back, the blind Taoist, in a gesture of “Don’t say that I didn’t warn you”, issued the final warning. “Don’t bury yourself here for a demon.”

“You’re a damn braggart.” Li Mu answered back sarcastically.

“Refuse to realize your error. Befriend with the demon. You have already become a Demon of a Man, and it is a pity to waste all your talent, in this case, I will send you on the death road so as not to leave adverse effects on human.” The blind Taoist was not patient anymore.

“You are a Demon of a Man. Your whole family is demons of human.” Li Mu was furious.

It was OK if we just fought, but how could you, a monk Taoist, use personal attack?

At that time, there occurred a change.

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