The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Coming here by Riding a Dog

On the calm lake, the white ripples rippled like a fish fin that swung under the water. The figures of the two moons on the lake were smashed, and the moonlight was moving, which made a simple and ancient symbol, swimming on the water.

Li Mu immediately felt that there was something flowing in the air.

Within a few kilometers of the entire lake, there was a mysterious power that was gathering.

The ancient symbols on the surface of the water started to move and were shining with dazzling brilliance, and immediately visible pillars of light were born from these ancient symbols and rose to the sky.

Different light pillars were entangled with each other.

It looked like there was an invisible palm that was weaving these thread-like beams.

Eventually, between the lights and shadows, a huge cage like a birdcage appeared out of nowhere.

The whole process was quicker than words could tell.

Li Mu and little adorkable Ming Yue were confined in that giant light-pillar birdcage.

In the air, the blind Taoist was standing on the back of the giant raven, holding a Fa-Seal in one of his hands and mumbling some words.

That was… the Magic Fa Circle.

A bright light flashed in Li Mu’s mind and he suddenly understood.

Damn it, that damn Taoist was tricking me around.

The blind Taoist must have come here in advance, and made some arrangements around and set up the ambush secretly…

What Qing Feng and Ma Junwu had said was right. That damn Taoist had really mastered some witchcraft.

That kind of scene and effect were definitely not something that could be created by martial arts and fighting skills.

“Damn Taoist, you have made all the arrangements to trick me around?” Li Mu’s face clouded, and he said, “Is this also enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven?”

So careless.

“You can do anything to kill demons.” The look of that blind Taoist was as stiff as zombies.

He pinched his hands and sang a kind of obscure syllable like an incantation. Then his tongue burst out spring thunder. “The Great Way is endless. Borrow power from heaven and earth. Refine!”

The light-pillar prison resonated and sparked more brilliantly.

I saw that there was a certain symbolic flow in each of the light columns. The entire prison was gradually reduced, and the light column became a thin silver wire, which was like a sharp edge, and was cutting toward Li Mu and Ming Yue.

Li Mu gave a punch.

The power of each punch was like a dragon, and its Qi waves were like a strong wind, which was turbulent and violent, detonated the void.

However, the mesh was as thin as a blade. After all, there was nowhere for him to exert force. The punch force was bombarded on the optical network and penetrated through it, however, it only distorted the optical network, but could not tear it apart.

Each punching power was basically through the net.

When Li Mu saw it, he knew that it was impossible to smash the optical network that was reduced and cutting towards them by his punch in the air.

He changed his mind and the direction of his fists and bombarded towards the giant raven and the blind Taoist in the mid-air.

A punch burst out, and the air was trembling, which had formed a strong wind. The transparent air pillars were like hundreds of meters invisible magic knife, cutting the void into pieces.

It could be said that it was shocking to have such a powerful punch with physical strength alone.

The punch wind, which was like an invisible knife, passed through the light-pillar cage and was cutting to giant raven and the blind Taoist.

“The Great Way is endless. Borrow power from heaven and earth. Ride!”

The blind Taoist looked solemn, shouted, and his tongue burst out spring thunder.

Around his figure, the feathers, which were like metal, were like living in general. It seemed they were character strokes, and were swimming, floating, self-assembling into different ancient handwriting and symbols, which had formed a special Magic Fa Circle.

Li Mu bombarded on those Magic Fa Circle by his punch, and it had stirred up layers of ripples, which was like ripples of water.

Black feathers were shaken away in the air.

Other black feathers were filled in again.

Black feathers, such as handwritten strokes, were automatically combined to form a layered symbol that appealed the forces between the heavens and the earth, forming an invisible cover that enveloped the blind Taoist.


Li Mu constant punch that cover.

The black raven emitted a long, sharp sound, and its body was twisted and skewed by the concussion, and it continued to fly backward.

The blind Taoist had turned his solemn look into an incredible look.

He obviously did not think that Li Mu’s punching power was so horrifying.

The man was stunned and almost lost his balance. On the back of the raven, he pressed his handprints and sang a spell. Naturally, he could not continue to maintain the balance. He could only hold the neck of the raven and barely stabilized his body.

“Caw Caw Caw…”

The giant raven roared.

It vibrated its wings and raised its height.

The huge black figure glides like a bolt of black lightning, evading the punch from Li Mu, and it was like a fighter plane that constantly made various tactical dodge.

Under such circumstances, the blind Taoist was somewhat embarrassed and could no longer control the light-pillar prison anymore.

The physique of the warlock was not as good as the warrior.

However, even so, Li Mu’s crisis had not been completely resolved.

Because the blind Taoist stopped control the light-pillar prison, it was no longer narrowed down, but it still existed.

The little adorkable Ming Yue had thrown a small knife out.

The knife which was made of fine steel broke silently and instantaneously became something like mud when it touched on the optical net although it was very hardness, and the incision was smooth, which was like a mirror.

Seeing this scene, the little adorkable girl was suddenly like a frightened rabbit, hiding behind Li Mu.

“I bought a bag last year…”

Li Mu directly exploded a phrase of Internet vulgarity on the earth.

The film Biochemical Crisis emerged in his mind instantly: the laser defense channel at the umbrella headquarter that could instantly cut any object into various geometric blocks. The film Biochemical Crisis emerged in his mind instantly: the laser defense channel at the umbrella headquarter that could instantly cut any object into various geometric blocks.

What kind of Magic Fa Circle that made by that damn blind Taoist was so scary?

Li Mu’s body had become extremely tough after practicing Xiantian Skill and Zhenwu Boxing, but even if he was tougher, he could not be harder than pure steel.

If he was cut by the light-pillar prison, he was afraid that he would become meat in irregular geometric shapes in the same way as the short knife.

Suddenly, the cold sweat on Li Mu’s forehead came out.

He really understood how dangerous the situation was at that moment.

“Ah, ah, I am banging, I am banging, I am banging…”

Li Mu, who was afraid now, instinctively made the most correct response.

It seemed he got an injection of a chicken’s blood: he took a step in place, wrenched his waist, pulled his belly up, raised his chest and hips, and put himself in the most comfortable position. His arms, like a pile driver, kept pouring out into the void.

He constantly bombarded toward the black raven and blind Taoist.

Only in that way could the blind Taoist not be able to unite his power and start the Magic Fa Circle.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah…” Li Mu, like a cat who had been stepped on its tail, screamed and looked excited.

The threat of death made him completely explode.

In mid-air, the blind Taoist was also in a state of confusion.

Although he used to ride the raven and stood on its back to go somewhere, it was never so bumpy.

He hugged the neck of the black raven tightly, fearing that he would fall down without being careful, or be shot by his punch. The strength of the Magic Fa Circle had already resisted Li Mu once before, so he realized that as long as he was bombed by Li Mu with three punches, his borrowed Fa power from heaven and earth would be bombarded, and the fourth punch would kill him as dregs.

The giant raven screamed, flew in high, low, left or right directions to dodge the punches from Li Mu.

It could only dodge Li Mu, but could not get out of trouble.

Because Li Mu’s seemingly chaotic punches had formed countless punch winds, which made it could not open its wings and fly in the distant sky.

“Oh, I punch punch punch punch…”

Li Mu dared not stop for half a second like taking a stimulant.

His arm, like a pile driver or a cannon, bombarded and fired constantly.

Thus, the situation entered a very embarrassing state.


The blind Taoist was tossed and turned, feeling dizzy and chaotic in his mind.

He felt nausea. It seemed that his throat was blocked by something, and he almost spat out the undigested dinner.

He could not be angrier.

He had overrun the whole world and went anywhere as one pleases. to kill all the demons, and When did he encounter such an embarrassing situation?

He was bombarded like a mosquito by a naked man who had fallen into the net and was cornered like that.

After half an hour, finally, the black raven “driver”, the blind Taoist, could not hold up, with a sound of wow, he directly spat out, then yellow and white things were drifted down all over the sky…

“Young master, this old thing spat…” Ming Yue said in righteous indignation, “He’s humiliating you. It’s unbearable.”


Was vomiting equal to humiliating?

What logic was that sentence?

Li Mu turned his head to stare at the adorkable girl although he was so busy.

The adorkable girl continued to say, “Young master, you kindly took off your clothes to show him, but he dared to vomit. If I were you, I would kill him if I show someone my body, but he feels like vomiting…”

Li Mu thought, “I, damn it…”

Little girl continued to say, “And obviously, he is clearly a blind man. A blind man spat out because of your nakedness, which was humiliating you. You can bear that?”

Li Mu’s face was as black as the bottom of the pot.

He thought why not just give her to the blind Taoist to let him peel her skin and do the bloodletting?

Why did he protect such a dumb ass?

The situation was strange and funny, and they confronted each other.

About an hour later.

In the sky, the moons were more and more bright, and the clouds were gone.

Like a husky dog in dog days, Li Mu stuck his tongue out and took deep breaths. And he could not keep his waist straight and punch anymore…

The black giant raven, on the other hand, was falling on the bank with twitching wings.

The blind Taoist vomited in all directions, like a drunkard who had forgotten something had happened during drinking. He lay on the back of huge crow, and could not stand up. He was muttering something in his mouth, but he could not control the light-pillar anymore.

“How to do?”

Li Mu’s mind flashed countless thoughts.

He must hurry to find a way, otherwise, when the blind Taoist had recovered, the disaster would come.

Everything would be fine if he brought that silver bow with him.

Then he could spare all the effort and could shoot the big bird directly with one arrow.

It was a pity that that time he did not bring any weapon because he was busy at chasing people.

“I can recharge my battery by practicing the Xiantian Skill. I hope I can recover in front of that damn Taoist.”

Li Mu only thought that feasible way after thinking a lot.

He was about to sit down and breathe when——

“Woof, woof…woof.”

A dog barked loudly.

“Ah, hahaha, I didn’t expect the famous “Black Ravens” was cornered so miserable by a young man. It is really funny…” A big, fat yellow-white dog walked from the stones in the distant lake.

On the back of the dog was riding an old beggar with a big nose.

Li Mu looked at them.

Hey, wasn’t that strange and timid old beggar in the daytime?

Why did he appear here?

He was afraid that was another old monster.

In the daytime, he was wary of that old man. At that time, he was in danger, and to Li Mu, the old beggar was like the old saying “When a mantis is trying to catch a cicada, a canary is behind it. ” so Li Mu could not be careless and he stopped practicing Xiantian Skill to recover.

“At the place of Nine-dragons Fall, the moons are black and the water is deep, which is a wonderful place, and the moonlight is like a fairy…”

The old man opened his mouth to say those elegant words. He was indifferent with a solemn look. He came here by riding a dog, which was like a fairy in the moonlight.


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