The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 70

Chapter 70 I Missed It

“Da Huang, take me there.”

The old beggar rubbed his big nose and clapped his legs like riding a horse, then he patted the butt of the fat dog.

“Woof…” The big fat dog spat its tongue out tiredly.

Barking a while and then walking a while.

Walking a while then barking a while.

The “immortal” was not calm.

“Da Huang, hurry up.” He winked at the dog, saying.

Da Huang spat out his tongue with a tired expression and took a few more steps. Then its tongue could not stretch straight and it refused to move.

“At the crucial moment, be strong.” The old beggar said awkwardly.

“Woof, woof…” The big yellow dog spat out its tongue, dropped its ears and refused to go anymore.

Li Mu and the adorkable Ming Yue looked at each other.

Why was that old beggar so funny?

“Damn it, I have just fed you a fat cooked chicken. Don’t we have a deal that you carry me for 100 meters?” “You have eaten your words. Are you a good dog?” The old beggar found it hard to get off after riding the dog, so he was so embarrassed that he became angry.

“Woof, woof… woof.”

The big yellow dog didn’t have a good temper. When it heard that it was questioned, it suddenly became angry, arrogant, and then it jumped hard and slammed the old beggar from its back.

“Oh…” The old beggar fell to the ground, shouted, climbed up with his waist, and jumped due to anger, saying. “Our relationship is over, you just go away…”

The idea of being an immortal under the moon, which he had tried to create, had failed completely.

Li Mu was stunned.

Which psychiatric hospital was not closed, and let that madman ran out.

He turned around to look at Ming Yue.

A funny people and a dumb ass.

Was that old beggar a close family member of that adorkable little girl?

Li Mu’s expression stayed unchanged, and he secretly ran Xiantian Skill to breathe in and out in order to restore strength as soon as possible.

Whether the blind Taoist or old beggar was a hard-ass, though, obviously, they had different styles.

The situation tonight seemed to be funny and easy, but in fact, it was more dangerous than ever before.

Once Li Mu was not careful, he was afraid that he would die.

Moreover, Li Mu did not know if it was an illusion or not, and he always felt that there was still a greater danger hidden in the dark, which was just like a brewing mountain torrent, and it may break out at any time.

“Beggar, what are you doing here?” At the lakeside came a weak voice. “You keep failing me. Do you want me to refine you?”

The blind Taoist who was in the “airsickness” state, oh, no, in the “bird-sickness” state eventually became a little sober.

He supported his upper body with both hands, still retching and gazing weakly at the old beggar.

Judging from his tone, he obviously knew the old beggar.

“Ha-ha, old blind man, look at you now. How much supernatural power left in your body. Haha, you are still so stubborn now, refine me? Believe it or not, I’ll let the dog bite you right now…” The old beggar, with a sinister smile on his face, abandoned the “dog riding” mode of transportation and walked towards the lake.

The big yellow dog followed him with its tail moving around.

Blind Taoist struggled for a moment, stood up with a rock, gasped in his mouth, and kept pinching his fingerprints.

The wind whispered between the heaven and the earth.

There were invisible forces accumulating.

The invisible Qi flooded into the body of the blind Taoist.

He seemed recovered a lot.

A glimpse of the faint light appeared on his side.

The black raven, which lay twitching on the ground, also regained some vitality. Its wings stopped twitching and struggled to get up.

“Oh, it’s a mess… It is OK for you, a warlock, to kill the demons, but why do you kill people, and then you even have created the word ‘Demon of a Man’. Do you say that you are not seeking abuse?” The old beggar smiled and approached.

He didn’t care about the dangerous smell that gradually permeated the blind Taoist.

The big yellow dog didn’t care either.


A black feather pierced the void and was shot at the old beggar.

The old beggar grabbed it casually and the feathers were caught.

Silk black clouds were scattered at his fingertips.

The black feather was transformed by supernatural power and then was shattered and dissipated by the old beggar’s internal qi.

“Save your effort. After a while, when that boy had recovered, he will hit you like a fly.” The old beggar smiled dramatically with a sinister look.

“Refine you and him.” There was a rare outrage on the face of the blind Taoist, who was like a zombie.

He forcibly pinched his fingerprints and began to blink violently with that silky streak all over his body.

“Haha, look at you, you are an old man with such a bad temper.” The old beggar still didn’t care. He smiled happily although the blind Taoist was in pain now and he pointed to the little adorkable Ming Yue in the middle of the lake. “Speaking seriously, this time you may be wrong. This girl is not a demon.”

“The smell of a demon is so strong. What is she if she is not a demon?” The blind Taoist stood with the help of the rock beside him on his own and staggered like a drunkard.

The black raven croaked and struggled to get up.

“The smell of a demon from her doesn’t mean she is a demon, but it may be other reasons. And you can’t see it because you are not powerful enough.” The old beggar grinned with a very disdainful look.

“Speaking of that, you just want to be against me and fight against me.” The blind Taoist gnashed his teeth in anger.

“You’re wrong.” The old beggar denied him with great confidence, saying. “I’m helping you. Too many killings are harmful.”

“I kill demons for heaven’s sake. What can you do for me?” The blind Taoist sneered, saying. “Stop me from killing demons again and again, and always make my plans fail. Does that help me too?”

“You are not only blind in the eyes but also blind in heart.” “I stopped you in order to help you kill fewer people, made fewer mistakes, commit less crime so that you would not go to hell after death, and if your sins are too much you will be in hell forever.” The old beggar spoke with great righteousness.

Li Mu had no time to see them flirting with each other, and seized the time to run Xiantian Skill and restored his strength.

“All are nonsense. Stop doing that. Tonight, let’s settle our case.”

The blind Taoist was going mad because of the unreasonableness of the old beggar.

If anyone was harassed by someone all the time and he or she repeatedly destroyed the cause that you were trying to pursue, and you had nothing to do with him or her, no matter who you were, you would be mad.

Even that person was once your friend.

That was how the blind Taoist was thinking at that time.

“Hey, don’t do that. Don’t fight and kill all day long. This time, I don’t want to fight with you. We are all old acquaintances. Let’s talk about it.” The old beggar waved his hand and smiled, saying that. “As long as you promise me one thing, I will leave you alone in the future.”

The blind man’s chest fluctuated violently for a while before he could control his anger, after a while, he said. “What do you want to say.”

The old beggar pointed to Ming Yue in the middle of the lake trapped in the light-pillar prison, saying. “I want that girl to be my disciple, so you give her to me, OK?”

“No way.” The blind Taoist refused firmly, saying. “Her smell of a demon is so strong. I must kill her, and I will smash its demon bones and body, spread its bone ash in the air so that she cannot be a creature again.”

“I said that she is not a demon, and she only has a smell of a demon.” Said the old beggar. “You can reassure I have a way to make her smell of a demon disappear and make her be a normal person.”

The blind Taoist shook his head. “That doesn’t work. She is a demon, a real demon, how can she be a normal person?” “Nonsense.”

“Doesn’t it work?”

“A firm no.”

“Please consider it again.”

“Do not open your mouth.”

“You… damn it. You are stubborn, like a stinky stone in the pit. Your eyes are in that condition, and you deserve it.” After using both hard and soft tactics, was angry at the moment, the old beggar immediately became angry and scolded that blind Taoist to expose his shortcomings, and he said. “Do you see her through?” “You cannot see her through with your ability. What does that mean?” “Sometimes, think about it more. Don’t always be so stubborn. Is the lesson of that year not enough?” “You are killing all day long. You’re simply stunned by hatred.”

“Shut up.”

The blind Taoist began to roar and his hair erected. He shouted at the old beggar because he was so angry.

What made him angry was not the old beggar said his shortcomings.

It was the last sentence that angered him.

“What did you know?” He was furious. “You are just a heartless bastard who is fooling around all the time…”

Before he finished the words.


Here blew a strong wind.

A bloody fog appeared on the left leg of the blind Taoist.

In an instant, his entire left leg disappeared.

“Pooh…” He was stunned, and opened his mouth and spewed a blood arrow, then he fell to the ground facing the sky.

The old beggar was also stunned, instantly turned into lightning and came to the blind Taoist, he held him with one of his hands while turning around to look toward the center of the lake.

Li Mu smiled and waved.

“It’s you?” The old beggar was shocked.

Li Mu looked like a lively dragon or an active tiger, saying. “Yes, I did that.”

The recovery effect of Xiantian Skill was obviously far beyond the imagination of the blind Taoist and the old beggar. They did not expect that Li Mu, who had been so exhausted and tired before, recovered so fast in such a short period of time.

While the blind Taoist was agitated and distracted, he found a jujube core from Ming Yue and hit it vigorously. Through the light net prison, he shot the left leg of the blind Taoist.

How scary was the power of Li Mu?

A small jujube stone, which he shot out, was no different from the Gauss sniper rifle on Earth.

The blind Taoist, after all, was a warlock. He was trained to be a warlock to use magical power, not a martial arts master, so his body was only a little stronger than ordinary people, but that was limited, so his left leg was broken.

“Your boy… Why are you so cruel?”

The old beggar did not know what to say.

He originally thought that Li Mu would suffer, but he did not expect…

“You overpraised that. I was aiming at his head, but unfortunately missed it.”

Li Mu said with regret.

He was telling the truth.

The blind Taoist had invaded the county government, killed four people of the county government, and almost cut him and Ming Yue into pieces of meat with irregular geometric shapes. That was already hatred about life and death, so Li Mu would not be merciful, he would kill him if he got the chance.

It is a pity that there were differences between shooting jujube cores and arrows, so he missed it.

Looking at Li Mu’s funny expression, the old beggar felt chill in his mind.

That kid was really sinister. #

I had to do some preparations.

However, Li Mu was very surprised to see that with the serious injury of the blind Taoist, the light net prison was gradually dimmed, and then it slowly dissipated in the void, so it was clear that the blind Taoist could not maintain that Magic Fa Circle.

“This old blind man was so cruel. He killed four soldiers and guards in the county government office, which violated the imperial criminal law. He was unforgivable, so I will take him back to punish him according to the law.” Li Mu said strongly.

“Kill four soldiers?” The old beggar shook his head and said. “That’s impossible, although he is murderous, he only kills demons, not people. He has not killed anyone for more than a decade, so how can he kill your guards?”

Li Mu was annoyed.

“I saw it with my own eyes, can that be wrong?” “I heard what you guys said just now. You must know each other, old thing, you will defend the blind man, if so… oh?” “Hey?” “What happened?” “Earthquake?”

Before he finished his words, Li Mu suddenly found that the black reef under his feet actually began to move.

The whole Nine-dragons Fall was surging like a pot of boiled water.

What happened?

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