The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 71

Chapter 71 A Big Trouble


A three-or-four-meter-thick water column erupted from the deep lake and rose into the sky.

The weird array symbols, which were originally scattered above the water, were shredded by the water column in an instant, and the original light net prison that remained in the air was faintly disappeared.

The black reef slammed and then darted to grow up violently.

“Damn it…”

Li Mu felt a shock under his feet and then his whole body was thrown out.

With his hands, he grabbed the little adorkable Ming Yue beside him, who was already in mid-air.

What happened?

Li Mu used the lightness skill and tried to stabilize his body in midair.

“Wow, wow… it’s too exciting…” Ming Yue screamed excitedly.

On top of the head, moonlights disappeared and a shadow appeared.

Li Mu raised his head subconsciously.

His pupils were shrinking down.

A hundred-meter-long giant black tail with blurry water was thrown away through the sky in the dark night, skipping the lakes and pools.

It seemed there was a rainstorm on the pool.

“That reef… is a tail?”

Li Mu’s hair stood on end with fright.

He just realized that the black reef that he had just stood was not a reef at all, but a huge tail that he did not know who’s terrifying tail belonged to. It looked like a black reef when it was floating on the water.

But what kind of creature was it that was so giant?

Its tail was so big that anyone would mistake it for a reef.


The huge tail struck the water like a thunderstorm.

The whole lake was like hundreds of kilograms of T.N.T. explosive being detonated below.

Li Mu moved rapidly across its body with Ming Yue. Although they were not hit by the tail, they got wet all over.

They landed on the shore.

Li Mu was still in shock.

While Ming Yue shouted excitedly.

In the water mist, a behemoth of hundreds of meters high was looming.

The water was rolling over.

“What monster is this?” Li Mu quickly found his clothes on the shore, which were soaked through, but he still put them on quickly, and it was better than running naked.

“The smell of a demon is so strong…” The old beggar opened his mouth and it was so big that a duck egg could be stuffed into.

“Woof Woof Woof!” The big yellow dog showed its teeth and barked at the pool.

Even the badly wounded warlock blind Taoist forgot to moan and looked at the lake incredibly, “How can it be? This great demon is so close at hand. Why have I not noticed before…”

He took killing demons and destroying demons as his lifelong cause, but that time he was so careless.

Before that, he was standing on the black reef.

He once placed a Magic Fa Circle around the black reef.

When he was alert before, he stayed in that lake for so long, but he did not find such a giant monster… That was a huge joke.

“What a strong smell of a demon.” The second sentence of the old beggar was still to repeat his feelings.

Li Mu heard the words and suddenly thought of something.

What was the smell of a demon?

The blind Taoist and old beggar said that Ming Yue had a smell of a demon several times before, but why could not he see it through?

He looked at the lake carefully.

A monster like a great ancient beast revealed half of its body in the stormy waves as if it were a rolling black hill, and its huge tail was still swinging up and down. Every time it patted the water, the whole lake would be churned up and down.

It was dimly visible that there was a layer of transparent weird air around the body of that huge monster.

Was that weird airflow the legendary smell of a demon?

Li Mu looked at Ming Yue again.

There was no airflow around this little girl.


Here came the sound of roar in the direction of that behemoth, and it echoed the roar of the Nine-dragons Fall between the cliffs, the abyss, and the mountains.

Such a voice, of course, could not be transmitted to Taibai County.

That cliff abyss in the back hill naturally isolated all sounds for Taibai County. As usual, the Nine-dragons Fall roared like thunder day and night, but nothing could be heard in Taibai County.

If the abyss of the back mountain cliff was a wild, noisy mysterious world, then Taibai County was a quiet, peaceful, slow-pace and leisurely world.

The front and the back of that mountain were two completely different worlds.

The ordinary people living in the county town could never imagine that there was such a world under the cliffs of the mountains.

Because they could never get down from the cliff.

But Li Mu stood on the shore, who was the first to bear the brunt. The roar of the huge beast made the sound wave like a hurricane, almost blowing him and Ming Yue into rolling gourds.

The whistling sound wave pulled out dozens of trees and hundreds of kilograms of rocks on the shore, which were like grass clumps rolling up in an instant.

“What the monster is this?”

Li Mu was shocked.

The biggest creature on earth should be the blue whale in the ocean, but it was only three or forty meters in length and could hold 50 adults in its tongue, while there was a kind of dinosaur in the ancient earth called amphicoelias with a body length of more than 80 meters, which was the largest creature known on earth.

But just looked at the monster! Its body which had exposed to the surface of the water had already reached hundreds of meters long Its roaring was like thunder, and its skin was like a rock. And its tail was probably more than the total length of the top four or five blue whales, Which was almost unheard of or ever seen before.

What kind of creature was that?


“It is a flood dragon.” The old beggar said the third sentence.

That sentence, at last, had some nutritious content.

Like a virgin stripped of her clothes, Li Mu looked at the giant in the lake and screamed, “Oh, my God, a flood dragon that is about to turn into a dragon. I am afraid that it’s thousands of years old… It’s incredible that there should be a flood dragon in Taibai Mountain?”

Flood dragons were not real dragons, but once it gained real power, it could “move around”, that was to say, it could move along the rivers to the sea, and turning into real dragons.

In a way, a flood dragon was also a demon.

Li Mu was shocked.

Flood dragons?

On earth, there was the term “flood dragon”.

In the Chinese legends on the earth, flood dragons and real dragons were almost equal. They were both gods in myths and legends. Of course, there were also legends to say that flood dragon was evil and the real dragon was good. In many legends, Flood dragons had the magic power of dragons, which were also extremely horrifying.

On earth, dragons and dragons existed only in various myths and legends.

But on this planet, it was obvious that flood dragons were real.

In Li Mu also felt kind of excited in his heart.

Seeing a flood dragon with his own eyes was a testament to the earth’s myths and legends.

He observed it carefully and found that the so-called flood dragons were indeed similar to flood dragons in the myths and legends on the earth, but he still felt magnificent to see the living creatures, and the vision shock was indescribable.

Fortunately, it seemed that flood dragon not to feel like killing.

It did not chase down Li Mu and other people but only stirred up the lake, leaving the entire lake in a state of mist and fog.

It looked up.

It rose its giant head out of the water and reached out into the night sky.

On the dark blue sky, the dark clouds were scattered, the two months were hanging high, and the bright moonlight was falling down.

That flood dragon had opened its mouth, breathing in a strange rhythm.

Every time it breathed in, the moonlight appeared strange distortion, converged toward its huge mouth. It inhaled the moonlight all over the sky into its mouth, and every time it breathed out, there was a faint dark mist floating between the heaven and the earth.

Swallowing the essence of the moonlight.

It was practicing.

Li Mu saw that clearly, and there occurred a flash of lightning in his heart.

Because the flood dragon’s breathing method seemed to be somewhat similar to that of Xiantian Skill, which was also to control the rhythm of breathing and absorb the energy between heaven and earth. The only difference was that the Xiantian Skill could absorb all the energy between heaven and earth, while that flood dragon’s breathing seemed to absorb only some energy from the essence of the moonlight.

However, that also inspired Li Mu greatly.

Compared with the method of practicing internal Qi of the martial arts masters, it seemed that the breathing method was a higher level of practice.

Li Mu grabbed Ming Yue in one hand and quietly stepped back.

Gentlemen were not standing under the dangerous wall.

That flood dragon’s power was too horrifying, and its oppressive force could basically destroy anything. Although it was focusing on practicing at this time so it seemed harmless, what if it felt full after absorbing the essence of the moonlight and wanted to eat human flesh as snacks?

Although Li Mu had a headache when he thought there was a flood dragon under the cliff abyss of the back hill of the county government, he also knew that it would be better to escape at that time.

But before he escaped, should he kill that blind Taoist?

That damn sinister Taoist, who had killed and robbed people, attacked the county government, was good at the Magic Fa Circles and had a big bird to help him, would be a scourge.

Li Mu turned around to look at the direction of that blind Taoist.

That look made Li Mu felt uncomfortable.

Li Mu did not know when that blind Taoist had pushed aside the old beggar and stood on one leg.

He sprayed blood from his mouth like a sprinkler, and his hands were bloodstained which were like dyed by blood.

The blood had brought a strange power, which made the old blind man restore all his energy as if he was in the prime.

He pinched fingerprints with his bloody hands wildly and sang in a low voice.

The sound of this humming sound caused the resonance of the heavens and the earth, which was very strange.

Then the blind Taoist surged with magic power. The lines of light become denser and denser, and eventually solidified quickly as if they became wandering silk threads, and a dark silver armor was weaved around him.

Under the moonlight, near the deep and cold lake, the blind Taoist was like a god.

He was in a strong but abnormal state.

“Blind, don’t go crazy…it is not the same flood dragon.”

The old beggar seemed to have realized something and was astonished to say that.

“Revenge… Kill!” ”

The blind Taoist had jumped up on one leg, like a dark silver lightsaber, with the madness and determination of not coming back, stabbing at the flood dragon which was swallowing the essence of the moonlight.

Damn it.

Don’t take us if you were looking for death.

Li Mu raised his hands and wanted to stop him, but it was too late.


In the horrifying crashing sound, the lightsaber which was incarnated by the blind Taoist was cutting at that flood dragon’s neck.

Layers of aperture radiated.

A mushroom cloud appeared like a small nuclear bomb.

Everything between heaven and earth seemed to be silent.

“Wow…” Its huge body was hit and then fell into the water again.

It roared, and its voice was filled with rage that could sweep through the mountains and rivers.


The water column rose.

The head of the flood dragon reappeared.

It rushed out of the water and opened its eyes.

A pair of bloody pool-like eyes opened with its scarlet pupils, and that coldness from its eyes could cover thousands of miles.

Li Mu suddenly felt like being in the ice cave.

Li Mu felt that his life had been taken away in an instant when he was looked at by those bloody pool-like eyes.

He knew that the flood dragon was angry now.

A big trouble was coming.

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