The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 72

hapter 72 The Windy Night

Taibai County in the night was as gentle as a sleeping young girl.

It was very quiet and peaceful.

People from Wulin were driven away in one day by their county magistrate, people of Taibai County finally did not feel scared and uneasy, and they could finally sleep soundly and have a good dream.

On the attic with carved railings and jade inlays.

Qin Zheng, a boy in a bright yellow dragon robe, finally finished his homework of that day and went back to his room to practice Ming Yu Skill.

From the age of three, he was arranged by his sister to start practicing.

Ming Yu Skill was chosen by his sister for him. It was said that if he reached the ultimate level of the skill, he could make the mind free of dirt and his body like jade. It was a first-class skill of self-cultivation and mind-cultivation, besides, it could even make him wiser, so practicing it was really beneficial.

The young boy in black clothes, who had followed Mr. Wang, stood like a statue in the room was Qing’er, and she was quietly guarding Qin Zheng.

She was following the order from his princess to supervise Qin Zheng.

Qing’er looked at Qin Zheng, who was in the state of “meditating to comprehend something.”

However, she had to admit that the little prince was very handsome, and he inherited the excellent appearance from his parents and was indeed very intelligent, but he was very naughty, and often went out to make troubles. In the city of Qin, he was a famous little playboy. Many times, even her princess felt like a headache when thinking of that.

More than once, Qing’er thought was it worthwhile for so many people, so many people with lofty ideals, to sacrifice for this naughty child?

Was he really promising?

Of course, she just thought about it.

After all, she couldn’t understand the sophisticated imperial situation. Moreover, the man who she looked as a god always supported this stubborn teenager from beginning to end.

Time passes by in silence.

Suddenly, Qing’er changed her look.

At the same time, Qin Zheng also opened his eyes.

He was sweating on his forehead and became really pale as if he had had a nightmare. He took a quick breath and said, “I… I seem to have felt something terrible is waking up.”

The candle sparkled slightly.

Suddenly there was another person in the room.

“Zheng,” Princess Qin Zhen gently touched the sweat off Qin Zheng’s forehead, saying, “You are too tired today. Ming Yu Skill was playing a negative role. You don’t need to practice tonight. Take an early rest.”

“Oh.” Qin Zheng nodded cleverly.

In front of his big sister, he had always well behaved like a little sheep.

Soon two maids came in and served Qin Zheng for a rest.

Qin Zhen nodded to Qing’er and turned out of the room.

Outside the room, Mr. Wang was waiting.

“Is it okay?” Mr. Wang asked seeing the princess Qin Zhen come out.

Princess Qin Zhen shook her head and said, “Luckily, Zheng is still not good at Ming Yu Skill, so he just had a vague feeling. A good rest for one night will be fine for him, but I am afraid…”

They walked to the corridor outside the attic while talking.

The night breeze was blowing.

Qin Zhen looked at the county government in the high position.

That terrible breath was coming from behind the county government.

That breath was sophisticated and cold, which could not be underestimated, so even she had to treat it seriously.

Mr. Wang said, “I will go to see it.”

Qin Zhen hesitated then nodded, saying, “Okay, but it’s better not to be involved.”

Mr. Wang smiled and said, “You can rest assure, my princess.”

After those words.

He disappeared.

In the small village outside the county.

With a clear moon and few stars, the sound from frogs was everywhere.

The man with a bearded face opened the door of the cottage, came out, frowned and looked in the direction of the back hill of Taibai County.

The door behind him was open again, and a gentle and beautiful young woman came out.

“Qing…” There was also a trace of sadness in her eyes.

The bearded man turned around and smiled gently. He took his wife’s hands and said, “We have lived a few years of peaceful life, and it seems that the wind and rain will come again… Look at the sky, the gale is raging and the storm is about to burst.”

“It is the one in the abyss of the county.” The beautiful young woman sighed and said, “I don’t expect that day is coming.”

“It is in the abyss for about one thousand years, and finally it will turn into a dragon and soar into the high sky.” The bearded man showed a heroic look, saying, “It’s time for it to leap into the sky. At first, Master said that you and I could have five years of peace under the Taibai Mountains. Now, it’s the fifth year.”

“The world will be shocked once the flood dragon comes out, and I am afraid that those people will come here when they hear the news. At that time, you and I will inevitably be found, then it is impossible for us to live such a peaceful life…” The young woman rested her head in her husband’s arms and said, “A foul wind and a rain of blood are coming, but how many people can we kill?”

“Come one. Kill one. Come a pair. Kill a pair.” The bearded man was very heroic.

The young woman smiled a little, seemingly indulged in her husband’s heroic spirit.

In the old days, she was at her prime and was loved by all the people around her. A lot of people tried to woo her, but she did not care and treated those learned, refined, handsome heroes as nothing. She only loved that seemingly rude man from the grassland, which could not be understood by many people. Countless people were waiting to satirize and make fun of her.

That was like drinking water, and only that people who were drinking the water could know whether it was cold or warm.

How did those vulgar and mediocre people know the happiness in her heart?

After twenty years of life filled with swords and knives, and now it was another spring. Since she first met her heroic man, she never doubted him until now.

Her husband Guo Yuqing was the greatest hero in her heart.

“You are the greatest hero, the Jebe from the grassland. You are the most powerful man in the world. However, if only you and I, naturally, I do not have to worry, but now, we have our children Yaya and Xiaoyao, “the beautiful young woman raised her head, saying, “Why don’t we leave with them, and we can find another safe place…”

“According to the divination of Tianjizi, we could have the opportunity to live if we stay in Taibai Mountains, otherwise, we would die.” Today’s mountain hunter Guo Yuqing, who was once the Great Jebe from grassland, held his wife’s waist, saying, “Besides, the world is so big, and who can escape the chase-to-kill of the nine the Holy Clans completely after so many years? I have already thrown the Magic Moon Shoot into the Red River for the last five year’s peace…”

Before he finished the words.

Guo Yuqing changed his look and suddenly noticed something.

He waved one of his hands.

Next to him was dried grass, and a few withered leaves were shot by him.

At the same time, there came the sound of muffled hums from a hundred meters away in the dark mountains.

“Take care of Yaya and Xiaoyao.” Guo Yuqing whispered to his wife, then strode toward the mountains and forests. His every step was ten meters long, and then he instantly disappeared into the mountains and forests.

The beautiful young woman Liu Zhiyuan showed a serious look and turned back to the room.

In the thatched hut, the dim light flickered.

The little girl was asleep and wearing a small smile on her face.

Next to her was a baby boy who was sleeping on one side, and there was a drop of milk marks on the corner of his mouth, and it was evident that he just finished his milk, and he was babbling something in his mouth as if he was dreaming.

After a while.

Guo Yuqing pushed the door in.

“They were some minions of Qing Sha Clan. I’ve already killed them.” He smiled and said that.

Liu Zhiyuan clearly grasped that her husband’s smile was a bit unnatural, and she probably already guessed that there must be a fish that slipped through the net that her husband could not kill. Among the six Tianzong Taoists, Qing Sha Clan was famous for its escaping technique all over the world, and she is afraid this time there came some great martial arts masters.

“Go to sleep now. You have to go hunting tomorrow.” Guo Yuqing blew out the candles on the lampstand.

The moonlight came in through the window and sprinkled a piece of silver frost on the ground.

In the darkness, Liu Zhiyuan’s eyes were bright.

Her eyes were very beautiful.

“Go and check the back mountains.” She looked at her husband.

“What?” Guo Yuqing was stunned.

Liu Zhiyuan smiled and said, “Since we don’t run away, we have to face it. The divination of Tianjizi has been proved half. Today the flood dragon has appeared, which is the god’s will. Just go and have a look.”

Guo Yuqing was silent.

He looked at his daughter and son, who were sleeping soundly in bed, nodded and went out.

Liu Zhiyuan sat quietly in the dark for a while, took a long breath, and then went to bed and slept beside her two children. Her eyes were as soft as water, which were like two gems in the dark.

“I will feel lonely if I live alone without my lover; how can we live together but die at different times…”

In the dark, she whispered the poem.

“He is really the former great Jebe from the grassland.”

Under the moonlight, a man with a ferocious look was running the Lightness Skill and escaped like a panther, which was fleeing in panic.

In his chest, a dry and soft grass root pricked out, and his clothes were red with blood.

He did not how far he flew out. After he was sure that he was not followed, he stopped, stood back against a towering old tree, unbuttoned his clothes, exposed the soft armor woven by the silk below, gritted his teeth, pulled out the grass root that pierced his chest and back, and then showed a relived look on his face.

He still had a lingering fear when thinking of the moment not long ago.

They were hundreds of meters away from that couple, and he and several of his subordinates were very careful, but only because one of them broke a leaf in front of him and then they were found.

Almost at the moment when it was impossible for them to respond, the death was coming.

They were a few hundred meters away, and Guo Yuqing could kill several top-ranking masters in Joint-thoughts level by some grassroots.

As a master in Zongshi level, if it was not the silk soft armor that could hardly hurt by any knives and sword, or water and fire, he would have died on the spot.

The Great Jebe from the grassland was really horrifying.

Although he got no bows or arrows with him, for him, everything could be turned into an arrow.

That was beyond the Zongshi-Master level.


“Oh, the news from Ling Li is not wrong. Hey, this is a good opportunity. If I can bring the news back alive that the Great Jebe from the grassland and the Virgin Goddess from Wendao Academy are hiding in the small mountain village outside Taibai County, I will make a great contribution.”

He whispered to himself.

“Oh, is there such a thing?” A voice came from the top of the tree.

“Who are you?” He was shocked and his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

He didn’t notice that before.

“Is what you just said true?” By the time came the voice again, the man had already reached his ear.

An icy blade touched his throat.

“You are… Wendao Academy… you…”

“This breath…”

In Taibai County, a young man with white frost-like hair woke up from sleep at a cold old temple.

Bearing an ancient sword, he looked behind the county government.

“It’s the breath of a flood dragon… I once heard that, behind the ancient Taibai City, under the abyss and cliff, there is water gushing, and the Nine-dragons Fall is pouring down. There are waterfalls, there must be deep pools, and dragons always hide in the abyss. Is it true that a flood dragon has appeared?”

He turned into a flying light and flew towards the back of the county government.

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