The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 73

Chapter 73 The Hunting of the Flood Dragon

At the same time.

In a garden of the county.

“Fairy Face” Zhou Kole was standing naked by the window and looking at the direction of the back mountain of the county government office.

All the beautiful curves of this gentle and graceful body were exposed in the moonlight.

“Devil Heart” Ling Li went out of bed and put a veil on her back.

“That’s interesting… I’ve never expected there’re so many interesting things in this small county. Can you feel it, cousin?” “Fairy Face” Zhou Kole said in a fascinating way as she brushed her wet hair after sports.

Ling Li nodded and said, “As the moonlight pours, some animal will become the devil. That is brutal though it is far away, and it must be a flood dragon or a flying dragon.”

“That must be a flood dragon.” Zhou Kole went back to the bed and put on her clothes.

She was rather graceful even when she was putting on clothes.

Ling Li had a yin-yang face and looked rather ugly since his face was half-black and half-white.

At this time, a trace of gentleness and intoxication flashed on his face though he looked solemn when he looked at his lover, who was dressing.

Though he had seen it thousands of times, she was still as perfect as the goddess in his eyes as he looked again.

“Some people from the nine great Holy Clans may get surprised if it is a flood dragon born. Let’s go and see since we’re so near there.” “Fairy Face” Zhou Kole glanced at her cousin and said, “Well, that’s enough… A real dragon can fly to the ninth heaven and can break the shackles of heaven and earth as well as the void. Your body may never get damaged once you’re bathed in dragon blood, and you can live sixty-year longer once you’ve taken one mouth of dragon flesh. Such a chance must not be missed since this dragon is also full of treasures even though this flood dragon has not turned into a real dragon.”

“All right, I will get its flesh and blood for you even at the cost of my life,” Ling Li smiled and said.

“Not at the cost of your life, your life is mine.”

Li Mu knew that it would be a great pleasure as the angry flood dragon opened its fierce-looking mouth.

He pulled Ming Yue without thinking and moved a hundred meters sideways.


A silver glow flashed out from the flood dragon’s mouth and sprayed on the old beggar’s original position.

A big pit about twenty or thirty meters in diameter appeared as the dog barked.

The cold lake water poured in.

“Well… it seems that it does not aim at me.” Li Mu found that he was self-sentimental and overreacted a little.

The old beggar didn’t die under the attack.

He appeared a hundred meters away and climbed up from a pile of rocks.


The flood dragon opened its big mouth and sprayed out another silver light which was like the sunlight.

The old beggar scrambled away again.

He seemed clumsy, but finally, he was not injured. He avoided the terrible power of the silver flame and looked gray.

The flood dragon was roaring.

It emitted silver moonlight continuously.

Li Mu was there just watching.

Obviously, the flood dragon regarded the beggar and the blind Taoist as the same gang.

But was this silver flame from its mouth the dragon spray… oh, no, the flood dragon spray?

The old beggar scrambled away and fled in a panic. As he was dodging, he shouted loudly, “Wait… Well, stop, you must know that it’s that blind guy who has poked you just now and it’s not me…”

And then, there was another silver flame in the middle of the sky.

The blind Taoist didn’t die, and he squeezed out fingerprints again as if he was getting crazy. Then he was creating incantations and activating various kinds of magic arts, which changed into a sword of silver light, and he launched another suicide attack on the flood dragon.

The roaring sound…

The flood dragon was so angry, swung its claws, and hit that light sword hard.


Layers of silver radiation spread away.

The whole valley was shaking.

The flood dragon’s huge body was shaking backward a little in the lake.

The blind Taoist crashed into the opposite mountain and flew backward like a meteor as the flood dragon slapped him with its claws. He hit a big hole on the mountain and was nailed into it like a nail. No one knew how deep he had crashed into the mountain…

“Damn, that’s miserable… He must die now.”

Li Mu couldn’t resist getting a moment of silence for the blind Taoist.

“He got the punishment he deserved.”

Even Li Mu, who was not the target of the attack, was under great pressure, and it could be imagined how embarrassed the old beggar was.

And that big yellow-white fat dog was just like a worldly-wise person as it left the old beggar far away and barked at the old beggar furiously when it realized the situation in a manner that the beggar should not get close to it since it didn’t know him at all.

“Help me now,” the old beggar shouted loudly.

Li Mu looked around and found nobody else, and then he pointed at his nose surprisingly and asked, ” Me? To help you?”

The old beggar replied, “Anyway, we’re nodding acquaintances…”

Hearing this, Li Mu didn’t come forward to take his pressure off, instead, he went backward immediately.

“Damn, nonsense.”

“It is impossible for me to challenge a furious flood dragon even if we have been eating and drinking together, not to mention that we are just nodding acquaintances. Besides, you’ve mentioned that you wanted to take Ming Yue away before, and it means that you’re not a good guy. Well, God bless you.”

Li Mu took Ming Yue by the hands and continued to go backward.

Even the big yellow dog had cleared up the relationship with the old beggar, and he was definitely smarter than a dog.

“Damn, you little rascal…” The old beggar got exasperated.


A mass of silver dragon spray went down again.

Having no chance to continue his words, the old beggar scampered off like a frightened rat quickly.

The flood dragon was roaring in the pool and stirred the waves as if its body was like a mountain, which caused a terrible atmosphere. It had a pair of blood-pool eyes, which were shining with a bright red light and made the field within thousands of kilometers an Acheron zone.

Any creature would feel a tremor from the soul in such a bright red field.

Having hesitated for a while, Li Mu decided to leave first.

But at the same time—

“You evil beast, I will let you face down.”

A loud cry.

A sword light went off from the cliff like a waterfall falling from the galaxy.


The flood dragon was chopped by the sword.

A cluster of spark burst out on the flood dragon’s horn, which made its huge body sway and made it roar in anger.


Was it another master?

Li Mu looked up.

Then he found a figure jumping down among the cliffs like a star ball.

A snow-white waist-length hair twinkled in the night wind.

It was a handsome young man with a white face, and he was as swift as electricity. He trampled on the rocks protruding from the cliff and approached quickly and then rushed directly towards the flood dragon.

“He has a strong aura.”

Li Mu felt awe-inspiring.

He had never seen this white-haired young person before.

Obviously, this young man was not impacted by this movement of killing all the Jianghu guys in Taibai County, and this white-haired young master was never mentioned in Feng Yuanxing or Qing Feng’s investigation conclusions on this county.

But according to the direction which he was from, it was clear that he went from the direction of the county government office at the top of the cliff abyss.

“From the way the man settled himself there, is he going to hunt the flood dragon?”

Li Mu saw surprisingly that the young man was rushing towards the furious flood dragon like a moth flying to the flame.

After the flood dragon was attacked by this white-haired young man, it didn’t pursue to kill the old beggar anymore but aimed at the young man.

Several bright moonlike sprays of the dragon went toward the white-haired young man.

The old beggar won a brief respite.

He shouted loudly, “That’s the Sirius Whistle, so, are you the future leader of the ‘Sirius Clan’, Bai Rushuang? I’m the No. 1 master under the double moons and double suns, Zuo Luyi…” the old beggar introduced himself in a big tone.

But the white-haired young man ignored him.

He even didn’t look at the old beggar.

His long white hair fluttered in the air like a white flame in the night sky.

The white-haired young man had superb body movement since it was clear and vague which was flashing all the time. He avoided the flood dragon’s sprays and finally jumped onto the top of the dragon to hold its horns with both hands.

“Another guy who has a grudge against the flood dragon?”

Li Mu was greatly surprised.

That was so hard.

“Damn you know nothing,” the old beggar appeared next to Li Mu like a ghost and said, “its whole body are treasures before the flood dragon is going to be a real dragon, and one drop of its blood can increase your strength while one bite of its flesh can prolong your life and eliminate all diseases… Even the immortals are slavering after it, but this white guy from the Sirius Clan just wants to kill this flood dragon for treasure, right?”

Hearing this, Li Mu couldn’t help asking, “Are you cheating me?”

The old beggar sulked. “Damn, I’m not cheating, or else, why didn’t I escape but fight with this beast just now?”

“Maybe you couldn’t run away.”

“You are the No.1 master under the double moons and double suns?”

“How could you brag like that?”

Li Mu had a unspoken criticism.

He was measuring gains and losses in his mind.

He didn’t worry about his inborn longevity nor strength enhancing while he had already mastered “Xiantian Skill” and “Zhenwu Boxing”, so, there’s no need for him to risk at hunting the flood dragon in terms of investment.

But if the so-called strength that the old beggar had mentioned referred to the internal qi, Li Mu might take this chance to watch and he even didn’t mind taking some soup after this future leader of the Sirius Clan killed this flood dragon if he was really powerful.

But Li Mu was soon disappointed.

Because the future leader of the Sirius Clan, Bai Rushuang, fell off the flood dragon’s head before he could hold long, and he fell heavily into the lake and splashed huge sprays.

But the changes occurred again.

It was unknown when there was another figure in the middle of the sky.

A middle-aged scholar in a blue scholar’s suit with a clear face pinched fingerprints with both hands, and he didn’t make the incantations but was followed by flowing blue air whirlpool all over, and there were layers of wind blades forming a pair of huge green wings behind him.

As the wing blades were flapping, they rolled up the airflow so that the man could stop and suspend in the void.

This was a warlock.

A warlock who was not weaker than the blind Taoist at all.

“Taoism is impermanent, the wind is endless…Cut!”

The middle-aged scholar had the same choice as Bai Rushuang, and he chose to attack directly.

The invisible wind blades gathered around him and then turned into an invisible blade storm, which was whirring and whistling while sweeping through the sky and heading for the flood dragon.

“Damn, there’s another guy fighting for the treasures of the flood dragon… Why are there so many masters in this county?” the old beggar cursed as he stood next to Li Mu.

Li Mu scratched his head.

“Yes, that is unreasonable.”

Why were there so many masters in Taibai County since it was such a famous remote county?

They were obviously strangers and not belonging to this county.

Why all the evil people of all kinds appeared whenever there was a movement?


A column of water broke out from below the lake.

It was Bai Rushuang breaking through the water, and he went back to kill again.

He was holding a strange ancient style sword, which was not unsheathed, and there was sword qi sweeping with a shrilling noise like the Sirius Whistle as he waved it, which was soul-stirring.

This was Sirius Sword Qi from the Sirius Clan.

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