The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Fight-Heaven-shaking

Li Mu kept recalling the so-called “magic arts” the old faker had taught him and tried hard to memorize some details; meanwhile, he observed carefully the handprints of the mid-aged warlock dressed in cyan and “Devil Heart” Ling Li and began to comprehend something.

Li Mu had a strange breathing rhythm under the moonlight.

He was gradually entering the special breathing rhythm of the “Xiantian Skill”.

And as his mood and the focus of his attention changed, he felt that there seemed to be a strange feeling different from the past as he ran Xiantian Skill at this condition.

There seemed to be a veil withdrawing quietly between heaven and earth.

He could see something more clearly without this blurry veil.

He moved his fingers.

The air was as thick as water.

Of course, the air didn’t change.

But his sense changed.

He felt a hint of suffocation from his fingers that he had never got before.

It was as if there was an invisible force in the air that had never been seen before, wrapped around his fingers.

“Thunder and lightning formula… thunder print.”

Li Mu meditated in his heart and tried to squeeze out a fingerprint with his left hand.

The old faker had ever performed the fingerprint to him and told him the significance of it during the leisure time, but Li Mu sneered at it and did not take it seriously at that time.

However, a miracle happened.

A ray of thunder was produced between his five fingers and wandered.

He felt limp and numb on his palms, which was beyond expression.

Li Mu felt awe-inspiring.

He felt that a kind of power totally different from martial arts was produced in his hands slowly.

“That’s…so simple?”

He really made it.

Though Li Mu had prepared it a little, his shock and joy were really beyond expression.

“Is this the magic art?”

“So simple like this?”

“Are the methods used by the old faker to deceive people on earth really supernatural magic arts?”

Li Mu experienced the feeling between his palms and fingers, and his admiration for the old faker was like the unceasing water which never ended and the water of the Yellow River which would never be manageable.

Then he felt a deep regret suddenly.

He should cherish the time he had spent with the old faker and record his every word and every movement with a camera if he had known that the old faker was not bragging but was really so powerful so that he might find something more shocking.

The old faker was really so amazing.

This was not the first time when Li Mu expressed such feelings.

However, because Li Mu was so excited at the moment, he was distracted and the thunder light in his palms was blown away by the wind and then scattered and disappeared.

“I’m careless.”

Li Mu realized that he had to concentrate to control the magic arts, and it required more unity of mind to display the magic arts compared to martial art styles.

Once he was distracted, his vital essence would scatter as well, and the magic arts would also disappear.

Moreover, after all, he had just understood some magic skill clues and it was inevitable for him to be unfamiliar to control them.

As Li Mu was preparing to try again, the old beggar appeared next to him without making any sound like a ghost.

“Why are you just standing there, come and help,” he said with a grin.

Li Mu thought that the beggar did not spot the thunder light in his palms according to the beggar’s facial expression.

He stood aside and observed the old beggar’s look. He gave up trying to gather lightning magic art and asked hopelessly, “Do we know each other so well?”

The old beggar smiled and replied, “These four guys couldn’t even get one scale down from the flood dragon on their own, and it’s just a waste of time to do so. As the day comes, the big flood dragon will lurk and it may hide below the nether world or even in the streams, and it’s impossible for us to force it out once it hides.”

Li Mu twitched his mouth and said, “Why should I care?”

“Don’t you want the treasures from the flood dragon?” the old beggar said with the expression as if he was saying “I know you want it so much.”


Li Mu said seriously, “This flood dragon lives under the government office of Taibai County, and it’s a supernatural being that I’ve worked hard to raise. Why do I have to help you since you’re robbing me on my zone as intruders?”

“Me… you raise it?” as the old beggar heard so, he was greatly shocked and speechless. Then he sighed and said after a long while, “I underestimated your shamelessness.”

Li Mu giggled.

The old beggar said again, “Even if you don’t think for yourself, you have to think for her.”

He pointed at the little adorkable Lolita, Ming Yue.

“Don’t you think this little girl is a little abnormal tonight?” the old beggar said mysteriously。

Li Mu almost blurted out to say “How?”

But when he looked back unconsciously, he found that little Ming Yue was staying quietly beside him as if she was tranquilized. He immediately realized there was something wrong with her.

Yes, why was this little girl so quiet tonight since she was always inattentive?

She should be shouting and screaming with excitement at the moment in terms of her behavior in the past, just as what she had done when the flood dragon appeared, but now, she was squatting like a little white rabbit… Did she change her moral conduct?

“There’s a monster inside her,” the old beggar said surprisingly.

“A monster?” Li Mu was seized with terror.

“Absolutely yes. The so-called one body with two spirits means there’s one rare monster inside her body besides her own spirit, and the monster is entangled with her spirit, which is so rare and dangerous. If she can’t transmute the monster inside her in time, it may grow up and come back to eat its host after several years, and her three finer spirits and several baser instincts will be taken by the monster. It will change her into another person.”

The old beggar said seriously.

Li Mu frowned.

He knew Ming Yue was strange, and she’s absolutely not an ordinary girl.

But it was the first time he had heard so.

“Is what you said true?” Li Mu was a little doubt.

The old beggar burst into anger and said, “You must know who I am, I’m the top one master on this land with good status and prestige. How could I ramble on about that? Forge it if you don’t trust me.”

Li Mu nodded calmly and said, “Well, I’ll forget it.”

“You…” The old beggar sank back.

He wanted to laugh and weep all at once and said, “Now I can see that you will not take any crap from anyone, well, believe me, I will not cheat you… To be honest, the flood dragon’s blood is necessary in order to transmute the monster inside this little girl. The spirit of this monster is of yin, and the flood dragon, especially the one who’s going to be a real dragon, has the blood of yang and it can suppress the monster’s spirit. I had a feeling of commiseration when I saw this little girl in the county, and I just wanted to accept her as my disciple and take her out in search for the method to transmute the monster. But I’ve never expected that there’s a flood dragon in the Nine-dragons Fall tonight, this is a golden opportunity…”

“Were you really so kind?” Li Mu still doubted and asked, “Why did you feel compassion for a strange girl? Are you not with the best of intentions?”

The old beggar felt so angry and said, “Do you know why she’s so quiet now? That’s all because the flood dragon is so angry and the water pools, lakes, and valleys are filled with the Yang spirit it spat out so that the monster inside her body retreated and didn’t haunt now. That’s why she regained her true nature.”

As Li Mu heard so, he believed him more.

Because the old beggar’s words sounded logical, and also because Ming Yue’s behavior was just exactly the same as the old beggar had judged.

If that was so…

Li Mu looked up at the battlefield of the lake.

He was ready to fight.

Ming Yue was adorkable and not reliable, but she and Qing Feng were the first people that Li Mu had met since he came to this world, and only these two young attendants were always sincere to him and did not ask for anything in return.

Most of Li Mu’s recognition of this world came from these two young attendants.

So, even though Ming Yue was not Li Mu’s relative, she was definitely a friend.

Li Mu was pussy, but he was always willing to go the extra mile for his friends

Besides, he was not going to die but to find a chance to get some flood dragon’s blood… Brother Dragon wouldn’t mind too much, right?

Li Mu was eager to have a try.

But he turned back and looked at the old beggar and asked, “What about you? Why don’t you take action? Don’t just egg me on it, you also want the treasure from the flood dragon, don’t you?”

The old beggar smiled proudly and said in a cool manner, “I’m the top one master in this world, and this little thing is not worth my taking action. Besides, I will not just watch when I have to make my move.”

“I know you’ll just watch there.”

With a silent judgment in Li Mu’s mind, he walked to the lake step by step.

He limbered and the immense pure power surged in his body.

Though he had seemingly mastered the power of the magic arts just now, he didn’t want to expose his achievements in this field since he had to leave a card for himself.

After a few simple warm-up movements, his physical strength had been adjusted to the best state.

Different from other martial art masters, Li Mu had no internal qi fluctuated all over, and he did not attract the attention of anyone from either side of the fight.

He went to the lake and stopped in front of a huge rock about six or seven meters long.

Li Mu squatted, found a suitable rock bump, and grabbed it with both hands.

“Are you going to throw the stone away? I know you’ve great strength, but can you lift it up since most of this rock is under the water and it’s at least tens of thousands of pounds…?” the old beggar hummed about there.

But the next moment, he stopped complaining abruptly.

As the ground shook lightly, the giant rock flew into the sky.

It was whistling like a meteorite and its speed was fast to the extreme.


The giant flood dragon was hit exactly by this stone.


The stone was cracked, and its broken pieces were flying everywhere.

And the flood dragon also lost balance as its giant body was hit. It roared and fell heavily into the lake and splashed huge waves.

This was really… earth-shattering and heaven-battering!


“Fairy Face” Zhou Kole exclaimed.

“Devil Heart” Ling Li could hardly contain the shock on his yin-yang ugly face.

The future leader of the Sirius Clan, Bai Rushuang, flashed among the broken stones. His ancient sword shook and dropped on the cliffs. As he bowed his head and looked at Li Mu by the lake, his expression, which was as cold as long-frozen ice, turned into disbelief.

The mid-aged warlock dressed in cyan felt surprised, and his eyes were glittering.

The huge rock itself weighed thirty-five or forty thousand kilograms, and how much power did it take to throw it hundreds of meters upward in the sky and also accurately hit the giant flood dragon?

He had been very optimistic and overestimating this young county magistrate before.

He had never expected that the county magistrate’s real strength was so horribly strong.

It was absolutely impossible for the masters even at Zongshi Master level to make it.

Such a strong person was actually only a county magistrate in the remote Taibai County?

At this moment, the mid-aged warlock dressed in cyan made a decision that he would make Li Mu their ally no matter how the princess objected.

It was easy to get one thousand troops but hard to get one general.

Just like this young county magistrate, who was regarded as a great fighter, he would be much more helpful than those Zongshi Masters in the battlefield.

He was just a genius.

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