The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Again on Impulse

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The black and white round shield cried out and seemed about to break.

Fresh blood had already spilled from Devil Heart Ling Li’s mouth and nose.

With a fiercely trembling body and horribly pale face, he felt that death was coming.

The power of the giant flood dragon was dreadfully formidable.

Consequently, at this moment, he felt somewhat regretful.

He should not have been so arrogant to covet the treasures of the flood dragon.

After all, this was a flood dragon that had cultivated vital energy for a thousand years and was going to become a real dragon soon.

However, Fairy Face Zhou Kole seemed to be crazy. She desperately dashed towards the giant flood dragon despite her injuries. Hence, internal qi was accumulated to the climax, with fire-like waves of internal qi surrounding her. She waved two swords to try to save her beloved man. It was indeed a reckless way to fight.


Ultimately, the woman, like a mad tiger in momentum, was flung back again.


Devil Heart Ling Li roared.

After saying that, fresh blood spouted like a spring, from his mouth and nose.

Only at this time could he truly feel how frightening was the strength of a flood dragon that was about to transform into a dragon. Once the overwhelming power washed over, the strong people in the Zongshi Master realm couldn’t counter it at all.

The black and white “Yin Yang Shield” was not only the cohesion of his supernatural power, but even a supernatural tool which was as valuable as his life. In case of urgency, such strength could be released. By overoverlaying with each other, he could counter a Zongshi Master’s frontal attack. But under the claws of the giant flood dragon, this supernatural tool had been covered with cracks.

Once the supernatural tool was broken, his death would come.

‘Naturally, as a person from a sect, I have known that once embarking on the long journey of Jianghu, such a day would come sooner or later.’

As the saying went, the earthen jar used to fetch water at the mouth of a well would inevitably break, and the general might eventually die in battle.

Nevertheless, he just didn’t imagine that he would die in the hands of a beast rather than fighting with competent people in martial arts, or grappling with an old enemy.

The more he perceived the horror of the giant flood dragon, the more desperate he felt.

He also understood more clearly, Fairy Face Zhou Kole wasn’t a matched for this giant flood dragon, nor could she save him.

“Go, be quick, cousin… don’t see me die,”

Ling Li said in an extremely soft voice. Although his face was ugly, with bloody streaks in his eyes, and his form becoming more frightening.

Since he was crazily in love with the woman who desperately fought for him.

He didn’t want her to die for him.

“No…” Zhou Kole was nearly mad. With tears gushing out like springs, she even recklessly rushed towards him.

In the distance, with a pale face and a fractured left arm, Bai Rushuang, the future leader of the Sirius Clan, leaned listlessly. He wanted to make a move but hesitated to do so.

After all, at this moment, anyone who couldn’t figure out that these several people could not rival this giant flood dragon must be a fool…

In addition, facing such a furious giant beast, anyone who struggled to combat with it must bring about his/her own destruction.

Although the treasures of the giant flood dragon—such as flood dragon blood, were good, one would have to be alive to enjoy them.

“Save him…” Fairy Face Zhou Kole asked for help from others, “I’m willing to pay any price.”

However, after glancing at this goddess-like Guardian of Rules from the Qing Sha Clan, Bai Rushuang shook his head quietly and turned around. With his figure jumping like a glowing star, he vanished into the distance.

This proud future leader of the Sirius Clan lost his heart and ran away.

“Leave quickly, cousin… go.”

Devil Heart Ling Li couldn’t support himself any longer.

At the time, fresh blood spilled from all his facial features.

Simultaneously, his protective shield, with a squeaky crisp sound, had been cracked and was nearly broken.

Under the huge pressure, he felt he was a bug that was pressed between two rocks. He would be smashed into pieces—actually, many of his bones were already fractured.

Besides, his body-protecting supernatural power had even begun to collapse.

“Move…,” Ling Li bellowed.

He knew that once he died, Zhou Kole, facing the raging giant flood dragon, would be hardly able to give support, and basically be unable to escape. At such a moment, this ugly man gave up his thoughts of survival, only hoping that this woman whom he loved deeply could live and flee.

“No…,” Zhou Kole sorrowfully said, “Who can help me…?”

In this fateful moment, the goddess whose mind and intelligence were far superior when compared with ordinary people, could hardly calm down.

She was panicked, as helpless as an ordinary person.

At this very moment—


Devil Heart Ling Li’s body protector, the ‘Yin Yang Shield’ was totally broken.


With extreme fury, Zhou Kole screamed desperately.

She seemed to see Ling Li being pinched into pieces.

But such roar didn’t last long.


There was a shadow flying towards her.

“Take him and leave the battlefield.”

A young but powerful voice, unfamiliar to her, rose.

Fairy Face Zhou Kole caught the shadow almost out of instinct.

Lowering her head to see the shadow, she found it was Devil Heart Ling Li who was previously trapped in the giant flood dragon’s claws.

At this time, Devil Heart Ling Li had fainted and his body was completely bloody, just as if he had just been fished out of a blood pond. At the same time, his limbs were soft; obviously the bones having been broken, but there was still a trace of breath, indicating he was not dead.

But this was enough.

For such a strongman at his level, it didn’t matter that all the bones were broken, so long as he didn’t die on the spot. No matter how serious this kind of flesh and bone injuries were, one could ultimately rely on supernatural power, internal qi or other various treasures to compensate the body to recover.

After all, the vitality of warriors—especially those with strong martial art was absolutely great.

Fairy Face Zhou Kole thought she was dreaming.

Then, she winked unconsciously to carefully look, so as to ensure she was holding her beloved man, Ling Li, in her arms.

He was still alive.

Ecstatic, Zhou Kole trembled with exhilaration.

Her mind even became a little confused.

At that moment, the huge claws of the giant flood dragon had obviously pinched Ling Li into meat, but at the last moment, unexpectedly…

As a result, she looked subconsciously towards the front.

The giant flood dragon was roaring.

She even saw an incredible scene.

The young man, magistrate of the Taibai County, who had thick but extremely short hair like that of a monk, had jumped into the claws of the giant flood dragon without being noticed by others.

On his slender and strong arms bulged fleet and hill-like muscles. Hands caught a toe of the giant flood dragon’s claws. With roars, he gradually fended off the almost tightly closing paws of the giant flood dragon in a steady and irresistible manner.

This was actually an incredible and shocking scene.

This kind of visual impact was like a scene where an ant lifted an elephant’s giant foot that tried to step on it with overwhelming pressure.

It turned out to be the Taibai County magistrate who, in a close call, opened the claws of the giant flood dragon and saved her cousin.

In an instant, Zhou Kole understood this.

In her mind, an indescribable shock spread madly like a tsunami.

How terrible was the power of the giant flood dragon’s grip, which could be sensed from the cousin’s broken supernatural weapon, strong enough to resist the force of a strong Zongshi Master’s front blow. It was definitely super-class masters from Zongshi Master Realm who could be compared to it.

However, this young man, relying on the strength of his own body, pulled open the closing giant claws little by little… Was he actually the embodiment of an ancient tyrannical dragon?

In other words, if Fairy Face Zhou Kole was previously shocked by the scene that Li Mu threw flying stones twice to successfully smash the giant flood dragon into the lake, at this time, the resourceful woman could only feel a sense of horror at the scene that the huge paws of the giant flood dragon were pulled out forcibly.

Yes, it was horror.

Anyone would feel dread when seeing this unreasonably formidable physical strength.

Below, the old beggar and a fat yellow-and-white dog stood beside the little girl Ming Yue, who was in an unusually silent state.

“How do you feel, Da Huang?” the old beggar mechanically moved his mouth.

The big yellow dog, like a statue, barked with a mouth wide open, “Bow wow!”


Li Mu snarled.

The blood in his whole body seemed to be burning.

And he could even hear that every bone in his body was producing a sound like cracking beans.

Therefore, the unprecedented power fully exploded in his body.

He suddenly slammed out of the jaws of the giant flood dragon.

Then, Li Mu used the body-lightning skill to exit from them like a flash.

To save Devil Heart Ling Li, he put himself in danger.

Li Mu was never a merciful holy god who would sacrifice himself to save others.

Furthermore, there wasn’t any friendship between him and Fairy Face or Devil Heart.

Before this night, he had never heard of such two persons, let alone seen them.

However, without a doubt, Li Mu, who came from the earth, was nurtured by ancient values and moral outlook of the Chinese nation and had also heard of many of love tragedies, like those between Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian, or Romeo and Juliet, and was very compassionate.

He, who could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force, was naturally a soft-hearted man.

Li Mu was moved by the touching and tragic love between Ling Li and Zhou Kole, especially the panicked, desperate and pathetic expression on the face of the exceedingly beautiful Zhou Kole, thus making him react on impulse again.

‘Damn it, I can’t be a merciful holy god… blindly show off and act on impulse.’

Li Mu blamed himself when he got out of the claws reach.

Finally, he almost gave a full play to the profound meaning indicated by the second type of ‘Zhenwu Boxing’. He acted as fast as lightning. As his tiptoes stepped on the scales of the giant flood dragon, he moved like a flash to the top of its head.

As he spread his hands to catch the horns of the giant flood dragon,

he grabbed them successfully.

“Howl…,” the giant flood dragon roared in rage when feeling the rival sanding on the top of its head.

Since it couldn’t accept that its own paws were unexpectedly and forcibly opened by a little bug, it began to frantically shake the head, in order to throw Li Mu off. At the same time, the dreadful flood dragon’s tail lashed skillfully towards him, trying to directly slap him into pieces on top of its head.

“Big Bro, don’t be impulsive. I won’t kill you. I just want to borrow some of your blood.”

Li Mu held the horns tightly to keep his body in balance.

“Come on, let me see your real power.”

Li Mu’s blood boiled.

He, with such mighty power like that of a violent ocean, ultimately met the real rival.


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