The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Speak in Human Words

All along, even Li Mu himself was unaware of the limit of his own physical power.

It was only because no rival could activate his power fully and radically.

After all, in the previous battles, Li Mu had won very easily when combatting with those so-called Wulin masters, such as, the four King Kongs and Sikong Jing in the Shennong Faction Battle, the ‘Iron Hand Holding up the Sky’ Tie Zhendong, ‘Sky Dragon Sword’ Dongfang Jian and even ‘One-off Fatal Swordsmanship’ Wu Biao, and Crazy Wu, who pressured him the most.

Even if his Dao-using methods in the battlefields were not as skilled as others. He, with incredibly horrible flesh power and speed, could defeat his rivals with a few punches, even including such tough ones as ‘One-off Fatal Swordsmanship’ Wu Biao, with the condition that Dao, Chinese broadswords weren’t used in the fight.

To say some exaggerated words, Li Mu hadn’t met his matched opponent, in regards to battles of pure strength.

But now, just after an arm wrestling bout with the giant flood dragon, he realized that he finally met a powerful being that could confront him.

Hence, he felt great by having met a real competitor.

Ultimately, he, free from worries, could fight to his heart’s content.

However, in no time, Li Mu was thrown off the giant flood dragon’s head.


He fiercely fell on the cliff.

Similar to the previous ends of the middle-aged warlock Tsing Yi and the blind Taoist, Li Mu smashed the partial cliff into a herringbone hole.

Rocks collapsed and fell.

Only difference was, he, like lightning, almost simultaneously catapulted himself out of the pit.

“One more time.”

He laughed heroically.

Anyway, any man, even little virgins such as Li Mu, was very likely to be exhilarated in battle.

In particular, this kind of complete head on collision of forces not only was harmless for him, but ignited his full ardour, thus he was like a total madman.

When catapulted out, he punched directly on the giant flood dragon’s forehead.

In comparison, his fist wasn’t larger than a scale of the beast.

This scene was like an ant punching on the head of an enormous lizard.

However, the flood dragon seemed to be beaten by a powerful meteor falling from the sky.

In its grievous roaring, several scales fell.

Its huge head and upper body, after being punched mightily, flew backwards and hit the cliff.


Like an earthquake, large pieces of the cliff collapsed.

Large chunks of rock were rolling and crashing into the lake and its edge.

This scene seemed as if an earthquake was incoming and the earth was collapsing.


Li Mu, who succeeded with one hit, was struck with the thought that Ming Yue, the little adorkable girl was standing beside the lake and needed help.

In this kind of environment, she, void of a self-protecting ability, was in extreme danger.

Nevertheless, Li Mu heaved a sign of relief when turning around to see.

Because the old beggar and Da Huang the dog had taken her out of the perilous area.

Hence, this odd looking group, two people and one dog, were free from any danger in the distance.

And judging for the time being, the old man seemed to have no intention of turning the little girl away.

After all, that old man was focusing his glowing eyes on the battle between Li Mu and the giant flood dragon.

Obviously, he was waiting to rush there to get some of the flood dragon’s blood, in case Li Mu really hurt the giant beast, or both sides lost. His shameless look indicated he was like a man sitting on top of the mountain to watch tigers fight.

‘This old thing.’

Li Mu cursed in his heart.

However, how could one be distracted in battle?


As the mist of water spread in the air, the tail of the giant flood dragon, like the whipping of a surging black-death from hell, finally caught the opportunity and heavily struck at Li Mu.

Li Mu, like a baseball hit by a stick, whoosh, flew away again.


On the cliff, a huge pit over 10-meter in depth was formed.

“Cough cough…”

Li Mu, embedded in the enormous hole, felt his body somewhat numb after the fierce collision. He coughed and felt all his bones and muscles aching.


The beast’s tail, closely following him, whipped again on the cliff.

One, two, three…

This beast wanted to beat Li Mu into a flesh patty, directly on the cliff.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With thuds, the cliff shook significantly.

In other words, under the mighty power of this giant beast, the cliff, like a weak person, was shivering.

Huge pieces of rock were knocked out of the cliff and fell like comets, making a mess of the whole lake. Numerous giant trees were crushed.

“Should we lend a hand? Da Huang?”

The old beggar, rubbing his jaw, looked worried to some degree.

“Bow wow,”

Da Huang replied.

“The young are still inexperienced. If it goes on like this, the little thing will be beaten into a flesh patty by the giant flood dragon’s tail,” the old beggar said.

“Bow wow,” Da Huang answered.

“But, as the strongest one under the two moons and two suns, I will take action to bully a little flood dragon that has not successfully become a dragon. Is it too excessive?”

“Bow wow,”

The big yellow dog replied.

This fat yellow-and-white dog lowered its head and then buried its head into its forelimbs. It showed an akward expression, as if its face was lost due to the beggar.

The old beggar, speechless

“Yes…” Ming Yue who had been always quiet burst out saying.

She dragged the old beggar’s sleeves timidly and pled with a stutter.

The little girl’s face, void of the usual spirited and bright look, presented an expression that was frail, timid, kind, shy and pathetic at the same time. She seemed to have changed radically.

‘Is this her true self?’

The old beggar thought in his heart.

Under the atmosphere where the the flood dragon exploded its rage, the inner demon spirit was suppressed, thus, the true-self character was presented. Is the little reading attendant’s true colors actually this little girl who was kind, shy and pure?

In fact, the old beggar didn’t know the background of the demon spirit inside the little girl’s body.

What confused him more was that judged from her temporary performance, she was still aware to ask him to help Li Mu, which indicated that the little girl could feel and remember what had happened in the outside world and also was sentient towards her master Li Mu, even if the inner demon spirit normally took up her main personality and manipulated the body.

And this also stated that the current mysterious demon spirit had not yet begun to devour her soul.

But it wasn’t in line with common sense.

After all, it had never been heard of that the body inhabited by a demon spirit had reached such a degree, but had not yet begun to devour the host’s soul—because demon spirits were evil and greedy, which were usually fed and nourished by the host’s soul and spirit.

“Bow wow!”

Da Huang raised its fore claws and pointed to the distant explosive battlefield.

This was a very obvious meaning that he should not dawdle and take action fast.

The old beggar said with a sigh of regret, “Well, in the past, since I didn’t control my powers after my great achievements in magic, I killed tens of thousands of people. Later, I swore that I would stop fighting and showing my martial arts since the world under the two moons and two suns can’t bear a power as terrifying as mine… If I start to fight, this world will be flung into chaos again…”


The big yellow dog broke wind loudly, rudely interrupting his speech.

It then buried its head under its forelimbs once more.

‘What to do?’

‘My old partner has become increasingly shameless.’

‘Even exaggerating his words.’

“What do you mean?” the old beggar furiously rebuked.

Then, Ming Yue again timidly pulled his sleeves and stammered, “Please… help…” She looked anxiously at the distance. The violent giant flood dragon’s tail smashed large pieces of cliffs, almost knocked down the abyss and stone walls were beaten into stone powder; no one knew whether Li Mu was dead or alive.

“Well, for my future disciple…”

The old beggar said with a sorrowful and stirring expression as one showed during constipation.

However, at this moment, unexpected changes occurred again.


A streak of white light popped up from the cliff which sank 20 to 30 meters deep, collapsing everything in a several-kilometer surrounding area.

“Hahaha, bastard, my clothes had only been worn less than a day,”

Li Mu cried out in grief and indignation.

He was without a stitch of clothing.

That’s to say, Li Mu, like a white pig, was streaking again.

However, his body, after being remolded and improved by ‘Zhenwu Boxing’ and ‘Xiantian Skill’, it had become extremely strong, like a monster. Even if beaten by the giant flood dragon’s tail, it was only flesh aching at most. Besides, with amazing resilience, the fractured bones could be recovered in several breaths, which didn’t matter at all. Hence, he was injured scarcely in such a seemingly terrific battle.

Nevertheless, although his clothes were carefully made by the flatterer Feng Yuanxing, with the best-quality fabric, clothes were only clothes, which couldn’t the bear slaps of a flood dragon’s tail. Thus, they had been turned into shreds.

Li Mu was naked again.

So, the physically powerful people, when fighting soundly and excitedly, might usually face some inevitable embarrassment.

Fairy Face Zhou Kole, when seeing the scene, flushed and then held Ling Li hurriedly retreated, so as to hide and look away.

For she was the only one present, and she was a woman.

Out of the entrapment, Li Mu, like a mad lion, was rageously walking.

He took the initiative to confront it, and grabbed the the giant flood dragon’s tail with his hands. The strange force in his body erupted like a mountain torrent. As if pulling a rope, he turned the beast upside down and directly slammed it to the cliff.


The flood dragon’s huge body, which was more than six hundred meters long, was taken out of the water, and most of it was directly beaten against the mountain walls.

“What?” Zhou Kole exclaimed instantly.

‘What kind of power was this?’

‘Why is there such a terrible force in the human world?’

‘Shouldn’t this be the power of the legendary demon monsters?’

‘Why does it appear on a human being?’

“Bow wow… my gosh!” the big yellow dog directly spoke in human words.

The old beggar woke up from the shock and thought of something. He got a shock with a shiver, and quickly held the big yellow dog who continued to speak in human words inconceivably.

Boom boom boom!

Li Mu, grasping the giant flood dragon’s tail like holding a rope, kept throwing the beast back and forth to slam it on the cliff.

Rocks collapsed.

“Give me back my clothes,”

Li Mu roared.

When the third prince, Nezha, had yet not grown up, he had once pulled out the little Dragon king’s ribs to make a belt for his father, Li Jing. This story inspired Li Mu.

He would pull out the scales of this flood dragon to make his clothes.

‘If this kind of material is worn by me, I don’t have to worry about streaking due to destroying clothes during battles, right?’


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