The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Flood Dragon Entering the Sea

In most cases, the method of replacing injuries with injuries was very effective in one-to-one combat.

In a one-to-many situation, such a way of playing was to look for death.

What was more, it was hard for top-ranking players of the Joint-thoughts level to use injury-replacement tactics. If an expert at the peak of the Joint-thoughts level did not want to get hurt, unless his opponent was way too powerful, otherwise, basically, he could deplete the opponent.

This was the root of Wei Chong’s confidence.

In the middle of the sky, the figures were interlaced.

At the same time, more than a dozen first-class masters acted. Cold sword light and knife energy pervaded the sky.

Li Mu looked into Wei Chong’s eyes and smiled calmly.

He jumped up in the air, took a sword as his knife, and cut across the air.

Lightning Chopping.

A flash of lightning flashed across the night sky.


The sound of a sharp blade cutting through the body rang.

Blood bloomed like flowers.

White bones broke like gravel.

Death blossomed in the brilliance of blade and blood.

Despair bred in the fusion of cold and darkness.

As the figures interlaced, there were a few fractured bodies that had lost their lives. In the mid-air, they fell to the ground and became meat paste with blood and death.

Shadows of people intertwined with each other.

Li Mu fell back onto the top of the flood dragon.

He had a few more wounds caused by knives and swords on his body and was shedding blood. His left leg was pierced and cut by a knife. The tip of the knife was left in his body. He was so seriously wounded as if he was cut hundreds of times. It made people feel cold all over if taking a look at him.

He exchanged his injury for that of others.

If a general warrior, even a first-class master, suffered such serious injuries, he could not stand at all.

However, Li Mu was unconcerned. He stood steadily.

He touched his face and breathed a sigh of relief, “Fortunately, it didn’t hurt my handsome face…”

Contrary to this, two of the twelve former masters from Qing Sha Clan were cut off and turned into cold corpses.

The other ten people were shocked. They landed on rocks protruding from different directions on the cliff.

During one fight(one round), two people died again.

If the three people who were killed before were counted, five top-ranking masters at the peak of the Joint-thoughts level had changed from living people to ten cold corpses and mud in less than 20 breaths of time.

They were masters of Joint-thoughts level.

Obviously, they were by no means nonentities.

Even if there were a myriad of masters in Qing Sha Clan, such a way of death was simply unbearable.

Wei Chong’s face was as hot as if he had been slapped.

At this time, if he did not realize that he had underestimated the strength of the lord of Taibai County, he would be a real fool.

This time, he saw the whole process clearly.

But he still couldn’t understand how Li Mu did it.

Because he clearly saw that the masters under his command cut into Li Mu’s body with knives and swords, but the sharp blades, however, seemed to have been cut not on human flesh, but on rotten wood or rotten leather, leaving only superficial marks on Li Mu’s body.

The Sword Qi that was powerful enough to cut off the rock only hurt Li Mu’s body a little, but could not kill him.

On the contrary, the ancient stone sword in Li Mu’s hand was so sharp that it could cut off anything by a single stroke. Anything that stood in front of it would be cut in two pieces.

“Bastard, are you on a horizontal road?”

Li Mu thought of something.

“It’s none of your business.” Li Mu took a big breath.

He felt a burning pain on the scars on his body as if chilli pepper was applied over them.

Despite his amazing healing abilities, his constant injuries, the damage of his nerves, and excessive loss of blood, all made him pale, tired and dizzy.

But in his heart, he was very excited while killing others.

After breathing for a few times, Li Mu felt his strength recovered. He looked down at Bai Rushuang with an uncertain look in the distance. He smiled and shook his stone sword proudly.

“Haha, Little White Hair, thank you very much. But for the sword you gave me, I could not kill so many bugs from Qing Sha Clan smoothly. Hahaha, it’s so sharp that it enables me to kill one person with one move, cool!”

Bai Rushuang’s face was gloomy enough to drip water.

That sword was one of the famous swords in Sirius Clan. It was also a symbol of his status for so many years. It had an important position in the clan. It took him a lot of money to win it, but now it was lost in the hands of Li Mu, which was a shame.

What was more tricky was that he couldn’t explain to Sirius Clan why he lost the sword.

Li Mu certainly didn’t care about that.

What he said was to stimulate the Little White Hair.

“Are these masters of Qing Sha Clan? Haha, they are really so weak!”

Li Mu looked at Wei Chong and others with a disdainful tone.

Wei Chong gritted his teeth and raised his eyebrows angrily.

Without waiting for him to speak, Li Mu mocked again and said, “Seriously, Scar Face, you look so ugly and so old. Where do you have the confidence to be pretentious in front of me?”

Wei Chong’s brain was congested and he was going to explode.

When was he scolded like that?

He gritted his teeth, reached back and unbuckled the huge hammer he was carrying behind him.

This was his famous weapon, a solid hammer made of extraterrestrial cold iron, weighing up to 25,000 kilograms. It was an extremely weird weapon. If anyone waved it, it would make a sound similar to the whistling of meteorites. Only God knew how many martial arts giants had been smashed by it.

He was going to do it himself.

The giant hammer touched his palm, and the internal qi operated in a mysterious way. Under the stirring of the breath, the palm drove the hammer and made it stir slightly.

Zhou Kole lost her countenance.

She knew how terrible Wei Chong’s strength was.

The advantages and disadvantages of Li Mu in his perfect state were also obvious. He might have the strength to fight Wei Chong, but at this time… Li Mu was severely wounded and could not stand steadily. He was definitely no match for Wei Chong. The previous battle with the giant flood dragon really consumed too much of Li Mu’s strength.

This little man’s luck was really bad.

Zhou Kole looked around and thoughts flashed through her mind.

The old beggar’s face changed slightly.

He touched the dog gently and his lips moved slightly, as if he was saying something. While the dog bowed slightly, and the hair on his neck rose silently, as if it were a prelude to hunting.

The old beggar looked towards Li Mu.

Li Mu, however, happened to cast his eyes at him.

When their eyes met, Li Mu suddenly understood the meaning of the old beggar.

But he shook his head and looked at the Loli—Ming Yue.

The old beggar froze. He did not understand why Li Mu was so confident, but he nodded his head, indicating that he would protect the Loli.

The whole process, however, was just completed in a flash.

From beginning to end, they communicated with each other with their eyes.

“Damn it, why should I have the same thought with this old fellow?”

Li Mu felt a little incredible.

Meanwhile, he also felt a bit sick.

He felt so sick when he had the same thought with an old man.

However, without the last worry, he could finally rest assured.

Although the old beggar’s history was unknown, Li Mu’s intuition told him that the old man was still reliable, that was why Li Mu couldn’t help bickering with the old beggar all the time.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The hammer in Wei Chong’s hand shook more and more strongly.

The high-frequency vibration made the huge hammer vague, as if it were a mass of black light devouring everything.

A strong and imposing force, centered on Wei Chong, drifted away.

The momentum of the Super Master in the Zongshi Master Realm was horrible.

Li Mu pulled out the broken knife on his leg and threw it aside. A gust of blood rushed out, which made him dizzy again and his whole body sour and soft.

He was in a very dangerous situation.

Li Mu did not know how long he could last.

But he laughed and continued to mock, pointing his middle finger at Wei Chong.

“Old thing, I’m afraid you won’t get this flood dragon .”

He hit the stone wall with a sudden blow.

Even though he was injured, the strength of this punch was still like a torrent.


The cliff shook and a great deal of rock collapsed.


The flood dragon was roaring.

The rock cliff stuck in its body was broken by Li Mu’s fist. It wriggled its body and broke away from the cracks in the cliff, restoring some vitality.

It growled at the sky.

Under the moonlight, its throat was glittering. With a death-defying manner, it stared at Li Mu with its blood red eyes, in which the light of hatred was emitting.

“Aren’t you going yet?” Li Mu’s figure flickered and landed on the rock above the cliff. He shouted, “I spare your life. Don’t be ungrateful. Do you really want to bury all your skin, fascia and blood here?”

In the sky, a black mass of cloud was moving, covered up the high-hanging moons.

The space between heaven and earth suddenly became extremely dark.

The flood dragon’s body twisted as if it had understood Li Mu’s words and made a roar. The light in its throat disappeared. Its blood red eyes were fixed firmly on Li Mu’s body. It seemed that it wanted to engrave Li Mu in its memory.

Eventually, it turned around and plunged into the pool under the abyss, splashing huge waves.

“No…” Wei Chong was extremely angry and anxious.

The flood dragon entered the water. Once it hid, he could no longer catch it.


The shadow of the giant hammer in Wei Chong’s hand turned into a flash of black light. He hit the giant flood dragon with it directly and tried to stop it from entering the water.

Li Mu’s mouth was filled with a sarcastic smile.

Not everyone could defeat the flood dragon.

He thought too naively.

Sure enough, the flood dragon rolled up in the water, carried huge waves, and slapped heavily on the hammer.

The hammer was swung back by the flood dragon.

Suddenly, Wei Chong’s expression changed.

He felt that there was a powerful force coming from the iron chain, which was much more terrible than he had imagined. He immediately realized that the power of the giant flood dragon was far above his.


The rebounding hammer showed signs of being difficult to control and hit toward him.

He roared and hurriedly used his fighting skills to twist the chain.

The hammer slightly changed its direction in mid-air and rubbed against the top of Wei Chong’s head. Coincidentally, it happened to hit an unprepared master from Qing Sha Clan and directly smashed him into meat paste.


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