The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Cracking Sky

However, at present, the last problem facing him was the bones that, after breaking, had not set right, causing his limbs and backbones to be deformed. Thus, after he ran the Xiantian Skill, most of the bones in his body had healed incorrectly, just like cobbled building blocks.

This led to his body being deformed.

Besides, he couldn’t stand up, just like a monster.

Slightly thinking, Li Mu made a decision.

He did an amazing action – using the deformed right fist to break all the bones of his deformed left one and right arm into pieces.

Crack crack!

The sound of broken bones was shocking.

The violent pain, like a mountain torrent with spectacular significance, swallowed up Li Mu in an instant.

Sweat poured down from his forehead.

The indescribable sharp pain caused him to be dizzy and almost faint.

However, he showed no trace of hesitation.

Eventually, the bones of his left arm were all smashed by him who was like a self-inflicted person.

Li Mu hurriedly breathed, and then began to operate the Xiantian Skill to take advantage of the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth, so as to repair the injury to his left arm.

When the Spiritual Qi swarmed in his body and his left arm began to recover some sensation, Li Mu used the deformed right hand to adjust some broken bones, then he took advantage of his perception to move the joints and phalanges of the left arm.

By this way could a right cure method be found for bones.

But this process required a long time.

A long period later, a newly and normally grown left arm appeared.

Li Mu exhaled a sigh of relief.

Since he knew he had made it.

Next, his plan was quite simple.

Except for the well-grown left arm, he needed to first smash the bones of his right arm and legs, backbone and ribs, then use the same way to adjust them, so as to cure them in a normal way and angle.

This meant that almost all the bones except the skull would need to be broken and smashed.

Then, he would utilize the force of the Xiantian Skill to have those smashed bones grow again after setting them right.

This plan must be based on Li Mu’s strong vitality and healing ability.

For that reason, his formidable life force could guarantee that he, after some bones were smashed, wouldn’t miserably faint.

Meanwhile, the abnormal healing capacity could ensure that those smashed bones could heal and regrow in the minimum time after being adjusted.

Seeing his recovered left arm, Li Mu showed no hesitation.

He used the left arm to smash all the bones of his right one.

He then operated the Xiantian Skill once again.

Again and again.

Time passed in the crisply cracked bones and the dropping sound of the sweat rising from his intense pain.

Many times in the meantime, Li Mu’s face became as white as a piece of blank paper.

But he, relying on his great spiritual force to support himself, didn’t faint to death at last.

He kept breaking,smashing, adjusting and healing his own bones.

This process was like shaping clay figures.

Breaking the clay body into pieces, submerged to be soft, changed into sposh, molded into new limbs, and dried… it was the same as reshaping.

For ordinary people, not to say try, they would be pale with fear once thinking about this.

But Li Mu insisted surprisingly.

One night passed by quickly.

The sky was faintly light with the dawn.

The last smashed bone on Li Mu’s body was healed by the force of the Xiantian Skill.

Sensing his body resumed a fantastic feeling of control, Li Mu slowly stood up.

Pain couldn’t be felt anymore.

Besides, the poison of the flood dragon’s blood was also completely cleared away.

In his body, a new kind of energy was surging up.

It represented a new life.

In Li Mu’s head, a miraculous light flashed. Without any hesitation, he instantly performed the Zhenwu Boxing.

Commencing Pile Gong.

Rocking-sky Hammer.

Skyshatter Cone.

These were all the types of the Zhenwu Boxing that he could completely perform.

Each type was shown coherently and Li Mu felt a kind of unprecedented smoothness, as if it had become part of his instinct.

Between the changing movements, the cracking bean-like sound continued to burst from his body.

This showed that the newly remade bones were adapting to his body.

A surging power was born in his body.

Meanwhile, Li Mu even felt that the power, like a vast ocean, was submerging him, which was extremely horrible. In addition, what was more exaggerated was this power kept generating new force one round after another, as if it were boundless.

“The recovery rate was faster than imagined, and seemed to be stronger than before.”

Li Mu was surprised.

This was quite a surprise.

He constantly carried out the martial skills, especially the Rocking-sky Hammer and Skyshatter Cone. As a result, after coherently being stimulated, the qi and blood in Li Mu’s body flew, and his body state became better and better. The surging power offered him a sense of motivation like an exploding and roaring engine.

After performing these two martial skills numerous times, the Rocking-sky Hammer and the Skyshatter Cone, Li Mu ultimately felt the strength, qi and blood in his body surge up and reach an unconceivable peak value.

He bellowed once and directly motivated the Cracking Sky, the third move in Zhenwu Boxing.

The usual choking sense crept up on him, but was collapsed by the inertic of the power in his body in an instant.

In the past, these actions that could not be achieved at all were fully displayed by Li Mu.

The first time.

The second time.

The third time, fourth time… dozens of times.

Li Mu continued to perform dozens of repetitions of the Cracking Sky. Only when the feeling of exhaustion came did he slowly stop.

Merry and lively.


Li Mu got an uncontrollable desire to roar.

He calmed down to observe himself, only to find that the newly grown red and pink skin had almost been covered with a layer of black thick clay that was like black oil spots, emitting a harsh and fishy smell and almost covering his whole body, even including some private parts, as if his whole body were smeared with a layer of stinking mud.

“This belongs to the impurities inside my body. The hair was cut off and the marrow of bones were washed again.”

A similar phenomenon occurred when the first two types of the Zhenwu Boxing were practiced, so Li Mu was not surprised.

Every successful practice of new types of the Zhenwu Boxing was equal to a cutting off hair and washing the marrows of bones.

It was also equal to the improvement of life essence.

Li Mu was aware that after this disaster concerning his life, his strength had once again improved.

Since he was Free at this time, he looked around the cave carefully.

With the help of the glimmering bonfire, Li Mu was astonished to find that the space was not a cave, but a river in the mountainside, which was a natural channel washed out by the flow, but now seemed to be in a dry period. Hence, the water level fell and a part of the stone wall and stone bed formed a cave.

On the other two sides of the channel, there were grotesque stalactites, like a pure white gems.

In the riverbed with slanting rocks, more than 10 meters away from Li Mu, the underground river was running with cool air towards the outside of the cave.

Li Mu, pinching his nose, came to the dark riverside and fetched water to clean the filth off his body.

The river was cold, like the secluded spring under the ground.

After understanding the general water depth and the degree of the rushing current, he simply jumped into the water to have a comfortable bath.

“This dark river should be the source of one of the waterfalls in the Nine-dragons Fall.”

Li Mu was thinking of something.

Following the dark river, he swam more than three hundred meters, only to feel the water flow become more and more turbulent as the roar of the waterfall became deafening. Then, as a group of slightly shining lights appeared. Apparently, he had arrived at the end of the dark river, namely, near the waterfall.

Through the water curtain, he could vaguely see that the sky was faintly bright.

It might be at dawn.

Li Mu thought a bit, not leaving hastily.

Later, he returned to the original place to wait.

Since Guo Yuqing had said that he would be back.

Li Mu also wanted to know where the whiskered man came from.

His sights were cast on the underground dark river again.

It was strange that there was such an underground river in the hillside with hard rock, which was not in line with physical common sense.

Li Mu had an impulse to go upstream to find the ultimate source of water.

Soon, the hunger caused by his empty stomach creeped up on him like the rivers.

Every time after cutting off his hair and washing the marrows of his bones, it was the same feeling. Li Mu had an illusion that he could swallow the living giant flood dragon, if the beast appeared in front of his eyes.

“Every type of Zhenwu Boxing included the true meaning of martial arts. For example, what mystery is covered in the body-lightening skill in the Skyshatter Cone and the third type of the Cracking Sky?”

Li Mu forced himself to transfer his attention from hunger to this point.

Then, he closed his eyes to meditate for the purpose of comprehension.

But as this time, without any clear findings, he shouldn’t perceive the profound meaning of martial arts in the Cracking Sky.

“This seems odd.”

Standing up, hardly had Li Mu showed up the Cracking Sky to gain the meaning, when, in the direction of the waterfall mouth, a stalwart figure flashed, carrying a large animal-skin bag. With the surrounding mist of the internal qi, this figure passed through the thick water curtain of dreadful impact force and came into the cave.

Guo Yuqing returned.

“Who? You…you should…” As Guo Yuqing entered the cave, his complexion changed greatly. He was about to ask, but at first glance, he found that the figure standing in the cave was Li Mu’s, which shocked him and was unbelievable.

“Predecessor, we met again,” Li Mu gave a salute.

“You should… have totally recovered. It’s impossible since your wound was so serious. You…” Guo Yuqing wasn’t a man who fussed about anything, on the contrary, he had experienced far more violent and bloody fights with more various upheavals and tragedies than ordinary people. But at this moment, he was still shocked by Li Mu, who was vigorous in front of him.

“Thanks a lot for predecessor’s help.”

Li Mu replied.

The predecessor’s reaction was within his expectations.

After all, the event that he recovered completely through a night was an unbelievable miracle anywhere.

Guo Yuqing, who stopped being shocked, said, “It seems that the things prepered by me won’t be used. It is really a miracle,” he opened the waterproof animal-skin bag at the back, in which many fresh medicinal herbs were wrapped, including some metal tools which seemed like surgical instruments on the earth.

Obviously, he had prepared many things to treat Li Mu.

Hence, Li Mu was moved.

Meanwhile, he was also a bit curious.

“Is Guo Yuqing even a doctor?”


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