The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Heart Heavenly Shoot

Guo Yuqing said, “Brother Mu, the reason why you can’t cultivate internal qi is not because of your meridian or your cultivation method, but it is due to your constitution.”

“My constitution?”

“Yes, your constitution is too powerful. Your strong physical body and vigorous qi are unprecedented in ancient and modern times, and they have never been heard of before. I think, you’re fully aware of it yourself.” Guo Yuqing looked at Li Mu still with shock and surprise in his eyes.

Li Mu nodded.

Guo Yuqing continued to say, “To put it in an exaggerated way, the common qi in the universe is able to build up your body but unable to become internal qi to increase your strength. Because the power of your physical body has outstripped far from that of internal qi which the common Spiritual Qi can bring to you. In other simple words, they do not match you.”

Li Mu was flattered by the words.

Such explanation did throw him into a tumult of joy.

But Li Mu also admitted that Guo Yuqing’s explanation was profound but simple, and convincing.

“Is there any solution?” asked Li Mu.

Guo Yuqing laughed and said, “Based on the previous judgment, there are two ways. First, try to lower your body constitution and strength to make them matchable with the qi in the universe. But obviously, the loss outweighs the gain. The other way is to find some blessed places which embrace really pure and essential Spiritual Qi and energy in the universe living up to your ability. To cultivate in such environments can help you increase your sense of qi and master the power of internal qi… By contrast, this method is feasible.”

Li Mu nodded.

This was indeed an idea.

“I observed some warriors of Joint-thoughts level and found that when they displayed their techniques, different colors of dense aura appeared, along with the addition of some attributes like wind, fire, thunder, and lightning. Why? Is internal qi divided into five elements?”

Li Mu asked again.

“It mainly depends on the attributes of the Cultivation Method. In the world, there are tens of thousands of warriors, and accordingly, tens of thousands of Cultivation Methods, such as Cultivation Methods of internal qi and fighting techniques, all of which are cultivated in a particular situation. For example, some are cultivated mainly by accumulating the power of flames, so it will yield twice the result with half the effort if the cultivating place is in the volcanic magma. And some are cultivated by quenching the qi of chilly ice, so the best cultivating place is on the top of a snowy high mountain.”

Guo Yuqing spoke methodically.

“Do different Cultivation Methods have requirements of constitutions and qualifications for cultivators?” Li Mu asked another question.

In various legends on martial art on the earth, the theory of physical attributes was once mentioned. It said that some people were born with the attribute of chilly ice, so they were suitable to cultivate Cultivation Method of water attribute or ice attribute smoothly just like a fish in water, and some are born with the attribute of flame spirit, so they can cultivate the Cultivation Method of flame quickly and successfully.”

However, Guo Yuqing shook his head and said, “There is no difference in the innateness of the warriors, so they can choose the Cultivation Method they are interested in to cultivate at will. Generally speaking, there is no specific requirement in this respect, but the only one is that once one has chosen the Cultivation Method of a certain attribute to cultivate, he should stick to it to the end. Even if he shifts the Cultivation Method, he can’t choose the Cultivation Method that goes against the attribute of his mainly cultivating internal qi. Otherwise, he is too apt to go wry.”

Li Mu fell in deep thought.

It seemed that in the world, there was no limit of constitutions to choose Cultivation Method.

Judging from their communication, Guo Yuqing was obviously a master on martial arts, knowing everything about theories and knowledge on the martial art, and was able to answer every question that Li Mu had raised.

Many doubts that had been plaguing Li Mu for a long time were solved by Guo Yuqing’s profound and simple explanation which made Li Mu suddenly enlightened and filled with wisdom.

Li Mu was extremely excited.

He couldn’t stop at all, keeping raising questions one after another.

Guo Yuqing also did not hesitate to say what he knew without being stingy, imparting professional knowledge and resolving doubts for Li Mu.

Their asking-and-answering conversation lasted several hours.

Guo Yuqing said, “Brother Mu, which sect are you from? Your teacher taught you such formidable strength, but did not teach you some basic theories of martial arts?”

Through these questions, Guo Yuqing had seen that as for theories on the martial art, Li Mu was just like a blank piece of paper, knowing nothing about them. Some of Li Mu’s ideas and thoughts were totally different from those of the current mainstream of martial art system in the world.

Compared with his mighty power and recovery, Li Mu had a huge deficiency in the most fundamental aspect.

Li Mu thought for a while and said frankly, “To be honest, Elder Brother Guo, I do not belong to any sect. Several days ago, the Eldest Brother named Duan Shuiliu who slashed in the county was just transformed by me actually…”

He told Guo Yuqing the whole process about how he remade the Wind-Cloud Six Moves and created Duan Shuiliu, such an Eldest Brother with The Way of Changing looks by Transforming Muscles and Bones, and the reasons and results about that he transformed into an old man to fight against “One Cut that Sends Man to Death” Wu Biao.

After listening to Li Mu’s depiction, Guo Yuqing said in amazement, “Haha, Brother Mu, your idea is really way out. So the Dao-using methods that shook the northwestern Wulin World are created by yourself?”

Li Mu gave a bitter smile and shook his head, saying, “I dare not say that I’ve shocked the northwestern Wulin World. But I once saw Wu Biao’s meridians of Dao. So my Dao-using methods are a long way from Wind-Cloud Six Moves.”

“Brother Mu, don’t look down upon yourself. Your idea is right,” Guo Yuqing said, “The Great Way should be simple. You had no teacher and belong to no faction, but you are able to make complex things simple and create your own Dao-using methods. Only the talents can do that. Later, when you stand at the peak, witness peaks in the martial art world and achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, the Wind-Cloud Six Moves will be bound to shake heaven and earth as you have expected.”

As they communicated with each other more ardently, Li Mu took a stick of firewood as a sword and demonstrated there, playing out his assumption of Wind-Cloud Six Moves, especially the mystery techniques of “Dao-Drawing Chopping” and “Lightning Chopping”.

Guo Yuqing’s hearts were filled with emotions.

In the beginning, he had thought that they two hit it off straight. And with some talks with Li Mu, Guo Yuqing had a further evaluation of him, because he could find frankness and boldness of a prairie man from this unique and confident young man.

“Good Dao-using methods…” Guo Yuqing stood up and praised, and at the same time, he proposed some amendments unstintingly.

Guo Yuqing’s attainment on martial art and experience were so abundant and broad that he could pierce to the deficiencies of the Wind-Cloud Six Moves with a single pertinent remark every time he opened his mouth, which benefited Li Mu a lot.

For Li Mu, the feeling was like a man was groping in the darkness when a person opened the patio in front, and then the sun shone down instantly.

As they enjoyed deeper and more agreeable communications, they both regretted not having met each other earlier.

“The Cultivation Method I am practicing is named ‘Heart Heavenly Shoot’. It is extreme archery. When you reach the basic level, you can draw the most powerful bow in the world and make every shot tell within thousands of meters. When you practice to a higher level, you can get rid of the long bows, instead, petals, leaves, grass, stones or any other thing in the universe can be used as arrows.”

Guo Yuqing talked about his cultivation and began to demonstrate.

His fingers were slightly bent, and a blade of hay root was taken in his palm. The moment the hay root extended with a tremor of bowstrings resounding, the hay root straightened suddenly and shot out like a lightning. Next second, it ripped into the stone wall twenty meters away and disappeared.

Li Mu looked, his eye wide and tongue tied.

The moment the hay root popped up, his heart could not help but miss a beat.

Just in a flash, the soft grass stem seemed to change into the most terrible killing weapon in the world. Li Mu had an intuition that if the grass stem shot at him, there was no possibility for him to avoid and resist, and he would be pierced without a doubt.

“If you can go further, you can achieve the stage where there is no arrow on hands but in the heart. It is called ‘Heart Arrow’. As long as the heart issues orders, the arrow will fly out. Legends have that it can reach the highest point, shooting the double moons and stars, and defeating the gods and devils. Neither immortals nor demons are its opponents,” Guo Yuqing said in ecstasies, “Unfortunately, based on my qualifications, I am only able to touch this level a little and narrowly shoot the ‘Heart Arrow’. But it does not have the mighty power in the legend.”

As he was saying, he was running the mental cultivation methods.

Li Mu widened his eyes, expanding his horizons to the extreme.

He vaguely saw there was a nearly transparent arrow in front of Guo Yuqing. He did not know when the arrow had formed. It was incomplete and a bit fuzzy. And an extremely imposing pressure sent out from Guo Yuqing.

“This power…”

Li Mu was shocked.

He felt that looking Guo Yuqing of such power, he was so tiny as if he were an ant confronted with a giant dragon without any desire to fight, but just wanted to lower the head to surrender.

It turned out that it was the real strength of Elder Brother Guo?

Almost… the power of the gods.

Li Mu felt that some of his ideas were subverted and impacted.

He had thought that on the what old faker called inferior Martial Art Star, such level of power was unable to emerge. But…

Li Mu was fully convinced that if Guo Yuqing shot the “Heart Arrow” out, it would be strong enough to blow up the riverbed of the cave and shoot the mountain where the Taibai County was located.

“This arrow can be sent but can’t be withdrawn.”

Guo Yuqing sighed and slowly dispersed “Heart Arrow”.

He admitted that he had not yet cultivated the Heart Heavenly Shoot to the extreme, unable to send and receive it at will. Once the Arrow was sent, Guo Yuqing himself could not control the devastating power, either. So he did not proceed with the further demonstration.

“I’ve been shocked by it and seen a little of the high-level ultimacy of power. Thank you, Elder Brother Guo,” Li Mu said and bowed respectfully.

Of course, Li Mu understood well that Guo Yuqing spent so much internal qi and power demonstrating to him not merely for the sake of demonstration, but for giving him a chance to know the ultimacy of the power through demonstration and to master the vital force of real powerful men. And how much he could perceive them lay in his own understanding.

“It will be best if you can perceive something from them,” Guo Yuqing said and nodded his head with satisfaction. He continued to say calmly, “Next, I will teach you the mental cultivation methods and techniques of ‘Heart Heavenly Shoot’. Listen carefully.”


Li Mu was stunned.

“Teach it to me?”

“Although this kind of Cultivation Method is not on a par with “Xiantian Skill” and “Zhenwu Boxing” taught by the old faker, it is predictable that it is still a superior one of its kinds in the martial art world. I don’t know how many people are casting greedy eyes on it. And now, it will be passed on me so arbitrarily?

“Does he think too highly of me?

“Is there such a good thing under the sun?”

“Elder Brother Guo… this… such powerful Cultivation Method. As a younger brother, I…” Li Mu stuttered in disbelief.

Really. Even if Li Wu was thick-skinned, he felt a bit bashful.

“Haha, Brother Mu, you and I are men of seven feet high. Don’t be so bashful and mannered. And don’t waver in determination as mediocre people do… In my opinion, I know you practiced archery hard. And my Magic Moon Shoot fell on your hands by accident. It is God’s will. You deserve the technique of Heart Heavenly Shoot.”

Guo Yuqing laughed.

His laughter was natural and unconstrained, revealing a philosophical attitude about life.

“Some past events can be let go of now.”

“I should leave the treasure in the world.”

He said to himself quietly in his heart.


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