The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Making Trouble Deliberately

“‘Magic Moon Shoot’?” Li Mu asked in surprise.

But he immediately guessed that what the thing that Elder Brother Guo meant was the silver bow that he had obtained from Si Kongjing, Grand Master of Shennong Faction.

Only this bow could be called a “Magic Bow”.

And that night, when blocking “One Cut that Sends Man to Death” Wu Biao and others of Qingfeng Citadel, Li Mu once drew the bow and put the arrows on that night. He found that under the moonlight, the arrows seemed to be able to absorb the moonlight, which could be regarded as “Magic Moon”.

“That bow is Elder Brother Guo’s?” Li Mu took it in and said, “When I return to county government, I will take it for you.”

Although the bow was rather suitable for Li Mu and was considerably mighty, Li Mu spoke it out frankly.

Although he liked treasures very much, such as the magic bow, no matter how precious those treasures were, they were worthless compared to friendship.

It was a magnanimous contradiction in Li Mu’s character.

“Hahahaha, Brother Mu, don’t mention such things again. It is God’s will that you have Magic Moon Shoot. And it belongs to you from now on.” Guo Yuqing laughed and said.

This straightforward and big-hearted man patted Li Mu’s shoulders and said, “In those days, I, along with my wife, gave up the old business and lived in the Taibai Mountain seclusively because we both wanted to keep away from the turmoil in the world and did not want to appear in the Jianghu again. Then, I threw the ‘Magic Moon Shoot’ into the river. But it is a treasure of spirit and can choose its own master. So from now on, you are his master.”

Li Mu captured some information from Elder Brother Guo’s words.

“Gave up the old business, live seclusively!”

Li Mu could almost imagine how Guo Yuqing and his wife were indescribably striking and resplendent when they roamed in Jianghu. The person like him seemed to be born to be an influential man standing above the heaven and earth, just like the character—Qiao Feng, the Grand Master of the Beggar Sect described in Louis Cha Jing-yong’s work, The semi Gods and semi Devils. (Louis Cha Jing-yong was a great writer on martial arts on the earth.)

“Well, Brother Mu, now, I will teach you the mental cultivation methods and techniques of ‘Heart Heavenly Shoot’. Watch carefully.”

Guo Yuqing looked solemn.



In Taibai County, everything seemed calm.

However, in the county government, Feng Yuanxing, Ma Junwu and the little servant, Qing Feng, fussed around.

Three days had passed, but the county magistrate was still missing.

From the night three days ago when the county government was attacked, and the little girl Ming Yue was taken away by the blind Taoist, the county magistrate chased to search her, and never appeared since then.

Not only did Li Mu not appear, but also Ming Yue who had been taken away was still missing as well.

As for the group of men without a leader, three days were as long and torturing as three years for Feng Yuanxing and other people.

Although the county remained calm on the surface, Feng Yuanxing and other people were deeply alarmed by the surging undercurrents.

Especially when the family members of the bawcocks in the prison came to ransom them with money, Feng Yuanxing felt it was really a ticklish task to handle.

Fortunately, at the crucial moment, the little servant Qing Feng remained calm.

After their discussion, the county government still held its strong stance and thoroughly carried out the policy that Li Mu had drawn up before his leaving, that was, “Cash on releasing.” More than 20 people had been released and left Taibai County.

After all, it was not long before Li Mu made his name by killing intrepidly, so his influence still remained.

Those bawcocks, though having too much grudge in their hearts, did not dare to reveal any on their faces, afraid of provoking Li Mu, such a big demon, to go crazy again. Therefore, they all went away ignominiously without leaving any ruthless words.

But as time went by, the forces that came to Taibai County to pay the ransom became more powerful, and the representatives enjoyed higher ranks. So gradually, it became harder to fool them.

Especially when the two elders from the Sky Dragon Faction and the Huya Faction appeared in the county, they did not hurry to come to the county government to give the ransom, nor to negotiate. Instead, they found an inn and settled down, as if waiting for something.

This gesture brought tremendous pressure to Feng Yuanxing and the little servant Qing Feng in the county.

The fourth day.

The red sun was hanging high in the sky on the even-numbered day.

Feng Yuanxing, Ma Junwu, and Zhen Meng came to the county government in the early morning.

“We can’t wait like that any longer,” Feng Yuanxing, like a cat on hot bricks, said anxiously, “The big Elders of the two factions clearly have received the news that the county magistrate is not here. The factions in Jinghu are well-informed. Young Master Ming Yue, could you find a way to contact the Eldest Brother Duan Shuiliu? If the Eldest Brother can command here, the situation will be clearer.”

Ming Yue shook his head.

As for the origin of the Eldest Brother Duan Shuiliu, he actually had extremely horrifying speculation in his heart. But he could not say it out in such condition. Otherwise, people would be more flustered.

“What should we do now?” Feng Yuanxing rubbed his hands and asked.

Did commit a sin! He felt that only within the three days, he seemed to get older thirty or forty years, with a lot of grey hair appearing.

“Or we can initiate contact with Sky Dragon Faction and Huya Faction to ask for ransom, and then release Dongfang Jian and Tie Zhendong and drive them away?” Zhen Meng, the custodial officer, who seldom spoke opened his mouth, “As long as behave in a more imposing manner, I think these badly frightened people do not dare to do anything rash.”

Feng Yuanxing stood down and thought for a while. He exchanged glances with Qing Feng. Both of them let out a sigh in their hearts.

It seemed that only this method was feasible.

Just then, footsteps came from outside.

A guard hurriedly rushed in and reported, “Your honors, the messengers from Chang’an Prefecture has arrived, waiting at the gate of the county government.”

Feng Yuanxing and other people suddenly changed their faces.

The messenger from Chang’an Prefecture?

When those people made trouble in the Taibai County, the county government once sent dozens of letters asking for help, but Chang’an Prefecture had not responded to any of them. Nowadays, when the things nearly came to an end and undercurrents surged, the messengers of Chang’an Prefecture came finally. Was it a blessing or a curse?

With doubts in heart, they did not dare to neglect it.

Feng Yuanxing and other people hastened to the gate of the county government.

A team of elite troops well-armed with armor and weapons stood orderly in front of the county government. The team was about a hundred soldiers, and four deputy generals on the horses took the lead. They were all young men about 20- or 30-years-old, tall and stalwart, vigorous and imposing. Apparently, they were the first-class master at Joint-thoughts level.

After all, Chang’an Prefecture was a great province in the Western Qin Empire. It had nine administrative counties under its jurisdiction, and Taibai County was one of them. Therefore, no matter from military equipment or the number of military masters, Taibai County was unable to be equated with it.

At the forefront of the queue, two young men, an official and an officer, sat astride on the horses.

The middle-aged man dressed as an official had a round face but a hooked nose. His seemingly amiable expression concealed an imperceptible malignancy. He wore a luxurious robe and rode green mane horse. The officer was a tall and thin young man, who always narrowed his eyes. His eyes gleamed with sharpness, giving a feeling of indifference to the strangers.

These two people were not in a low position at first glance.

Behind them was an ebony-carved carriage driven by four gallant horses.

The carriage’s design was simple and unsophisticated, but the red paint revealed a pressing extravagance. The lines of gold and silver wound up, forming a compelling elegance and magnificence. Only the carriage was more than four meters long and two meters wide. The driving gallant horses were pure bordeaux war-horses from Fengxiang Prefecture of Western Qin Empire, and each of them was sturdy and gallant of over two meters high and worth a thousand pieces of gold.

Who sat in such a carriage was either a wealthy or a noble person.

Feng Yuanxing and others came out, and then their faces turned pale at the sight of the carriage.

Had a big shot from Chang’an Prefecture come here?

A deputy general dismounted from the horse, his palm pressed on the long sword’s hilt hanging over his waist. With sharp eyes, he glanced over Feng Yuanxing and other persons coming out of the gate of the county government and shouted loudly, “Where is Li Mu, the county magistrate of Taibai County? Hurry up to salute Mr. Zheng.”

Mr. Zheng?

Hearing the words, Feng Yuanxing was shocked inwardly, and a horrifying figure of Chang’an Prefecture in a rumor emerged in his mind.

“A lower official Feng Yuanxing, welcome Mr. Zheng.”

“A lower official Ma Junwu…”

“A lower official Zhen Meng…”

They all did not dare to slight him and came up to give a salute.

Since the little servant Qing Feng did not have any official rank, he just stood behind them like Feng Yuanxing, silent. He did not say anything, but just rubbed his temples as usual. His handsome face still kept taut.

“Where is Li Mu, the county magistrate of Taibai? Why doesn’t he come out to salute Mr. Zheng?” The deputy general looked arrogant and shouted loudly, totally taking no notice of Feng Yuanxing and other people at all.

It was silent in the carriage.

“Well… His honor, magistrate Li got something from his practice the day before yesterday, so he is cultivating in vital seclusion. We cannot inform him, so…” Feng Yuanxing carefully organized the language.

“How dare he! What an honor Mr. Zheng has! Li Mu dared to exaggerate his seclusion. Does he want to be the county magistrate any longer?” The deputy general spoke harsh words with a stern look, his finger directly pointing to Feng Yuanxing’s forehead.

“Well…” Feng Yuanxing was too agitated to answer him, and his forehead was covered with sweat.

Ma Junwu and Zhen Meng beside also changed their facial expressions.

Why was the messenger of Chang’an Prefecture so mean? Obviously, he seemed to come here to deliberately make trouble to the county magistrate.

“To inform him now! Let Li Mu come out immediately and salute Mr. Zheng.”

The deputy general brandished the horsewhip in his hand and slammed a blast in the air. The horsewhip slashed provocatively across Feng Yuanxing’s hair behind his ear. And then, the deputy general burst into laughing.

Feng Yuanxing felt instinctive that his face was stinging, but he had to swallow his anger.

However, no one moved.

Because they all knew Li Mu was not in the county government.

“Why are you standing still? Need I say it again? Li Mu, does he court death? Dare to pose in front of Mr. Zheng? I think he is mad. Within twenty seconds, let him get out immediately.” The deputy general was swollen with arrogance, his hand snapping the whip.

At that moment, there had been many people around the county government.

Seeing the scene, people around began pointing and whispering.

Among them were several people who came to ransom the prisoners. When seeing the deputy general talked wildly and reprimanded Li Mu, they all felt that they could vent their spleen clearly. It seemed that even the cruel-hearted county magistrate had to suffer wrong from his superordinate. After all, he was also a man in the officialdom and had to follow the official rules.

The other three deputy generals who were riding on the horse sneered.

The little servant Qing Feng rubbed his temple, smiled bitterly and took a step forward.

A glimmer of hope raised from the bottom of Feng Yuanxing and other people’s hearts. They all hoped that this resourceful little servant could solve the dead end.

But the look on the little servant became fierce. he raised his hand, pointed to the deputy general’s nose, and began scolding him, “How dare you! You are just a deputy general. In terms of official ranks, you are just on the deputy Eighth rank. And you dare to address directly and abuse the principal Seventh-ranking county magistrate. The messenger from the Chang’an Prefecture dared to disregard the Empire’s laws and regulations. Hehe, I think it is you who are courting death now abusing the superior. According to the Empire’s laws, His honor, the county magistrate can kill you with lawful authority. Hurry up! Kneel down and acknowledge your mistake!”

Feng Yuanxing and other people were stricken dumb with shock.


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