Valhalla Saga

Chapter 161

Episode 48/Chapter 2: The fastest one #2 (2)

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Tae Ho’s movement speed was faster than superior ranked warriors now that he had climbed to the top rank by investing his runes uniformly but he could be considered to be normal among top ranked warriors.

But that wasn’t the case now.

His movement speed had increased by more than 60% as he had increased it by wearing an item setting that only increased your movement speed.

Cuchulainn was greatly amazed at Tae Ho’s speed that was faster than gale. He looked at Tae Ho who had started to overwhelm the fake Achilles in speed and yelled.

‘This crazy! Do you have another setting?!’

He obviously did.

But Tae Ho just focused on the opponent in front of him instead of answering.

Achilles was bewildered. He could only be so.

Because Achilles was really fast, his movement speed was said to be faster even than Heracles and was like a real gale.

Achilles tried to shake off Tae Ho with straight lines, but with irregular patterns couldn’t shake him off in the end.

The few seconds before Cuchulainn could even finish his sentence.

Achilles started to use his unique footwork to increase his movement speed even more.

But it didn’t matter. Tae Ho didn’t stand still while his movement speed got faster.

[Saga: Idun’s warrior]

[Saga: The charge of the warrior is like a storm]

Scathach’s style wind slash.

His saga and Scathach’s style techniques was used at the same time. It was impossible for the fake Achilles to get ahead of Tae Ho in speed.

‘My warrior Tae Ho!’


Idun’s call reached Tae Ho and at the same time Achilles let out a roar. He executed a strong stab with all his strength behind it instead of trying to beat Tae Ho in speed.

‘Useless! Scathach’s style techniques are invincible! Don’t lose to mere styles like Chiron’s! Tae Ho!’

If the great heroes of Olympus had Chiron as their great masters, Erin had Scathach.

In addition, Achilles was using a spear right now.

Scathach’s style techniques could be applied on all sorts of weapons but she and her disciple, the strongest warrior Cuchulainn, used a spear.

He couldn’t allow Tae Ho to fall behind in spearmanship.

Tae Ho also thought of the same thing. He saw through the attack of the fake Achilles with Scathach’s style insight and read the trajectory of the attack with his ‘eyes of the dragon’.

The spears seemed to lock but they parried each other.

A really loud sound exploded the moment the stab of the fake Achilles pierced the empty air.

But it didn’t touch Tae Ho. He pushed his spear exquisitely instead of facing it head on and entered his range smoothly.

Scathach’s style pushing a great mountain.

Tae Ho hit the chest of the fake Achilles with his free left hand. It wasn’t light at all. He let out a breathtaking sound at the heavy attack and got pushed away heavily. The fake Achilles had pulled back by himself the moment he got hit to lessen the impact.

Tae Ho didn’t let him go that was starting to step back as if trying to escape.

The time Tae Ho spent learning Scathach’s style techniques was a mere 2 years, but those weren’t ordinary 2 years. In addition, Tae Ho had also learned Kalsted’s techniques. .

Even if you entered the Tower of shadows, Scathach’s style techniques weren’t something a normal warrior could master in 2 years.

No, it was impossible even for the talented ones.

But Tae Ho had managed it. It wasn’t because Scathach had inserted her techniques directly on his body and not because Cuchulainn was with him.

The techniques of the dragon knight Kalsted became the foundation and he built a house with Scathach’s techniques on top of that.

There was no need to sleep or eat in the tower of shadows.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the 2 years Tae Ho accumulated in the tower of shadows was time purely spent fighting since he didn’t sleep or eat so even warriors of Valhalla would be astounded by it. You could say that he had actually spent 10 years in it.

‘His spearmanship has also deteriorated. His skills can’t be compared to Achilles.’

Cuchulainn said. The fake Achilles was strong but he was only at the superior rank.

It wasn’t logical that Tae Ho would be defeated by him now that he had climbed to the top rank.

A wave surged. It seemed like waves and gale were blowing together violently.

Fierce attacks were exchanged between Tae Ho and the fake Achilles while Cuchulainn added some more commentaries. Their attacks were so strong and fast that everytime their spears moved, the air screamed.

At first it was quite an equal exchange but at some point Tae Ho was the one that was attacking one sidedly. The fake Achilles focused solely on defense and his hands and feet started to tangle.

Rasgrid was shocked.

She did know that Tae Ho had gotten strong and defeated the Magician King and the World Wolf even though it was thanks to Loki sacrificing himself, but the feeling she got was different watching him directly. She could experience it first hand.

The fake Achilles was like a nightmare for Rasgrid. Several intermediate ranked warriors were massacred by him. Rasgrid resisted fiercely but he was like a wall she couldn’t overcome.

But he was struggling against Tae Ho. Was being overwhelmed by him.

That is Idun’s warrior.

The savior of Valhalla.

The one that would inherit everything from Erin!

“Thunder clap!”

Bracky let out a yell and swung his battle hammer. He had activated his saga so his already huge body became even bigger. He gave the feeling of a giant now.

The Myrmidon’s split up in groups of three, two, two to face the group but it was the wrong option.

Bracky chose a simple yet effective method instead of getting caught in the attacks of the Myrmidons.

A strong blow.

Only one attack.

He created some distance with them and then poured out an attack filled with electricity.

The Myrmidons couldn’t endure his attack. The three of them joined hands to block it.

Siri and Bracky fought in ways that were similar yet different. Siri was really fast after transforming into a wolf Goddess. She entered the blind spots of the Myrmidons and fired arrows consecutively so the Myrmidons couldn’t even approach her properly.

The ones fighting a close fight were the remaining two but it was only for a moment.

The Myrmidons were the ones that started to get pushed back as Rasgrid joined Gandur and Ingrid.


The fake Achilles let out another roar and then his aura suddenly strengthened.

‘Tae Ho!’

When Cuchulainn yelled and warned him Tae Ho had already taken preparations. The ‘eyes of the dragon’ didn’t miss the sudden changes.

And he realized.

He couldn’t know the logic behind it but he understood what had happened in front of him through his senses.

The real Achilles.

His consciousness was loaded in the fake Achilles. It was only for a moment but the real Achilles tried to show his skills that surpassed the fake’s.

The Hero killer spear.

The secret of Achilles that had succumbed a lot of heroes in the war of Troy!

An overwhelming strength was contained at the tip of his spear. It was so strong and rough that anyone that saw it would get absent minded.

But Tae Ho didn’t miss him. Scathach’s style techniques didn’t allow that.

The ‘eyes of the dragon’ gathering of his aura and Scathach’s style techniques found its weakness.

He dug into him sharply right before his technique got completed!

Kalsted’s style Meteor stab.

It was more like a Lance charge rather than a normal stab.

In addition it was fast. It completely dispersed Achilles’ attack!

The sky and the ground shook at the same time. It was the result of the world shaking due to the a strong technique being dispersed by the shock of an even faster and sharper technique.

Bewilderment appeared in the face of the fake Achilles- no, Achilles. A conspicuous color appeared in his eyes.


No, just who are you?

Tae Ho didn’t plan to answer. The moment he dispersed Achilles’ Hero killer spear, he let go of Gae Bolg. He then took out Arondight from the air and executed an attack.

The chest of the fake Achilles got slashed. He vomited out black blood and Tae Ho glared at him for a moment instead of executing another attack.

Achilles spoke through the mouth of the fake Achilles.

“We will meet again, successor of Scathach.”

Tae Ho swung Arondight and cut off the head of the fake Achilles.

‘Tae Ho. My warrior Tae Ho!’

Idun yelled urgently when the head rolled on the ground. Idun’s voice was heard dimmer than usual and her voice got cut off at parts, maybe because of the connection that existed between Asgard and Olympus.

Tae Ho focused on Idun and she spoke quickly once again.

‘The path is closing. You should get away qui….no, it’s already too late! Call Adenmaha and Rolo! Quickly!’

Idun wasn’t a battle God but was a Goddess of a high stature even in Asgard. She could feel a strong divine power trying to cover the entire path.

It wasn’t a strength that got activated at the moment. It was already prepared long time ago and that’s why she couldn’t stop it.

The path was long. Even if Tae Ho was fast, it was impossible for him to return to Asgard before that force covered the path.

What could she do then?

How would she be able to help Tae Ho?

The answer Idun came up with at the desperate moment was that she would assist him with more strength.

Tae Ho followed Idun’s words and fulfilled her wish instead of asking. Because she was Tae Ho’s Goddess. Each and every action of hers was for Tae Ho.

“Adenmaha! Rolo!”

Tae Ho gripped the summoning rocks and yelled.

Rolo appeared while holding a fish with his mouth. Adenmaha got summoned over him and fell with her butt on top of him.


But it wasn’t only Adenmaha. Nidhogg was also with her as she was in her embrace.

“Ugh…Tae Ho master?”

She spoke with an absent minded voice as if she had just woken up.

The summoning rock was only limited to the summoned objective but Nidhogg was also an existence that was a subordinate of Tae Ho.

It seemed like he was able to summon the two of them as they were holding each other.

‘Tae Ho! Be careful! Valhalla will go to help soon!’

‘Tae Ho!’

Idun’s and Heda’s voices were heard. Tae Ho’s connection to them got cut off even before he could answer.

Tae Ho raised his head. Bracky also looked up at the sky after crushing the Myrmidon warriors.

A golden light.

A strong divine power covered the path and swept everything in it.


It was a mess.

The moment the power of a God poured down, Adenmaha held Nidhogg tighter as if she was a mother embracing her child.

Tae Ho moved. He rode on the confused Rolo and released his power of a God the most he could and covered his surroundings.

Everything was chaos after that.

He felt like he could hear the voice of someone in the middle of the surging whirlpool of divine power. He moved desperately toward the voice that seemed like it was calling to him.

And how much time had passed after that?

Tae Ho opened his eyes again and realized that he was inside a big cave.

Rolo was lying down behind him unconscious and Nidhogg and Adenmaha were lying on Rolo while still holding each other. The two of them were also unconscious.

“Bracky! Siri! Ingrid!”

He just yelled for now and looked at his surroundings.

Fortunately, all of them were inside the cave. Bracky was lying down while extending all his limbs and Siri was lying down in his arm. Rasgrid was also lying down in her folded cape.

‘Tae Ho, are you okay? You aren’t hurt anywhere?’

‘I’m fine.’

Tae Ho briefly answered Cuchulainn’s question and checked his surroundings hurriedly. He activated the ‘eyes of the dragon’ and leaned his ears, and then the sound of footsteps was heard not far from him.

“Are you awake?”

It was a refined sweet voice.

Tae Ho looked at the owner of the voice. There were green words on top of his head instead of red ones.

[Lion of Athena]


He wasn’t the fake Achilles and not a prototype but the real one.

“My name is Patroclus. I was going to Asgard to notify of the emergency in Olympus.”

The danger in Olympus.

The attack of Achilles.

The connection with Idun that got severed just like the time he was down to the roots.

‘I have an ominous feeling.’

Cuchulainn said and Tae Ho agreed. He expressed etiquette to Patroclus, that was putting an anxious face and introduced himself.

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