Valhalla Saga

Chapter 171

Episode 51/Chapter 1: God of Sun (1)

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There are Gods and humans in any world.

But the relation they had differed in each world.

In some world, the Gods and humans were on equal standing. The God was certainly a transcendent being compared to the human but that was only a difference in their abilities, the two of them existed in a world as independent beings.

But there weren’t many worlds like that unexpectedly. There were differences in each of them but in most of the worlds the humans were under the control of the Gods.

Because of that, the way the Gods viewed the humans was also different for each world.

A God that looked at humans as equal beings.

A God that saw them as children and beings that they had to take care of and guide.

Gods that thought of humans as toys or pets.

Gods that used humans as slaves or tools.

The point of view of the Gods didn’t only end at how they thought.

The fate of the humans was also decided depending on them.

The Gods of Erin thought of the humans as being equal to them.

The Gods of Asgard thought of them as their children.

And the Gods of Olympus thought that they were tools.


The seventh afternoon since leaving Delfos.

The journey of Tae Ho’s group travelling to the west was smooth.

Almost half of the world had turned into beings wanting to destroy the world just like Patroclus had said but fortunately, the other half and especially the west where Tae Ho’s group was heading to still remained as beings wanting to maintain the world.

In addition the group was moving through secluded places while avoiding villages or cities where humans lived. So naturally, they wouldn’t have a problem as they didn’t encounter anyone.

But of course there was a reason why there were few people. The monsters of Olympus and stopped their path several times while traveling.

[What to say…their vitality is really strong.]

Apollo spoke through Sybilla, who was holding a golden staff that was Apollo’s hallow.

Apollo had been sending divine messages from 5 to 10 minutes a day since they left Delfos.

The scene in front of Sybilla’s eyes was really varied.

First, there was a big river. It was one of the affluents of the Euphrates that crossed the western region but even the affluent wasn’t normal as the Euphrates was really big.

“Wow, will we be able to eat this?”

Bracky caught a huge monster that popped up from the river which he hit with his hammer and said with interested eyes. It was because this monster was so big it could eat a human in one bite but it looked similar to a fish.

As Bracky tried to slice off a part of the huge monster and try to eat it as a sashimi, Siri hurriedly pulled on his waist band. She had originally tried to grab the back of his neck but she couldn’t do anything about it because of the height difference.

“You will get sick if you eat anything you see.”

“Are you worrying about me? Kya, I really only have you, Siri.”

“Just eat it and get sick.”

Bracky staggered when Siri let go of his waistband but he regained balance and laughed.

Next to them, the Valkyries were catching fish to eat and preparing several things at the same time.

“Fishing is also hunting in the end.”

Gandur wasn’t as experienced in fishing as she was in catching deer or rabbits in a forest but she was still quite skilled in it.

But actually, Gandur wasn’t of much help as she was using a fishing rod. The one actually catching the fishes was Ingrid.

The God Ingrid served was Njord, the God of sea and at the same time a really outstanding fisherman. So naturally, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Ingrid was an expert fisherman as she had received his blessing.

Ingrid didn’t even use a fishing rod. She just activated Njord’s blessing and threw a net and retrieved it after a while. But the net was filled with fishes just with that.

Actually, Ingrid could catch even more than that but they wouldn’t be able to eat all of it anyways. What she had caught was just enough.

Rasgrid scaled off the fish and took out its organs. She was quite skilled in cooking compared to her usual image. She was making sashimi from some of the fish, steaming and grilling others.

And next to those Valkyries, Adenmaha and Nidhogg were together like always.

“Nothing bites… is hard…..”

Nidhogg spoke with a depressed voice as she was challenging fishing for the first time in her life. Gandur was catching a lot of fish right next to her so her depression just multiplied.

“It’s fine. You are able to do it. Let’s try a bit harder.”

“Ye, yes. I will concentrate.”

Nidhogg fixed her expression at Adenmaha’s encouragement and focused on her fishing rod. Nidhogg imitated Hraesvelg’s expression when her concentration broke but it seemed to be quite effective that her concentration rose up.

Adenmaha glanced at that Nidhogg and twisted her fingers.

Three, two, one.

“It’s here!”

Nidhogg yelled in a loud voice. It seemed like something quite big had taken the bait as the fishing rod was bent quite widely.

“It’s here! I caught it!”

“Stay calm, calm.”

“Yes, calm.”

Nidhogg carefully pulled up the fish. She was more serious than usual.

And a few minutes later.

The fish appeared above water. It was a huge fish that was as big as Bracky’s arm.

Nidhogg yelled in joy because she succeeded in fishing for the first time in her life. Gandur and Ingrid complimented her with nice words.

“You have talent in it.”

“It’s almost the biggest fish you can catch in this river. Congratulations.”

“Nidhogg is amazing!”

The last one was Adenmaha and Nidhogg flushed while smiling like a fool.

Only Tae Ho opened his eyes sharply while everyone was admiring her and Adenmaha turned to look at Tae Ho immediately and transmitted her voice with her mystical powers.

‘Stay quiet and don’t break the atmosphere. Nidhogg should also taste the feeling of it.’

Tae Ho could also see under the water with his ‘eyes of the dragon’.

The fish Nidhogg has just caught wasn’t even planning on biting the bait but it did so almost in a forced way.

Adenmaha was a Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann that could use the power of the sea only that they kept forgetting about it as they were always together. Controlling a single fish wasn’t a big task at all.

‘How warm. Isn’t that almost a mother?’

Cuchulainn said while looking at Adenmaha stroking Nidhogg’s head that was standing on her toes. He couldn’t her the voice Adenmaha transmitted with her mystical magic but he had seen through the situation with his insight.

‘Well, it’s good in the end.’

Nidhogg is liking it that much and their surroundings are laughing in a good mood so there was no reason to break the atmosphere.

Tae Ho waved at Nidhogg that was holding the fish in her chest and then sent a silent prayer to the fish.


Apollo’s voice that was forgotten by everyone was heard once again.

They were in a situation that almost half of Olympus had turned into beings wanting to destroy the world and maybe the entire world was in danger but they couldn’t be frowning all day. Apollo rather liked the group.

“Ah, I’m sorry. Please speak.”

[No, I also got more energy by looking at your energetical selves so it’s fine.]

Apollo laughed through Sybilla’s mouth.

Actually, Apollo would have been greatly enraged if normal humans had been distracted in his divine message.

But the one he was speaking to wasn’t a normal human. He was a God of the neighboring Asgard that possessed a divinity.

In addition, Nidhogg was also an ancient dragon that had a divinity and Adenmaha smiling next to her was also a God.

Even the Valkyries that were catching fish and preparing food were Gods although of a low rank.

Bracky and Siri were also far from being normal humans and were considered as being great heroes that could one day become Gods in Olympus’ standard so he could only be more lenient.

‘Your nature….no, your sacredness is even better than what I heard.’

Cuchulainn could sense why Apollo had spoken like that thanks to his insight but whatever the case, it wasn’t a bad impression.

[Returning back to the topic, did you understand about the beings wanting to destroy the world?]

“Not perfectly but I think I somewhat get it.”

[That’s enough then. The nature of the two camps is different so it’s impossible to understand each other perfectly. It’s because their way of thinking itself is different.]

The ones wanting to destroy the world.

It was impossible to understand them perfectly just like Apollo had said but he could still feel it somewhat because of the comparison.

The ones maintaining the world lived. There were few beings that asked why someone lived, slept and ate.

They were alive so they would live. They would keep going.

The ones maintaining the world just lived on without being conscious of it but even that aided on maintaining the world.

The ones wanting to destroy the world wished to destroy the world in the end but they weren’t beings filled with the desire to destroy.

They lived to fulfill destruction.

It can be an excessive interpretation but Tae Ho decided to think like that for now.

They had to suppress the ones wanting to maintain the world to destroy the world and that’s why the ones wanting to destroy the world had to increase their strength.

Because of that, they also had to keep on living for now and they could also feel emotions in that process.

They also felt pain and when things turned out well they felt joy. They could also feel comradeship, loyalty, love, and positive emotions.

But just because of that the two camps couldn’t join to become one.

Even though they were similar, their nature was different. It wasn’t that one sided treated the other as an enemy in a one sided way. The two of them treated themselves as eternal enemies.

The reason Apollo spoke about the beings wanting to destroy the world wasn’t only to transmit knowledge to him.

It was to grasp together what would happen to Olympus now that someone wanting to maintain the world had changed sides.

[There may be more regretful cases where the character itself changes due to the drastic change of nature, just like what happened with my sister Artemis. But their life won’t be changing that drastically just because they changed sides.]

[The problematic thing is that they became enemies of the ones wanting to maintain the world. The fate of the humans in Olympus is in the hand of the Gods so the changes in the Gods will soon affect the humans.]

[Half of the ones that served my loved sister Artemis would have turned into beings wanting to destroy the world and they will face the ones that haven’t changed.]

‘In other words, a huge scale war will occur in this world.’

Two months since the change started.

It was short. In addition, those two months was from when Zeus had started to show changes. Artemis would have needed a few more days to turn completely.

If you thought with the same logic, it hadn’t been two months since they turned to become beings wanting to destroy the world.

It was too short of a time for a war to occur. Artemis mobilized her army of monsters and attacked Apollo’s city but their cities were already close to begin with and Artemis already had a short temperament.

[It’s like Cuchulainn said. There’s not much time we will be able to keep peace like now. The humans that have changed sides following the Gods they served will start a huge war.]

The group was moving to Athens, the core of Athena’s sacred force, to make contact with her.

Apollo didn’t know a lot only about Athens but also about its surroundings.

[There’s a strong human country that’s a bit far with Athens and there’s a really high probability the God they serve has turned into a being wanting to destroy the world.]

No, he was almost sure of it.

[The God of war Ares.]

The one that was born from the king of Gods Zeus and his wife Hera.

One of the strongest Gods even among the 12 Olympians but was barbaric and atrocious.

His relationship with Athena has been bad since long ago. If he had turned into a being wanting to destroy the world he would certainly aim for her.

And the country serving that Ares as their guardian God.

The humans that would have turned into beings wanting to destroy the world along with Ares.


Tae Ho flinched. Apollo smiled bitterly with Sybilla’s face.

The warriors of the God of war.

The place that had the strongest army compared to any other place in Olympus.

Apollo’s expectation wasn’t wrong.

The same day and the same time.

The army of Sparta started to march.

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