Valhalla Saga

Chapter 176

Episode 52/Chapter 1: The pursuers (1)

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Tae Ho introduced himself to Athena and then turned towards the place the spear was at. The spear was a weapon used by a son of the God of war and a God of defeat so it wouldn’t be a normal weapon.

‘Hey, just throw it away. It’s unlucky to have a weapon of a God of defeat. You aren’t even lacking in weapons. You have Gae Bolg especially, Gae Bolg.’

Cuchulainn complained as if he really disliked it but Tae Ho was still planning on taking it.

‘Everything has its uses. If it’s a really unlucky object I will give it to the enemy so a curse falls on them.’

It was quite logical.

But it seemed like that wasn’t the case for Cuchulainn. No, it seemed like he was rather bewildered at Tae Ho for having thought of such thing.

‘Hey, just how do you think of something that wicked? Did all the people in your previous world think like that?’

‘I’m just saying it’s wasteful to leave it. Let’s take it even if we won’t use it.’

He was still a God so he wouldn’t use an ordinary spear. It was also obvious that the material of the spear wouldn’t be normal so he was planning to disassemble it and use it as ingredients if it came to be.

Bracky saw Tae Ho heading to the spear of Deimos and then put on an expression as if he was looking at a really ideal warrior of Valhalla and then turned to the direction Phobos’ corpse was at.

“I should also take this. The axe he swung should be perfect for throwing.”

Bracky approached the corpse of Phobos and took the axe for himself. Holding it had a good feeling to it as expected of a weapon being used by a God of war. The distribution of its weight was also excellent so it was perfect to be used as a throwing weapon.

Bracky lightly threw it up and caught it as if handling a toy and then put it in his waist and checked the corpse of Phobos.

“Ugh, the armor is impossible right?”

Phobos was also quite tall but he was still really small compared to the giant Bracky.

Siri approached him and shook her head.

“It clearly is impossible.”

Even if it did fit him, he didn’t want to wear it particularly. It was because the armor was a mess as much as Phobos’ corpse was in a pitiful state.

But Bracky still smacked his lips as if it was regretful.

“I need new pants. It was always like this in Midgard. Others could take away things from others but I always had to make things new because nothing fit me.”

He had a really complicated expression.

He even dropped his shoulders like a kid that got wounded because only he couldn’t do something others could do.

Siri looked up at that Bracky and then turned her gaze away and said.

“If it’s a pair of pants….should I make one for you?”

She had never boasted about it but needlework was one of her strong points.

She could obviously do simple needlework because she had to take care of her younger brother and she could also weave cloth to make some clothes.

Bracky smiled brightly at Siri’s proposal.

“Really? You are going to make some underwear for me?”

“Wait, didn’t you say pants?”

“What I really need is underwear. You know the size well, right? Ak! Why!”

Bracky got angry as he got his shin kicked. Siri checked her surroundings with a red face and then hit his other shin.

“Get hit some more if you don’t know why.”

She had hit him rather strongly but Bracky’s shin was like a solid log. No matter how strong she hit him, it was only seen as playing.

‘They are a storybook couple.’

Cuchulainn clicked his tongue. Tae Ho couldn’t see his face but he could imagine the expression he must have.


Tae Ho was looking at Siri and Bracky with lukewarm eyes instead of Cuchulainn.

But it seemed like Cuchulainn also didn’t like that.

‘Hey, do you know what conscience is? How can you of all people be like this?’


‘Leave it. Just die if you don’t know. Anyways, i’m saying this just in case but don’t say you will take underwear from others and wear it yourself. You still have many that Heda and Adenmaha made for you.’

Heda was proficient not only in cooking but in several other fields. Adenmaha was slightly inferior to Heda in regards of cooking but there was almost nothing she couldn’t do, starting from cleaning to needleworking.

Even the clothes Nidhogg was wearing was almost made by Adenmaha entirely.

‘I am obsessed on looting but I won’t take the underwear of others.’

‘Even if it’s an underwear made with dragon leather?’

Tae Ho couldn’t answer immediately and Cuchulainn laughed.

They couldn’t keep exchanging jokes forever. Tae Ho approached the spear and activated the ‘eyes of the dragon’.

[Spear of crushing defeat]

‘That guy was also nasty. How could he want to use a weapon like that?’

‘It’s still a white gold ranked weapon.’

The shaft of the spear was also made of gold but it was really light and had a good elasticity. It seemed like it wasn’t a normal metal.

‘Merlin should be fine, right?’

He naturally thought of Merlin while thinking of melting down the spear to use it as a material.

‘He should be as he is in Idun’s residence. Master should also be fine.’

Cuchulainn answered in a low voice. His voice was the same as usual but it had grief he couldn’t hide.

He must have lacked time to be with Scathach just like it was for Tae Ho and Heda.

The time given after the battle with the Magician King was really short.

But Cuchulainn didn’t add more words in vian. He calmed down his emotions by smirking and Tae Ho acted the same way as him.

“Warriors of Valhalla.”

Athena’s voice was heard right then. Tae Ho hurriedly took the spear and approached her and Bracky and Siri also stopped joking and followed Tae Ho.

“We have to get out of here. Ares doesn’t only have those two children. We have to hurry and join with Apollo……”

Athena started speaking slowly but then paused and closed her eyes. Tae Ho looked at Adenmaha hurriedly and she answered calmly.

“She’s fine. She’s only asleep.”

“She isn’t hurt greatly?”

Bracky asked in a low voice. Adenmaha’s expression darkened.

“She has so many wounds there’s no part whole. In addition, she must also be mentally exhausted…she won’t be able to wake up for a while.”

They hadn’t been able to witness Deimos and Phobos hitting her but they could imagine it just by looking at the wounds in her body.

“I will leave Athena-nim to you.”

“That’s my specialty. Leave her to me.”

Adenmaha smiled brightly. It was a smile that put you in a good mood just by looking at it.

“Yes, I’m always grateful to you.”

“Hmph. Plain words.”

Adenmaha stuck out her tongue but then grumbled to make him hear her on purpose. Tae Ho smiled once again at her lovely sight and Cuchulainn let out a sigh.

‘Stop the corny things and lets return. Ares would have also sensed that his children died.’

In addition, Deimos and Phobos weren’t simple children but were also Ares’ lesser Gods. It was obvious he sensed their deaths.

Tae Ho nodded and then looked up the sky and grabbed a summoning rock.


A gryphon that was putting on an unsatisfactory face appeared at his call.

Adenmaha, who was closer to Rolo than Tae Ho, put on a teary face.

“Rolo, you have suffered too much. Your face got so thin.”

It seemed like he had really suffered in that hour of flight.

But it seemed that it was only seen like that for Adenmaha that Bracky and Siri tilted their heads. Actually, Rolo’s face was covered with white feathers so it was hard to differentiate if he was thin or fat.

“Let’s work hard one more time.”

Tae Ho smiled bitterly at Rolo who glanced at him and activated his saga.

[Saga: Master of flames]

Rolo transformed into Shootingstar and carried the group in his back. He placed Adenmaha carrying Athena on the Beast’s saddle and then spoke to Siri who was lying down in a suitable place.

“Captain Siri, I will leave it to you.”

“I’m ready. We can depart at any time.”

He was speaking about the stealth blessing. Actually, it was hard to hide themselves completely even if they had the stealth blessing as Rolo would be flying at extremely fast speeds. But it would still be better than nothing.


“I finished installing the barrier.”

An invisible hemisphere was installed at Rolo’s back. It was to block the wind rather than stopping the enemies attacks.

Tae Ho placed his hands on Rolo’s back when Ullr’s blessing covered Adenmaha’s barrier.

[Strengthened saga: The charge of the warrior is like a storm]

[Strengthened saga: The one that conquers dragons]

Gale and thunder started to gather around Rolo’s wings when he flew to a high place. Rolo’s wings, that were strengthened by the ‘one that conquers dragons’ pushed the wing strongly.

But it wasn’t the end yet. Tae Ho took a deep breath and activated one more saga.

[Saga: The warrior that rode on a Goddess]

The result of the evolution of ‘The warrior that rode on a Valkyrie’.

There was nothing new as ‘The warrior that rode on a Valkyrie’ was also a mounting saga.

But something had changed now.

Adenmaha, who was the one that experienced the saga the most and was the one that promoted it to ‘the one that rode on a Goddess’ noticed the difference instinctively.


It was different than usual. There was something essential that had changed other than simply being strengthened.

[Idun’s Valkyrie (Temporary)]

[Tae Ho’s Valkyrie (Temporary)]

[Red Dragon Shootingstar (Female) (Temporary)]


Tae Ho closed his eyes at the green words that appeared in front of him and Cuchulainn clicked his tongue as if it was really pitiful.

“Ma, master?”

Adenmaha asked because she was bewildered.

Adenmaha sweated when he didn’t even do that in battles and answered.

“Well, um….anyways, the saga itself was strengthened.”

When it was ‘The warrior that rode on a Valkyrie’ he stayed as a male Valkyrie but it seemed like it was impossible for ‘The warrior that rode on a Goddess’.

In addition, Shootingstar itself was a transformation due to a saga so it was easy to be influenced.

“W, wait. This is temporary, right?”

Adenmaha asked hurriedly. Because Rolo was a treasured brother for her. Tae Ho avoided her eyes at the question that had a bit of an angry tone in it.

“Uh, um… P…..robably? I also used it when we came and Rolo looks the same as usual.”

‘How irresponsible.’

Rolo had who knows how many kids.

Bracky’s eyes shone while Adenmaha’s eyes became scarier.

“Siri, don’t you think that the scales became prettier?”

“Bracky, please.”

Siri closed Bracky’s mouth and Adenmaha opened her eyes sharply. Tae Ho dodged her eyes and looked forwards.

“Anyways, let’s hurry. We have to arrive quickly so that I can release the saga!”

He spoke ambiguously. Tae Ho ordered with ‘the one that conquers dragon’s before Adenmaha opened her mouth again.

“Let’s go Rolo! No, Lilly!”

‘Evil bastard.’

To fix his name.

The red dragon increased its speed with its strong wings. It became a red meteor and crossed the skies of Olympus.

It was a really rough enraged charge.


“Deimos and Phobos had died.”

Ares said.

The ones that were at his surrounding stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

It was a place filled with corpses. The ones that were dead and lying down were believers of Athena.

In one of the several polises in between Athens and Sparta.

Ares sat on a throne made with piled corpses and looked at a distant place. Anger spread on his beautiful face that seemed like it would shine.

“It’s not Athena.”

It wasn’t a guess but he was certain of it. Athena didn’t have the strength to deal with Deimos and Phobos right now.

The great hero of Athena, Odysseus.

He was more famous for his strategies rather than his fighting power but even so, he still entered the rank of great heroes. He had nothing lacking compared to the other heroes of Athena.

But he had now become a cold corpse and was at his feet. Ares knew since he was the one that had killed him.

Odysseus was weakened.

It was the result of all the blessings of Athena surrounding him having disappeared.

Athena had become so weak she couldn’t even maintain the blessing to the great hero she favored. So it was impossible for that Athena to have defeated Phobos.

Someone else.

Someone that wasn’t a hero of Athena but has the strength to defeat Phobos and Deimos.

Ares let out a long sigh and then smiled. Fierce flames of rage surged up in all his body.

It was pure rage. You could say that it was the grief of a father that has lost his children.

“Find him. Find who he is. I will put an end to him.”

It was the order of a God of war. Everyone at his surroundings obeyed without complaining. The pursuers started to move among the warriors of Sparta that were massacring for their God of war.

The children of Ares.

The heroes of Ares.

Their number surpassed the dozens and reached the hundreds.

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