Valhalla Saga

Chapter 178

Episode 52/Chapter 3: The pursuers (3)

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“I have found some traces.”

The heroes looked at one place when they heard a low voice.

All of them were children of Ares and the majority of them were step siblings.

The one that spoke was Ascalaphus, son of Ares and the princess of Orchomenus Astyoche and Ares. He was one of the youngest ones gathered in this place.

But that didn’t mean that he was weak. He possessed strength that ranked at the top among the children born between Ares and humans.

When he spoke he turned to look at everyone but he only looked at one person in the end.

Lesser God of war, Enyalius.

A smile also spread in his face.

“You did well. I won’t forget your merits.”

“Your happiness is my happiness.”

Ascalaphus also spoke while smiling and then explained about the place Tae Ho’s group could be hiding at.

A general situation was made when they gathered the direction the nymphs pointed at and a place that could hide ten people.

“We have to strike before they leave. We will leave immediately.”

Enyalius stood from his place. His eyes, that resembled the eyes of his mother Enyo more than his father Ares, shone in ambition.

“Brother, will it be fine only with us? Won’t it be better to notify to the other…..”

One of the brothers of Ascalaphus that was seated nearby glanced at Enyalius and spoke carefully.

They were the ones that had defeated Phobos and Deimos, that weren’t mix breeds between nymphs or humans and the 12 Olympians.

In addition, it seemed like they had won without much difficulty looking at the traces of the battle.

The red dragon they rode was said to be weak and Athena was added to their group so it was obvious for them to be careful.

Enyalius frowned at his words but it only lasted a moment.

He just didn’t show it outside but put a smile to the other siblings of his that may be thinking of the same thing.

“It’s fine. There’s a brother of us that has promised to lend us his strength.”

Originally, he didn’t belong to any faction and spent the time alone but he got the chance to step forward because Ares mobilized all of his children.

Enyalius liked him. Part of it was because he was strong but it was also because he didn’t choose the children of Aphrodite or those arrogant amazoness but instead chose him.

Enyalius silently turned his head to look and the other siblings also followed the direction.

He was still silent but didn’t put a scared expression either. His weight, like a boulder, made his existence stand out.

The uneasiness in the faces of the siblings disappeared. Enyalius stroked Ascalaphus’ head in a good mood and said.

He ordered him with a confident voice.

“Lead the way.”


“Hades? Is he someone like Hella?”

Bracky tilted his head and asked as he didn’t know much about the Gods of Olympus. Siri was silent but it seemed like she was glad that Bracky had asked the question.

Gandur smiled bitterly and said.

“He also rules the underworld just like Hella but his strength and status are different. If we were to make a comparison, he’s similar to the chief of Vanaheim Heimstream.”


Bracky let out a low voice of admiration. It was because the chief of Vanaheim was certainly a step above Hela.

If you just looked at their ranks, Heimstream was even above Thor.

“Athena-nim. Does the underworld have many entrances that lead to it?”

Rasgrid asked carefully and Tae Ho understood at that moment why she had asked that question.

Athena also understood the reason so she answered with a dark expression.

“The only one that can freely go to the underworld is the messenger God Hermes. If someone alive wants to cross the world they have to pass through the destined doors even if you are a God.”

In other words, it meant that there was only one entrance.

“We should hurry then.”

Athena nodded with a biter face as Tae Ho spoke.

Athena had said that the underworld and Hades were the last pillar they could support on.

There was no way the enemy wouldn’t know about it if it was the last pillar. They would think similarly to Athena slow or fast.

In addition, the fact that there was only one entrance also became a problem.

If they noticed the destination of the group and blocked the entrance first, they would be out of options.

“It’s dangerous to move immediately. I think it will be good to move when the sun sets like usual.”

Patroclus checked Athena’s state and said.

“I also agree. Athena-nim has just woken up and we have to fill our bellies before going on a long trip right? Let’s eat and think later.”

Gandur hit her stomach and said. Patroclus blinked at her action that couldn’t be seen from the women in Olympus and Athena smiled bitterly.

[Then I will know it like that and fall back for now.]

[Let’s speak about the details later.]

The aura of Apollo disappeared from Sybilla. Gandur grabbed her as she collapsed like always and clicked her tongue. It was because she thought that Apollo treated Sybilla too harshly.

But she also couldn’t blame him because of the situation. Just hoping Sybilla could endure well and giving her more to eat was the best Gandur could do.

“We eat? Nidhogg likes meat………”

Nidhogg, who was sleeping during the debate, rubbed her eyes as she had just woken up and mumbled.

Adenmaha flushed as she was embarrassed at Nidhogg muttering like a kid but the atmosphere became livelier thanks to her.

“Anyways, let’s eat. I was hungry anyways.”

Bracky spoke while gulping saliva and so the atmosphere turned into one where they had to eat.

Athena dropped her shoulders a bit and took a comfortable position maybe because she thought that being too tense wasn’t good.

“Then, I will do it properly. Wait a bit everyone.”

Adenmaha folded her sleeves and said while tying up her hair. She was planning to go for it for real as they didn’t know when they would have the time to eat leisurely again after they departed.

“Master, take out all the ingredients.”

Tae Ho took out all of the ingredients from Unnir and his saga at her request. It was an overwhelming amount that the group of ten could eat for more than a month.

‘It’s a cheat and not a saga no matter how many times I look at it.’

The hardest thing on a march was the mobility and acquisition of supplies but the saga just solved that problem.

The preparation for the meal started steadily along with Cuchulainn’s admiration and criticism.

The group finished their meal and had a maintenance time at the end.

They would handle their weapons and take some rest.

Adenmaha didn’t forget about Nidhogg’s magic lessons but unfortunately for her, Rasgrid started to take interest in Nidhogg’s education.

A few hours like that.

It was when Rasgrid tried to have a more systematic and focused education system, Nidhogg saying that she couldn’t endure it and Adenmaha got the mind of a parent.

Athena, who had her eyes closed while recovering divine power through meditation, raised her head.

It was a small action but everyone focused on her. Rasgrid and Adenmaha shut their mouths hurriedly and looked at the direction Athena looked at.

A transparent owl passed through the ceiling and came down. The white owl was one of Athena’s several Shinsoos and had the role of her eyes and ears.


The owl that had the same name as the lesser God Tae Ho defeated.

Glaucus landed on Athena’s shoulders and transmitted its thoughts with its eyes. Athena stiffened for a moment and then stroke its head and stood up.

She spoke to the group that had already grasped the situation.

“The children of Ares are approaching.”


The movement of the group was fast as they had already taken preparations to leave. They put Athena on Rolo’s back as she still found it difficult to move and Patroclus also carried the weak Sybilla.

“Shall we ride on Rolo and fly away?”

Bracky exited the shelter last and asked as he pointed at Rolo with his chin. Rolo put on a displeased expression but he spread his wings as if it was unavoidable. It seemed like he was preparing to transform.

But Siri shook her head and said.

“It’s too eye catching. If they are just approaching and haven’t grasped our location, it’s better to cast the stealth blessing and move slowly.”

When Rolo transformed into Shootingstar he certainly became fast but he was too big. In the first place, if the ones that were at their surroundings hadn’t come to attack them it meant that they also had a fast means of transportation.

If they made a mistake they could attract more enemies instead of shaking them off.

Bracky usually played jokes on her but he always respected her decisions. He didn’t act stubbornly as her words were right this time too.

But it was at that moment. Gandur pulled her sword while looking at a distant place and said.

“I think like Siri but it may be too late whichever it is.”

The others from the group also turned to look at the same direction. Athena’s white face became even paler and cold sweat dripped from Patroclus’ forehead.

They couldn’t see it yet but they could feel it.

Divinities were approaching from far away.

And their number amounted to twenty.

“Can’t we just beat them all?”

Bracky took out his hammer and smirked. He didn’t say that because he was arrogant.

If you were faced with an unavoidable battle, showing a heroic temper instead of fear was a characteristic of a warrior of Valhalla.

“They are coming.”

Siri nocked an arrow of light in her bow of light. Rasgrid and Ingrid also took out their swords and Adenmaha moved slightly hiding Nidhogg behind her.

Tae Ho looked beyond the forest with his ‘eyes of the dragon’.

There were several red words. There were demigods and also pure Gods.

But it was at some moment. Tae Ho, that was reading down the words, stopped in one place.

A small but dense smile appeared in Tae Ho’s face.

‘You finally became crazy.’

When Cuchulainn spoke like a joke.

The children of Ares finally showed up. Enyalius stood at the front while being armed with equipment and weapon he received from Ares and sonorous heroes followed his back while wearing shining armor.

But the time the group looked at Enyalius and his brothers was short. They all turned to look above their head almost at the same time. Precisely speaking, looked at the huge existence that appeared behind them.

The reason Enyalius was confident in this attack.

The possessor of a noble bloodline that didn’t fall behind to the children of Aphrodite and was a rank above Enyalius himself.

The God of Ares had a child with his aunt and one of the 12 Olympians, the Goddess of grain Demeter.

He didn’t belong to any faction but no one ignored him. No, they didn’t dare to.

A smile spread in Enyalius’ face and the other children of Ares also put on confident expressions.

It was because they felt joy when they saw the group looking at one place.

In addition, Patroclus’ contorted expression and Athena’s fine figure being nervous added to their joy.

But Enyalius felt something weird.

It was because the only ones that were nervous were Patroclus, Athena and the unknown maiden of Apollo.

The expressions of the others from the group were different. They didn’t show even a slight trace of fear. Even the gryphon that was carrying Athena in his back was putting on an uninterested expression and was even clicking his tongue as if he was looking at a poor thing.


Just why?

Enyalius looked at his back hurriedly.

The Drakon Ismenios.

A strong dragon born between the God of war and the Goddess of grains.

He was in excellent shape. He was releasing his overwhelming majesty just by existing.

But why?

Enyalius looked at the front once again and at that moment Bracky burst out in laugher.

“It’s a dragon?”

“A dragon.”

“That’s a dragon.”

Siri forced herself not to laugh and Gandur just laughed refreshingly. Rasgrid and Ingrid put a bitter smile that was mixed with happiness.

It was because they had already experienced it at least once.

In addition, Tae Ho’s story was already a legend in Asgard.

But not everyone was happy. Adenmaha turned to look at Nidhogg and pulled her arm and then asked hurriedly.

“Is that a male or a female?”

Cuchulainn burst out in laughter at her serious question and Tae Ho turned to look back at his life for a moment.

At that moment, Enyalius sensed something weird and became enraged.

The children of Ares roared along him and the Drakon Ismenios- the dragon of Earth spread his golden wings.

“Can I roll immediately?”

Adenmaha put on an expression mixed with several emotions as Nidhogg curled down. She focused on the battle in front of her rather than urging Tae Ho for an answer and Tae Ho answered briefly for her.

“It’s a male.”


Tae Ho smiled bitterly at Cuchulainn’s rejoinder. He grabbed Gallatin and Arondight in his hands.

Idun’s golden divinity and Tae Ho’s dark blue divinity.

The battle started with the roar of the golden dragon.

< Episode 52 – The pursuers (3) > End

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Episode 52/Chapter 4: The pursuers (4)

TL: Tsubak

ED: SlowAsLightning

The first one that acted was Nidhogg unexpectedly.

And this was an obvious thing.

Nidhogg fell in a deep thought while everyone was busy with the golden dragon.

When did she have to roll?

Until now, Adenmaha had told when she had to roll.

Nidhogg liked Adenmaha the most next to Tae Ho- no, almost as much as him so she didn’t feel any rejection towards her. She rather liked it as it wasn’t hard because she just had to listen to her.

But now, no orders came from her.

“I just have to roll?”

She asked while curling down but only her expression got more complicated, no answer returned.

Nidhogg curled down and thought.

Did she just have to wait or did she have to act?

‘We have to raise her will to act independently without relying on others through education. The current Nidhogg is too passive.’

‘No, how can you tell a kid to run when she has just started to walk!’

It was the conversation they had in the shelter.

Rasgrid and Adenmaha opposed each other seriously about the education method and Nidhogg just checked the two people and thought what she should ask Adenmaha to cook for her.

Will to act independently without relying on others.

Those were correct words. She couldn’t always be an obstacle. She wanted to be of proper help.

If Cuchulainn had heard that he would have been content with her but also asked how she got to think of that but all of this happened in Nidhogg’s head in a short time.

The moment the golden dragon spread its wings and roared, Nidhogg determined herself.

Tae Ho pulled out his two swords and Bracky yelled something. Nidhogg took a deep breath and remembered the teachings of Scathach.

‘Everything will be beautiful when it reaches the peak even though it may only be a simple roll.’

It was at that moment.

Hraesvelg had said that breaking the flow of the opponent was the most effective attack.

“I’m rolling.”

And Nidhogg rolled.

Once, twice three times!

[Saga: Rolling disaster]

The ground shook and spread to the front in an overwhelming way. When Nidhogg fell to the side it was already when the three shockwaves swept with the children of Ares.

Enyalius and his siblings became bewildered at the attack as they hadn’t been able to think at all. No one got done it by the earthquake and the shock it generated but their flow had been disturbed just like Hraesvelg had said.

And Adenmaha aimed for that opening.

She was already leaping the moment the shock spread. She jumped and transformed while the children of Ares were stumbling due to the shock.

[Saga: Master of frost]

“A white dragon?!”

One more dragon?!

The children of Ares couldn’t speak properly. It was because Adenmaha flew up with her big wings and fired an ice breath.

The children of Ares tried to react but it was too late. It was the result of their flow having been disturbed.

But they had the golden Drakon Ismenios with them. The Earth dragon wasn’t shaken at Nidhogg’s roll. The moment Adenmaha fired her ice breath he released his divine power and made an invisible wall.

The ice breath hit the wall. Air froze up and the invisible wall started to transform into an ice wall and then crumbled into pieces.

The children of Ares laughed but only for a moment.

[Saga: Master of flames]

The moment Adenmaha flew up and the front became empty, Rolo transformed into Shootingstar. He carried Athena on his back and spat out flames.

Flames exploded in between the breaking pieces of ice. The children of Ares raised their shields or released their divine power to try to defend against it but there were some that couldn’t block it properly. And most of all their flow was disturbed once again.

[Saga: His entrance is followed up by thunder.]

Thunder flashed in between the flames. Bracky transformed into lightning while holding a hammer in one hand and embracing Siri with his other hand and descended in the middle of the enemies.

Siri didn’t become bewildered. She transformed into a wolf Goddess and got on Bracky’s back.

[Saga: The arrows of the witch are like rain]

Dozens of arrows of light went off to the sides. Its power fell as it was numerous so it wasn’t able to defeat the children of Ares but it was still enough.

Tae Ho was running.

He entered from the sides and the children of Ares couldn’t react properly. When part of them turned around, Tae Ho had already entered their range.

[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

Nine Valkyries appeared at the same time.

They spread to the sides with Tae Ho at the center as if a flower was blooming and tried to open up a path to the golden dragon.

The golden dragon turned to look at Tae Ho. At that moment Adenmaha fired an ice breath high in the sky. Siri and Bracky could also be exposed to it but she believed. Not in Bracky and Siri but in the golden dragon.

The golden dragon spread a barrier hurriedly to protect the children of Ares. He missed Tae Ho and he moved almost next to him in that short moment.

[Boots of speed]

[Ghost dancer]

[Headband of Zephyr]

[Armor of the frost dragon]

[Necklace of gale]

It was the speed setting. Tae Ho ran like the wind and when the golden dragon tried to face him again Tae Ho had already gotten over his head. He placed his hand on his head without the dragon having time to shake his head.

[Strengthened saga: The one that conquers dragons]

He used Bragi’s rune and utilized his saga. The golden dragon flinched and didn’t move as if it had become a statue.

It was the same for Tae Ho. They fell into their own world in the middle of the battlefield through the connection established by the saga.

Enyalius felt danger instinctively at the current situation. No, it was a situation one could only feel danger even if you weren’t a son of the God of war.

He had to overturn this situation.

And the other children of Ares thought the same way as him. It was because each of them were named heroes.

Part of them ignored Bracky and Siri and charged towards Athena and Patroclus.

The Valkyries that were taking a defensive formation blocked them. Nidhogg rolled once again at that moment and Siri jumped from Bracky’s shoulders and took a big leap. She turned her body in the air and scattered a rain of arrows once again.

Enyalius ignored that Siri. He fended off the arrows falling over his head with a shield and glared at Tae Ho who was on top of the golden dragon. He swung his sword and said.

“I! Am a God of war!”

The divine power he received from his father Ares and his mother Enyo burst forth. He jumped off in an instant and tried to strike Tae Ho.

But there was someone that had been observing him. Bracky hit away one of the children of Ares attacking him and charged towards Enyalius.

“I am your brother!”


It was bullshit but he ended up reacting precisely because it was bullshit. Enyalius’ sword and Bracky’s hammer clashed in the air and the clash between the two obviously ended up in the victory of the hammer. The sword of Enyalius broke with the lightning.

“Nidhogg! Continue rolling! In all directions!”

Adenmaha yelled in the sky. Nidhogg listened to her. She continued rolling in her place and brought the battlefield to chaos by shaking the ground. The children of Ares focused on her but they couldn’t hit her easily.

What a mess.

Siri landed on the shaking ground and then leapt once again in between a shockwave. It was possible thanks to the special agility and flexibility of the wolf Goddess.

In the other hand, Tae Ho who was at the center of the chaos, concentrated on the golden dragon.

Tae Ho had already suppressed Nidhogg the ancient dragon, that had a divinity that wouldn’t fall behind the 12 Olympians at all, but the situation was different.

Nidhogg didn’t resist Tae Ho.It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that she had submitted herself to get away from the loneliness.

But the golden dragon was different. It resisted him fiercely.

The two wills clashed. Idun’s golden divinity clashed against the divinity of the golden dragon and perished and so Tae Ho’s dark blue divinity entered that gap.

Tae Ho could know at that moment.

The golden dragon was certainly a being wanting to destroy the world but the difference was vague. His tendency to destroy the world was just a little bit stronger than his tendency to maintain the world.

Tae Ho could know the reason for that.

In the first place, the nature of the Gods of Olympus becamet altered depending on the changes of the 12 Olympians whom they served.

The golden dragon wasn’t only subordinate to Ares. His connection with his mother, the Goddess of grain Demeter, wasn’t cut off yet.

Demeter was someone wanting to maintain the world.

And her nature hadn’t changed. In addition, she was trying hard even in this moment to save her child that was subordinate to Ares.

Then, what would happen in Aphrodite’s case? It was an interesting situation but he didn’t have time to think about it. Tae Ho focused on the Drakon Ismenios once again.

The one standing at the boundary between someone wanting to destroy the world and maintain it. Someone that was slightly leaning to one side.

Tae Ho already knew of such a case.

The God of fire and lies Loki.

The real savior of Asgard.

The king of Gods Odin had granted him a rank among the Gods when he was originally a giant and broke the balance. He pulled Loki to their side.

So Tae Ho had to do the same.

But how?

Tae Ho wasn’t someone that could grant ranks like Odin. He wasn’t even a strong magician like the God of war and the God of magic.

The golden dragon roared. Tae Ho put more strength in his saga and suppressed the strength of the dragon and at the same time thought of one thing.


There was a way then. Rolo and Adenmaha had already transformed and he had already called out nine Valkyries so he was spending divine power and magic power like crazy but he would have to over do it a bit more now.

The third dragon of the dragon knight Kalsted.

The strong existence that had become part of his dragon army after making a contract with him.

[Saga: King of violence]

Ancient power dragon.

It had been possible to do this because his synchro rate reached 85%. Tae Ho added the ‘king of violence’ on ‘the one that conquers dragons’. He tried to make a contract forcefully and change Ismenios.

It was a merciless outrage. The drakon Ismenios resisted fiercely. His divinity swelled up and tried to push away the dark blue divinity of Tae Ho.

But it was at that moment.

An opening was created in his divine power as if exposing his weakness on purpose.

The Goddess of grain Demeter.

It was her strange divinity. Perhaps, it may be the unconscious doing of Ismenios as trying to remain as someone wanting to maintain the world.

It didn’t matter whatever the case. It was the nature of the pro gamer Lee Tae Ho to stab at the weakness if there was one.

The dark blue divinity entered that opening. The golden dragon screamed and at that moment the connection was announced. A change didn’t only occur in his consciousness but also in reality.

[King of violence]

[Ancient power dragon]

The look of the golden dragon changed. His golden scales remained the scales but his body had swelled up. He got more threatening muscles and a new horn grew up in his forehead.

Tae Ho opened his eyes and realized that he had conquered the Drakon Ismenios. And another change occurred in Tae Ho’s chest.

[Synchro rate: 86%]

[Saga: Dragon monarch]

It was a new independent saga and it had ‘the master of flames’, ‘the master of frost’ and ‘the king of violence’ under it.

Tae Ho knew the reason why the synchro rate had increased. It was because the dragon knight Kalsted from Dark Age was someone that led a strong army of dragons. It was obvious for his synchro rate to increase as a new dragon had entered his rank.

Enyalios faced the changed Drakon Ismenios- the violence king Kane and realized that something had gone really wrong.

But he couldn’t do anything. He had gained some freedom his movement as some of his brothers had charged towards the crazy man holding a hammer but he couldn’t think of anything to overturn the situation.

But it was at that moment.

Enyalius turned his head hurriedly. It was towards Ascalaus, was was panting after defeating one of the fake Valkyries.

His divinity wasn’t that strong as his mother was a human. But it was different now. His divinity was swelling up greatly.

Enyalius knew the reason for it.

His father Ares.

Ascalaus was making a lofty sacrifice right now. He had a part of Ares’ strength descend upon his body to try to overturn this situation.

Ascalaus couldn’t endure that strength. Even if Ares’ strength descended on him he could only make a few moves and his body would be broken completely and die.

But those few moves were the important thing.

Enyalius looked at Ascalaus in the time that seemed like it had stopped. He didn’t know it himself but he was putting on a bustled expression.

Ascalaus looked at that Enyalius and smiled.

For the God of war. For his brothers.

His will was transmitted even though he didn’t speak. Tears poured down from Enyalius’ eyes.

Ascalaus closed his eyes and Ares dropped a single drop of tear for that Ascalaus. He descended on the body of his son and tried to show his rage.

Who will let you?

It was Tae Ho. He activated his saga and gave the same order to his dragons when Ares’ divine power started to swell up.

Erase him.

Adenmaha fired her breath that she was saving from before.

Rolo and the Drakon Ismenios did the same thing.

The body of Ascalaus disappeared right before Ares descended on him. It was the result of the three breaths having clashed from different directions.


Enyalius yelled like a scream and tears flowed down from him without stop.

Ares also let out an enraged howl but he was too far away. His rage couldn’t reach Tae Ho.


The Drakon Ismenios attacked the children of Ares and Adenmaha supported him from the sky.

Bracky and Siri went wild in the battlefield. The twenty children of Ares scattered after having become a mess and broke down.

Enyalius breathed roughly and took out the remnant of his sword.

He was a God of war. He wasn’t planning on just being defeated.

Tae Ho stood in front of him and faced his rage head on.

One clash. Two and three clashes.

The sword and the sword clashed. They pushed each other away and created some space.

Enyalius used his sword and shield earnestly. Tae Ho advanced slowly like a turtle while parrying some attacks and fending off others.

At first Tae Ho was the one that had the momentum but at some point it changed to Enyalius’. Tae Ho just focused on defending with his two swords.

Enyalius took one more step. He pushed Arondight with his sword and broke Tae Ho’s defenses perfectly by parrying Gallatin with his shield.

He would now hit his open stance. He would kick him and pour down attacks on him.


Enyalius raised his feet but he vomited blood and pain instead of kicking.

Caliburn pierced his waist. The sentence of the Milesians and the sentence of Erin shone on Tae Ho’s left hand holding on Arondight at the same time.

He would be able to control weapons without touching them if he reached the peak.

Those were the words Cuchulainn had said when he taught him the sentence of the Milesian for the first time.

He still hadn’t reached to that level but he could send the weapons he took out from the air flying away in full power.

Enyalius lost his balance and crumbled. Tae Ho had made an opening to induce him on purpose by having his defenses broken and then stabbed Arondight and then Gallatin on Enyalius left chest.

The golden divinity broke Enyalius’ divine power. The dark blue divinity destroyed the divinity of the God of war completely.

[You have accomplished your quest.]

[You have approached the title ‘the one that kills Gods’.]

[Your prestige has increased.]

Tae Ho closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. He could feel his divinity get stronger once again. Everytime he clashed against other divinities and broke them, his own divinity was growing.

‘Hey, aren’t you something like a God of destruction? Your divinity is also black.’

When Cuchulainn asked with a doubtful voice Tae Ho thought that it was quite logical.

‘It will be quite cool if the companion of the Goddess of life is a God of destruction. Something like a harmony between incompatible beings.’

‘Crazy bastard.’

They stopped joking here. There were still children of Ares remaining.

‘For Asgard and the level up.’

Tae Ho said and Cuchulainn shook his head.

The dark blue divinity surged up once again from Tae Ho’s hands.

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