Valhalla Saga

Chapter 186

Episode 54/Chapter 1: Hall of Valhalla (1)

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There was one master for one world.

The king of Gods.

The protector of the world and the leader of the ones wanting to maintain the world.

That’s why that master was special.


Ares couldn’t believe the reality in front of his eyes.

They were all called as the 12 Olympians but the difference between Zeus and the others was clear.

The only and real master of Olympus was Zeus.

The masters had an ability that was different from the other Gods. There was a region only the master could reach.

Because of that, Zeus didn’t name a successor since he had a strong desire for power. He didn’t even think of handing over his seat to another one.

Ares understood Zeus because he himself would have done the same.

In addition, Zeus had rebelled against his own father Chronos and taken the seat from him.

He was endlessly aware that someone who could threaten his seat could appear and also didn’t stop being on guard with his brothers and children that had already submitted to him.

For Ares the action of handing over his seat to another person was outside of his logic, no- it was something he couldn’t even imagine as he grew up below him. You could say that it was the same as giving up your life.

Ares’ bewilderment made his thoughts stop for a while. The children of Ares noticed that something had gone really wrong but they didn’t know that Tae Ho had become the master of Asgard like their father did.

And the Hall of Valhalla spread.

The dark blue divinity conquered the entrance of the underworld that had lost its owner when Hades fell asleep.

Ares was bewildered once again. It was because the connection he had with the mount of Olympus and his sacred force was cut off like a lie when the Hall of Valhalla spread.

Ares knew the reason for that soon.

The place he was on wasn’t Olympus anymore. It was Asgard that was inside Olympus.

The territory of the sacred force spread with the order of the master cut off all external strength.

This is the main God.

An absolute authority that was still weak but it was possible only because he was the main God.

Ares raised his head and looked at the master of Asgard.

And met his third bewilderment.


The ‘Hall of Valhalla’ was a saga that changed the surroundings into Asgard and especially into Valhalla.

It was a really obvious story but the place the Gods of Asgard could release their strongest power was in Asgard.

The place with the most plentiful power for Idun was the plains with the golden apple tree and for Freya it was her palace Sessrumnir.

But the reason Tae Ho spread the ‘Hall of Valhalla’ wasn’t only to strengthen himself.

While Tae Ho travelled with the 2 Gods of Olympus, Apollo and Athena, he realized how important was a sacred force for the 12 Olympians.

It would strengthen and weaken them.

It would buff them and cut the buff of the opponent.

The authority of the main God was really unfamiliar for Tae Ho but Scathach’s insights shone once again. It made him grasp the range of power he could use and Tae Ho made the current situation by utilizing that power the most.

But it wasn’t time yet.

The God of war Ares was weakened but he was still in excellent shape. He also had his 70 children.

That’s why he would also increase his numbers.

He had to face an opponent that was hard to even escape and he uttered the names of the ones he didn’t want to call because of that.


The one that had said that would accompany him to the pits of hell.

But she wasn’t able to do so.

Adenmaha appeared in front of him. She hit Tae Ho’s chest strongly with a face that had become a mess because she cried too much and then turned around and showed her back. It seemed like she was saying that she would never fall back.

“We will see later.”

She growled and said in a low voice. Tae Ho suppressed his desire to embrace her back and then called out the name of the remaining ones.

Nidhogg, Rolo, the newly obtained Drakon Ismenios.

“Tae Ho master!”

Nidhogg, who had the same teary face as Adenmaha, embraced Tae Ho from his neck. Rolo was putting on an uninterested expression but he was smiling with his eyes and Drakon Ismenios praised him like he did the past days.

When they were connected to Idun’s residence he could make them return with the summoning rock but right now it was impossible as the connection with Asgard had been cut off. That’s why Tae Ho hadn’t called his summons until now.

But the reason he was calling them now was simple.

He had gained probabilities to win.

They weren’t driving them into a corner without any answers, he was accompanying them in a battlefield they could win.

[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

The fake Nidhogg that had a body of a hundred meters appeared behind him. The fake Adenmaha stood next to Adenmaha and wiped off her tears while smiling.

[Saga: Master of flames]

[Saga: Master of frost]

[Saga: King of violence]

The fake Adenmaha and Adenmaha transformed into a white dragon. Rolo became a flame dragon and Drakon Ismenios transformed into a huge golden dragon and looked at the front.

[Saga: The one that conquers dragons]

[Saga: Dragon monarch]

The great ‘Dragon monarch’ controlled all five dragons and gave the same order to the dragons that seemed like they filled up the entrance.

Ares looked at them and was bewildered once again at the five dragons that appeared in front of him.

It was the same for the children of Ares. They couldn’t take in the sudden change in the situation.

“Stop this.”

Tae Ho extended his hand and at the same time the five dragons opened their mouths. They fired out the strength they had concentrated in an instant!


Five lights. Five traces of despair.

The five rays of authority fired Ares and his children. Ares roared.

“Get behind!”

Ares swung his sword. He released the authority of the God of war and faced the five streaks of rays.

Some of his children were swept by the dragon breath and disappeared. The ones that hid behind Ares tried to aid them with the little strength they could and released their divine power.

Ares roared once again. He split in two the breath of Nidhogg that fell from the front!


The green light finally broke. It seemed that the other breaths also spent all their strength or swept away at Ares’ divinity as they disappeared along the crimson power.

Ares breathed roughly and glared. The five dragons that had just fired their dragon breath were drawing breath with open mouths. It seemed like they couldn’t release another attack immediately.

Because of that Ares smiled. His confidence recovered even by a little.

Ares was the God of war. Even though his connection with the mount of Olympus and his sacred force got cut off, he was still one of the strong 12 Olympians.

That’s why he could win this.

That’s why he would be able to overcome this!


Someone yelled behind him. It was the voice of Pentesilea. Ares realized one fact he was missing from her yell which was close to despair. There was something he hadn’t been able to see because of the five huge dragons.

The master of Asgard.

The newly born God of battle.

He wasn’t there.

He wasn’t in the place he had been standing.

“The sky! The sky!”


His children raised their voices at the same time. Ares raised his head hurriedly and looked at the sky and saw at the one surging in the middle of the darkness. He was surrounded by a dark blue divinity but you could see him clearly even in the darkness.

You could not help but do so.

He stood out so obviously.

Gale and thunder.

The things shining in the darkness were covering Tae Ho’s body. You could say that it was blue lightning that exploded off.

[Saga: The one that controls gale and lightning]

[Saga: The charge of the warrior is like a storm]

He fell down from the sky like a meteor. Ares flinched at his overwhelming appearance and stepped back. The only thing the children of Ares could do was shrink down or take defensive stances.


From the sky to the ground.

Lightning went off. Tae Ho descended along the lightning like Bracky’s saga.

At the same time, blue electricity swept the surroundings. The children of Ares collapsed at the overwhelming shock generated by the wide area attack and Ares let out a groan as he faced it head on.

But it didn’t end yet. Tae Ho stood up and moved his hand. At that moment dozens of streaks of lightning, rain and thunderstorm swarmed in the sky.


Thunder flashed. The lightning that fell from the sky hit the children of Ares.

There was no more darkness. The light was so strong it erased the deep darkness in an instant.

Ares endured the streaks of lightning. He looked at Tae Ho who was approaching him while covered with lightning and his dark blue divinity. He let out a bewildered voice.

“Y, you can also wield Thor’s power?!”

The God of Thunder.

The strongest warrior of Asgard.

‘No, that is Bracky.’

Tae Ho said that inwardly. He wasn’t so kind as to say it out loud.

The more the opponent misunderstood the better. If he exaggerated his power and made the opponent misunderstand about a power he didn’t have, he could cut down the battle power of the opponent.

In addition, he could also shake Ares’ mental power.

‘You are still shameless after having become the main God.’

Cuchulainn clicked his tongue but he was smiling. There was pleasure he couldn’t hide in his voice.


The God of war.

The real God of war that had resisted his fate even though defeat was fated.

Cuchulainn admired his resolute decision and praised his courage for having given up his seat as the main God.

This was a real God of war.

Ares was merely a child in front of him.

That’s why he should defeat him.

Win against him.

Tae Ho extended both of his hands. Gallatin appeared in his right hand and Arondight in his left one.

The sentence of Erin shone. The sentence of the Milesian that remained in the weapons that lost their masters released their light.

[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

The fake Scathach appeared. The fake Freya and the fake Athena appeared next to her and the fake Heda and the fake Idun appeared once again.

But it didn’t end there. The fake Valkyries that had disappeared in the battle against Achilles also appeared. The fake Reginleif flew on the Valkyrie horn and strengthened the Valkyries.

“For Asgard and the nine realms!”

“For Asgard and the nine realms!”

The fake Valkyries yelled and charged towards the children of Ares. The five dragons also transformed into Valkyries or flew up to the sky and joined with the Valkyries.

Tae Ho looked at Ares. He cursed out and raised his sword.

Tae Ho brought up his divinity. The golden divine power of Idun covered Gallatin and Tae Ho’s dark blue divine power covered Arondight.

Kalsted’s style.

Lightning flash.

Tae Ho charged. The storm of divinities devoured the God of war.

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