Valhalla Saga

Chapter 190

VS Episode 56 Chapter 1

Episode 56/Chapter 1: Starting Point (1)

TL: Tsubak


The hero Heracles had accomplished several quests in all his life.

And the ones that were especially famous were the 12 quests.

Hunting down the Hydra of Lerna was the second quest and what he had to do was to defeat it just like the name implied.

“But not even the great Heracles could kill the Hydra. It’s because the middle head of the nine has an immortal strength.”

The Hydra that had nine heads was feared even by the Gods because of its strong poison but it also possessed other frightening powers that was its regenerative power that was close to unlimited.

The middle head of the Hydra had immortality that didn’t die no matter what you did. In addition, the remaining eight heads regrew when they got cut so it was like an impregnable fortress.

That’s why Heracles placed it in a swamp and sealed it after covering it with a huge mountain.

Tae Ho reviewed the explanation he heard from Athena and looked at the swamp of Lerna that was below the cliff he was at. There was indeed a mountain of boulders piling up from deep in the swamp.



He saw red words below the mountain as he looked with the ‘eyes of the dragon’. He could feel the grief and resentment even from the words perhaps because it got sealed away for hundreds years while it was alive.

“I will rescue you soon.”

Tae Ho spoke in a low voice and then checked the state of the ones that accompanied him.

Adenmaha, Nidhogg, Rolo, Drakon Ismenios, Siri and Bracky.

The other six excluding Nidhogg, that was resistant to poison as she was a poison dragon in the first place, had prepared towards the poison thoroughly.

But Tae Ho didn’t relax with just that and also engraved one rune in each of their bodies. They were the runes Odin engraved in him when he went to save Nidhogg and protected the owner from poison.

‘Did you learn it as you became the successor of Odin?’

‘Yes, Odin-nim is also the God of magic.’

He didn’t receive all of Odin’s vast knowledge but he could still learn several strong magic. The reason he was able to call thunder and lightning, that represented Thor, when fighting against Ares was because his control over the runes got greatly strengthened.

When Tae Ho finished engraving the runes on them he turned to look at every one of them and said.

“We will start now. You all remember the strategy, right?”

“Yes, I will do it clearly.”

Nidhogg, that was the most motivated in the group, clenched her fists and spoke. Even so she had been given a quite important role.

“Good, let’s start then.”

Tae Ho clapped and then turned towards the swamp of Lerna.


The Hydra, that was sealed in the deepest place of the swamp of Lerna, didn’t have any thoughts.

In the early stages when she got trapped, she struggled to escape and even worked hard to maintain her consciousness but she gave up everything when 10 years passed.

What she could think of while being pressed down by a heavy mountain of rocks wasn’t freedom but pain.

That’s why the Hydra didn’t think anything. It worked hard to not do so.

Hundreds of years like that.

Hydra woke up from its deep slumber. It was because it felt someone approaching it.

They weren’t fools that got lost and entered the swamp. The ones that did get lost would get surprised at the poison and turn around in the entrance.

The ones that were approaching had entered quite deeply. If Hydra’s senses hadn’t been dulled they weren’t that far from the mountain. In addition the distance was still being closed.

Hydra gulped dry saliva once again. It felt its heart beat for the first time in hundreds of years.

Who was coming?


‘No, let’s not make any expectations. You can’t.’

In the first place, you would get disappointed if you had some expectations. It didn’t know who had come but it wasn’t probable that they had come to rescue it as it was a terrible monster.

Hydra consoled itself and tried to fall in a deep sleep again. But it couldn’t stop its heart from beating. It couldn’t stop itself from feeling like a fool while waiting for something.

‘They are coming. They are getting closer.’

There wasn’t only one person. There were several of them. In addition they reached right in front of the mountain.

What were they trying to do? Why had they come to this place?

It wasn’t important. Hydra just focused on one thing.

If they had come to clean away the mountain. If they had freed it from its seal whether they had come to kill it.

It wouldn’t miss the opportunity. It would fly high away and escape from this hell.

‘And just in case, if just in case.’

They came to rescue Hydra.

There was no one in this world that would do that but if they really did.

It should repay to them. Do everything it can to pay them back.

In the first place, Hydra wasn’t such an evil monster. Compared to the Gods of Olympus that were famous to be nasty, it was rather good. It was also worried that the poison that spread out from it would affect its surroundings.

Hydra gulped dry saliva once again and concentrated on what was happening above it.

The mountain was moving.

At first, it moved really faintly but then started to be moved greatly.

The mountain was collapsing. The mountain that was pressing down on it for a hundred years disappeared.

Its breathing got rough by its own. It felt like its chest would burst out at the unrealistic dream.

And at some point.

The weight of the mountain pressing down on it became a tenth. If it was this much weight it could stand up by its own strength.

Hydra sobbed. It roared and struggled and tried to obtain freedom by surging up.

But it was at that moment.


Hydra let out a breathtaking sound. It was because the moment it stood up something bigger than the mountain had pressed down on it.

“Tae Ho master! Am I doing well?”

“Yes, you are! Just keep pressing it down!”

The huge black dragon that was a hundred meters big.

The hydra was also huge but it was only 30 meters long from head to tail. It’s body structure was closer to a snake so it couldn’t be compared to Nidhogg at all.

Hydra struggled to see who was the one pressing down on it but it couldn’t even move. It unavoidably tried to at least see in front of it.

And then took a breath again. It got dispirited at the beings looking down at it.

First, there was a huge and white dragon. It was releasing white frost from its mouth and its violet eyes were really scary.

Next to it was an atrocious looking red dragon. Everything it breathed flames came out from its mouth and its eyes were so yellow it thought it had a barbaric temperament.

There was a golden dragon next to it once again. The red dragon was already atrocious but this golden dragon was even more so. It was even glaring at it compared to the two dragons next to it so it was more scary.

The ones that moved the mountain.

It was them. The three dragons had moved the mountain.

But it didn’t seem like it was to save itself.

“Lovely and respectful master, its eyes are too rebellious. It seems like we have to hit it first.”

“Can’t do anything about it. They say it has been trapped for hundreds of years.”

The golden dragon said some absurd words filled with misunderstandings. The Hydra hurriedly rolled its eyes to find the one it called as master. There was a man standing proudly in front of the white dragon. It could feel a really strong power from him as he was being surrounded with his dark blue divinity.

‘No! It’s a misunderstanding! I’m not rebellious at all!’

Hydra yelled hurriedly but the only thing that came out from its mouth were roars.

“Mm, let’s start immediately.”

The moment the man said that the dragons started to move. The unknown existence that was pressing down on it pressed on its heads and the two people that were next to the man raised their big swords and approached it.

‘Don’t tell me.’

The man opened his mouth again when Hydra was covered in fear.

“It will get exhausted at one point as its unlimited regenerative power isn’t really unlimited. It should also be quite exhausted already.”

“So the first thing I will do after becoming a God is slashing heads…..”

“It’s not a normal snake. In addition it has unlimited regenerative power. How fun.”

The big man and the woman next to him approached it while saying some terrible things.

‘No! Wait! Let’s speak with words!’

Hydra yelled once again but only atrocious sounds came out. Unfortunately, it seemed like no one could understand what it was saying.

“I’m starting!”

The moment the big man yelled thunder flashed and then the eight heads started to get cut off mercilessly.

“Wow! It’s really regenerating!”

“Don’t play and cut them down quickly!”


Hydra yelled out mentally. The heads that regenerated got cut down again. It tried to struggle the moment they regenerated but it was pointless.

It’s mobility was greatly restricted because of some existence pressing down on it and in addition the three dragons stepped on the heads that regenerated and didn’t let it move.

“Tae Ho master, it looks like it’s really hurt.”

“Can’t do anything about it. The ones that got trapped for a long time will get hatred accumulated in them. At first they say that they should pay back to the ones that rescued them but when more time passes their resentment grows bigger and tries to kill everyone without exception. The situation is really different with you.”


When the man spoke with a really regretful voice the one that was on top of Hydra said in a depressed way.

And Hydra was about to get crazy at their conversation.

‘I still didn’t reach that point! I stopped thinking before I got there!’

But it didn’t reach them either. The killing intent that didn’t exist before was about to appear as its head got cut down dozens of times.

“Hey, look that. Those evil eyes.”

“Master, I think that it’s clearly dangerous.”

The white dragon and the golden dragon said.

Hydra was only grateful towards the red dragon that just did what it had to do with a non interested face.

And after getting cut down a few more times.

It’s body was already weakened as it had been trapped for a long time. Even if it did regenerate its heads, they only drooped. It felt like its eyes were closing on its own.

“I think we can stop cutting them down.”

“I agree.”

The big man said and the woman that had a tail and wolf ears agreed.

‘Did it finally end…..’

Hydra raised her eyes forcefully and looked at the man approaching it. Tae Ho observed it for a moment and then surged up and got on its head.

[Saga: The one that conquers dragons]

It didn’t feel the urge to resist at all as it got its heads cut off for close to a hundred times. It rather flowed a voice telling them to do whatever they wanted with it.

‘Certainly, the capture rate is higher after you beat it a bit and take away its strength.’

Tae Ho thought of the monster gathering game that he enjoyed while he was a pro gamer and then concentrated on his saga again.

Hydra was a being that wanted to maintain the world just like Athena had said. Thanks to that, Tae Ho didn’t special measures like he did with Drakon Ismenios.

But even so, he didn’t retrieve the ‘one that conquers dragons’. It was because he had another objective he wanted after capturing Hydra.

The mother of Hydra.

The mother of all monsters.

Hydra’s father, Typhon, was a being wanting to destroy the world but its mother was a being wanting to maintain the world.

If you used a reference from Asgard it was like the God of fire and lies Loki and his wife Angrboda.

Tae Ho also wanted to know of Echidna.

It wasn’t only because the mother of countless monsters was also of the dragon race.

The voice that changed the 12 Olympians into beings that wanted to destroy the world.

Apollo estimated the voice to belong to the Titan Chronos but Hades had said that it wasn’t the case.

He said that it wasn’t something Chronos could do as he got chased away from the seat of king of Gods.

Then who?

Who changed the 12 Olympians?

Tae Ho didn’t miss the main point. He was in a situation where he had to face Zeus and the 12 Olympians that had turned but the real enemy was the owner of the voice. He had to find who that was first.

‘If the Gods don’t know, gather information from the monsters.’

You could say that Echidna, that was the starting point of countless monsters, was the God of monsters. She was a strange existence that was a being that wanted to maintain the world and had a close relationship with her children that were beings that wanted to destroy the world.

He would obtain information about the owner of the voice from her. And even if he can’t, she would be of a bigger help than Hydra as she was of a strong dragon race.

The place the mother of monsters Echidna was hiding at.

Hydra’s memories answered to Tae Ho’s question.

< Episode 56 – Starting point (1) > End

VS Episode 56 Chapter 2

Episode 56/Chapter 2: Starting Point (2)

TL: Tsubak


Tae Ho opened his eyes slowly and removed ‘the one that conquers dragons’.

‘So, do you know where that is?’

Cuchulainn asked with an uneasy tone. It was because the information Tae Ho obtained through ‘the one that conquers dragons’ was only transmitted to him so Cuchulainn had no ways to know what he got.

Tae Ho smirked and said.

‘Yes, it remembers the place quite clearly. I was worried that they moved places because it happened too long ago but I don’t really think they moved after looking at the location.’

Tae Ho explained about the dwelling place of Echidna. She was living in a city underground that she made herself and was filled with the monsters she gave birth to.

The place was so big and there were many monsters living in it so they didn’t even think of moving places.

‘That’s fortunate.’

Cuchulainn let out a short sigh of relief. He acted too playfully usually but he worried about the group a lot.

“But master, is he really a male? It looks like its a female after looking at it.”

The voice of Adenmaha interrupted them while the two of them were speaking. She had asked too naturally so Tae Ho was about to answer her but fortunately he was able to shut his mouth before answering.

“Huh? Uh….I wonder. I don’t know well.”

Adenmaha’s eyes sharpened at Tae Ho’s answer and Cuchulainn clicked his tongue.

‘I don’t know my ass. Did you change your eyes of the dragon with candy?’

Cuchulainn was the master of insight. No, at this point anyone could realize it no matter how dull they were.

Tae Ho spoke with an unfair voice.

‘No, actually it’s not important if Hydra is a male or a female. But if I say that its a female everyone looks at me as if i’m a bad guy…..this is all for the peace of the family…, for the residence.’

‘It’s important only because it’s you.’

Cuchulainn summarized Tae Ho’s complains and clicked his tongue. He then looked at Hydra.

‘But is it because the two of them are dragons? I don’t know if she’s a female no matter how much I look at her.’

‘I don’t know either.’

‘I can’t trust you.’


Adenmaha, that couldn’t listen to Tae Ho’s excuse compared to Cuchulainn, asked in a low voice again.

Tae Ho got surprised and changed the subject again.

“I’m glad it’s calm anyways. ALthough it may be because it’s completely tired.”

Even though he had released ‘the one that conquers dragons’ Hydra didn’t show any resistance. It just flinched at times while laying down.

‘It looks like fish that you took out from the water. Tch tch. How did you get caught by this bastard?’

Tae Ho shook his head as Cuchulainn spoke with a tone that it was a poor creature.

‘Ey, didn’t it get to escape thanks to me?’

If Tae Ho hadn’t come then it would still be buried under the mountain.

‘That’s right but I don’t want to admit it’

Just looking at the results it was indeed rescuing but the process was really cruel. In the end, they hadn’t just freed it. They had locked it up with a leash so that they could use it in the future.

‘Does everyone become evil after they become Gods? No, you were already evil.’

Cuchulainn spoke alone wanting Tae Ho to hear him but Tae Ho just ignored him like usual. He rather showed interest towards Nidhogg that was looking at him for some time now.

“Nidhogg? What’s wrong?”

Nidhogg paused for a moment at Tae Ho’s question and then tilted her head.

“Tae Ho master, can’t he transform into a person?”

“Uh….probably not?”


Nidhogg was about to cry at any moment now. She kept feeling bad for Hydra perhaps because of the sympathy she had towards it.

But it was rather glad for Tae Ho. His good lie would have been exposed if it transformed.

But it was at that moment.

‘You can just transform her. With your rune magic.’

‘Oh, that’s right. There’s certainly magic like that after looking for it.’

Cuchulainn got bewildered at Tae Ho’s answer.

‘Hey, what do you mean that you looked for it? You still haven’t learned it completely?’

‘There’s too many new magic I learned. What do I say? It’s like a book entered my mind as I didn’t learn it naturally?’

The only thing Tae Ho received from Odin wasn’t the seat of the master.

Odin had transmitted Tae Ho the countless magic and knowledge he obtained as the God of magic and wisdom in the shape of a book.

Actually, he hadn’t prepared all of this for Tae Ho. It was prepared for his son Valdur, that he had picked as his successor before him.

But Valdur died in the Great War and Odin chose Tae Ho as his other successor.

So whatever the case, Tae Ho was Odin’s real successor.

‘So anyways, you are saying that you can do it.’

‘I can.’

Only that he didn’t want to.

Tae Ho looked at Adenmaha and Nidhogg in turn. He was bothered at Adenmaha’s eyes getting more similar to Heda or Idun-nim but it was also hard to ignore Nidhogg’s earnest eyes.

“Hm, we will know for certain after it transforms. Nidhogg, master will transform it.”

Adenmaha spoke with a hard tone. It seemed like she realized that Tae Ho could do it but was hesitating.

“Really? Tae Ho master is great!”

Nidhogg jumped in place in happiness. It seemed like it was too late to pull back looking at her.

‘Tch tch, this is all because of your doings.’

While Cuchulainn snickered and showed a weird talent for putting a solemn voice, Tae Ho resoluted himself.

‘Right, who cares if Hydra is a male or a female?’

The only thing that matters is that it fights well.

Tae Ho started to draw rune magic in the air. It was a strong magic that made the adversary change by using their soul as a reference.

As Tae Ho added runes in the air without stopping, Adenmaha let out an admiring voice. It was because the proficiency Tae Ho had in magic wasn’t normal.

He didn’t seem lacking even if he was compared to Adenmaha, that had received harsh training under Scathach.

“Tae Ho master is cool.”

Nidhogg’s eyes also shone as she also started to learn mystical magic under Scathach although only the basics.

Tae Ho got in a good mood and finished the magic without saving magic power at all. When he retrieved his finger after drawing the last rune, ten runes took place in Hydra’s body.


When he recited the short chant, light started to emanate from Hydra’s body. And then, the 30 meter long body started to shrink down in an instant.

‘Oh, this is also good as its fresh.’

Cuchulainn was expecting a slim beauty but still let out a sigh of admiration instead of disappointment.

Hydra transformed into a girl that had long green hair. Just by looking at her looks she looked to be about 12 years old.


Nidhogg admired and Adenmaha let out a sigh of relief.

Siri and Bracky got bewildered as the monster they had been cutting the head of became a girl.

And Hydra blinked a few times and looked at her body as she got exposed to the gazes of everyone. She touched her neck with her long and slender fingers and let out a voice.


The voice of a person came out. She became able to freely manifest words thanks to Tae Ho having added a rune that translated voices.

What will she say first?

Hydra opened her mouth once again while everyone was looking at her. She burst in tears and yelled.

“Hey! You bad bastard!”


“Huaaang! I, I wanted to pay you back…but you cut down my head mercilessly! I still haven’t become evil! I didn’t reach to that point yet!”

Hydra cried sorrowfully in Nidhogg’s embrace. Nidhogg held her more tightly and also started to cry.

Tae Ho decided to just leave them be. Rather than ignoring them it was a kind of solution. She had to release all her pent up emotions as she had been trapped for more than a hundred years so she didn’t have any settlements.

‘I feel like you are distorting the reason she’s crying.’

Tae Ho ignored Cuchulainn’s inquiry and then he cleared his throat to calm down the situation and started to speak. It wasn’t to ignore the sharp gaze of Adenmaha at all.

“The location of Echidna is just like I told you. We will have to know if it’s a place we can go with Hermes’ magic circle but we may be able to go there as it’s not the territory of the ones wanting to destroy the world.”

“Mm, but it will still be good to use the magic circle if possible.”

“Drakon Ismenios, can you tell us about Echidna?”

Followed by Bracky, Siri looked at Ismenios and said. It was because he was the only one in the group to be considered a native.

Drakon Ismenios turned to look at Tae Ho before answering. Tae Ho nodded at his eyes asking for permission and then started to explain.

“Echidna is a being that is called as the mother of all monsters. You can say that she’s a God for the monsters.”

They already knew this. That’s why Bracky asked a different thing.

“There should be many famous monsters among her children, right?”

“Of course. Even the siblings of Hydra are amazing. The Nemean Lion, Chimera, Orthrus, Cerberus are all children of Echidna.”

“Cerberus is the big dog we saw at the entrance of the underworld?”

“Yes, she bore to many more children aside of them. Actually, if you climb the genealogy tree of the famous monsters all of them have Echidna’s blood flowing in them be it small or large.”

Actually, Echidna didn’t only have many children. She has had relationships with several men to have diverse children.

“The most famous one for being Echidna’s husband is Typhon. He’s an overwhelming monster that has even defeated Zeus-nim once.”

“Is he alive?”

Bracky’s eyes shone and asked. It was because he would certainly be of great help if it was a monster that had defeated Zeus once.

But Drakon Ismenios smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“He is but he’s in a state that’s no different from being dead. Zeus-nim pressed him down with a big mountain and sealed him up but he became one with that mountain and became a volcano. It’s a bad tempered volcano that erupts a few times in a year.”

In addition, Typhon was born as a being wanting to destroy the world. He wouldn’t be able to side with them.

“What about the other husbands?”

Drakon Ismenios spread his fingers at Adenmaha’s question and then smirked.

“She also had many children with the Great hero Heracles. It seemed like Echidna asked that as compensation because Heracles killed many of her children including the Nemean Lion. There’s a saying that she stole Heracles’ horse and returned it back…..But anyways, she had three children with Heracles. I think that it’s because of his blood that they aren’t monsters but humans.”

If you briefed it up, Heracles had let her bare his children in compensation for having killed her children.

Adenmaha blinked at the absurd explanation and even Bracky and Siri couldn’t hide their bewilderment.

‘What do I say. The more I listen from this place the more absurd it feels.’

When Tae Ho mumbled in a low voice Cuchulainn smiled bitterly and said.

‘There are more similar stories in Olympus. That’s why it would be good for you to get accustomed to it.’

Cuchulainn made an advice that was of help aside of battles in a long time.

Tae Ho nodded a few times and looked at Nidhogg and the Hydra. It seemed like the two of them were exhausted of crying that they were sleeping while embracing each other.

“Let’s return for now.”

Tae Ho said and everyone agreed.


The group recovered their fatigue after they returned and waited for Hermes.

When Hermes arrived late in the night he told one good news and one bad news to the group. The bad one was that he still hasn’t found out about Demeter’s and Hephaestus’ whereabouts and the good one was that he could create the magic circle leading to the entrance of Echidna’s lair.

The next morning, the group woke up early in the morning and moved through the transference magic circle like when they left to capture Hydra.

What changed this time was that the three Valkyries and the Hydra was added to the group.

Echidna’s lair wasn’t that far away from Typhon’s volcano. It was a place that was filled with ashes thanks to the volcano trying to erupt at all times.

“The crack over there is the entrance.”

Hydra pointed at the distant place and said. You could feel hesitation in her voice rather than grief.

“Hydra, aren’t you happy? You are returning home.”

When Nidhogg embraced Hydra from behind and asked Hydra answered with a depressed voice once again.

“It’s been so long….and mother doesn’t mind about her children after they independize. That’s why she didn’t come to save me…….”

There was no way Echidna didn’t know what had happened to Hydra, where she was trapped.

But regardless of that, she just left her be and didn’t come to her rescue. Was that all? She even had children with Heracles that had killed her brother, the Nemean Lion.

Her mother Echidna had thrown her away. She didn’t come to her rescue even though she had been trapped for a hundred years. Hydra was a thrown child.

Hydra’s eyes reddened but compared to usual Nidhogg was at her side.

“It’s fine. If something similar happens Tae Ho master and I will rescue you. I promise.”

Nidhogg smiled brightly and raised her pinky finger. She was making a promise just like she had learned from Tae Ho.

Hydra hesitated for a moment but then also raised her pinky and crossed it with Nidhogg’s finger. After they made a stamp with their thumbs, Nidhogg smiled brightly again and in the end Hydra also smiled.

“Thank you.”

“Yes, yes. You can call me unnie. Call me unnie. I want to be called unnie.”

Hydra opened her eyes roundly at Nidhogg’s words that was filled with eagerness and then giggled.

‘How warm. To harass that nice kid. You are really a bad guy. I realized it since you first met Nidhogg.’

‘Yes, I should just die.’

Tae Ho admitted it cleanly and then moved to the crack first. When he approached it he noticed that it was 10 meters big and the length was so long that even dragons could easily enter it.

Tae Ho, Adenmaha and Rasgrid made light with their mystical magic or runes and brightened up their surroundings. When they got down a few hundred meters like rock-climbing they saw a really big place appear.

‘Indeed, the underground city.’

There were shiny rocks stuck in the ceiling and it made it resemble the sky at night. It wasn’t as bright as the afternoon but you could plentily live under it.

‘It connects quite deeply inside.’

Tae Ho said after looking with his ‘eyes of the dragon’.

And after that.

He saw red words appear. All of them were monsters and more than half of them were of the dragon race.

As their surroundings got filled with monsters, Tae Ho’s group put nervous expressions and took on battle stances.

Gandur asked Hydra.

“If you look at it they are all your siblings. Can’t you do something?”

“That’s impossible. It’s the first time I see any of them.”

That was obvious as it had already been more than a hundred years since Hydra left Echidna’s lair.

Tae Ho looked at a distant place once again with his ‘eyes of the dragon’. Someone that possessed strength that was incomparable to Hydra was observing them.

The mother of monsters Echidna.

She was an existence that could be called as a dragon God just like Nidhogg. The dragons that appeared now were all Echidna’s children and her heroes.

The heroes of Olympus were all under the subordination of the Gods they served and it wasn’t different for Echidna’s children. They were subordinates of Echidna differently from Hydra that had independize herself.

[If you want to meet me come here.]

[I will be waiting for you.]

The bewitching voice of a woman rang in his head. It was the same method Apollo used with the voices of the Gods.

Echidna’s children started to release their sharp auras and started to grown. When they started to stand up one by one to block the path of the group their number reached a dozen.

The monsters were quite diverse. And more than a half were strong dragons.

Even if you were a strong hero you could only get nervous in this situation but Tae Ho showed interest instead of fear.

He even smiled in front of the battle like a warrior of Valhalla.

“At least one thing is certain.”

If he gained control over Echidna he would get an army of dozens of dragons.

“That’s a grand sight.”

Bracky also smirked and said. Cuchulainn and SIri agreed to his words.

“Um, don’t we have to gain control over her first and then speak?”

Adenmaha spoke in a low voice and Tae Ho nodded. Adenmaha was always right just like Heda.

‘They are coming.’

Cuchulainn said. The monsters roared to the point the cave shook and then charged towards the group.

Tae Ho looked at them and surged up his dark blue divinity. He charged forward instead of falling back and activated his saga.

[Hall of Valhalla.]

This land would become Asgard’s from now on.

The dark blue divinity of the God of conquer spread in the cave.

< Episode 56 – Starting point (2) > End

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